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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I did not want it to be like this. I did not want it to sink so deeply into my heart-mind. I have lost my hold on myself: My psychological restraint. My muted emotions have only fermented, and the acrid stench has escaped the uneasy vessel of my deep subconscious. The miasma that follows is intoxicating. I swim in my own despair now as I tip toe along the edge of reason, along the edge of conversations within me. Discussions within me. Conflicts within me.

You’re not… for him….

He’s too… for you…

You will… alone…

You… find no others…

Lasting… impossible…

Are stupid… not succeed…

Why… torture…

I don’t understand how I can allow myself to ever be found in this situation again? Stupid boys grieving over stupid boys. Honouring what never existed. Mourning a fantasy.

So here I find myself upon the edge of reason, struggling to push forth. And yet, I endure. I will again the light. Again see the world. Again see Humanity.
And so I push forth towards another, brighter day.

-Garçon stupide de dysthymie


Innocent Eyes

I've broken the 100th post to make this 101.

It was supposed to feature many photos and pictures taken over the week, however I am not inspired to blog about things that cheerful. Grongbit has shifted back into a darker sphere.

The inner goth in me screams for vengeance.

I thought I was fine. In fact, I felt fine. The day was cold and dreary, but with Spring right around the corner the weather was warm and comfortable. I was actually able to get up off the bed because I didn't feel cold.

I felt like skipping on the way to the train station for gym. Except my bag was heavy.

I was feeling good.

I treated Porkie to Easyway, and paid instead of getting free drinks from Weechi.

It was a good day.

But things are never well, and aren't well if all you've done is just push your problems under the table. Sooner or later, you'll have to vacuum the floor and reveal the dirt beneath.

And you'll be forced to see it again.

And you'll remember.

You'll remember that nothing is working. You'll remember that you still don't know what you want out of life. You'll remember that you aren't suited to things you have to want.

You see that the person in your clothes is not the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Who is she?

And what does she want?

I know what she wants. What I want is different.

But what if she is you?

What do you want now?

What do you want to do now?

And everything comes spilling out in their thousands.

And all your problems come rushing back.

And you remember that you're back to square one.

And I am lost without his words.

Why does it feel like they have no place to put me in my place?

Why are people still intimidated by me?


I am increasingly finding myself disappointed in the paths taken by streams around me as I watch them drain ever deeper into fecund wastelands...

But who am I to judge when my stagnant pond grows putrid and infested with the weeds of neglect?

I should stop dreaming, and start doing.



Saturday, August 30, 2008


On Tuesday, 26th of August, 2008, my heart was broken...

BUT NOW I'M FINE! I guess I saw it coming, so yeah xD It's not like I'm entirely over him; I obviously still feel some things for him, but meh, they'll fade with time. So now I'm just hungry and need some tucker P:

WALL-E TOMORROW AT LIVO! So excited because I haven't seen many movies this year, and haven't been out west in MONTHS. It's good to visit our brothers and sisters on the edge of civilisation AS WE KNOW IT.

Oh, and I should really motivate myself more... I have a Chinese quiz and kendo bogu test (with MARK! Dx) and all these other assessments due in the next few weeks DDDD:

Shit, I checked out a guy today, and it turned out that our great-great-grandfathers were brothers or some shit DDDD: (aka, we share a paternal great-great-great-grandfather XP) Oh, and I found out that I'm a part of the main family, not the branch family of the Wu family of my ancestral village. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was the eldest of eight brothers who founded that family line in that village P:


Yours om nom nom nom,



Meeting. Learning. Growing. Together.

I love CoFA.

It's everything I had hoped it to be. And truth is, my hopes weren't high. Not high, but enough.
Enough for me to find what I want. Or maybe it's what I need, I'm not sure.

I wanted an environment, a community of people. I wanted to meet other artists. Other people who aimed at a similar direction. Others who I could step in line with. People I could hold hands with and learn, and grow - together.

Finding just one is enough to make me feel as though I belonged.

