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Friday, October 31, 2008

Was going to wait until tomorrow to do a post, but it can't wait.

20 minutes ago a fucker smashed into our Honda Integra, dislocating the side view mirror. And instead of stopping, he drove away! That fucker!

He was right in front of our eyes as well, but I didn't hear anything or notice. It's not like I'll notice the mirror of the car, but if it was a gash on the doors or something then yes.

Needless to say, the truck driver got away because we didn't notice the broken mirror until we were leaving and got in.

This kid witnessed the whole thing as well and tried to tell me, but his English was so terrible I couldn't understand a word he said.

Well, I understood "glass", "broken" and "van".

I thought he was fucking with me.

In retrospect, it was most likely that white delivery truck parked behind us (illegally I might add, there was a driveway there) and as we were about the cross the street, it hit the mirror and drove off.


And if the day couldn't get any worse, we aren't having hot pot tonight either because it's too hot!!


But I got my passport done, only the Father forgot to bring his citizenship documents.

And I didn't get to buy mochi from Shu Shin Bou T_T

And I didn't find shiramatako powder to make my own mochi T_T

What a shit day.

The Waterloo tragedy almost made me cry again today, with the report on the dead girl's parents coming to see the scene of the crime.

It was too depressing to know that the mother had lost her home and business in the Sichuan earthquake, and now her only daughter to a rape/murder.

And she's my age.

Dying naked is one of my worst fears.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Mmkay, I'm backtracking.

It's not my fault that some posts take a bit of time to prepare and I haven't had 'time' for a while due to a certain test and two assignments...

A while back, I was assigned a sound assignment, with the only requirement being that it should include a 'voice' element. Obviously Vocaloid has something to do with my idea, but I'll let you perceive the final results yourself.

Pi to 1000 Digits (final) - Krystal Nekoi feat. Mary, Mum, Miku, Rin and Len

However, before any results could be seen, I had to stay at CoFA doing the stupid assignment. You see, the program we use can only be used with a certain hardware (no, not Macintosh), which I don't have at home. And so, I was forced to travel and use the Apple computers. *shudders* Apple...
They know, y'know? They know if you're a PC user.
And they hate PCs.

Xion you annoying bastard!
B: Ugh! You're a horrible computer, you know that?! You're always slow to get up in the mornings, and sometimes you don't even get up at all. You eat my tablet drivers and freeze up when you don't like a file. I've had enough of you!
Xion: But I - ...

I'm leaving!
B: That's it! I'm going to CoFA where I can use the Macintosh computers that can actually start up and run several programs at once!

There there...
Xion: I...I tried my best...
Nix: I know, and that's all that matters. Don't worry, she'll come back.

Seven Hours Later

B: Whaaaaa-! Xion, I'm sorry! Please forgive me, I'll never ever ever leave you again for an Apple computer. You're the best PC out there, I'm sorry I ever yelled at you for being slow. Xiooooon!
Xion: Uh...S-Sure?




(Btw no, that didn't happen)

For the love of *beeep* I curse the day I ever thought of getting a Macbook instead of Xion. What the hell. And this is not unjustified hate. I hate Macs because they hate me.
So I booked a computer right? And I rock up at the right time, check out my friends' stuff first, and then discover my booked computer's already taken.
Alright, no biggy. I notify the dude that stole my comp, and he directs me to another one (kicking another girl off that computer by the way). She logs off, I'm like 'yay!' and I log in.
Check out a forum whilst waiting for the files to be copied over to the harddisk; when the wait's finally over, I open up the program that's meant to edit my sound and surprise! It can't find the hardware it needs. (FYI, it's a 'soundbox') Well, for all I know, it could've been Firefox that was stealing the soundbox away from Protools. So I close Firefox and restart the program.
Still nothing.
Ok, maybe a cable's loose.
Nope, it isn't, but I'll replug it in anyway.
Still no.
Alright, simplest solution: Restart.
These computers take several minutes to finish restarting, and even longer to finish logging in. God. Maybe Xion just spoils me.
Log in...wait forever...try now...?
Still no.
I've wasted over 20 minutes trying to get the program to work by now, and I was starting to get ticked off.
One more time...
OMFG, Protools is working!
Mmkay, so now to move my new files over and start working. So I plug Yuetah (that'd be my USB folks) into the computer to move my files from home~.
Oh God.
Force quit.
End Protools to save memory.
Still frozen.
End everything else.
Still frozen.
Restart Finder.
So what do you do when even force quit doesn't work?
Log out of course.
Um...log out?
Alright, restart...just this once...
Oh goodie, now, one more time...
And guess what?
This time I couldn't even log in.

Five minutes off throwing the computer out of the window (which the room didn't have), I kicked the guy off from the computer I originally booked, deciding to move.
He was like: OK, and migrated over.
I rubbed my hands together, hahahaha, finally, a computer that's been proven to work.
Log in.
Open up my project...
All I have to do now is copy the files over from Yuetah =3
Plug her in.
Ooo, I'm getting excited!
Copy, Paste!
Finder freezes.
I want to cry.
Eject...do something!
Log out?
What choice was there?
I stare grudgingly at the guy I just kicked off, working happily on the computer that was being mean to me a while ago.
Well, this computer was a bit better, if I could just get the files off Yuetah and onto the harddrive, then I could start working easily...
Ooo, I want to bite this machine to death.
I get up, go out, and head over to CSU where they help you fix computers.
I explain my situation (Macs hate me) and a nice lady comes along to try to help me.
Along the way we discuss how Macintoshes hate PC users.
She agreed.
Got there.
Ping RAM.
Loong long looooong wait.
Alright, try again.
Copy files over from Yuetah...
It works!
Oh my God!
Wave goodbye to the nice lady.
Now, finally I can work on my sound!
Geez, that took like an hour and a half but at least I'm there!
Open up Protools...
Soundbox not found.

