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Saturday, February 28, 2009

+ Life Experience: Being Robbed!

I was supposed to do a post on my attending the 2009 UNSW Rubik's Dance Party the other night becaus I have a lot of short stories to tell, ranging from getting sneaked in using an expired student card, being groin grinded by 3 guys of different ethnicities (oddly, the most decent of them was the white guy) and having V's friend jokingly ask me out and being rejected 3 times. It goes liike this:

Him: Will you be my girlfriend?

Me: No.

Him: Will you go out with me?

Me: No.

Him: You're not going to reconsider?

Me: Do you have to ask?

Him: What? That's not an answer!

Me: No.

Fun times.

But no, instead I want to tell the world that I've been robbed!

They only took my phone and $100 that was lying on my desk though so I'm alright!

Around 9pm last night I took a nap after losing a battle with my modem, sans shower and changing. Sometime around 12am I woke up and took a shower, and when I came back to do my daily rituals I noticed the glass door on my balcony was wide, wide open. I shrugged it off and thought "stupid dad, messing around with my door and not putting it back" and went to close it, locked it (because a part of me is always slightly paranoid) and went to bed.

Woke up for work at 4:30am. Sometimes, but very rarely I'll forget to bring my phone to work bt today was not one of those days. I went to look for i, only to find that it wasn't where I last left it on my computer table. I looked around the usual places I'll put it. I asked my dad if he took my phone, because he sometimes does that and leaves it in random places around the house (that bastard) but he goes he didn't touch it. I got frustrated and decided to call the phone and pick up on the sound, I don't have all morning to look for it.

"The phone you have called is switched off, please check your numberand try again."

You'd think I'd know my own number, and the fact that I had charged my phone on Thursday and it still had a decent amount of battery last night. I definitely did not switch my phone off.

Asked mum and she hadn't taken it. I then asked them if they had opened my metal and gauze slide door to the balcony and they both hadn't. Grandma and Porkie woke up to all the noise and she hadn't touched the door either.

Then mum goes, "Did you put away the $50 on your table?".

"No. It was a hundred."

"It got stolen?!"


Well, by then it was pretty obvious that someone had entered my room and stole a few things. They hadn't touched any of my jewellery and Pandora stuff, which leads me to believe that they came in, noticed I was sleeping, grabbed whatever they saw first which was all the valaubles on the desk and ran. I don't think they went past my bed. You guys know what I'm talking about, that tiny space between the desk and bed? They didn't even take my gold *cughplatecough* earrings on my desk, or the mp4 sitting in the corner; they were obviously in a rush and not looking properly.

Now there are several things that might be of interest to note.

Several weeks ago I told my parents that I heard someone tapping against my wire gauze door, as though they were trying to move it (but obviously can't since it's jammed, and I mean REALLY jammed), and then I heard voices outside the house and a car driving off after awhile.

When I told my parents this they thought I was making it up.

Hah. Paranoid, am I?

Another thing I noticed was that I think the glass door was opened before I napped. I vaguely remember coming home from uni and noticing that there was something strange about the door being reflected against my mirror. For those of you who have been to my house, the balcony door is right next to my massie mirror doors. What I think I was noticing was that instead of a reflection of a glass door, I was actually seeing a muc clearer reflection of outside.

Creepy no?

One last thing to note. I was tossing and turning while I napped - it's really uncomfortable to sleep in a blouse - and I woke up to find a car pulling up near my house, people getting out and then voices. Being the paranoid person I am, I kept an eye on the reflection of the car and lights, and concluded that it's probably Mr. and Mrs. Next Door coming home. I have to say though, that it seemed slightly suspicious at the time.

Well, I need a new phone. I'm thinking the Nokia (I love Nokia...) E71 will do very well, except I'll be so pissed if red isn't available in Australia yet.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If there is a God I hope he's with you now.

We have a crisis at work.

The cafe has a total of 6 workers. All of which have their own problems. Much like how when it first started we had a major staff renewal.

Staff 1 is a person with a strong personality that thinks she is always right so hates it when she is told to do something in a way she doesn't like. She also wears her emotions on her face so doesn't look friendly when she is unhappy. Her strong personality has caused great tension between her and other staff. My dad wants to get rid of her.

Staff 2- The chef is currently having insomnia, trying to balance 2 jobs and all and wants to leave by next week. He has commented however that if staff 1 leaves he may come back. He is however a bit lazy.

Staff 3- A kitchen worker who works side by side with the chef. She is a fast and efficient worker but does not like the chef cuz he's lazy and finds no point in working now that staff 6 is leaving.

