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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fear the Darkness

So today my bf decided to suprise me with a little something =)

Remember these shoes that I had wanted since January. Well I've been waiting for them to go on sale since then and it's still not on sale. =(

My boyfriend suprised me with them this morning after class but disguished in a Myer bag because he didn't want to be seen carrying a bag that says Wittner HAHA.

We had a talk about a few nights ago about why I won't let him buy me anything when I shop (because to me it really is the thought that counts and paying for something I picked out only requires some money being handed over at the counter). I hinted I like suprises and 1-2days later my pretty shoes are mine MINE!!

We didn't do much today usual eat lunch (Chat Thai at Central cuz I was suppose to go with Serena but she ditched me -.-) then walk around Darling Harbour and then we went into T-Bar where the T shirts were on sale! Half price and tried on a multitude of T-shirts. I decided on a Men's T shirt with a skull and a line that says "fear the darkness) (cuz I'm that badass) in Large while crush decided on two T-shirts in SMALL. I wear bigger T- shirts than him omg. I didn't like the fit of the female ones cuz I like them kinda loose. Tight things just I dunno... no longer appeal to me =\

What now follows will be a crazy spam of photos in no particular order cuz i cbb rearranging them...

Please excuse the slutty no pants...and the side photo... I just changed into the T shirt (that he also bought me and that I will repay him.....) and lovely heels to send him a photo =)

On Monday I finished class early so decided to meet with my crush because we missed each other so much over the weekend (yes cue cheesy lines here). Went shopping a bit cuz he needed some black shirts for work and then we were starving... REALLY starving... We didn't know what to eat around Pitt street mall considering my two favourite korean/japanese places were closed so we said we'll visit the next thing we come across which happened to be:

That's a massive Family Value meal... It contributed about 120% of what my fat intake should be over a WHOLE day, not one meal...

Anyone know any place that is nice to eat at near pitt street mall (not that Asa something sushi place....) that isn't the food court??

Cute cupcakes my sister made all by herself from the white wings packet.

Crazy sulfuric acid spill on my jeans that burnt a green hole.... that's getting bigger..

My great aunt sent an old fashioned letter with cute photos attached. She is the most loveliest person ever. Sadly my great uncle has gone a bit dementia like and he was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. He's fighting it well but with their ages beign in the late 80s it's not looking good. I hope he lives the rest of his days relatively pain free. I want to visit them again so bad =( The last (and first) time I visited them I promised I'll bring them a blue eyed blonde aussie to show them....

On Friday night I recieved some devastating news while I was out. I was checking crush's iPhone in light of a $1 sale on a website that I wasn't sure what time it launched. I saw an innocent email from my uncle and thinking it was probably some photos they sent us I openned it. It was news that my other uncle had just recently been diagnosed with cancer.

In the whole email the words cancer was the only thing in English. My chinese is not the best but eventually after some guess and check on a translator I figured it was cancer of the large intestines (Bowel).

I don't know what it was, the fact that 2 seconds ago I was concerning myself with a shopping sale, the memory of my uncle that suddenly struck me, the thought that he was suppose to retire and come for a holiday in Australia in a few months or I was just plain emotional that day, I cried. Tears just started falling instantly and words didn't come out properly. Now anyone who knows me knows I'm not a big cryer in public but that day I couldnt help myself. Luckily it was dark and we were sitting down at some tables/chairs. It came so unexpectedly even for me but I am lucky my bf was there to wipe away my tears and sweep me into a hug. Thank you.

After enquiring further my mum said luckily cancer was detected early and he's had an operation and waiting for results/further treatment.

ANYWAY, onto happier things.

During the holidays I took my family to the Museum of Contemporary Art especially to see this exhibit. It probably sounds familiar cuz I've been before already. Yes it's THAT good.

It was the Olafur Eliasson: Take Your Time exhibit at the MCA. The first thing you see is a massive table full of white lego pieces and massive works of lego art such as these:

This is my brother's creation.

This is my sister's creation.

This is me working away at my own crappy cretaion...

Behold the table of people working at their own masterpiece! These photos were taken illegally by my mum cuz she was mad impressed too. Sadly the exhibit is no longer in Australia =(

That's all guys it's late and I'm tired!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Congratulations Midori and her now boyfriend!
:D :D :D


Friday, April 9, 2010

Through the Grapevine

So I am sure most of you should have heard by now that I recently got an internship. Nothing too flashy, just paperwork and research and analysing data. I am hoping that this will amount to something, but also worried because I've heard through the grapevine that this agency is a bit of a slave driver. Le sigh.

Well, work is what it is. I guess Mad Men is a pretty accurate representation of the advertising industry.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


It seems there's so many instances of me being unmotivated I might as well classify my whole life as unmotivating...

Anyway lately I feel like I'm in such a rut. I don't see my friends much, I'm not working, I'm not studying, I'm not exercising, I'm not doing anything much. Now I could selfishly shift the blame on to my crush who takes up too much of my time, my boss for not giving me any shifts, my lack of textbooks available this semester, enertia for making me not want to move and general holiday mood for everything else.


I keep having this little voice tell me that I have to grow up now and stop complaining as much, whining and being generally annoyed at life.

