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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the Tacky

Listening to: Take Me Away - Lindsay Lohan
Reading: Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Wearing: White button-up blouse/denim jacket/black A-line skirt/crisscross stockings/silver black flats/silver headband for the bad hair today.
Current obsession: Camwhoring.

Just another Thursday shopping spree. Kebu keeps getting free Easyway from Maria everytime we drop by. Have you no shame Kebu?

My course is sucky now. I resort to retail therapy to soothe me.

Still a cheapskate shopper. Beautiful dark red tank, 3/4 sleeve white, 2 red tartan dresses that I will cut up to substitute for the $75 Paddy one I wanted T_T Oh and an office blouse. I cbf with pictures.

We've all been on the Millennium trains many times, but have you guys ever been on the Countrylink Millennium?! It smells like new cars :D

I swallowed my pride in the most painful way.

We're no closer to a solution.

As if we ever were.

Stop deluding yourself with denial.

If M and Darren didn't have help, they would end up like us.

We're just everything gone wrong, then taken to the next level of one other fucked up relationship.

And I thought T was bad enough.

I need to get new bras. Again. I'm not getting support and I'm beginning to sag since I'm 'losing' weight. To the girls who envy my assets; AT LEAST YOURS WON'T SAG. I'm so disheartened.

Countdown begins: 5 days.

Couldn't breathe couldn't breathe.
Clenching lungs, or was it heart?

No matter.

Headache from lack of oxygen as logical reasoning.
What logic is derived from faintheadedness?
Bear it, bitch.

Still not gutsy enough to loosely use such a word.

No matter no matter.

This is fucked up.

This is appropriate. He's going in a few days, so it's pretty much now or never isn't it? It's bad timing, but very appropriate. I'll have to get it out eventually, and that day arrived. Rituals were becoming repetitive to the point of uselessness. I have no need for idle talk, only M can entertain me with that.

But I felt no need to be released, just assured.

For once in a long time I wanted to be left alone. I'm back to my old ways of harsh tempers, abrupt replies and distancing. Don't call me, if I can't even do it online I'll have no words to say. I must not lose my sense at such a dire situation.

Why didn't I just take the easy way out and end it? It would do me good to move on. I can find another boy to have Eurasian babies with.

Damn Irishmen.

He drinks too much, parties, play games in his free time like a geek and bitches about everything annoying.

I'm allergic to alcohol and stopped gaming. The only thing I ever bitch about is either Porkie or him.

Match made in bloody fucking heaven.

We don't even have much in common! He admires my smarts and I like his arrogance. He's moved out, independent and has a job. I live with mother and father, leech off their goodwill and go to school. They even pay for my uni fees despite my trust fund <- Hermes Kelly right there.

Your typical good girl/bad boy? Almost. This is reality folks, where love is conditional and puppy dogs are euthanised. And he loves his mother even though he can't stand her.

What *bang*

Is *bang*

Wrong *bang*

With *bang*

Me *bang*

Puppies are so kawaii! >_>

Head hurts. Shall read Jane.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daylight Trance

Listening to: You Were There - Steven Geraghty
Reading: Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Current obsession: Build-A-Bear and the colour purple

Vvn you still have one of my Jane Austen books. I'd like to have that back please.

Yesterday was the first day of uni. It was better than expected because it was only one lecture and it was Introduction to Journalism; mucho fun! Very exciting and I'm sure I'd be rather proficient, but I am still intent on not doing it. For now.

So tempting...

Today was unfortunately a great disappointment. PR was a total bore and Design Thinking was just dull to no end, including my tutor who is an old man. I wanted the fashionable office lady unit coordinator! D<

Timetable was screwy, so I have a 2hr gap between lectures but that's alright. Turns out all my uni friends do too as neither of them could get into the tutes. We sat in the sun soaking up heat and chatting, laughing and telling each other stories from our past. We have some really bad kids here; one used to be bullied, one was a bully and I was a bullied turned bully! Woah mouthful. And they said I was thin already and didn't need to lose weight like them T_T How can?!