(Skip below if not interested in the artistique etc. etc~)

I first met Su at SMASH, though to be honest I didn't notice her specifically with the rest of the people I was introduced to. I first noticed her in the Digital Composite lecture. It was an utterly useless lecture, and dull to the worse extent. That's why I was drawing over Amy's lecture pad. To be fair, she was writing on my drawing paper. From the other side, Su drew over Amy's lecture pad as well.
I noticed her lines were practised and smooth. Way too smooth. Damn, I always wanted lines like that.
However, the image looked rather generic, and it was possible that she couldn't draw anything else. Too often I am disappointed like that.

We ended up discussing our graphics tablets on the pad, (Amy wanted one) and to continue our chat, Su told me to ask Eve for her email.

That I did...a week later. I helped her set up a paintchat in OC1.1, and off we went. I showed off with a little Kaito (What else do you expect?) in the corner (as usual, I am rather arrogant y'know).
She watched a bit before making her own little doodles in the middle of the canvas. Damn she was fast =(

Well, that was fun. I suggested we do it again. You see, I rarely look up to another artist's art, and having someone I respected also respect me is more than a slightly difficult situation. That's why this time, I suggested a collaboration image. Two great artists are better than one right?


I had never been more right. Our opposing art styles couldn't compliment each other better. I look forward to finishing our collab, creating more images in the future, and learning from her =)

Me and Su, drawing Kaito and Dragon



I think...

I've told Josh more about me

Than Midori knows.

I dreamt a nightmare.
My heart was losing.
Next time, those knives would die.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Buys in August

I know I said I wouldn't buy anything over $100 (+$8) if I got The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Well, technically I didn't lie. I've only bought a shirt around $20, a book $19 and...I forget, but the point is I didn't break my promise.


I met up with Kebu on Thursday (as usual, at the usual) and after deliberating for...a few hours over what book I should buy using my 20% voucher at Borders, I finally sucked up my perfectionism and bought this:

I finished reading it the day I bought it.

I bought this at around 4pm.

Yes, I am an Artemis Fowl fan. But I have to admit the books are going downhill ever since the 4th book. Bad guys who turn into good guys = gross. I'm such a sadist.

The next item I am showing you is rather personal.

And girly.

And Kebu if you're reading this you might want to turn around.

This is what I bought, but I didn't pay because mother bought it for me. SO IT WASN'T MY MONEY AND IT DOESN'T COUNT HAHHAHA.

It's an epilator! Click for ye olde Wiki.

I got this at Bing Lee at Rhodes Shopping Centre ala "the Ikea place". I was debating whether I should buy this one or a smaller, travel sized one that was pink and heart shaped, to my utmost horreur. Plus it was the last one in a ripped box, so I got this one instead even though it was $30 more.

I got it for $20 off because mother knows someone who works there and she mentioned it to the salesperson, who gave us the discount without us knowing :D!

$129.90 down to $109.90. Not bad eh?

That is actually a small brush for me to clean the epilator.

What the?

Came with a pouch to keep it in and a loofah to 'prepare' your skin? I don't really get it since you only use loofah's during a shower and you can't use the epilator in water.

So I'm supposed to use it on dry skin.


Ouch. Better use it after a shower then.

I decided to get one of these contraptions after reading how many Asians have it. "Many Asians" meaning Hui Wen and Xx. Is it just me or are both of these bloggers' names related to M?

Oh my god, it is.


That's all for today. I relatively short post. I'll update when I've used this thing and tell you guys how painful it went.

Anything for beauty.

Um, yes. Berocca. Just because it was effervescing in a cool way.

Did I mention I'm over Atkin's now? It's a happy happy day at 61.6kg!

And did I also mention that I'm procrastinating really really badly, that I have a big assignment due next week that needs 15 sources and I don't even have a research topic yet? Not to mention homework.