While everyone else is getting internships, having multiple jobs and what not I've been living off previous earnings. I need a job, seriously. (Let's hope this isn't another one of my phases again...) Okay lets me realistic this time then. I want to get a job or an internship or volunteer work this semester. But I know some places aren't really recruiting right now so I'm going to promise that I will get a Christmas job to earn money all through uni next year. This may seem far away actually >.>. But yeh something.... The one reason besides laziness which has prevented me from doing this though is the lack of time then I'll have to spend with my crush. But I gotta start sometime.

Also I WILL attempt to apply for Youth Allowance. (And finish, even if I fail)

I will also get a driving instructor which seems quite important now especially if I move, I will really need to know how to drive. I will have some intensive more than once a week lessons which I will back up with lessons from dad.

I FINALLY today went to get my own medicare card and the other day I finally got my own debit mastercard (WOOT!)

I WILL finish the two agriculture reports and do a good job in the nutrition assignment and be more prepared, assignment/assessment wise, for the rest of this term.

I have decided before I have completed these tasks any big purchases will be put on hold until the end of the year. It's back to budgeting my weekly spendings and timetabling my days to avoid procrastination.

That skinfold test also scared me about the amount of body fat I am carrying so I think I should exercise more....

I also need to visit the dentist. All you ex- braces/new-braces wearing people have me considering braces now. That invisalign (?) thing. Does anyone know for sure that it isn't covered my private health care? If it's not I'll need to consider some considerable monetary damage. Hmm is my teeth that bad T_T

Cheers to a new (hopefully) more responsible, mature me.

I'll get back to you guys by the end of this week to see how much of this I have started!

I need some motivation people!!

MOTIVATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gold Coast: Last Day at Q1 and Jupiter's Casino Buffet YUM!

Thus ends the Gold Coast holiday posts of 2010. It was a good 8 days and 7 nights, though not without some uh, bad stuff (i.e. people being lazy, people fighting, people being moody). Until the next time we go out - won't be for quite awhile... - this will be the last heavy photo post for now.

So, Day 8 of Gold Coast trip 2010 began with Minglez screaming at everyone to get up.

Just like Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7...


We packed our bags and dragged them downstairs to the front desk, bidding our home for the past week farewell.

All our leftover food from the night before in the plastic bag. There was quite a lot. And a lot of alkie.

Chilling out before we leave.

Photo of the...interesting tiger decor in our room. Minglez and the guys room had a different decorator with a less obvious theme.

After leaving our luggage at reception we took the bus to Q1, the tallest building in Australia I believe. We had some discount tickets hehe.

77th floor o_o

The views were incredible. The blue skies with white clouds, the golden-white beach stretching as far as the eye could see, the awesome lagoons/rivers/lakes/whatever they are called, littered through the city, close to the coast.

And large glass panels for you to look at every angle.


The river winding through the city of Gold Coast.



Boys and Minglez getting bored of the scenery.

Kebu and I got a bit hungry and bought some pricey cakes.

I forgot the cake -_- It was some French cream or cheese cake of a sort, with a large dollop of whipped cream.

Hot chocolate(?) and a chai latte.


Forlorn-looking Bee, all by herself.

Some very pretty pictures of Bee.

After Q1 we went to Jupiter's Casino for a huge lunch at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Another bus trip in the opposite direction~

Rather expensive for us poved uni students, BUT the food was really good and drinks were free!

There was a bit of everything at the table. The food was pretty good. Definitely recommend!

Bee and her bowl of cherry tomatoes.

When our tums were full of nomz we flopped into the foyer of the casino, chatting briefly and working off our excess weight before catching the bus back to the apartments. We then headed back to the bus stop, luggage in tow, and patiently slept through the long ride to the airport.

Oh Marweechi, you missed out :( Perhaps next time ne?


Gold Coast: Leftover Theme Parks

This is all the leftover days (which aren't many anyway. I have time now since it's Easter so up goes this post :)

This time it was to Movieworld, Whitewater World and a bit more of Dreamworld.

Unfortunately Shu and Josh weren't here for Whitewater since they left early; they missed out.

So on with the pictures.

We got up late as usual, had breakfast and took the 40min bus ride to Movieworld.

Camwhoring with Kebuuu.

Camwhoring with Bee and Midori who got cut off from Kebu's head lol.

Midori and Bee = kawaii.

Going to Movieworld yay!

Miiven on the bus. We are poseurs.

Putting on sunscreen in the bus. The Australian sun is a killer.

Beer goggles on!

The giant nachos that took forever to come at our table and Midori was the only one who got hers about 30mins before ours. Wtf man, such bad service!

Dreamworld part. No pictures of Whitewater since everyone was wet and couldn't carry cameras. It was just as fun as Wet N Wild, even had the same funnel ride!!! That is still the BEST. RIDE. EVER.

We all went to the beach on our last night at the Gold Coast. It was a last minute decision since we lived practically right next to the beach but never hung out there!

Just a couple of good friends having fun at the beach while the sun set.

We are a little outrageous and weird. Actually that's just me.

The gorgeous horizon/twilight.

Um, yeah. Minglez abusing Stevewee as always.

That night we rented a movie and cozied up on the couches under the aircon and blankets. It was nice and quiet and easy, compared to the night before where we binged and played shot-pong and beer goggles. Ahh, alcoholic past times.

A couple of us were knocked out from cheeze balls, chips and softdrinks. It was pretty late when we went to bed.

Disclaimer: This blog in no way endorses binge drinking. Don't drink and drive or take drugs, kids.