If you've managed to read up to this point of my troubles, congratulations. And yes, they do continue, but I shall not bore you with the rest of them.

Let's just say my currently animosity towards Macintosh computers is not unjustified.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

I hate Australia Post

Especially the one in Chester Hill. All the other post offices seems to be able to get their deliveries done on time, but Chester Hill just fails. You fail, Cheso post office, you fail.

This is all coming from my frustration that EVERYONE (besides the extra large sized and Stephen who also lives in Chester Hill), and I mean EVERYONE (besides the extra large sized and Stephen who also lives in Chester Hill) has received their bogu. They haven't even sent me one of those letters to pick up the bogu! That must mean that they didn't even bother showing up to the post office. How lazy is that? This orobably means postponing my initiation to Friday. I want to be beaten up now so I can start proper training in bogu.

Screw you, Australia Post, screw you.



Wendy doesn't like short entries.

Like this one.



I love Fridays

Friday is definitely my lazy day. I get up at 11, shower, have breakfast, and probably start heading off to uni at around 1:30. I then attend a an interesting lecture on psychometrics and how Asian girls do better in maths exams if you remind them of their Asia-ness but not their sex/gender. Then it's two hours of kendo training! Fun fun.
And yesterday was no different. Well, at least not that different.

I started off the day at Lidcombe station where I met Clarice. She was handing in her assignment. It looked political :]

Then I arrived at Redfern Station to meet up with Phil. We were going to Provocator at Newtown to rdeem our "designer hats". They arrive on Monday...

While waiting for the train to MacDonaldtown, we were trying to disassemble Chenxi's shinai. We could NOT get the tsukagawa off, even with two people! It also looked kinda weird on platform 6. (Kebu just realised how boring this blog entry is...)

Doo doo doo~

Back at uni, Kelvin and Phil were playing with Kelvin's Wank-a-Ball. I still don't get all the hype around it. Maybe because I suck at it... So while Kelvin took off the tsukagawa off Chenxi's shinai and later showed Phil how to improve his wrist action, I downloaded notes from webct... <_<;;


Kendo was kinda fun yesterday. I think my do cuts are at least improving in terms of aim. I think I hit fewer ribs and hips this time 'round. Yay to disproving the non-existence of the plateau! Don't you hate it when you hit a plateau? I do...

Even though we had planned dinner the night before, it still took us a while to actually sit down and have dinner. We ate at Seoulria~~ Mmm~~ Korean~~ The food was pretty good and the price wasn't that bad. No, I did not take photos of it... -_- The bill came to $86 for the five of us. (Since Maowei led the 8 late-comers to Dae Jang Kum across the street)

If Friday means anything to me, it means tradition. and if tradition means anything to me, it means pigging out on ice-cream on Friday nights after kendo practice, undoing all of the hard work in trying to burn off that fat. So, as I have mentioned before, last night was no (well very little) different from any other Friday night. We, the small group who got to Seoulria on time, went t Passionflower. I had that chocolate orange waffle thing. Mm... Chocolate... The waffles were really nice and fresh. I hadn't had waffles in so long... It was really group, but I just wish I had seen the mousse under the waffle earlier... Icould really finish it, so as usual, somebody was there to help me finish it. When it comes to desserts, it's usually Phil, but since he was with Maowei, Derek took up the challenge. He finished one of my waffles before I had even eaten half of my remaining piece...

Passionflower was quite good last night. I mean, as a smaller group, we got an ACTUAL boothy-table thing, which was more intimate ;DD Topics discussed ranged from the American pornographic industry to... I forgot what. I only remember porn.



The other group had gone to K Square for, well, K. The others in the group I was in went home early to avoid curfew in one case (XD!!) and to get up early in the morning for training for the rest of them.

K wasn't so good... because I don't know those Chinese songs...

After K, I, in my new group went for MORE ICE-CREAM! The others in this group hadn't had their weekly fix of ice-cream yet, so we went to Café French Riviera. I only ordered an ice coffee, but I did still some of the Rainbow shared by Phil, Chenxi and Angela.


I hate ShittyRail.

My line was being repaired, so I had to get off at Lidcombe with Maowei. I called my dad up and made him stay up for half an hour so he could pick me up at 1am XD

I love my dad.

When I got home, I could FINALLY brush my teeth. And take a dump. And wash my face. And hang my wet towel from showering after training. And apply adapalene. And apply clindamycin. And finally go to bed at almost 2 am. I had to get up at 7:30 for work the next day...

So yeah, fun fun.

I love Fridays.



Not Sure About Saturday Though

Just another morning at work.

Suit: Can I get a black coffee thanks.

Me: Would you like a short or long black?

Suit: I'm from Vegas, I don't know what that means.

I'm guessing people from Vegas don't drink much coffee. It's probably not me, because Americans around here sure don't like/drink coffee. I don't expect them to know what a macchiato is; at least it makes life simpler for me.

Whereas I get blue-collared workers in Martin Place asking for things like fried dim sims (wtf?!).

I didn't go to Din Tai Fung. James had to go to Uni for something and we were late, so it was already closed. No photos (again). Maybe next week ne?

Every Saturday, Mother uses the long drive home to 'teach' me life skills, in particular work and men. I already know that she is biased, and does it to mostly piss the Father off by teaching me to be everything he does not like in a daughter.

And every Saturday, I get the same (but interesting nonetheless) lecture.

Make sure you find a rich husband who isn't stingy.
Make lots of money.
Be successful and take care of yourself.
Don't have kids. Ever.
If you have kids, don't give up your job. Get a nanny.
Do not marry if you can help it.
If you marry, marry someone who makes more money than you and is smarter than you.
Love is not as important as money.

And as per usual, I agree for most part. It's not as if I haven't thought of it before. Father keeps telling her off; she's raising me poorly and teaching me stupid things that will ruin my life. He still thinks I am too young to understand.