I got a new bookshelf that finally matches the colour of my other furniture in me room. I gave up trying to convince grandfather to give back my old, pretty one since he doesn't like change. This one is small and ugly, but it'll do for holding my ever expanding book collection. It doesn't help that most are hardback and take up lots of space.

Ciao, bellas.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Biennale + Random

WARNING Picture heavy post!!!

Biennale 2008

Me and vvn outside the entrance to Cockatoo island we're both on tiptoes here to make us look taller >.> I am taller!!

Click for more.

Barren landscape that is cockatoo island...

Food!! The bowls are bowls of sandwiches I made! The rectangular container contains chicken nuggets D made. Chicken chips Daniel brought.

Weeee me being idiotic pretending to fall over the ledge >.>

Posing next to rusty stuff. I am now angry at vvn is taller >.>

D likes to pose next to big rusty things with my pink Hello Kitty Bag XD

More big rusty things... island is filled with these old machinery they used...

Corridor leading up to the scary room >.> I am scarred for life!!

NOOOO Trapped on the ... outside?

"We want freedom!!"

Dirty dirty toilets that claimed to be art...

Dissected rat from today =) friend snuck a photo of it and bluetoothed it to me. We had a male rat. His Penis is too small to be seen T_T in fact we almost cut it cuz we didn't know what it was... I think we may have cut a bit of it off >.> (Shh we're not perverts! we were doing reproductive system!) The top very dark red part is its big fat liver.

And here's another picture with it's guts put to the side. It's intestines were massively bulging and green . Our demonstrator told us not to cut it cuz it'll REALLY smell... think undigested material in a rat that's been dead for a while.... It already stank very very bad.. every time we moved it the stench came out.. just when we were adjusting to it.... and if you look closely the rat has actually been partially skinned.. and I did the skinning.. pull at fur skin.. then cut away... i know PETA don't kill me lol.

Okay everyone is this a dress or a shirt?? T_T

Weird looking bush pumpkin? Saw this while walking home.. someone got creative while trimming the hedges...

Kwa had this cool hoodie. I made him put it on and pull the zip up XD isn't it cool looking?? He then went up to this friend and scared her. We then dared him to sit in the lecture room with that on for 5minutes he couldn't take it as his glasses started to fog up -.- and he was feeling paranoid with all the attention...

That's all folks =) (sorry just pictures but don't feel like posting words -.-)

xoxo M.

(PS Gossip Girl back in less than 10days!!)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Singing Championship Finals

I'm so lazy I cbb posting up all the header stuff anymore.

I really should get into the habit of posting events when they actually happen and not several days later when I feel like blogging. This happened on Friday 15th, when I was jigging gym and indulging in free glow sticks.

I served my last day as a volunteer at the 2008 Chinese New Talent Singing Championship finals, where they were going to choose the finalist who will go to Hong Kong to compete as Sydney's best. Who knew it was such a prestigious thing? o_o

It's surprising what a few people can do.

And of course, I took photos. It was a shame I didn't take one of the beautiful hostess Miss Rosemary from TVB, nor did I take many of the things I wanted because I didn't want to appear to be slacking off work.

This is the crepe I recommended my friend Nirvana to try; she's never had a crepe before! It had cheese and mushroom (both our absolute favourites!), chicken and a white, creamy sauce which she said tasted like pizza.


Fion with her overpriced chicken bits from Nando's. It really was a rip off :(

We were here eating (minus me, diet) because just minutes before, there was a huge argument between one of our producers and the boss of TVBA. They were yelling and swearing at each other in Cantonese, and the boss threatened to pull out and not sponsor the event.

The producer dared him to.

The TVBA boss was so pissed off, he told his subordinates to immediate pack up and leave, the event was cancelled. He walked down the aisles of the theatre and announced to all the contestants that today's show is cancelled and everyone should go home.

All this in front of heaps of staff and volunteers, and the contestants.

Oooh drama T_T

Nirvana and I were exchanging looks. We wouldn't want the event to be cancelled, and all this practicing and working for nothing!

