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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uni starts booooo

I don't think my holidays have ever felt this short =\.

Seemed like it came and went so fast!

On Saturday I went to the gym early ish to work out and then go for dinner with minglez, who is back from China, Steven and my boy.

I have been wearing any number of variations on this with this shirt for the past 2 weeks. I love wearing slouchy t shirts again (cuz it makes me look lanky and hence skinnier XD)!!! Ignore my super wonky legs... my calves really hurt this week I think it's cuz I'm not wearing these super high heels =\. Anyway gym was pretty empty and I went for an hour of non-stop workout and then 15mins in the sauna. Felt so good to have aching muscles XD Makes me feel more alive (aka skinny XD).

After gym went to meet up with boy to get his bluetooth headset so he can chat to me on webcam but we still haven't used it yet.... I went to find these combat boots I saw before and they weren't in my size. When my bf asked they said they don't even stock size 36! OMG how come??? I have a very popular shoe size! They were too big and now I am sad =( I was planning on wearing them to every single lab in spring!!!

Minglez picking at her.... duck flat noodle pad thai I think...

She barely ate it -.-

Fried Tofu. This lacked flavour a bit =\ I thought they should've at least salted it.

Oh yeh we were at Bamboodle.

The boy's Chicken hokkein noodles.

Steven with some seafood thingo.

My Green tea noodle red curry XD.

When we were eating this non Asian couple came up to us and asked what I was eating so he could order it XD Then asked which one of us had the best dish and minglez said I did and he ordered the same thing as me!

Dessert! Banana in coconut milk I think. Wanted this sticky rice thing but they don't have it =( I was too busy talking to minglez about toilets and stuff that the boy stole a lot of this to eat himself T_T The banana was a bit unripe but it still tasted alright. The roti is better =)

Sunday was my sister's 10th birthday. Two digits now!!

In the morning we stayed at home to play mario kart (what my dad got her) while my dad went to give umbrellas and chairs to our family friend who was hosting a bbq at his place.

Afterwards we went to play minigolf. We never did end up adding the scores.... but I think my bro was winning XDDD

My dad's swing XD

Later we also went to the bbq at my friend's place. He invited a whole lot of people, 90% of whom I didn't know XD I came to see one thing..

THIS! Roasting a calf.....

I sat down and began feasting at this table with lots of salad. The watermelon went a bit soft as it had been there since the morning and water seeped out of it. I sat and ate seafood skewers, chicken skewers, sticky rice, meat wrapped in tofu pastry, fried large intestines, calf meat, sweet and sour pork, chicken wings, BBQ meat from those Asian stores, pig ears etc etc.

Man stuffed myself.. and my food baby continued to grow from the fattening milk of the red curry from the night before....

More pictures of the roast.... it was practically gone by the time we went but I still had a slice. So tender and good!!! I want to hire one of these roast thingos and have a spit roast for my birthday now!!!

Their new house. The guy who moved here used to be in a partnership with my dad where they co-owned a furniture factory and made furniture. Man those were the good old days for me cuz I'll steal scrap pieces of wood and use them like lego XD

Me and my mum holding a prawn.. she said she needed a prop XD Lookie my beret! It's this really pale purple colour that is too small for my big fat head...

After we got home my sister and I got to making some strawberry friands.

My bro thinks they're delicious and stuffs himself with 3 in a go.

What I got my sister! We then spent some time doing origami before dinner.

Cake! My sister's requested the caramel mu cake for her birthday for like half a year XD

Happy birthday lil sis I hope you look this happy every day =)

Monday was back to work and for some reason uni had roll call. My uni friend is super awesome and answered for me XD. After work I napped and then went to my first day tutoring at James An =)

I stumbled a bit on the first few questions the kids asked me cuz I was nervous XD. But after a while I got the hang of it and it became pretty easy =) I knew how to do it and the kids were pretty smart and my explanations were good I guess cuz they all got it and could apply to next question!


I felt so proud of myself =)and the kids!

Left with $30 paycheck and felt a lot richer.

