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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mourning For the Wicked


Last night, Kebu, Midori, V and I went to watch Wicked the Musical with the Sydney cast and it was the single most brilliant thing to ever watch.

Tickets are booked out until November. So lucky to watch it in September thanks to me oh so awesome quick booking skillz hurhur.

Midori has the photos of our luminous "Ozmopolitans" before she was berated by the ushers to stow away her camera as they are strictly forbidden inside the Capitol Theatre.

Oh and the theatre itself was stunning.

On the actors, Amanda Harrison made a very good Elphaba if I do say so myself. She had a slight nasally voice at times, which made for a good 'wicked witch' impersonation. Durack was also chirpy, happy and really girly which made Glinda the perfect airhead.

I had a listen to the original actresses and, although their voices are very beautiful, found it hard to separate them as they both sounded really similar. Harrison and Durack on the other hand had very distinct voices and I favour distinction more; it gives the music and characters so much more personality (they are supposed to be complete opposites after all).


Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets Talk Skincare (Face)

Hey all.

Today I'm going to talk a bit about the various products I've used on body and face, but just sticking to skincare at the moment because my makeup list is far more extensive.

First and foremost should always be a cleanser, however I don't use cleanser. I should have said so before but I'll say it again: I only use water and a face cloth. I've tried a few cleansers that have ruined my skin so now I'm...'scuse me, I just killed a spider.


The cat loves cotton balls tied with string.



Ever since I got Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel (from Priceline, it's expensive at $8 a pop, imported from America) I've been using it as a base with everything.

The first thing I do after showering I put this on. This goes even before moisturiser. It's just aloe vera gel, but FOTE has been talked about on many beauty blogs I follow and when I happened across it I bought it.

It is fragrance free and alcohol free, perfect! It smells like nothing at all.

And everyone knows that aloe vera is good for the skin, I can also accidentally eat it and I won't be worried at all.

Decision: Will look for a CHEAPER alternative, but if I can't find one I WILL come back and use this forever!

This year I've used Olay Moisturising Cream Sensitive (mentioned in a previous post). I finished this a few weeks ago.

Because I used the sensitive skin version it was fragrance free which I like because it doesn't sting when I use it over broken skin which is very common since I have mild eczema and dry skin.

It is a normal face cream with no marketing hype or unnecessary, alluring products in it. It does a good job, but I am forever searching for something better.

Decision: My verdict is that it is a very simple, basic moisturiser which is all you really need. It does what it's supposed to do; keep your face smooth and soft. WIll come back to use this if there is nothing else.

I interchageably use Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion with SPF 30+. This one is not for sensitive skin and I bought it mainly for the SPF.

I don't like how the sunscreen smell and oily texture is still discernible, despite being mild. I really don't like the feel and smell of sunscreen, but EVERYONE SHOULD BE USING IT ON A DAILY BASIS. Serz.

It's not as bad, really.

I quite like this product and the packaging. It's a pump, much better than the huge jar I had with the one above. I actually really like the pump design and I think it's very cute.

It is light and easily absorbed (sans smell, if you don't mind sunscreen smell) and there is a chance of this becoming a staple because so few moisturisers have such a high SPF.

Decision: Yes, will buy again unless the product beneath beats it.

Today I bought Biore Daily Recharging Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF 15which is the same one Butterfly uses! Currently $5 off at Woolies! That's 30% off!!

The Biore claims to have vitamin A, C and E and many herbal extracts like wild yellow poppy, rose hip, chamomile (good for easily inflammed skin) and aloe (soothing). I like how glycerin is the second ingredient although propylene glycol, another moisture-soaking ingredient is at the bottom.

I have yet to use it, but it looks promising! I will be back with more when I finish the bottle.

I know I am focusing on the face products for now but I really need to put this out there, and besides I can still use sunscreen on my face/neck too right?

The two sunscreens I am using is The Cancer Council Australia Ultra Sunscreen (SPF 30+, UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, 3 Hours Water Resistant) and Auscreen SPF 30+ Non Greasy Lotion (UVA/UVB BS, 3 Hrs WR).