Forgive me, Father, but I am well aware of what makes this world go around. I have for a few years already.

Mother says I am not being a gold-digger - I am merely looking out for number one. She is teaching me how to defend myself and not be hurt by men. Thank you, Mother, but I am quite adept at it myself. It's depressing to be reminded of women's inferiority, though.

Which is why I gave up feminism. Women will always be beneath men, and this equality shit will never happen so long as women are giving birth. Ah I await the day men can give birth too, then we'll talk again Mother.

Another depressing thing is that the dream to be Super Mum is more further away than before. I can either be a rich and successful business woman with no love life or family, or be a stay-at-home wife with a rich husband and be bored/stressed out of my wits. I still haven't decided which I want to be yet.

The former is more tempting since I'm already in Uni, and working ANY job is easier than raising kids. Really. And going through peak periods at work is so much easier than say, child birth.

But the main point my Mother is trying to stress is to never, ever let a man bring me down.

I question whether my Mother is actually Chinese. But then again, she's a Guangdong woman (the most coniving, sly, manipulative and selfish Asian women). Many of these women have screwed over men for money or citizenship. My uncle Michael, our ex-chef Eric and the Father included.

So I'm not allowed to marry a poor guy no matter how much I claim to 'love' him, can't marry someone with lower IQ because I'll just be frustrated with having to dumb myself down all the time (not to mention smart women can't get husbands), and to not have kids unless the pre-requisites (money, intelligence and a good amount of love/care) are met. Otherwise, I'll be stuck in an unhappy marriage like her and fighting over financial difficulty every single day.

Well, looks like 90% of the male population are fucked :D

My Mother is the most bitter, scorned woman, ever.

No wonder Daddy says I should stop listening to her. (But it was you who scorned her in the first place, Daddy).

Too much information.

But hey, this is a blog that I co-created. I need to rant.


Friday, October 24, 2008

I Love Fridays

I love Fridays for many reasons.

1. finish at 1pm which isn't the earliest of my days but...
2. It's good to finish Friday uni early
3. It's also good to start late cuz I skip the 8am lecture
4. I see minglez Fridays, actually have a class with her she doesn't miss (yeh go on Huimin etc etc) but as my lonesome self at uni I need company >< buddies
5. I get to see my boy Fridays and we usually go out to eat/watch movies/hang out outside of uni. the ONLY day of the week we hang out outside uni -.-
6. Friday = seeing gym buddies which is always fun =)also makes me feel less guilty about what I indulged in before XD
7. After gym we might go eat out/max brenner =)
8. typing this again cuz stupid blog deleted it AGAIN now I forgot my no. 8 reason...
9. Usually Friday night I get a bit of uni work done after feeling accomplished at the gym XD
10. Friday night movies sometimes... but also getting to sleep later =)

So there's 10 reasons! But this Friday I was especially excited =)

Waking up late means I can try and put something nice together to wear. I actually have eyeliner on but you can't see XD But if you compare to other photos area around my eyes look darker... my fringe is growing long too! but in a nice way.. sorta .. no one else likes it -.-

Grey dress with ruffle sleeves that you can't see cuz it was cold outside ><. Wore a belt or else I look like I have a grey sack over my head. Black/blue thigh length socks cuz I had a chemical spill on my normal stockings that caused 20+ holes in one knee. Bad choice cuz once I started walking it started slipping.. luckily I wore boots so hid the part that fell down into boots so for rest of day I had knee length socks -.- Had on my rustic looking button earring but you can't see it =( and my starfish necklace!

Anyway lol. just had the camera in my room and wanted to show you guys my new mirror! Went IKEA to buy this cuz I was sick of standing on the toilet seat and breaking it >.> Mirror as you can see is white framed.. matches my cupboard next to it. Now I can be narcissistic and check myself out every morning.....

Carrying on I had a maths stats test in the morning which really sucked cuz I got answers that weren't an option in the MC questions... FAIL!

Chemistry lecture was really boring after that with most of the stuff learnt in HSC except harder. One of my uni friends jigged, she took up work instead -.- Another uni friend came in halfway through the lecture and sat with her new bf near the back canoodling away. He goes to all her lectures with her and at breaks she also sits with her friends and him canoodling away, asking her friends whether he's cute or not while pinching his cheeks. I am so not like that right T_T? (He is quite good looking though XD)

MBLG lecture isn't even worth going through... though we learnt about how gene therapy have helped babies with bubble boy syndrome which is those untouchable kids cuz they don't have an immune system so can't cope with outside world.

Minglez's friend/some guy from my old primary school invited me to go yum cha with them after my lessons have finished with their friends. we went to a computer store first though to buy some monitor for D's mum. out of stock and we waited in line for 20min to hear that -.- By then yum cha was closing soon so we ended up going Ajisen Ramen. Remember that place? the place D took to surprise me at XD?

I had a ramen set. It was alright but I had 2 pieces of meat.... TWO thinly sliced pieces!! Then again the whole set only cost me $15.90 and included an iced tea, side dishes (I had dumplings) and the ramen. and I was full by the end. Throughout lunch we kept joking about two of the guy's inability to find a gf. Minglez said they should ask me for advice cuz apparently I give good advice on this, on what girls want T_T??? Yeh minglez tells me they're desperate or something >.> Oh yeh 6 of us in total. 3 minglez/my friends, all guys, me, minglez and D (so much for making more 'female' uni friends XD!) Afterwards they went to net cafe to play CS (maybe this is why they don't have girls... if they want they shouldn't hole themselves up at net cafes >.>)

me, minglez and D proceeded to shop around for girly stuff! (by girly stuff we mean shoes and nail stamps). We went into all these stores and whenever we saw something cute or cool we squealed and became really girly XD (this scared D a bit XD) But seriously there were these really cute earrings and necklaces in the side shops at china town! Little ice cream cones and stuff! But for $3 a pair for something so so small not worth it -.-

Minglez was being a darl, just after we parted with the boys minglez said this, very straightforwardly: D, those guys may not have girlfriends and play CS all day but there's one good quality about them you should learn. they will ALWAYS pay for a girl no matter what.