Is my new designated Midori and her bf's day for this semester =)

We went to eat spicy chicken but the place was closed so we went to eat at Ana Vietnamese restaurant. The place that replaced the omelette place at World Square. I had hainanese chicken rice cuz I was craving it and bf had some vermicelli noodles with prawns and sugar cane.

No pictures cuz my phone was out of memory and I forgot my camera!

The chicken was alright but the portions weren't particularly big. I had about 1/4 maybe of a small chicken =\ even the rice potion wasn't very big and it cost me $12.80. At that price I expected something bigger from a Viet restaurant. I also had a mango smoothie at $5.80 and it was quite a tall but thin glass. Bf had an iced coffee that was quite nice though with afternoon special of $3 or it would be $4.80.

I won't be going back there again. There are better places to eat and it was a rip off for the stuff they served =\.

Oh I got a random nosebleed too! Almost dripped on my rice >< . Still craving nice hainanese rice, anyone know a place? I am tempted to try cooking it myself!

Afterwards we strolled into David Jones and Myer looking at expensive cosmetics and bags XD. Then it was off to lindt for some dessert. We bought $20 worth of macarons and ate and ate... we have now practically tried all the flavours XD They were pretty yummy =)

I still like em better than Adriano Zumbo ones. I shall try the lindt desserts next time cuz my uni friend says she likes em better than Guylian ones and portions are bigger.

Still clutching some macarons or Delice as Lindt calls them we heading to botanic gardens and strolled around while I educated him on the life cycle of angiosperms and gymnosperms XD at the fernery.

Then it was off to show him the very rare Wollemi pine (sp?) and then the succulents and rare plants and then we sat on benches cuz the birds shit on the grass and napped and talked about obscene stuff that only M and D will know, with the harbour view.

Romantic eh?

Feeling pretty good we then strolled back along the harbour back to the opera house and sat there for a while before heading back to circular quay station where I spotted a fish and chips place!

No didn't eat any that day XD went home after that where I read Mx while he napped on my shoulder uncomfortably.

Now I have cravings for Fish and Chips so we're going tomorrow to this place that apparently sells really good fish and chips in Darlinghurt! Will update with how good it is!


Mokona Modoki

A couple of months ago Marweerchi and I decided to webcam while she showed me her creepy/cute Paterpillar.


We can be very random sometimes.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dark Moon Fried Rice

Ajinomoto fish stock granules
Maggi soy sauce
Shiitake mushrooms, soaked
Soy sauce marinated pork (ju rou)
Rice, cooked and cooled
Srirarcha chili sauce
Capsicum pesto
Olive oil

1. Make sure the mushrooms are softened and cut into half-moon halves, the rice is cooled at room temperature and the ju rou is full of fattyness.

2. Drizzle olive oil, a lot of soy sauce, a sprinkle of Ajinomoto and brown sugar in a hot saucepan. Saute shiitake.

3. Add bits of the ju rou and stir. Put in a few anchovies with the anchovie-infused oil and keep stiring until nice and hot.

4. Add pesto and rice. Keep stiring until rice is fully incorporated into the rest of the ingredients before adding an egg in the middle. Fry everything together, salt and pepper to taste however the anchovies are already salty so you don't need salt.

5. Squirt some chili sauce to give it a kick and serve.

It's meant to look brown and dark with bits of black half-moons in it :)

There are no measurements, just fiddle around depending on what you want in it. I mostly eyeball everything. I cook like Mr. N D<

Inspired by Xiaxue as I also had shiitake mushrooms in the fridge about to go bad.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Because

Because I'm afraid of it hurting unless I was typing this either drunk/fatigued/numb when I should've done it yesterday when it happened but no, I will not and I could not. After sending Mr. N off at the airport and saying our final farewells I noticed the lies in many romance films.

Firstly, there was no slow motion. Like when I saw him, it wasn't in slow motion nor was there music in the background. It was just life and the monotony of it surprised me (though it really shouldn't, I wasn't expecting anything).

Secondly, I wish it would slow the fuck down just a little bit because time kept ticking by so fast. I checked my phone so many times, counting down the minutes to when he had to go through the gates and disappear from sight.