Of the two, I MUCH PREFER the Auscreen because it is lighter, watery and hence easier to spread on your body, smells pretty pleasant - for a sunscreen - and cheap! Note that I've heard some sunscreens that claim to be UVA/UVB BS are actually not, and I don't know if Auscreen is one of them or not.

Second one.

Last one.

Cancer Council one is definitely certified, but I don't like it because it is thick and reminds me of primary school swim school lessons (ah, nostalgia...). It costs quite a bit more as it is also in a smaller size. If they made this sunscreen smoother, I would be all over it. Porkie bought this and I stole it!

Comparing ingredients:

  1. CC contains zinc oxide while Auscreen doesn't!

  2. CC contains Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile/MG, which is a preservative that may cause skin irritation. It should be low enough to not have any effect, but you never know with extremely sensitive skin. Reference from here.

  3. They both claim to comply with the Australian standard AS/NZS 2604:1998.

Decision: If Auscreen proves to work, I will be using it from now on.

Currently I am using both, although mixing CC with Auscreen could be good too just for the extra zinc oxide. I could most likely just buy zinc oxide lotion and mix it with the Auscreen though I don't know if it will cause any bad chemical reactions.

I've used a fair bit of eye creams in the past and all of them have given me bright red rashes all around my eyes. Except one.

Meet Biore Daily Recharging Rejuvenate Cooling Eye Gel (from Big W).

This is also a recent buy but I have used it for several days now and I am not reacting to it, which is always a good sign.

Like most eye cream/gels it contains cucumber extracts, but this also has sugar beet and golden root. Frankly I don't know the benefits of the latter ingredients and I would much prefer vit A or something.

I like it. It has tiny green glitter in it that might do some brightening, although temporary. It came with free samples of other Biore products, a facial scrub and a headband so it's love.

Decision: I do not know if my dark circles or fine wrinkles will disappear and I greatly doubt it, but as I am not reacting badly I will use it until finished and will not re-purchase.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Gel is my go-to for busting those rare pimples that form on my face. I loathe pimples and I always pop them as soon as I see them, so I need to use this more often.

Use it before you sleep and it'll have worked when you wake up.

It is very strong. It does shrivel most, not all, pimples and sometimes it can cause the skin to flake and dry up as well so be sure to moisturise the morning after.

It may look tiny and expensive for such little product but it will last you. You only need a miniscule bit each pimple.

Decision: Although it works, I just have no need for such a product and it's better off being used by my brother.

I wanted to use a good face mask so mother gave me her Neutrogena Fine Fairness Complete Whitening Mask that she bought from Hong Kong awhile back (you can also buy it from sasa.com).

It comes with a mask and essence/serum.

I like the way it makes my face feel plump and full of moisture after use and the only downfall I can see is tat it's only available in Asia.

I suppose I can complain that the mask doesn't fit my face right and it feels weird, and that there is WAY too much essence, more than necessary, even if you reuse the mask.

Decision: Will definitely buy again, but hoping for an Australian alternative. I do like the whole whitening thing though.

The next mask I will try is the famed Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque which is only available in the US! Just for fun, since I don't have acne. I'm bringing some back for Porkie.

Mother also gave me Swissplus Anti Wrinkle Gel Patch for my eyes. I'm down to the last pack of 4 and it doesn't really work, but then again I haven't used it properly.

This also leaves my skin feeling very supple and I absolutely love that cool, soft, plump feeling but it never lasts :(

Decision: Stick to the Biore for now.

A few months ago I bought Lush Face Mask The Sacred Truth (from Lush store at QVB) and this little pot lasted me so long that it went overdue before I even got halfway through! I had to stop using it on my face though because it started giving it a strange texture that I wasn't fond of. I used the rest on my body and my leg-ne (leg acne wtf).

Yes, it has very attractive ingredients and is "all natural". I don't believe that raw ingredients are always the best. I have faith in science and technology and know that synthetic materials can be just as good, if not better than natural.