Staff 4- another kitchen hand that prepares all the minor stuff around the place. My dad takes pity on her since her chances of finding another job are slim and she needs the money. She however can not speak English very well and really isn't needed. She is one of the original workers.

Staff 5- she is one of the original workers. She is a hard worker but messy and staff 1 hates her.

Staff 6- she is our prized Barista. When she had her own business her local paper named her place as making the best coffee. Recently she has booked a specialist to look at her neck which seems much thicker than normal on one side. She went in for tests and her results came back yesterday.

They didn't look good.

She rang my parents and sobbingly told them she may be unable to work for us again. My parents tried to ask what was wrong but she had no answer for them. Only that she needed to go get more tests.

My parents visited her place today.

She's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Probably the best worker in our staff, the best Barista I've seen and one of the kindest less bitchy staff. She has a memory for coffee orders that amazes most people and a firm believer in god. She religiously attends church every Sunday but never forces her beliefs on others.

She has 3 children all below the ages of about 10 and a loving husband.

She's only in her 30s.

My heart goes out to her and her family.

It's times like these where sickness/illness/death is so close that makes me terrified the most.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Case Of He Says, She Says

N: Have I figured out what you want?


Serena: So, where are my promised twinkies?

N: Woah sideswiped. I haven't even had twinkies since then. Over a year prob.

Serena: Tsk tsk. Then you won't figure out what I want.


N: You want a future. Something tangible helps solidify that. Even something small and cake-like.

Serena: Well done...

N: Sometimes I don't think you give me enough credit.

Serena: Oh yeah? That's why I reckon you're not a simple as you make yourself out to be.

N: Well done yourself.

Sometimes it really can feel like you're falling all over again.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Thoughts.

I've had many random thoughts these few days so I'll just number them.

1. Yesterday I went to watch He's Just not that into You.

As I was walking out I saw an old couple, heads of white hair walking out slowly, hand in hand.

And I smiled because I wish I was like them.

80% of the time I always think the grass in greener on the other side and wish I had more of this, more of that but when I see things like this I just want everything to be simple.

When I'm old and feeble I just want a loving husband to take care of me, and me for him. I want to go grocery shopping hand in hand in the mornings like my 80yr old neighbours.

I want to go watch chick flicks to recall what it was like to be young.

I want to get together with all my oldie friends and eat Mcdonalds ice creams and reminisce of it being 30c while I eat it up with my toothless gums.

And that's all I need.

2. You know I realise I get really infuriated by ignorant people. I don't know whether this will make me sound really up myself, pompous or something but I need to get it out cuz I attempted to bottle it all up today!!

Today there was a very strong willed lady that works in our cafe. We were talking and I was telling her about a documentary I watched last night about memory and the brain. She told me not to worry so much because we don't know anything really. That documentary can be refuted in a few years (which I agree with but it doesn't mean ALL of it is completely untrue). She continued to say we don't really know anything at all.

She started saying we don't really know what's in the air, what we're breathing in, it could be killing us all. At which point a customer pointed out we are near a factory and who knows what they're letting out and she said that's right we have no way of testing it.

Er yes we know what's in the air... Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen being the main components... we CAN test for contaminants in the air and I've tested for fungi even.

At which point she said but we don't really know...."

Which led to the customer saying a "documentary" he saw said the world was going to end in 2012. I asked who said that. He said some sorta people in South Africa predicted it in their calender.

Okay my point for a start wasn't to say to believe in everything in a documentary simple to take it into consideration. Second of all I never said I believed in stuff like calender predicting which mostly have no scientific proof. My argument before was purely scientific!

The customer proceeded to say "who knows an asteroid could hit us any day, tomorrow even and we could all die." Er dude there's like satellites and people watching all day long...

He claims a few years ago we had a near miss with an asteroid that we didn't know about until it passed us. Since I didn't know about this case I had nothing to say about it but I am quite sure, as with most things there is more to it than that.

The woman proceeded to say "yes you never know. I hear there's kids with like severe allergies who have to live in plastic"

I am aware of this. The Bubble Boy Syndrome. Having done it in Boring MBLG and being the only class I really liked I listened intently and learnt a bit about it.

I informed her that a cure with a high success rate has been found and the disorder is a genetic immune disorder but she decided to ignore what I just said and laughed saying I could wake up being really sick and find myself in a bubble.


Argh some reason, and here's where I sound really mean, I wish I was back at uni with people who take my words more seriously instead of waving them away as "stupid prob untrue things she prob saw on TV or something." When I say I heard it in a lecture their argument is "well who knows if that'll be true in a few years or what are they teaching you kids." A part of me is spiteful and thinks "you're only saying that cuz you wish you had the education I am having right now. You're getting defensive cuz you know I'm right." But another part of me is extremely infuriated at their laughs because it makes me feel stupid and insignificant and that's not a very nice thing for them to say.