D responded with "maybe that's why they don't have gfs" in a sorta defensive manner. I tried to half defend him saying minglez's bf doesn't always pay for her either but the argument ended there. Minglez also kept saying "tell D to buy it for you XD" several times when we saw something cute but he was always lurking somewhere a few steps away either didn't hear it or pretended not to -.-.

And as always when I'm with minglez i eat a LOT of food... We got this to share: It's taro with those clear bead things. anyone know what it's called? It was quite nice but a bit too thick for my liking and we couldn't finish it all -.-

Also wanted some crab meat/squid. They were going for $15/$16 a take away container! But it was worth it cuz they fill it to the brim, no lid and it was all quite big crab claws! I wanted one so much =( But quite full from ramen + dumplings and the soup thingy. D kept saying we eat a lot while he was still full form his meal T_T We save space for special things that we see like that! But it looked so tasty I wanted some but didn't wanna break my $50 that I use for next week... By this time minglez bf had arrived and was buying minglez some and minglez said D should buy me some but he kept saying I had such a big appetite wasn't I full that I just decided I'll just go home. I said I would have bought some but I would have to break up my $50. And then he said "Aren't you lucky then that I prevented you from breaking up your $50?" I didn't get it until a few min later. He meant he half payed for my meal because I only had $10.90 for the ramen and didn't have a $5 note and I didn't wanna use $50 cuz it'll be hard to split. So he payed the $5 for me so I wouldn't have to break the $50. -.-

I didn't go home however I went to collect this:

Ho h ho what could be inside.... Highlight of post! This is what you guys were waiting for as I blabbed about my day!

my travel documents! I got my Chinese Visa! Okay I sorta half kept it hush hush with no specific date etc until today cuz I didn't wanna announce I was going overseas until I was sure... But now I am =)

Plane ticket. Yes I know not usual plane ticket. It's an e-ticket. Went through travel agency and this is what they gave me.. looks dodgy I know... but basically:

I will be leaving for overseas on the 22nd November and returning on the 7th of January!

yes I know I miss vvn, Serena and Kebu's birthday =(.

I had to leave early cuz my grandma's visa is expiring and it's best if I go back with her or she and me all lonesome on airplane... so a total of ONE AND A HALF MONTHS overseas! WOW that's a lot... I'll miss you guys ='(

Currently the itinerary is this: Go back to home town, stay for a few days take either my uncle or cousin with me to tour china. I said Beijing cuz I've never been, dad goes it'll be really cold but I don't care for coldness -.-. Also dad goes I should go climb mountains... I said I want to climb mountains and shop >.> tour is prob for 7-10days. Then head back to home town, drive back to village where my parents/grandparents grow up. It's so beautifully primitive there last time I went, I want to take lots of photos! Also I want to go visit my grandparent's mountain graves, trek up there, pay my respects. Then it's off to see my great aunt somewhere... she goes she really wants to see me =) she goes she'll take me around shopping XD. Then it's to Xia Men for prob a week to see my other uncle. Dad tells me I have to go visit his uni and take a photo -.-. Xia Men is also is home to one of the Louis Vuitton stores and shopping ;)! And I think that's it =\

What I'm really looking forward to however is connecting back with my family and recoding down everything I see/hear/do. The other 2 times I've been back I've been too young and too shy to talk much with my cousins and I just followed wherever my parents went without asking where I was going. And I want to take lots of photos this time!

I want to ride on the back of a motorbike with the wind in the air and the bike unstably swiveling around... I want to surround myself with people related to me who spoilt me as a child.... I want to climb the mountains and learn more about villager life. I want to sit on those dusty wooden benches and have breakfast in a dirty concrete eatery with my uncle. I want to hear my aunty bargain for things for me because she's so good at it XD

Sorry guys I will be missing so much =( I miss Christmas and new years! and my bro's birthday!! But I think this year I deserve a rest, esp since last year I worked when I should be holidaying after HSC -.-


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Affirmation of Days

It has been confirmed.

I'm going to Korea and Japan during Christmas in late December. Although Mother was lamenting the $15k going towards this holiday. We have contacts that gave us a $500 discount ;D

On a completely irrelevant note, a brown rat streaked across my foot at Kingswood station yesterday.


ME: ...how cute.

A testament to the slightly insane and unnatural reflexes I have.

I also saw this frumpy girl sporting the Prada Fairy. At Kingswood?!?? Where all the drunken rednecks get off?!

Going to Din Tai Fung again on Saturday as an introduction to God-uncle James and the great Aunty. Will have pictures.

.~ ***** ~.


Thanks for offering to be my baby daddy.


P.S.: No I am not knocked up.


Strangers on the Street

I just got home from uni and something strange happened to me on the way home.

So I was walking up the hill to my house, you know opposite the museum path with 4 lane traffic to my left when suddenly a shiny red car pulls up next to me. Luckily no traffic around where it usually does have a lot of traffic. So this guy motions for me to go closer to him. At first I was hesitant thinking "STRANGER DANGER!" See the stuff at school taught me well XD But then my kind compassionate self thought "hmm what if he's lost?" So I take a few steps back and go towards his car taking care not to be too close to his door... Here is the convo as follows with my thoughts in green:

Him: hi what uni do you go to?
Me: Sydney (I was caught off guard about his question so I just replied...)
Him: ah.... ok...
Me: (does he recognise me from uni or something? I don't remember this Indian guy that looks mid/late 20s at all =\)
Him: I see you walk this path often and I was wondering if we could be friends.
Me: er..... no thanks..... (wtf stalker???)
Him: Just normal friends! I just want to be normal friends with you!