In the end they talked it out while we went to eat. We were shooed out xD Rude to stay and watch the uppers fighting. It was all peachy in the end, but the producer disappeared off somewhere. It was his fault anyway; apparently he was being 'rude' to the TVBA boss and he didn't like his attitute. As Fion's friend Dawn said: "Egos were being bruised".

I was ordered back though because they needed me so I left Pitt St mall food court (did you know it's called Central Plaza or something and not actually Pitt St mall?) and yeah, back to work being backstage. I was stuck there for 6 hours being Group A's leader and "bo mo", which translate to something like guardian or agent. My job was to make sure my 5 contestants were ready to stand by when it was their turn to sing, and to make sure everything was on time with them. I'm one of those people who knock on the dressing room and scream "five minutes!!".

This was my dinner/lunch. Well not really, this would be the dinner I would have had if I wasn't on my diet -_-

Drinks and rice boxes on the house. That egg is mine lol. That lunch was actually Camryn's, the digital media designer for TVBA.

And what's next to the lunches...


These were the trophies given to the top 5 finalists after their debut 1:30 song.

Now that I think about it, I should've secretly posed holding it.

This is backstage. All the contestants were out preparing for the opening dance (which I liked but mother didn't; yes she came to the show because I got her free tickets). You probably notice the slight fog.

That is due to excessive amount of hairspray =_________=

Yes it was pretty bad.

So bad in fact that the fire brigade stormed backstage through the carpark to ask where the fire was.


A final pose. Shhh, the competition is starting in seconds!! It was already 5 minutes late at 7:35pm.

Yes that is contestant number 3's badge on me. As her bo mo I offered to hold onto it for her. Her costume consisted of a black lacy bustier, huge sunnies and black short shorts with boots.


Don't ask.

The opening dance, which I couldn't see properly because people were standing in my way.

That guy standing there is my supervisor, Francis. That lazy bum was up drinking all night and woke up this morning wondering how he got home and if he ran a red light T_T

They finished dancing, which was very entertaining and there were screams and a huge applause. The dance teacher was Caucasian! She was practising with them in the early afternoon.

I thought it was good *swells with pride*.

After the first dance, we were shooed and banned from going back outside to watch the show because it was too 'distracting' to keep going in and out. Bah, as if.

A group picture once the finalists were announced. Some of them are missing but here are most of them.

Top row: Some guy, Antoni, Sarah, 2 people I don't know xD, Jenny, Karman and Brighton.

Middle row: Two makeup artists, Jill?, my number 3.
Bottom: Kenny, Chris, Anson and guy with guitar.

I liked Kenny, he was really nice and funny.

And Chris aka "fei jai" was wearing a giant bear strapped to his back for his first song, and changed into a cape for his second (if he got in).

...some people were very creative in their costumes.

My favourite was Julie who wore a silky chiffon white dress and black bolero jacket with a clip on top hat for her first, and bondage pants with rocker accessories for her second. She got in top 5.

There were some backstage drama too. Sarah came back from her song and burst out crying because the sound techies screwed up her song and made it 2 keys lower, making her sound really really bad. Poor thing, but I never did like her because she was conceited and her mother was a bitch. She called the boss to complain about why her daughter didn't get into the finals, how she has a professional singing teacher who said she was really good and how she had a contact at TVBA. Sarah only got in because of her busybody mother -_-

She's a good singer with a capable soprano range, but personally, her voice isn't beautiful but rather too nasally.

And here is the finalist, Celia (my number 5).

Surprisingly, she was my least favourite of my 5 "jai leu". She seemed very cool, silent and didn't bond with the other contestants or were really friendly with them, unlike Chris who was friends with everyone.

But she deserved to win. Her voice was very clear, melodious and everything I stick both thumbs up for. She faultered a bit on the last demo (singing without music for a few seconds) and I thought she was going to lose, but she didn't!

Mother said I should be proud. As her bo mo, it's a sign that speaks volumes about my skill.