My mum and other worker told me to just ignore her and not argue with her because she's very strong willed and will always win the argument. A part of me wants to stop yet a part of me hates that she will carry around these misconceptions forever because I never told her otherwise; she will continue to think she is right at everything and I am tortured intellectually for it.

3. There's a lady at work who came in at the beginning of the week looking very glum. When asked she said that her and her boyfriend had a fight about his use of the f word and had a big "you think it's over??" fight about it all leaving them to sleep in separate rooms and not talk on Vday.

Every customer who asks her about her weekend would get the same response (Not very good mate) to "how was your weekend?" which leads people to ask why. When confronted with a long discussion about relationships and detailed recounts of what happened most people are taken aback and probably wish they'd never asked. Most grab their food once it's done and say "well I hope it all works out" and leaves.

There was one guy, who had a long waiting time for his order. It was the beginning of the day and he was the first guy she started telling her issues about and about 3/4 of the way through she asked "so what's your name again?" He was a complete stranger.

When I told my mum when she arrived that the coworker was unloading her problems onto every customer my mum said "she's that kind of person"

It made me think. Who is more admirable? Those who when asked bite their lip and say "my weekend was alright" although in truth she had many personal issues. Or those who are open and tell everyone everything? Not afraid of other people's judgment and takes comfort in retelling the story. Do these people expect sympathy? a helping hand in the decision making? or just an understanding listener?

Whom of the two is strongest? Who is more admirable? Who is bravest?

Are the answers to all these the same person?

Which one are you.

Thinking Midori.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hooters' Girls!

Last week on Tuesday M and I went to Westfields Parra to watch Changeling, based on the true story of a woman who defied the corrupt authorities sometime in the 1930s I think. The first thing it reminded me of was Chinatown -_-

You know, the one about the corrupt police in LA as well?

Anyway, Changeling was pretty good and so heartbreaking! Clint Eastwood composed some of the soundtrack too so I'm just really impressed right now. Personally I thought Angelina Jolie looked too modern to star in such a movie, but her performance was good.

We also kept getting full face shots when she was crying and her smudged mascara and eyeshadow was too overdone...but perhaps that's just me?

Before that we arrived a bit early after M got rejected for working at Nice Bakery in Auburn xD

We went to Woolies and stocked up on some bad, fattening movie/comfort foods.


Man we are fat T_T

Obligatory camwhoring-in-the-public-toilets shot.


We went to gym after and spent an hour persuading *coughblackmailing,threatening and more blackmailingcough* Josh to tel us his Valentine's Day plans and he JUST WOULD NOT YIELD! We just sat there trying to get him to talk to us!! Then we went gym, but then in the sauna and cool room we were still trying to get him to spill and he refused! SO MEAN!

Anyway Josh realised his ticket expired half an hour ago meaning he had to pay for parking. But then evil Midori suggested he use the abandoned trolley and pose as a car to get another ticket and he actually did it T_T And I was there freaking out thinking we were gonna get caught and fined or something.

It actually worked and the ticket did come out, but then Josh moved and it got retracted and the gate closed. But then another car came up from behind and I really was worried now, but then the car took the ticket and reversed to give the ticket to Josh!! Such a nice guy :)

Anyway I was still worried that something bad will happen, like a security guard would come running towards us and book us (or Josh at least). It was fine and we were gonna leave.


But the machine ate our ticket and we were stuck!!!!

So we broke the law the second time and went through the gate after someone else T_T

Anyway after gym we went to have our fatty, greasy meal to congratulate ourselves for our gyming efforts. We went to Hooters!



Check out the hot girls! -_-


Hooters bar.


M was bashing Josh for saying something insulting but I don't remember what now =/


They ordered Lemon Lime Bitters while I had a Strawberry Daiquiri. It was really good. We noticed how 'family friendly' it was when they censored many of the drinks. Orgasm became Gasm and Cocksucking Cowboy became Cowboy.


Our appetiser, buffalo flavoured strips with some creamy sauce.


Food actually took awhile to come. Josh got a burger with sides and M and I got the same, beef with melted swiss cheese on a bread roll. We all got the same sides, curly fries and a salad.



We were at Hooters for a couple of hours, just chatting and eating and getting to know more about each other. Josh finally spilled in exchange for some information about ourselves, but they were most curious about the time Mr. D did something sweet for me ;P

We basically had a gossip night and just talked.