I start walking away saying no while he shouts he wants to be friends.

I should have said I don't befriend strangers/stalkers... >.>

Luckily I was walking in the opposite direction of traffic so he couldn't follow me and after a few metres I looked back and he was gone.

Creepy... this is the 2nd time a guy has tried to "be my friend" while I was walking in my suburb....

PS unrelated. GG was so good!!! Love Chuck!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I CAN SMELL SUMMAH! I don't care if it's going to be 18C tomorrow, I can still feel summer coming. I can't wait to get out of uni so I can miss it enough to actually enjoy it again. I'm so sick of "studying" (read procrastination).

So here are my 9 plans for Summah of '09:

1. Work furiously towards clearer skin.
I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, I am sick and tired of acne, scars, stretch marks, eczema, and whatever skin condition I actually or imagine to have.

2. Lose That Fat.
This has been a goal of mine for so long... I just never really get around to it. I weighed myself before dinner, and the scale said 78kg. that's 1kg more than last fortnight... Lemon Detox Diet seems so tempting, but the Japanese Banana diet appears to be much safer and sensible.

Urgh, my body is so bleh. I feel so weak, and I can see how weak I am too. I need more POWER! Not the sort of power a megalomaniac seeks, but the sort of power a person wants in their body. I need more strength and to really work on those muscles, because all I have now are my legs muscles from kendo, which leads to...

4. Improve my kendo!
My cuts are weak, I'm developing bad habits, my kihon cuts are all out of time, I can't fumikomi right, I can't suriyashi fast enough, I'm too tense, my shoulders are too stiff, I'm using too much right arm, my left arm is too weak, my arms dip too much in a men cut, my do cuts are all over the place, my cuts don't have power, I STILL can't tenouchi properly, I posture is shit, I need to keep centre, I need to draw my kiai from my abdomen, not my throat, I need to bring all that ki into the tip of the shinai to get that decisive cut, I need to make every cut as close to perfect as possible, I need to mean it when I cut, I need to treat every cut I make as the last cut of my life as if I'm against my opponent in a life or death situation in a Sengoku Period-style duel, I need to work on my turns, I needs to learn to suriyashi backwards, I need to learn how to make split second judgements so I can cut while moving as demonstrated at Monday's training, I need to be able to do 1000 hayasuburi a day by the end of summer, I need to learn how to disarm, I need to spend every day trainign so I can be the best I can be.

5. Learn How to Cook.
I almost set my kitchen on fire once...

6. Get my mother-f***ing driver's licence.

7. Go clubbing for once.
No more excuses.

8. Learn how to make a good cup of coffee.
So that I could invite someone up to my place for coffee some time~ ;DD XDD Though I'd have to get a place of my own first... Oh well, I'd invite myself to THEIR place and make some coffee then... I HAVEN'T HAD A COFFEE IN MONTHS! Well more like one month.

Because I fail.

I'm so looking forward to summah.



I Hate Asus.

Damn them.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Time

I recommend everyone go and splurge at Din Tai Fung :D

My camera is out of batteries (go figure, isn't it always?) so I didn't take it with me to work. There are no photos of my day in the City, but I can always use imagery.

The parentals and I went to eat lunch before seeing their accountant. Since it's in the City anyway I wanted to go to Din Tai Fung for a proper, free meal yesterday :D

I had the recommended Braised Beef in Noodle Soup which was pretty good. The soup was really dark, which Mother thought was suss, but it tasted damn good k. We sat on table 52, 1 of 2 (I REMEMBER!) and ordered $80 worth of food.

$80 is so much for 3 people at an Asian restaurant D:

But in retrospect, it was worth it. I'm telling you guys to get the Prawn and Pork Dumplings, which are moon-shaped and also filled with hot soup like the xiao long bao but bigger and much more satisfying. Another thing are the desserts: fried crumbly bread wrapped around smooth red bean paste *drool* and mango flavoured sweet ice.

I love red bean paste, but not red beans. I prefer black sesame but omg, yum. Gooey red bean paste and beautiful, golden, crunchy fried bread encasing it.

The sweet ice was something Mother wanted the first time we went, but not available for takeaway. I saw the table next to us from here eating it and it was...big. A warning to Mother. We bought it anyway and it was just like eating really really cold, crunchy mango icecream!

It was a tower of shaved ice, smothered in custard cream, mango puree and mango pieces, then topped with mango icecream and garnished with mint leaves. Thinking about it makes me ecstatic. I feel like eating it now O_O

Comes in strawberry too, which I'll try next.

Omg I want dessert now.

Afterwards we went window shopping at Queen Victoria Building, where I dragged them off to look at Pandora and tried to convince Mother to get a bracelet. We're both suckers for shinies. The Father went to Swarovski to look around, but there was nothing there that interesting, though Mother said she'll buy me that pretty floral tiara as a wedding gift =_=


And to whom T_T I want that tiara!

Too bad I didn't get another charm to add to my bracelet. Ah, the lamentations of a poor University student!

Family time, a rare occasion in the Dee household. Despite arguments over lost money matters, it will always be better again with a noogie.

I'm talking about Porkie being ripped off $100 for a package that never arrived, and Mother going on and on and on about it. She never shuts up T_T It's all better now, and they've gone out to Officeworks.

Why is today so hot D:

And where's Freya gone again...


Internet Tardheads

I quote an msn conversation (not much of a conversation) that I just had...