Pft, as if :)

I was bloody tired. I got home with mother at 12:30 and slept at 1 until 4:30 for work the next morning.

Pity me >:


Friday, August 15, 2008

What Moves You?

I think sometimes in life you search for something that moves you and sometimes that thing finds you. So there I was coming home late from the gym and eating dinner in front of the tv and watching So You Think You Can Dance cuz everything else was boring and I start seeing the most beautiful dances. If they were any longer I might be in tears T_T And it got me thinking again about a thought I had a long time ago. What if we were all born to do something? Dance, sing, play music, research, cure cancer, save the world (save the cheerleader XD [Heroes joke >.>]) because it seemed some of those dancers are born to dance. Is there a time restriction to when you realise these potentials?

How I wish I could move like the way they do.

And you know what? They looked so happy. They look so happy when they achieve their goals, do the right steps, when the judges applaud them and their smiles show how much they shine. And I realised it's been a while since I felt accomplished, gratified, content with something I did. Since I felt proud of myself of my achievements.

I haven't achieved anything in a long time....

Here's some clips of some of my favourites =)

Kherington and Twitch- Contemporary

Click for more!

Jessica and Will - Lyrical Jazz

Katee and Joshua- Lyrical

Katee and Joshua- Hip Hop

Katee and Joshua- Contemporary

Katee and Joshua- Contemporary 2

Okay too many videos T_T I'm sorry I couldn't pick! (btw how do I use that click after the jump>.>?)

Okay so the big question: what makes you guys smile? What makes you guys feel moved to tears or laughter or just feeling so good?



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Incumbent Dieting

Edit: Back on Atkin's under M's advice. I value the advice of my best friend AND student nutritionist than some random bastard trying to ruin diets for everyone! Starvation mode MY ASS.

Apparently not very far.

I'm now off Atkin's diet.

Not because I couldn't cope with it; it is one of the easiest peasiest diets ever. I can eat many slices of cheese and heaps of meat! And they're right, I feel full.

But no.

It's because I'm afraid that once the Induction phase is over (2 weeks) and I lose like, 8kgs, I'll gain the weight back plus double.

Unless I stay on Atkin's for the rest of my life, that weight will most likely come back on.

No more Max Brenner bitch sessions.

No more eating out.

I'll never be able to have chips, wedges, hamburgers or chunky KFC.

I won't even be able to eat foie gras!

I'm off the diet. I love my gourmet food.

I'm now back to limiting my fat and meat intake, the 'diet' I was on permanently which by the way, doesn't work despite me holding back things like bacon and eggs.

And now, I'm hungry again.

I'll be at the gym 4 days a week.

19th birthday present: Pay for my lipo.

Serena is emo.



I'm suppose to be studying chem which I am, might I add.... just typed up 4 pages of notes... At uni library computer during the 3rd hour of my 4hr break

I'm hungry for some meat but my stomach feels quite full =/ Lol Serena we're on opposite diets XD

So far my diet consists of:
- cakes and breads
- veges, vege soup
- congee, rice, noodles
- lentil patties from the SRC BBQ
- baked beans nachos (yum yum)
- potato scallops
- fruits
- chocolates.. Mmmm cheesecake in fridge
- mini danishes

Last night I got home and slept till this morning and in fact switched off my alarm thinking it was my night alarm and missed first class.... AGAIN. that's 1 lesson I've been to for that maths out of 5 -.- I promise I'll go tomorrow morning >< But now I feel awake after finally catching up on those missed hours staying up chatting or watching Friends... finished season 4!! =)

Urgh should get back to studying now I'm so lost in the tutorial and it's only week 3....

I want two distinctions this semester and hopefully the rest credits =) If I do I'll go buy myself a pair of Sass and Bide jeans muahahaha!! =)

That is all for my bored and boring post just want to iterate how sucky no meat is =/



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day the Third

Day 3 on Atkin's diet.

I miss carbs.

I miss rice, bread and wheat.