Thirdly, there is little emotion. That would be my fault however. In my attempt to control the hysterical crying that might have ensued, I made sure that my mind was focusing on other things, that I was somewhat distracted. I didn't have to try very hard though because an overwhelming numbing feeling fell upon my entire being and I was enveloped in a hole of nothingness. I could still understand what was going on though and it still hurt. My shield isn't foolproof but it was easy to steady myself, breath deeply and calm down.

The world is funny.

I was the one holding luggage.

I couldn't say anything romantic or comforting or even sentimental. My last words that he heard come from me was, "Go, go!". I was pushing him to go in before my composure breaks, I don't want to be seen crying at the airport. I even broke my "no PDA" rule just this once, for this special occasion.

I can vaguely remember the tone of his voice and the way it broke on the second word.

I vaguely remember how much smoother and softer his skin was compared to mine, and how it made me resent guys who are prettier than girls more than I already did T_T

I have forgotten his scent, though I tried so hard to imprint it into memory.

All I have is Girlie Grey tea from T2 that filled the room with its aroma. I will forever drink Girlie Grey to relive those times.

I spent the rest of the day watching Juno, Slumdog Millionaire and Australia (reviews to come) before retiring to tear-stained pillows. Just because he's gone and I can sense the emptiness.

I am passed the peak now. Life has restarted (and so has uni for all of us) and things have settled down as it should be, as though it never happened.

The physical evidence seems to belong in another world.


Friday, July 24, 2009

So today at work i received a USB with this file inside:

Guess who it's from.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pho, Pork Knuckle, Guylian Chocolate, KFC.....

Last week was a good week =)

Mr N finally arrived on Monday and we all (minus a few people) went for Pho to "meet" him.

Me, D and Vvn and Ray went to watch Bruno first cuz we're cheap for cheap Tuesday tickets... but it ended being in Gmax so was $12 anyway.

I can't say I enjoyed it on a big big screen....

Oh I would like to announce that I got a job =)

Okay maybe not a great job but I am proud of myself cuz it works with my laziness. I mean my motivation to start small.... >.> It's as a homework helper at James An coaching college. I work 2 hours a week on Monday so get like $30 a week XD. I know horribly little pay, horribly little hours but oh so perfect for me cuz Mondays are my days off! (excluding a lecture that I now plan to skip >.>) and I've been searching for a research assistant job but to no avail =(. But hey this won't interfere with studying at all so it's all good =). Yays!

Went for the interview thingo on Tuesday just before movies/Pho but S was not as excited as I was T_T. Pfft whatever $30 extra a week yay!

Anyway no photos of the disturbing film...


MOST people were on time. We went to Pho Pasteur right after movie and N, S and marweechi was already there so I joined them and we ended up all chatting non-stop.

Presenting N in this blurry photo as he picks at his pho with chopsticks for what he feared would be tripe.

Those bits hanging off the edge are tripe he's picked out....

Other people!

More people!

Shu with a face mask on XDD?

Marweechi dying from.... brain freeze??

I had a really good time just catching up and exploring differences between America and Australia. Talking about fruits, pronunciation, prying through wallets, height etc and behold this:

A twinkie!

I realised AFTER I got it that I had eaten this before but marweechi prized it like a new born baby though I can NEVER imagine how that would be >.>

Gobbled it up already XDDD Marweechi have you eaten yours?

I have no photos of myself cuz my sister and brother said I looked like a cowboy and N said I looked like a flight attendant >.> It was for the job interview!

I go shopping quite frequently.... but rarely buy anything.... Saturday I set out to actually buy stuff... and came home with... just the right amount =)

Blew away like 1/3 of my week's earnings but it's okay XD. Was gonna take a photo of the mess on my floor but oh well XD

Bought: 2 dresses, a belt, 2 T shirts, 1 button down shirt, 1 pair of shoes, stockings oh wait that's it I think XD see it wasn't much!

I made up for my expenditure by spending the morning doing a heap of laundry -.-.

I was so excited by shopping, cuz I seriously haven't shopped besides on ebay or maybe 1 or 2 things randomly for so long, that I forgot to buy my sister's birthday present!