[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
i love you
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
and u?
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
...I don't even know who you are
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
im ayoub and ypu
(l)(f)(l) cuando usted ama alguien apenas usted lo dejó libremente, si él se volvió él es el suyo si no que él no está (l)(f)(l) says:
i m mehdi from morocco and my friend ayoub from gana
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
that doesn't automatically foster a relationship

Yes, they both use italic fonts...since when did I have people like this on my msn contact list...?

kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
he is kind so sexy
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
I don't believe you
(l)(f)(l) cuando usted ama alguien apenas usted lo dejó libremente, si él se volvió él es el suyo si no que él no está (l)(f)(l) says:
yes is tru
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
i don't lied
(l)(f)(l) cuando usted ama alguien apenas usted lo dejó libremente, si él se volvió él es el suyo si no que él no está (l)(f)(l) says:
is kind so sexy
(l)(f)(l) cuando usted ama alguien apenas usted lo dejó libremente, si él se volvió él es el suyo si no que él no está (l)(f)(l) says:
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
so beauty

I didn't understand a word of that...

(l)(f)(l) cuando usted ama alguien apenas usted lo dejó libremente, si él se volvió él es el suyo si no que él no está (l)(f)(l) says:
I swear to you
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
which site did you stalk me from?
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
i don't remenber but im sexy boy
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
and im inteleigent
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
sexy boys don't have to woo girls over instant text messengers
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
and im agood player to football
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
I hate football
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
oh no
kafakoum men ahlam yakada ya fatayate says:
met too
[ѕнѕ.о7] Coronita wishes all you HSC folks good luck~ says:
that's a lie

Mmkay...I think I'll just block+delete now...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Public Transport: God, CityRail

Kebu is always texting me randomly, especially in the mornings when I'm half asleep, about his adventures on CityRail. Just this morning I was plagued with 3 messages (not to say I don't enjoy them, it's nice to know Kebu loves MEEE) about him finding witch on the train.

Yes, a witch.

I reckon it was just a very hippy goth. Apparently Kebu asked for a picture and rejected him LOL. Be careful K, she might hex you with a curse for genital warts.

And that cute Asian guy: nice ass? ;D

This morning going to Uni I was trying so very, very hard to fall asleep on the train (and I don't give a damn if people look at me weirdly, I am entitled) when these two butch women bundle into the upstairs carriage and seat themselves in front of me. Now usually I will ignore the ruckus people make, but I just couldn't fall asleep because of their stench.

I could tell they were smokers.

They reeked of sweat and cigarettes. Is that gross or what? I had to endure this for a few stations before I got off. By then I was already getting used to the smell, which is actually not a good thing now that I think about it.

And now I've forgotten the other thing that happened >_>

Oh well!

I had a kebab today. I deserve it after 3,000 words and 1 hour's sleep.

Did I mention I was watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Return of Princess Pearl)? :D


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Peachy

I told Porkie to get rid of the flying cockroach in the bathroom.

He pushed me away and told me to fuck off.

I love my life.

Had a major argument/disagreement with Mr. N yesterday.

Ending: Angry make up sex.

Yeah, right.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hi guys! I'm on a high! A really unconventional, inappropriate and random high!
I don't know why!

So, the past few days I've been sorta down. Not the hormonal angsty teen kinda down, but a more mature: 'I'm reflecting very honestly on things' kind of down. So I felt sorta depressed, but not 'end of the world' depressed, a more scaled 'sigh, what have I done with my life' sort of depressed.
A somewhat 'oh screw this', attitude settled in, and I lived like I didn't care~ Well, I didn't.

But no, oh no! This morning, I woke up and I thought: OMFG, I am so happy today. And indeed! Today I'm just happy.
I feel unreasonably happy!

Kaito is cute.

Virgil does good wake-up calls.

The internet is my second home within my home.

Life is cool.

I think I spent too much time online. I've been reading bash.org. The geek community is absolutely hilarious.
A bunch of sarcastic life-less nerdy guys who talk in perl to each other. After seeing how none of them had experienced sunlight, I feel like I actually have a life, and I'm beginning to appreciate the things I've been granted.
So whenever I'm down, all I have to do is think of the poor guys on IRC and all the things they're missing out on and be thankful for what I've been granted...

I am not on drugs, don't look at me like that.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Post 2

That's right 2nd post!!! (On my birthday that was a week ago >.>)

Too many photos in other one hard to arrange. Think of it this way last post was one post dedicated JUST to you guys =)

(Yes yes I saved this in draft before.. got caught up with studies but no one has to read it, it's for my own memory benefit XD)


Start with day before my birthday.....


Mr. D's birthday =) I sorta had one thing planned... Give him my swan in a jar thingy (don't have a photo of it but it's ugly... looked better when i was thinking about how to do it >.>)

As I sat in the library though waiting for him to finish I thought (mostly as a last minute thing) that since he finished so late we should have dinner out! And what birthday dinner is complete without a birthday cake.

While shopping for a cake at broadway I bumped into Jie and she realised her assignment/research thing was due the next day and she hadn't started.. which sent a huge panic around so we ended up at the library for an extra 30min after D finished -.-. Loooooong story.

But we did end up going to this tiny Italian restaurant to eat cuz he wanted to go there before and I wanted to go cuz we keep eating at Asian places now for some reason -.- Turns out the owners at the Italian restaurant were Asian anyway T_T

I had a veal fettucinni while D had some chicken pesto thingy. Quite tasty and filling esp. with our iced chocolates! Yum yum (no photos >.>) Afterwards i brought out the cake and the store was so nice they even had a candle for us (D only wanted 1 cuz he didn't wanna be old.....)! We were the only customers in the whole store XD But it was barely 6 then so yeh...

Here's a picture of birthday boy =)

Day of My Birthday
The morning started off horribly with this guy in the way of a possible seat on the train (long angry story again -.-) Then minglez was late so I walked all by myself to uni that day (usually I go with minglez okay >.>). After my lecture D tricked me into thinking he'd lost his safety glasses for his lab -.- but atually he wanted to give me my birthday present =)

Ta da!!!