I still didn't like it and struggle to use up the $16 pot.

Decision: Never buy it again.

This covers the products I am/will be using this year. I've used a lot of other products on my face like cocoa butter, shea butter and sorbolene but none long term. I really should just stick to something that works, then change when it stops working.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoop shoop doo woop

I needs to shops for stuffs.

So yeah.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A little part of me wonders if we're just two broken people playing with each other's mind.

Do you always act like this? Or are you doing it because you think it'll appeal to me? Do I normally act like this or am I doing it to fit your bill?

I wonder if you're the one playing the game or am I?

Who's winning?

Type post here.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Need A Magic 8 Ball

So gaiz, I have a dilemma.

I have a pair of size 7.5 Dr. Martens that I really like that I recently bought off Ebay. These are GENUINE, real leather, slightly shiny and Made in England. They are also half, almost a full size too big and the leather is thick and pretty stiff, but with more wear would probably soften. They also have a genuine box, which I didn't get because I'm cheap on shipping.

On the other hand I have a pair of 6.5 fake Docs that fit snugly and quite comfortably. They are definitely fake, considering the label says Made in CHINA, the leather is thinner, softer (is it even real leather??) and not as shiny as the real ones. They fit well considering I'll be wearing thin stockings with them.

Now the question is which should I resell?!

The fakes were bought for a similar price to the real ones, so I feel ripped off wearing fakes that cost so much. Maybe less if they are real leather, but still ripped off. Wearing fakes also make me feel cheap but they look better on my feet and are quite cmfortable despite.

The real ones will be much easier to resell, and might even fetch a high price. I'm talking possibly double what I originally paid for them, meaning I'm wearing fake Docs for free. I also need to wear insoles or double layer socks to fit them. I'm not happy that they make my feet look huge and bulky.

So which should I resell?


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sydney Nomz Part 3

Hello gaiz, I'm back on this day again to upload more photos of eating and getting fat! Don't blame me if there is a sudden influx of weight.

It's your fault. Stop eating >:

The Monday right after hanging out with Midori, which involved pigging out for lunch and dessert before walking down to Darling Harbour and gambling at Star City. We applied for a membership along with the free $10 worth of credit but M had some problems signing up because apparently her name was already in the database. Either someone had used her name ot it's the other girl who is also in the same grade with the same Chinese name and surname.

By then I think I was having a fight with N and the atmosphere was tense. He was pissed that I would treat him like shit just because I was angry. What, am I supposed to be nice and stuff? T_T

Anywho, we browsed the casino wondering what we could spend our free $10 on and decided to sit at the pokies haha. Mr. D was brave enough to gamble first and because I wasn't in a good mood at all and just wanted to get out of there, to be completely honest.

After awhile I figured it looked fun so played a bit myself.

Mr. D won something like $50 worht of coins T_T

I got about $11, so I got back the free amount in cash at least. Awesome.

Midori also didn't do so well lol.

Then N wanted to try his hand at the poker tables, but minimum buy in was $100 and he needed to borrow that money from me. I was already annoyed at him, now he wants to gamble that much money in one go even though I am pretty against gambling (and getting wasted, smoking and doing drugs, but that's another story). I couldn't even stick around to see if he'll lose it all because I got shooed away by the security guard so I hung out with M and D like a single loser and D was kind enough to treat me to a drink with his free money (FIFTY BUCKS!!!).

I did appreciate the sensitivity, and I almost forgave him for that time at the Jenkeviad(?) Thai dinner.

I felt like a single woman drowning her sorrows away in alcohol and gambling T_T

Tempted to go hit on the guys at the other table T_T

Btw no pics in the casino because they don't allow cameras and they might kick me out.

The drink was alcoholic and it didn't help that I was pissed off and can't take my alcohol well. I'm pretty sure I ordered something with vodka in it. N lost everything and kept talking about being beaten by a chick he thought was bluffing and how his cards were good, matter-of-fact. Frankly, I didn't give a damn I'm still angry at you and now you lost my money T_T

I'm doing T_T a lot...