Wee my new floral dress, floral silk and sequin flat shoes and floral lace stockings. Oops I like floral okay >.>

My dad said my dress looked like the apron patterns that working little girls wear in the countryside in China T_T. My sister said my white stockings (without the black stockings under it) looked like my skin was dry and peeling... and well no one said anything bad about my shoes although I thought they were the most controversial... cuz I get shoes dirty easily and these are white! But my only pair of flats broke and I hate looking for flat shoes and these fitted perfectly without making my feet really really ugly!

Yum yum pork knuckle! Didn't take many photos cuz I thought the day belonged more to S's camera and we can wait for her to upload images =)

Me and D eat too much >.> We managed to finish the whole pork knuckle very cleanly =) unlike S and N >.>

D's big 1/2 litre of malt and something or another beer and er my... water >.> N had a whole litre of beer.... while S had 300ml and couldn't finish it XD Beer tastes gross! Bring on the vodka!

Afterwards we walked very slowly to Guylian cafe cuz of the massive amount of people at the Rocks for the Aroma festival. We tried this hand cream/wash thing and it made our hands smell like tiger balm >.> or rather spearmint I think it was. D promises to make me some cream cuz the expensive one they had wasn't worth it =)

We wandered into Guylian cafe and thought there was probably no seats for us but infact there was a really nice seat! Prob BEST seat there! The interior is really cosy but pretty. We went upstairs to sit which was so much more serene with no noisy children -.-

Opera house from our window! I scabbed the best seat with D cuz we're greedy XD

This photo is so pretty =) You can semi see the guys having a wonderful conversation by the looks of D's face >.>

Happy couple!

Drinks arrive! This was Serena's drink but it was bitter I didn't like the coffee =\

Creme Brulee with some bread or another.... Had a tiny bite of the creme brulee with berries didn't like it =\

The most awesome dessert ever. This is better than waffles at Max Brenner or all those Adriano Zumbo cakes.... 100% Pure Pleasure. Omg this was so awesome it wasn't overwelmingly sweet or bitter. So perfect!! but at almost $16 it burns a hole in the wallet.

Inside chocolate and panna cotta goodness

Are those GOLD Flakes??? I think I just increased my overall body value by a few $$!

My chocolate and banana drink that also cost a lot I think over $10 I think it was $15 =\ Max Brenner ones are better though!

I was so stuffed after this! I realise now how much we spent that day.. but my boy paid for a large portion of it =) I only spent about $50 all day XD

Doing long divisions on a napkin... This all started with me saying what if a kid asks me to do long division with decimal points at James An cuz I dunno how to anymore! We FAIL at maths... even my boy who I will now deem WAS good at maths could not divide T_T

The is the problem with calculators!! (please don't ever faze them out >.>)

In the bathroom of Guylian Cafe.

After looking at S's camera I realised they did not have enough happy couple photos so I forced them against the beautiful Australian sky to take photos of Darling Harbour from an unglamorous angle XD which made S very upset cuz she doesn't like taking photos XD (unless they're with me =P?) Notice severe height difference XD

Everyone say: Awwww

We stayed in Darling harbour a little more cuz I was plucking out the boy's white hair to throw into the ocean cuz I made up a legend that it will help him keep his full head of hair when he gets old XDDDDD

Went to star city after that where my boy won like $46 T_T and I won the $2 I put into the machine to play pokies... damn I am unlucky... With the money he got S a drink while N went to play poker and lost $100 -.- Here you can see the effects of alcohol on S's skin colour compared to mine in the Star City toilets XD I REALLY wanted to take a photo of the fishies in the cylindrical fish tank and the casino in all it's glory but everyone kept telling me not to incase they kicked us out T_T. There are so many asians at the poker machines seriously....

After losing the $100 we decided Star city wasn't up our alley (we spent the free $10 credit for poket machines already XD) and went to grab a quick bite as S wanted to go back to the hotel in time to watch Masterchef. We weren't really hungry after the massive meat, beer and dessert so chose a KFC snackbox.