Okay to you it might look like a bunch of dead flowers and an elephant >.>

But the elephant is for the fact that I refuse to celebrate me getting older T_T. And the flowers cuz I like flowers but I don't like how they die... and the frame cuz I said I wanted a frame... but for my paintings XD

Anyway it's super cute =)

Everyone had class so I plonked myself on a patch of grass and slept for an hour until my next class -.- (I seem to be able to sleep anywhere now... lectures, tutorials, library, standing up on trains... grasses, benches...)

Rest of the day was pretty boring went to lectures etc. After all my days lessons finished D had waited for me and we went home on train. He goes he had nothing planned which was good since my parents wanted to take me out to dinner...

At the train station he gave me these and this big yummy strawberry mochi. He goes while waiting for me he went browsing around from Townhall to Broadway for something I might like... my question. Did all the things he thought I would like have to be food T_T Seriously am I that much of a food lover >.>

Whne I got home my brother and sister greeted me with this lovely card. My sister said I was "the best sister anyone can have in the world" AWWWW *gets teary* :'( And my brother made one of those poems with each letter of my name XD

My dad gave me this but my mum was the one who went out and bought it. Sis goes it took her 2hrs to decide -.-

Isn't it pretty!!??? It's so sparkly too. It's actually one necklace not 2.

Afterwards we went out to dinner at Auburn. That seafood restaurant upstairs at auburn opposite DSW.

Here's the place:

They had a pretty chandelier but it didn't photo good -.- And my sister there eating XD

Oysters! They were really cheap that day! and my dad loves oysters -.- My bro wanted pippies but they didn't have any =\

2 Course fish. This was alright dad thought it was fresh steamed fish when he ordered it but oh well. It still had bone in it though which was the bad part.

Beef and Bean stir fry. This is the best beef dish... omg.. that beef was crispy O_O The layers are really thin and they some how made it so crispy! yum yum.

Some roasted pork thing. The bones were so soft you could eat it. They wrapped like the meat in the foil and cooked it for ages. Mum didn't like it she goes it tastes like caned meat -.- I reckon it was alright =\. Yes this picture got taken when it was almost finished...

Other course of fish. wtf why are they so similar -.-

Since my bro couldn't have his pippies he wanted some crispy fried chicken.

I dunno since when but i have recently accumulated a lot of black items -.- and silky like items ... This top made me think gladiator for some reason... And wearing the necklace I got =3

Oh on the way there we got caught by police -.-. My dad cbb driving 2 cars and with 6 people my brother sat infront of me/on my lap and strapped us both into the one seatbelt. We went to get some petrol and just so happens that a police car pulls up to also load some petrol... anyway as we were about to leave they spotted us. The policewoman was downright angry saying "do you want your son flying out the windscreen cuz when you have an accident he will and I'll have to be the one cleaning up!" I was so tempted to tell her my bro was strapped in with me but I didn't wanna make things worse >.> My dad got off with a warning on his card so if he does it again and the police catch him his license is removed straight away. -.-

Next DAY!
I think D felt bad for not taking me anywhere on my birthday so searched up and down for a place to take me to eat (yes everyone keep stuffing me with food T_T) Finally he found a place in Surry Hills where he want to take me to have dessert.

Bodega a Spanish Tapas restaurant.

Instead we had this:

Chorizo sandwich. This was so oily.... but oh so goood!

Since we couldn't find any dessert on the menu besides this we had it. It's like.. caramel in a shortbread. It's quite nice! The caramel is rich but not too overbearingly sweet and the shortbread was the right amount of crumbliness.

After we left we realised there was an adjacent place same name.. connected -.- and there sitting at a table facing the window.. was a kid with a big cup of chocolaty goodness dessert T_T


Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank YOU ALL!!!!

Note from B: I'm sorry dear, next time I'll choose your birthday over learning important university skills, promise ^^
Meanwhile, I fixed your html =)

Thanks you guys for such a wonderful surprise (though I wasn't surprised much >.>)

I know dear minglez devised most of it even if she didn't give away any hints. I can tell by the presents =P

Lol minglez gave it away with the following:
1. asking kebu if he knew some food place then unsuccessfully diverting the attention
2. being too concerned about the fact that I needed to collect my passport before 5 that day -.-
3. Asking a week before if I had any "plans" for Friday
4. Mr D suspiciously checking his mobile frequently -.-

But dw I was still surprised you rounded up everyone!! I can't believe you guys even got jeff and lily to come and others not even from usyd >< *is too touched!! BTW it's all D's fault for wrecking the big surprise element when I saw the cake T_T Cuz I was hungry in lecture, asked him to buy me a donut from like 5min walk away and he won't cuz he goes he wants to concentrate and 'take notes' T_T I got so hungry I couldn't concentrate so ran out myself to grab a donut and returned within ONE lecture slide. Looked over and he didn't even take notes for that slide. And on my way back I saw Minglez, Jie, Kebu and cake -.- So yeh I'm not forgiving you D for your unchivalrous manner!! T____T (gets grumpy when she's hungry >.>)

The cake was wonderful you guys =) (sorry Steven didn't get any... the hobo got his slice >.>) Mmmm Asian cream...

And sorry minglez I cut you during our cream fight... I hope my heart bandaid made up for it >< *Post photos someone of the cake and stuff... Although some of you guys didn't make it to lunch (ahem vvn and shoe buying!!)/movies/dinner i really appreciate all you guys celebrating with me even though I didn't want a party! XD (indeed my day was shit without you guys =( ) So here's the photos as promised of what I do have on camera....
The dining table full of presents!!

See guys I kept all the bags and used candles, balloons etc!!

Serena's gift first!

I've tried the first tea already. tastes like ordinary green tea which I like XD Three flavours! I'll try another tomorrow =3

Cupcakes!! From cupcakes on Pitt!!