I got paid back in American dollars later yays.

So while I was angry and tipsy and hot from the alcohol everyone had to drag me kicking and screaming and I wasn't feeling so good. I did notice how sparkly the footpath was, I never really noticed it until that night...

I had to eat something greasy and was reeeeeeally in the mood for KFC, especially when we were close and I could SMELL it. Ooohhh man, greasy chicken for my tum-tum. N forced me to eat something and recommended I retire since I wasn't in any shape to do anything so M and D left us and I got dragged home.

And watched Masterchef!

I should stop about my personal life, this is supposed to be a post about food.

The next day...

We travelled to Cabramatta to have yumcha at The Iron Chef, is that what it was called? Mr. N had never had yumcha before and this was a chance to meet my friends again and experience Cantonese culture and food. This was also Maria's opportunity to feed him chicken feet.

N also tried sugar cane juice, fresh from the machine, and ate a pork roll complete with delicious pate and traditional mayonnaise (beaten eggs and oil) nom nom. Then we went bowling at Fairfield. He totally stuffed the first game but when I told him to use a lighter ball for better aim he bowled the highest game out of all my friends, even my brother T_T

Porkie even wanted to keep the scoresheets to brag about N's score.


It was the afternoon and by the time we got back to the city it would be dinner time so I decided to take him to the Mexican place for dinner. I figured he would want some familiar food after a day of experimenting. Chicken feet fong jiao!

Ohoh he really likes prawn dumplings har gao, even though he dislikes seafood :D

For dinner we went to Flying Fajita Sisters (N: It's pronounced fah-hee-tah, babe) by getting off at Central and walking a LONG LONG way along Broadway before turning into the street.

Upon entering I found it to be a very cosy, quaint little restaurant.

With -holy crap- prices.

Really cute menus though!

N's favourite beer Dos Equis, which he could only find here. Have to admit that it's a pretty alright beer. I had a Midori (lol) and lime margarita with salted rim, but I should have gone for the sugared rim.

Beef fajitas for two! It looks really Asian! Beef is cooked on a hot plate like Asian food, except you wrap it up in warm tortillas and put all those toppings in. There's cheese (N: The wrong cheese!), unsalted black beans, guacamole (not the proper way unfortunately), chili peppers, sour cream, a sweet and tangy salsa and pineapple along with a side of salad.

It looks small, but very satisfying and delicious. I would only come here to indulge because I am a poor uni student but definitely will come here often if 1) I can catch a bus down here, or 2) I has moneyz.

This is good dosh.

Lets come here sometime for my birthday or something :D

That's Flying Fajita Sisters, near Broadway but not quite at Glebe. Quite some walk down from UTS. Google it!

I'm already red from the margarita, and I barely finished it too since it was so big and sour.

This was our trip to Taronga Zoo and quite possibly the first time N has been on a ferry!

Ah, good skin day and creepy tongue guy in background.

YES I saw the baby elephant!! I heard about it on the news the week before but didn't realise it was out and about!

So adorable, there were so many meerkats standing up and sniffing! I was lucky to get photos because as I went to leave they ALL ran back into and hid.

The rainbow lorikeet was sharing the apple with the red tiger! At least I think it was the red tiger o_O

The seal in the underground display. It was so graceful and friendly!

I love otters. They are one of my favourite animals. I was happy when Hermione Granger's Patronus was an otter. We actually walked past the otter lake and I was just going to skip it because then we would have to walk all the way back and we still had a lot more to see. N however insisted that I wanted to see otters and that he wasn't going to take no or laziness as an answer and found every opportunity to steer me back.

In the end I did see otters but they were soooo speedy! I could barely take a decent photo :(

N was glad to see me happy about the otters. THEY LOOK SO CUTE, LIKE FREYA BUT SLIMMER!

Saw the sun set on our ride back to Circular Quay.