Then hometime =(

Had so much fun guys =)

Sigh and now another week of work then back to uni! I dunno whether to say yay about that or not.... I've been sleeping too late for work so today had a bad headache all morning...

We've started to recruit new staff and this new chick omg she put chicken salt on salad... cracked me up XDD

Oh asian guy said he had a present for me for Friday for my last day.... hmmmm.... am I suppose to/allowed/should I accept whatever it may be??? Are there things I can/can not accept?? Or should I just not accept at all???

My boy seems to advocate me leading guys on cuz he says I should the present T_T. What if I have been mistaken and this is genuine friendly kindness and he gives me something nice and I say "sorry i have a bf" and he gives me a funny look cuz that wasn't his intention at all! How embarrassing would that be! Oh dilemma!

Oh welcome back Kebu!!

I missed you!

Love M.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My day


Let's start with last night. I tried to sleep early for once, but I ended up rolling around in bed until 3 or so 'cause my wisdom tooth was being indecesive and wondering if it should come out or not but shoving along my molar whilst it was at it and causing throbbing pain.
FYI, this happens once in a while and I haven't seen or heard from my wisdom teeth since.

Woke up with cramps and a monthly surprise~

Crawled out, went bathroom, crawled back in and tried to sleep.

Rolled out at noon after a lot of sleeplessness.

Did nothing much the entire day except just generally feeling bad and fixing up a few things on Xion~

Then I had to make dinner.

Somehow manage to burn the boiled potatos and carrots on low heat.

Also managed to burn the tofu.

And a few other problems including spilling stuff everywhere, yellow, rotting vegetables, scouring carbon off the bottom of pots too heavy for me, forgetting to turn on the rice cooker, and forgetting to add seasoning to the tofu.

Feeling bad and grumpy and still in pain in general after making dinner, not to mention soaking wet sleeves mainly due to our stupid tap laterally releasing water constantly, I decided to go shower first to make myself feel better.

Did so.

Shower was good. Nice, hot, long, just the way I like it.

Came out, started getting dressed. Then I hear my phone.

Half-dressed (or half-undressed, however you see these things), I answer it.

And I find out I've missed my own birthday dinner~




Sunday, July 12, 2009

My week.

Monday-Friday= work.

Someone got fired at work. I didn't like her much anyway she has too much of a temper but she made work more interesting!!

Oh well.

Went to get my hair straightened at Cab. It didn't hurt this time cuz the lady was super nice and blew on the straightener when steam was coming out prob cuz she knew how excruciatingly hot it was!

Saw marweechi at hairdressers as she went to dye her hair. My hair took..... almost 7 hours to do! They straightened my hair after the first chemical twice before they put in the second chemical, this only happened for me though as everyone else around me got it straightened once and then the 2nd chemical was put on.... my hair is extremely stubborn...

Was me and the bf's 1.5yr anniversary. omg so freaken long sometimes it scares me a little (okay a lot of the time it scares me a lot).

Mid week he suggested we go archery as Shu had invited him to archery and then to Quach's BBQ party as he was invited to that as well. I thought he forgot about our anniversary -.-

I had spent many hours of the week making one of those DIY cakes from morning glory. He had 2 already as I had made them previously but I had 2 more in my drawer I hadn't done.

After cutting out all the pieces I realised I had lost the instruction manual for how to sew the pieces together T_T

I had to scrap that one altogether and got another and started doing that instead.

After hand cramps and neck cramps finally finished it last night! I think I'm getting better at them! =D

Woke up early in the morning to make him a ham, cheese, egg, friend mushroom and onion roll. He goes its tasty when I asked him if it tasted any good.

Arrived at lidcombe station on time to me greeted by him and his friends. He gave me a hug and wished me a happy 18th month and handed me two cds in a case without labels.

I asked if it was Arrested Development which was the last tv series he gave me and he said no cuz I wont admit it's funny >.> I then asked if it was Big Bang Theory, a show he had been watching recently. When I got home I had guessed right!

Road to archery was long -.- There was 11 of us: marweechi, nam, josh, shu, steven, simon, D's uni friends: alex, tony, jimmy and me and him.