Josh didn't like the waitress who took our order because for one, she wasn't in the Hooters uniform (white shirt, orange hotpants) and she was really unenthusiastic and bored. The blonde chick Josh liked since she was 'nicer'.


She even drew a heart on our bill! We got driven home then and that was our night.

Not sure I'll go Hooters again, food wasn't great but just alright. We ordered a bit too much...

Until next time, dearies.



Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Games Day

Expand for pictures and the make-it-up-to-Kebu-who-missed-Games-Night Day.

B called me while I was getting dressed to announce she was here - an hour early. Well, I still had enough time to clean the house and my room up before picking everyone else up. We got soaked walking to Woolies because it decided to rain very heavily on us and thought hey, lets make this better and add in some violent winds! T_T

In the end we did arrive safe and sound and went to buy food. We got bananas (M likes them long and firm LOL), chocolates and Tim Tams, cheese and frozen veges for our baked fried rice.

We walked back to my place and the rain had stopped -_-

A while later Marweechi arrived and we could finally start to play Risk, which is by far the best board game ever and Kebu should always bring it with him everywhere.

Kebu explaining rules.





Asian domination!! I (then Jinboi) were the Japs who were slowly taking over the world before we got backstabbed by the Greenlandish elves!! WE WERE THE GODLY WAKM! MARIA YOU BETRAYED US!!!



I don't remember this being taken...sneaky Midori.



Jin was cooking the fried rice and when we left I swooped in and added more salt, soy sauce and chicken bouillon >_>



It didn't taste so bad :O M was starving and greedily grabbed the first bowl.


Melted cheese...


Japanese domination!! We're taking over the Middle East and Africa!



But then the once pacifistic Greenlandish elves started to multiply, and led by Santa Claus, attacked the Japanese through Alaska and started taking over DDDDDDDD:


Anyway Kebu and the Australians went down first after D took revenge on him for taking South America and half of Africa, meanwhile decimating most of our southern territories. D was sad about losing Madagascar.

After Risk we had chocolate fondue with bananas and marshmallows. Sweet!


And we kinda just hung out in my room playing card games like Mafia and Murderer before we urged Jin to open his "sex-in-a-box".


Kebu had wanted to give everyone a Pandora's box effect with orgasms instead.

*raises eyebrows*


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

So this week has been a rather bad and disappointing week for me for a number of reasons:

1. My mum and I got into a fight near the beginning of the week
2. PMS
3. D being naive and not realising I was upset leading to a fight -.-
4. PMS
5. My boy telling me that he can not go out with me on our anniversary (1yr/13months to be exact) because he at first forgot then he realised he'll be "too tired" from a movie marathon the night before and then
6. PMS!
7. My boy telling me he can only spend an hour with me on Vday cuz he has work till 3 and a family gathering that he has to be home for at 5 with the only consolation that we will meet a day before anniversary.
8. The day before anniversary date is canceled as my dad informs me I need to work on that day. Luckily D says the movie marathon is also canceled so we could go out on our anniversary.
9. My boy asks me to meet at 1-2 ish. Asked why he says he has to cook for his parents first and then he wants to WOE (referring to a ragnarok event). I was... astounded he preferred to sit for an hour to do his ragnarok event that happened once every week instead of spend an extra hour with me since we hadn't seen each other for over a week...
10. My dad informs my brother he needs to go pre-uni because my dad believes the extra work is good for him because he is "smarter than your big sister when she was your age". Damn self esteem cut just when I was getting over PMS!
11. I ask the boy to go out on Friday before Vday to test if he'll choose me over his friends as I was aware he had a friends reunion thing going on that day that he hadn't told me about yet. To my dismay he asked me to go WITH him and would NOT ditch his friends for me -.-

Although most of my week was spent miserably I am glad to say it all turned out for the best:
- I did end up going out on our anniversary and spent a full day with my bf =)
- We managed to push the time boundary and spent 3hrs together on Vday!!

Here are some Photos =)

Anniversary on Thursday

Went to the city. Originally i wanted to have this korean chicken soup thing but D seemed intent on going to have Japanese Pizza...

We wandered around townhall as we made our way to Chinatown area while looking at shoe stores (for him) and electronic stores for laptops (for me)

We couldn't find the Japanese Pizza place so settled on Ajisen Ramen instead. That place always has nice food although some stuff at slightly inflated prices.

Had some fried squid balls =) They were yummy! but over a dollar each -.-

D's curry that was really good but only 4 peices of chicken in which he gave me a lot of it =(

My yummy Unagi rice came in this nice box!

Yum Yum!