That night we wandered the streets and ended up on George to have dinner at Mid Town Cafe Restaurant, a fairly new little cafe next to KFC and Greater Union that serves meals too. It looked extremely tiny from the outside, even if the decorations and shop front were attractive, but I jsut never found an opportunity to enter until now. Trying new things, y'know =p

Two lemon lime bitters.

Veal with a spicy tomato sauce covered in melted cheese and parsley and instant mash potato, which was a let down because I could tell it was instant stuff but I didn't expect much for the price.

Chicken with a red herb sauce, grilled vegetables and mash. According to N mine was better, probably because he likes spice.

I would say that the food was pretty good, especially if you take into account the prices of these meals which is very easy on the wallet. By then I was starting to run out of funds so this was a good choice!

Alright I suppose there is going to be a part 4 since this is already huuuuuge. Have fun loading the pictures, aren't you glad I resized them and made them small =p

Tune in for the next post which I will do in a minute. A trip to Bondi Beach, Manly Beach and more food, of course.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Eating Like a Tourist in Sydney Part 2

AHAHAHAHAHA the second part to the original post is so delayed man, but Midori is complaining about how I don't blog as soon as the event happens and I take forever so now I'll finish it off, fine T_T

I've been typing the whole day man. My hands are all jittery from the effort, and now I have to upload pictures too!

Alright so I left off on the first Saturday the day before we went out with M and Mr. D who I shall now call Mr. Dipshit.

I'm kidding.

So on Sunday we were going to meet at Circular Quay station to go and eat at Lowenbrau Keller which is famous for it's Bavarian food and frequently mentioned in Chocolatesuze.

You'll have seen all the images on M's post already but meh, anyway.

The former couple took ages to arrive, or maybe we were early, so N said hey look, lets go into this mysterious but beautifully historic-looking building in the middle of Circular Quay so I said okay o_O

This is actually a mini model of the CBD. It was cool o_O

Then the others arrived and we went to eat, by then I was freaking starving because we came straight from the hotel and didn't really have breakfast, so pork knuckle was going to be our breakfast!

This is a lame Midori who did not try a bier, but had a glass of water instead. N00b!

Pork knucle with mash and sauerkrat, nom nom. That layer of crackle was just so crunchy and hard, almost too hard. And very salty. Mmmm, would balance nicely with the biers.

This is a brezel. It is a Bavarian pretzel. Wasn't that special, just a crusty bread.

More nice noms. Uh, this was some sort of bread dipped in some sort of gravy. My memory fails me at this moment.

Midori excited about the pork knuckle!

End result of 4 very hungry people.

The music inside was really loud because there was a Bavarian band playing, complete with traditional outfits! This guy was playing the trombone. It was very amusing, especially when the drunk Asian chick started dancing.

Hungry hungry.

Guess where we went next?

For dessert!!!


No wonder we're both fat.

I'm gonna keep the commentary to a minimum now because the photos pretty much tell you what went on during the day.

American coins, oohz.

Guylian Cafe has a really nice view of the Opera House, but only if you sit upstairs.

I'm pretty sure this was a coffee with whipped cream, but I must warn you not to drink coffee from Guylian because it's bitter as hell. You know that bitter but also SOUR aftertaste in your mouth from some coffees? Yeah. The coffee is really gross there if you have a refined coffee palate et moi (I prefer to drink only La Vazza and even Illy is alright to me). Ohohoho *snob*.

Needless to say, Starbucks is blasphemous to coffee culture.

Berry creme brulee with what looks like a pistacio biscotti, because I have never had creme brulee before. This was also disappointing because the creme brulee was NOT smooth. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but creme brulee is supposed to be similar to creme caramel and it should be SMOOTH. This was lumpy, and tasted like egg, not egg CUSTARD. Very disappointed, but the toffee was nice. This was something like $14?

This was Midori's, a chocolate lava cake of some sort? She has raved about it on her post.

This is already heaps of photos, so there will be a part 3 and possibly 4 too hehehe.