Archery was pretty fun =) I got into the borderline between 2nd and 3rd circle from the inside on the 1st go!

Near the end we had those balloon popping thingos and after many many rounds I didn't get it T_T. On the first shot I fired mere 2cm or closer to the balloon....At the last round Jimmy fired an arrow at our balloon although he had his own target cuz D had previously shot at their target and got their balloon. Guess what?

He popped the balloon I was trying to get at for the past 20mins T_T What is worse is that on my last EVER arrow I shot the target in the yellow section very close to the bullseye. Would have been the centre of the very balloon I WOULD have popped but no Jimmy had popped it already! I don't like him anymore even if he does like gossip girl!! Hmph!

After archery we spent many minutes contemplating where to go next and finally decided on Pho at some noodle house in concord west. Steven and Josh had brought a car so 11 of us squished and piled into 5 and 6 people.

Pho was pretty good I was starving from a lack of breakfast =(

We then drove to play bowling but cheaped out cuz it was so expensive. The place also had a games arcade so we spent a while playing air hockey, basketball and pool.

We spent some time outside the place just discussing "meat sp*n" and other weirdo stuff that I didn't understand but are apparently very disturbing hence I censored the "i" out cuz I don't want our post to pop up during its search...anyway not sure if I wanna search it up and various other mentioned disturbing sites...

By this time it was "afternoon" enough to go to Quach's party but josh was sick with a fever so he drove us to Granville station instead. Steven's car had one of D's friends so we followed their car trying to get to Shu's house but we lost them when an L plater got in front. When we arrived at Steven's after seeing them get out of their car they said they had dropped his friend and nam and marweechi at lidcombe station -.-

I insisted Josh go home and on the drive to Granville to drop us off to go Quach's I almost fell asleep.

Was so tired so decided to go home instead of going to the party.

Gave D the envelope containing the David Copperfield tickets and he was like "David Copperfield? Is that like the magician?"


Got home and practically went to sleep straight away then woke up at 10pm, ate some cold dinner, am online now and will be sleeping soon.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Lady Cash, Shine On Me

I would rather die than be working class or poor.

I need to be the next Gabrielle Solis.

I want to be able to go to the dentist and not sweat over maxing out my private healthcare, becuase I have plenty of cash where that came from.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Fuck my poverty.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Emo Rant

I ate so much the amount shocked me and made me feel like puking.

Sometimes I can't stop the glutton.

She keeps eating.

Don't waste food, think of the starving children.

These starving children have guilt me into finishing my plate. They are the death of me.

Make me stop eating.

Make me look like Midori.

Make me drop ten pounds.

Let my brain stop insisting I eat.

This gagging feeling consumes me.

These fats I see disgust me. They'll disgust you too.

Four days and I'm not any happier.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Because You're Worth It

No, this is not a L'Oreal Paris advertisement but it is just as cheesy! The blog is starting to become sickening sweet from all the gooey fluff happening lately. What happened to the constant whining and emoing?!

A little backlogged, but unlike Mr. D, Mr. N is more frequent with the DA.

Click for PORN! I mean, yeah, click.

PS: This post is rated PG.

Arguing about alcohol...

N: Buenas dias. Gin is your drink of choice? Gross.

Serena: What?! It's so I can make margeritas (and martinis!). I just want to drink some alcohol right now.

N: Why!

Serena: What do you mean?

N: Why do you want a drink?

Serena: Why can't I want a drink?

N: Out of character?

Serena: *offended* Not really, I like my cocktails.

N: Since when does my baby drink.

A bit rich coming from someone who's passed out drunk before.

N: If I have to change or accept random things, I don't care, I'll do it. My shoe size is 13.5. I think.

Serena: And I was looking through my wardrobe, Winter clothes are all black I need some colour! Well, all my nice clothes are black, wish you came during Summer where I can flaunt my cleavage but then you'll see my fat arms. Lose-lose situation, man.

N: No twinkies for you.

Serena: WHAT! WHY?!

N: Because, fat arms you say. I'm doing you a favour.

Serena: Mean *cry* But good call.

N: I'm still bringing them.

Serena: Oh but fat arms :(

N: Oh well.