After our scrumptious meal where we talked about Jay Chou's possible toupee and Bunning's machinery we were lost on what to do next...

Wanting to go Blue Ice but still feeling quite full we walked around Market City at Paddys Markets looking at wigs, shiny things, wtf fetish costumes and trying to find these pair of shoes I wanted until we were mildly hungry.

At Blue Ice. I think that's hazelnut something.

Intent on a Chinese Checkers game where I am Green!!

Pepper sausages.

My yummy Taro hot milk tea. I come to this place only for this hot drink >.>

Muahaha! I win!

Afterwards we went to Darling Harbour and wandered around sitting on the steps chatting until the rain got too heavy.

He sang me a song =)

We walked to the wooden steps just at the water's edge and sat there some more. I wanted ice cream but was too full -.- so instead we talked about random stuff until D put into my mouth that I was into lesbianism and wanted him to cross dress to satisfy my fantasies. wtf he put words in my mouth!

And we saw seagulls swimming! I don't know about you but I never see seagulls floating on the water! and then possible seagull sex >.>

Boy was thirsty so we went into Starbucks thinking it would be much warmer in there but to our surprise it was cold!! I was still feeling rather full so didnt get anything.

Lookie! He looks so glowy! XD

Then it was some more walking back to Central Station stopping at Chinese gardens which was closing so we just sat outside where the pond is. They have some MASSIVE fish. I tried to get D to use the hook at the end of his umbrella to scoop me one cuz I thought that's prob what many Asians would try to do.. catch the fish... I guess they didn't have much luck cuz there were still plenty there!

Lol. Kid at heart =)

I saw a pigeon sleep on a tree! wtf does that even happen a lot? I thought pigeons only stood on the ground!

On the way back we passed entertainment centre and there were posters up. I saw one of Chris Isaac's poster's for his old concert and sorta... ran my finger down the poster with his face on it.... . He is hot for an old guy okay! The boy could not stop teasing me about it for ages -.- calling me perverted and asking whether I always do this to posters!

So that pretty much concludes the whole day. I had plenty of fun although very very tired and my feet were sore from walking around -.-.

Saturday Valentines Day

Was quite cold today so I can finally start wearing jackets!! Yay! Was making some food before I went out and thinking I was late as I always am with the bus I ended up being 7minutes early!

Was checking if my double eyelid tape was still on but didn't bring a mirror so used camera... Led to taking pictures in the rain at the bus stop XD

Pretty blazer with my pink spider brooch!

Argh you can't see it here but i had on this really light pink top with flowers and stuff really girly. Cuz you know Vday and I didn't have anything red I wanted to wear so decked out in pink. Even pink underwear XD

Weee I thought this picture makes my face look long and thin and pointier chin so prettier!!

I was slightly late for our date cuz of traffic jam but I turned up okay =)

At the food court I gave him this!

Yes looks sorta demented.... but it's actually some prawn balls filled with cheese. These took me like 2-3hrs to make in total cuz I had to use a cleaver and using the side, smash it until the prawns were a paste. Too much work T_T PS. they're suppose to be heart shaped! The ones on the right are ones I made at home that arent heart shaped.

He gobbled up all the little hearts =)

See filled with cheese!!

After finishing his meal he presented me with this:

omg! The ribbon has words on it that say: On a starry night, among all the jewels, you shine more bright my precious girl" But he goes he saw words but never bothered to read them so he had no idea what it said -.-

And inside....

It's a silver Pandora necklace with a 14K gold drop and 3 smoked quartz! Pretty??

Okay my dimly lit room photography does it no justice! Here's a link to the necklace on the Pandora site:


Okay so it isn't something I would normally pick out for myself but after wearing it I'm growing very fond of it =) He picked it out all by himself without any sales assistant help which he seems very proud of -.-

Afterwards we wandered stores looking for these sport shoes he wanted and then book stores until minglez and Steven showed up. We looked at a few books including a "dirty party games" book.

So Kebu now we know a game that we can use your "birthday present" for.....

It was practically time for the boy to leave but he said he'll stay a bit longer since his mum said get home at around 5-6 ish, he decided he'll catch the 6pm bus.

We all went up to easyway where we sat and drank and chat some more before it was time to go. Miiven went to have dinner while the 2 of us went to the bus stop and each went our separate ways.

Oh I did get the boy a present besides prawn balls okay! I went searching for hours in one of those 40 degree heat temperatures for his favourite gundam =) To my luck I did end up finding it at the LAST store I searched. He says he likes it and wants to build it straight away!

Ugly photo... but whatever I realised last minute we didn't have one -.-.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Hope you felt some sort of love today =)

Lots of Love,