I miss chocolate.

I miss fruit juice.

I miss fruit.

I'm irritable, grumpy and spoilt.

I've lost 2kg.

Just how far will I go to be as pretty, thin and confident as my fellow Asians?

You said you'd be there.
You don't know how crestfallen I was.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Photo Spam

Number of photos I forgot to post:

Some old photos from Smash I forgot to post up

Nam grinning a lot for the fact that his wearing cat ears... Bit dark...

With flash! (Nam's such a poser anyone realised from last photos and this one =P?) He goes I clipped it on so hard 3 of his hair came out T_T

S looking so pretty in her Yukata and LV =) (Hope this photo does Lilas justice compared to the other one you took S =P)

My Bro's so adorable and brave! He recently got his teeth pulled out and his other one that got pulled out a while ago hadn't grown yet. I remember when I got my tooth pulled the new ones were already forcing their way out =\ It's been over 2 weeks and no sight of new teeth.

And another photo showing his missing teeth XD

I went out today to buy some folders and notebook for uni and while waiting in line, I was right infront of cosmetics section so I went for a prowl. Decided to buy eyeliner after reading somewhere it can make my eyes look bigger. So when I got home I searched how to do eye makeup for my tiny tiny squinty eyes and then proceeded to the bathroom to have some fun!

I went the whole way here minus the eyeshadow.
Used eyelash glue to stick up double eyelids. The nicer looking lid is real the other one is naturally formed from me looking up. I curled my normal lashes and put mascara on it too but it didn't curl up enough so there's like a double layer of lashes.. hence my looking up to avoid you guys seeing it >.> Also put on eyeliner . The fake lashes are actually so long if I put on my glasses I squish them >.> which I did .. which is why part closest to my nose doesn't curl up as much....

My eyes are still very cat curvy shaped =\

And yes my eyes look a bit funny on the part closest to my nose cuz I was sticking it and stuck that part last. It lost its stickiness and when I tried putting more glue on it didn't stick close enough to eye -.- This is very uncomfortable dunno why women do this -.-

Oh btw I am on a VEGETARIAN DIET FOR 6 DAYS AND 2 MEALS! (started this lunchtime hence the 2 meals)

Yes this morning I was eating Tofu and thought flavour was quite nice.... then maybe influence of Friends -.- but decided not to eat meat for a week =) Anyone think I can't do it and wanna bet =P

Coles sucks. I saw all these sausages.. lamb.. roast chicken.... even when I went to buy some canned soup the MEAT soups were on special.... T_T

Mum cooked pork chops T_T

<3 meat(lessly)



Grongbit Updated

I've enabled cuts on the site, now, if you don't want to KILL MY INTERNET, or intimidate me out of reading your post, please put <span class="fullpost"> and </span> around the long, tedious, and image-heavy parts of your code.

Oh and if you want to do a <3 heart, please type &#60;3 instead.


This Post Is Out Of Date

Listening to: Last Night, Goodnight - Unknown Artist feat. Miku
Reading: Hui Wen.
Wearing: I was wearing a bright blue yukata with butterfly designs, red obi, red obi-wannabe belt I made for D&T, safety pins and yellow clogs.
Current obsession: MAC Starflash eyeshadow in Dream Maker. I can't afford :(

Beware right now, there is massive picture overload ahead and you probably will get capped by this. B we need to figure out how to do a "click here to keep reading" link =/

So here are belated pictures of my new De Lourve shoes. Pretty and white <3333

And here are Midori's, who left them with me so she won't get scolded by her mum for buying another pair of shoes.

De Lourve!!! *heartheart*

We're supposed to be the same shoe size but I got an 8 and she got a 7. I fit them too, though a bit snugly.

They have frilly detailing at the heel, unlike mine >.>


Now for some very late pictures of Anime SMASH! that I didn't upload until now. Blame M for sending me Resizer, and now I can upload in seconds. This is picture overload...