Om nom nom nom.

Serena: Apparently a LOT of girls dig the metro hair, ultra tall and stick thin in skinny jeans look.

N: Gay. No thanks. I need to meet people and golf, I can't look like that. And I wouldn't choke my junk with chick jeans, I need spaceee.

The end of the L'Oreal Paris ad.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adriano Zumbo

Work yawn....

Asian guy talked to me for like 15 mins lol and introduced himself and shook my hand.

Got Asian guy's number.......

For JEFF! Cuz there's a job offer.Wtf I like smart guys who do er.... pharmacy >.>

Boring day at work again. Starting to get really annoyed at this coworker who always pretends she knows everything urgh.

Wanted to go straighten hair permanently as, my now whole head of unstraightened hair, was too high maintenance.

Trackwork on so had to take a bus and then when I got there they told me they were too busy!

Feeling crappy, I went to get my watch repaired at the local watch repair place. Along the way were shops and ended up buying a set of cheapo flannette $13 pjs and $30 pair of 10cm heels cuz they were on sale!!! Also bought a science magazine cuz it had an interesting article about nutrition ($12.95 for a measly few pages) and then my watch repair cost me a whopping $80!!!!

Went home feeling crappy cuz I'd just spent the amount I would've spent straightening my hair -.-

Went gym early in the evening with S and her brother and did a mad amount of exercise whole time thinking "screw voluptuous, want Kiera Knightley's abs, keira knightly's abs..."

Tried canceling gym membership but they weren't very nice about it and said my account was put on hold previously so my contract hadn't ended (ended up paying for holding the account -.-)


Went to: Adriano Zumbo

Sunday date ritual with my boy =)

I really love this shirt but it's super fragile cuz it's made of cheapo Chinese fabric and string. Every wash I can see it fraying away T_T. It was looking a little formal so I chucked some chains together from random necklaces and linked them together. The chain ribbon thing was on my hair but it was getting really annoying so I ended up wearing it as a necklace. I can also use it as a bracelet! Super economical and closest to Chanel I can afford now at $5 from Diva XDD. Oh and Sass and Bide jeans. Omg so pretty and comfy!

Took a lot of effort and double and triple checking to get there but it was relatively easy considering I used trip planner, google maps and printed each bus stop, timetable and 2 maps >.>

After buying almost $50 worth of cakes we walked to Mort Bay to sit and eat.

The large amount of macarons I bought! I think I bought half the flavours. I cant remember all of them but there was hazelnut, pistaccio, vanilla and er others like this one that tasted like jam but too sweet! and there was one where the filling tasted like butter which was a little sickening... $2 each!

However most were too sweet and chewy rather than airy like the way I like it =( I prefer Lindt ones!

Cake 1: Amanda Made the Cut 6/11/81 $7.90

Aww man look at the layers in order: milk passionfruit caramel mousse, passionfruit marshmellow, lime creme, coconut crunch and brownie.

This was the 2nd cake we ate well technically I ate cuz D got full after the first cake T_T

I had forgotten what flavour I got so when I bit into this it tasted like oranges for some reason =/. It was too sweet for my liking though but this may have been cuz I had just had another cake previously.

I didn't like the fruit taste either. The passionfruit had a strong flavour rather than a light hint of passionfruit that I usually prefer.

Cake 2: Wheely Lost $7.80

And from the side. This was prob my favourite. Description was: Hazelnut meringue, anzac moisture, mint chocolate disc, vanilla apple tatin chantily, apple tatin compote.

It was so yummy on the outside but then I didn't like the fruit centre so I made D eat all the centre >.>

Cake 3: Pine Nut Millefeuille $7.90. Pine nut gianduja mousse, dark chocolate creme, pate feulletage, sacher sponge.

I got this mainly cuz Chocolate Suze said this was really good. I dunno if it's cuz I had too much by then but I didn't like it that much =/ It's prob my 2nd favourite out of the 3 though. The crust bit on the top was slightly too bitter for my liking although this may have been influenced by the large amount of sweetness I had consumed. Overall it was nice though but I ended up bringing a majority of cake 1 and 3 home to eat cuz we couldn't finish it -.-

PS The rest of the entry contains a lot of memories mostly recorded for myself. May contain too much mush to be handled XD?

