What the hell is a flying green song-rabbit?!

Grongbit (GReen sONG rabBIT) is the result of our nicknames combined. "Our" meaning the three founding authors. The flying comes from our guest-turned-permanent blogger, Butterfly Coffin.

And yes, rabbits can too fly, sing and be green.

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About Rabbit: Kebu

Profile Page

Lacking direction in his life, Kebu decided to undertake Liberal Studies at the University of Sydney as an excuse to claim Youth Allowance. Little did he know, his household income exceeded the threshold that would provide him with a decent fortnightly source of money so that he may acquire such basic essentials as food, transport and pornography*.

Dismayed, Kebu now seeks solace in his studies in philosophy, so that he may think about where he is heading in life, and psychology, so that he may treat the resulting depression.

Kebu also studies Chinese as part of his Liberal Studies requirement of five semesters of one language, and so that he may follow in the footsteps of Kevin Rudd and marry an overweight, but very wealthy, psychologist.

*(This was intended to be an attempt at humour. Kebu is fully aware of the nature of adult entertainment on the internet and would not pay for something that he can get for free.)