Omg look how awesomely cute they look!! I had to take individual photos to show you how adorable they are! But seriously lighting was too dark -.-

Next up Jie and Daisy's present (minglez uni friends) for me and D but I'm not sharing >.>

Massive box of lindt chocolate. Seriously massive... maybe I'll share these with him... but I get the best ones >.>

Also this cute little doggie. The fur is so soft ><
Other box of Mochi! Apparenly these taste better frozen. I had one, creamy, mousse like? Tasted alright =) Still like regular thick skinned mochi better XD

I was with minglez when we went looking for paint by numbers. Wanted Van Gogh's Sunflowers but they didn't have it. minglez said they used to =(. But this is close enough!! And it looks easier than the next water colour one...

I guess since it's watercolour it's prob not a good idea to put numbers on the canvas... anywya i'll be busy this holiday T_T I'm gonna buy myself a cheap desktop easel too !!

When i saw oroton shopping bags i didn't expect this! But they're cute! (actually really like the red one >.>) I never saw these at Oroton before?? ><
Key to life!! muahaha I really liked this when I was searching for a present for someone else XD I hung it with my keys and my really scratched star is still there too >.>

Little yellow turtle. Stupid Nam thinks his turtle can outshine mine.... I admit it's cleaner okay... BUT the flashy light bit doesn't work!!! T_T He goes he'll fix it for me soon....

Two green pens from D randomly O_O

I hope those who stayed enjoyed KFC dinner >.> (should have weighed myself after getting home that day.. I prob put on 2kg!)




*PPS just to spite you and cuz I'm REALLY sick of this after the jump edit in HTML shit it's like deleting my words and stuff when I go back and edit it -.- I'm not putting a jump T_T


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Words Can Only Mean So Much



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dream Post #2

I had another nightmare about my insecurities and such last night/this morning. It costed me 1 hour of sleep + lecture, and left me feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day.
Sometimes I wish dreaming was less revealing of one's inner psyche.
They're becoming easier and easier to read. Perhaps I'm getting to know myself better...or maybe I've hit the bottom of my own depths. (Which, I must confess, is simply two different ways of saying the same thing)

Either way, feel free to read on...

The first thing I remember, is waiting in a sanitised environment with my 'friends'. Nameless, faceless, generic people I felt comfortable around. People I talked to, laughed with. We were in line, queuing for something. But not together - I was in front.

After an undefined amount of time, I was called in. It seemed that I was to get a stomach operation. I had no idea what they were going to do, but apparently it was going to make everything all better...
So I lay down on the operating table - a rusted metal table surrounded by tall bars on every side, reminiscent of dirty animal cages at abattoirs... The 'doctors' strapped me down with metal plates and dirty leather straps. I was nervous about having my stomach cut open to solve its problem, but then I remembered that they should administer anaesthesia before operating.
Then they told me to wait as they fetched something.

So I waited. Many people passed by - and I don't know whether I could hear thoughts or whether the idiots were just mumbling to themselves as they travelled - but I listened to many different peoples' problems and secrets as they passed by me. The same people would come back time and again, letting me in onto their lives and their troubles. They came and went, one by one. Each one I would get to know as intimately as they themselves did.
Yet as fascinating as this was, I was still strapped down on a suspicious operating table, and the doctors were still gone.
They had promised to return 'soon', where were they?

Finally, somehow, all the people I had gotten to know the problems of were gathered together. Around me, beside me, and never noticing each other or myself - too withdrawn and concerned with themselves. With all of them muttering about their own woes, I couldn't take it.
I snapped and I addressed each of them with solutions. With inspiration with ideas and with reality. How trivial their problems were, how easily they could be solved.
With everything coming to light, I could see the life returning to each and every individual. This, I then realised, was my 'power' - my 'ability'.
It was so satisfying, seeing these previously troubled people finally smiling. But that was when they left. They all went their separate ways, without a second glance at me.
I was alone once more.
I helped all these other people solve their problems - but my own problem remained. But I knew these people well enough by now, I knew none of them were doctors, none of them could help me.
The one person that could, had left with no sign of return.

I couldn't even help myself.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Back

So Emille lives on.


My graphics card died out. The warranty ran out by a week too -_-

So to anyone who still comes here, refer to older posts for pictures. This post will be a review on the mochi I bought over a week ago.

On the left is the mango daifuku. I just have to mention to everyone to GET THIS SUCKER because it is SO DAMN GOOD. There is a thin layer of mochi, and inside is mango flavoured mousse and a few mango pieces. It is pleasantly sweet, not overbearing, but oh so soft. You bite into it and it's just *melt*

I can't say the same for the green tea daifuku. To red bean lovers this may do, but I didn't like the green tea mousse one bit. Inside is a large portion of green tea mousse, with a centre of red beans.

The green tea truffle mochi is also mediocre. I guess I'm jsut not a fan of green tea, but the chocolate one...mm, quite nice. Next time I will only buy chocolate ones, and at $1.50 a piece is not dreadfully expensive.

This is the jumbo one-of-everything mochi set.

I do not recommend ANY of the flavours except brown sugar mochi with black sesame.

They all suck.

Like seriously. This was the biggest disappointment. Firstly, I liked none of the green tea flavoured things offered by Shu Shin Bou, and the brown sugar mochi were passable. The yoghurt and fruit flavoured ones were so overwhelming creamy, I could not take it and it took me many days to finish it, forcing myself to keep eating. It is that bad.

Next is Gift From God, a sweet made with the skin of persimmon covering a thin layer of mochi with a centre of caramelised red beans.

This is my second favourite mochi.

It is divine. The persimmon skin is crisp and soft, before biting into a amazingly soft mochi (all of Shu Shin Bou's mochi are extremely soft and mouthwatering texture-wise, just not the flavours). Inside the red beans are sweet, and gooey but in a good way!

It also comes in its own little paper basket, and makes a very cute present! ;)

So that's my review on the mochi. Hopefully it can shorten the list to choose from. And remember, this is purely my opinion and experience; opinions change over time and vary from person to person.

Remember that.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some things, like all things, change.

Ephemeral, aren't we?