The pretty view as we lay on the grass.

It started being too hot in the sun so we sat down on the shade, then after having nothing to do we lay down in the grass staring at the clouds going by and arguing over whether we saw a fox, dog, dragon or penis -.-

Somehow I asked if he remembered Mr Squiggle; that puppet that had a pencil for a nose and drew upside down! And we lay on the grass giggling and drawing upside down from squiggles XD

Then I made my mark on his face >=)

His skin was dry and flaking! So I searched my bag for moisturiser but couldn't find any just a concealer stick so I drew with that instead XD

We laid there for ages plucking his nose hair (wtf yes we are gross >.>), him protecting his er... family jewels as everytime I turned and swung my legs around wildly he didn't trust me T_T, measuring our heartbeats and seeing how slow we can get them by meditating and general silliness.

I guess this is what I enjoy the most because I feel so comfortable in his presence and I can be so silly and he'll still wrap me up in a hug. I don't need Christian Louboutin shoes, Hermes bags or Chanel earrings (it would be nice though =)) as long as we can have quiet moments like this where words are not needed and enjoyment is found within each others company.

Trying to capture harbour bridge view but failing cuz my head is too big >.>

Being silly waiting for the bus lol.

As we were walking I think we were talking about whether he was gonna play his new game when he got home or not and he said no he'll play on Monday (this part is all unclear to me cuz all I remember is the next part =)) He said he'll play on Monday cuz

"I miss you when you're at work"

so he'll use the game to preoccupy himself while I'm not there =). I stopped him in his tracks and made him repeat it to me XD and then I had the most massive grin on my face and said "okay" and continued to walk away while he asked me "what do you mean okay??" It's very rare he says these things on his own free will, I always push it out of him okay >.>

Bf had a craving for Japanese ramen so we took a bus back to Townhall and slowly strolled to central to eat at On Ramen. We passed the new place open near the mochi place and although it smelt quite good he was determined to have ramen from On Ramen -.-.

We were still quite full from desert/lunch so we went browsing JB Hi- Fi and EB Games and Game and I saw Joanne Fu at JB Hi-Fi with Winnie Chan. Wow her hair is so much longer than her original short bob. She goes I haven't changed -.- WTF My hair totally changed right =(?

We went to check out what replaced that rice/pancake place that S said closed down and found a viet restaurant we said we will go to next time. D was tired from walking so we sat down at the food court place and I just chatted cuz I love to talk XD. lol no really he just likes listening to me telling stories about my oh so fascinating life.... Oh his dog Bobo died =(

Went wondering in and out of random shoe stores cuz my flats were breaking =( the metal rod inside was coming out and I kept tripping but didn't find any I liked. After we went out of Market City we saw this police car parking illegally!

On Ramen yay!!

I told D we always visit the same spots again and again and he said it's cuz they're good so we crave it every so often and end up going to eat it XD

Side dish 1: Grilled Squid. This is super yummy recommends!

Side dish 2: takoyaki balls. He really like takoyaki balls I only like the outside stall ones cuz these are too floury and not enough filling.

Chicken terriyaki noodles. The chicken was slightly more burnt than I wanted it to be but the soup and noodles were nice. I still prefer the duck one! The chicken portions on this weren't so generous.

Chatsu (Roast Pork) Ramen. This is the boyfriend's. He had this last time and it was really good. There's slightly too much fat on the meat for me but it really melts in the mouth and notice how the soup isn't some shitty miso crap. The soups at this place are super yummy on a cold winter day =)

Went home after that as it was getting late and I slept on his shoulder on the train home.

Boring boring work work! So tiring I am now working 10hrs a day cuz I don't wanna whinge about having no money (which I will prob still do as I will be spending money faster with more pay XD). Very tiring by the end of the day as I wash the chairs, sweep the floor, wash toilet, windows, mop the floor etc. My skin is suffering terribly as sometimes I forget to wear gloves =(

Abrupt end >.>