First one of the day: Josh stripping the rose stem on our table at the Maid Cafe. He then had a pile of leaves on the table which he swept onto the floor stealthily, coupled with compliants and outrage from me for being a litterer.

Midori was feeling bad for making plans with D when she promised me gym, so she bought me a present to buy my affection.

It worked.

So koot x3

Here is my loot from SMASH!, a bunch of badges and posters. I have yet to hang them on my wall/stick them on my bags. LOL at Sasu-gay!!

Maria ala her gangster-looking boy.

B and friend from uni, who go to the school we are in right now (UNSW).

I asked him to pose, he gave me this:

Because I'm vain.

Love my yukata. I got many a compliment on it because people thought it was beautiful, and I was even stopped on the road by a girl who wanted to know where I got it and if it's a real obi belt (Japan, sorry dear). I got hit on by heaps of ugly old men at the train station/s -_-


The scarf I was contemplating buying, but I let Maria have it since I'm too cheap to shell out $15 for this.

Why is everything here so adorable and lustworthy ;_; Look at that toast!

When our drinks finally arrived. I was disappointed that I didn't actually get a proper honey green tea, but feh.

I didn't notice I got our table number in this shot! MUAHAHAHA, table 9!

The bill came before we even got our cakes. My verdict on the Maid Cafe - bad service, overpriced and overrated. It was a good experience though, but I doubt I'll bother next year lining up for half an hour to get in. We were the first batch of customers by the way :D

$37 for 4 cakes and 6 drinks -_-

B and her cool hot chocolate which the maid made on the spot. And Tiramisu cake, tasted better than the other cakes so she got the best deal out of us all.

She's wearing Elegant Gothic Lolita. The waistcoat is v v pretty and went very well with her blouse. Mind you, she dresses like this almost everyday.

Nah not really this elegant usually. Close enough.

The Strawberry Cheesecake which Maria and I both got. I couldn't taste the cheese at first, but it came with plenty of strawberries and cream.

*smacks lips* A shame you couldn't join us M =p

Because isn't that Tiramisu just heavenly to the eyes?

Unfortunately I didn't have breakfast yet and it was already about 2pm, so I neede savoury food FAST. This brought me to wait at the only food source at SMASH! for 40mins to get takoyaki.

The crowd at the stall.

40 minutes later...

T'was good you see :D

D with sunlight in his eyes.

Funny poses now. I look so fat T_T

I brought Lilas on her first outing.

She'll be pissed for posting such a yucky pic of her here. I liked her hair curled, and she wore her new purple coat.


No more pictures until the highlight of the day: SMASH! Cosplay Competition.

That is in fact a guy dressed as a female character, and he proceeded to whip out pompoms and dance on stage. Guts, I say. It was such a shame I didn't record it because it was so funny!


I only took photos of the really good cosses, and Yoshi was no exception to this.

Yoshi did in fact have a skit on stage also, and he went off to do the "Arrrrrrrr!!!" sounds and jump up and down O_O

Pocky cosplayers!

Mmmmm Pocky...

I had to take these on the next level so zoom was wonky and blurry.

Gaara from Naruto. I'm a Narutard. Notice he's being cosplayed by a girl.

Here is Riku from Kingdom Hearts, who dedicated a song to his 'beloved' Sora.

*yaoi fangirls scream downstairs*

A Roy from Fullmetal Alchemist! Can't believe there are still fans, the ending totally sucked and killed the anime for me.

The characters from Death Note performed the skit whereby L (Lawliet, OMG SPOILER!), Misa and Light was killed by Ryuk o_O The he commit suicide because Light was dead and couldn't buy him apples. Wtf.

It wasn't the only strange thing I saw that day. This is why I enjoy going to anime conventions, even though I'm no longer an anime fan :)

All in all, I enjoyed the day and ignored the moments where my obi was slidding down my waist, I was bored to death waiting in line at the Maid Cafe AND for takoyaki, and walked around in wooden thongs with my legs restricted. Yep, life is great.