Oops, Hui Wen moment there. I need to stop reading her blog or else my grammar will go straight to the gutter.

Sad stories were also exchanged, such as the death of Emilia's father's best friend during a family BBQ. She watched him have a heart attack and fall into the river.

And Marianne used to bully all the nerds before she became Christian, and went to rectify her 'sins' by apologising to everyone she made fun of.

Audrey was offered a modeling career, before the creep asked her if she would do nude.


We talked about random things such as cooking, and how both E and M love to cook and A loves to eat! We formed a baking day o_O Every Wednesday we'll cook something to bring to uni and have a feast. Sounds good eh?! How come I'm so lucky to have such sweet friends? After that was establish Marianne wanted to walk because her legs were going numb, and we decided to go down to "the pond".

It's literally a plot of water in the middle of campus. The institution is awfully tiny, but with massive grounds that make no sense and are a waste of space (although is beautiful and serene, we're near the Blue Mountains for god's sake). Ducks and small swallow-like birds (most probably willy wagtails) were swimming and swooping around the water surface, it was quiet and wonderfully peaceful. I really do enjoy my uni at times like these. Early Summer mornings with coffee at the Rdels Cafe or The Cottage = bliss. Seriously.

I felt so content.

The weather was clear, but the day was cold. The sun was warming our backs while the view ahead was picturesque. Marianne picked yellow flowers for each of us - she's so cute. It's squished in my bag hehe...

After the lecture we rocked up to the Library to just hang out, but I wanted to finish writing down my notes like a good girl :) I went upstairs to find E and A afterwards and they were looking at E's personal recipe database.

300 BBQ recipes
KFC secret recipes
250 salad and pasta recipes

There was just too many and I was there going wtf, they've been drooling voer recipes for the past 45mins?

I got hungry T_T

I was craving spaghetti with rich bolognaise and grated parmesan T_T

And lime marinated pork chops T_____________________________________T

Grr I'll never lose weight at this rate. Marianne lost so much weight by dieting she had to use a safety pin to tighten her jeans O_O Crazy girl, she's still so cute.

Oh and she's turning 21 in a month. She looks like one of us.

It was a very enjoyable day.

It was nostalgic.

Watch this space for pictures in the future.

I was a child.
A lonely child.
And then I made friends.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Butterfly Shops Too!

Greetings my avid readers, for once you shall see me blog not about drawing, not about Kaito-nii, but about what I've bought during these holidays!
Yes yes, I buy things as well, I just don't, like, post it up like the other two over there.

But hey, since it sounds fun, why not a first for everything?

First things first, let us start with something fairly normal, a random blouse:

Yes, it's just a blouse with a neckline lower than I'm personally comfortable with. Moving on, we have something that I thought I'd never ever buy: a pair of...flats?!

Whoa! I never saw that coming! Why did I buy them? You may ask. The answer is simple, they fitted me. Huh?! Shoes...that fit me?! Im-pos-si-ble! You know how small my feet are? And narrow? Sometimes size 5 shoes don't even fit! Well, it was too miraculous a miracle to pass up, and they weren't exactly expensive, so here they are~~
Next up! We go for something less normal. Something you'd expect me to buy, or at least, that I'd expect myself to buy:

Ta-da! Isn't it cute? That sleeve is made completely of lace, and yes, Ichigo is there in the background =)
And now for its partner:

Adorable, wouldn't you agree? I have yet to test its puff up against the wind, but at its length I think it'd be safe to say I won't be wearing it alone anyway.
On that note, let us move on to something very similar...

Whoo! I can't decide which goes with the shirt better! That's punk lolita for you huh? Lace, chains and skulls, such a wonderful combination~

Now...before we move on to the next item, I would like to note that everything I've shown up until now has been relatively cheap. Just random things I've picked up here and there, nothing over $40 I think it's safe to say. (Actually, guess which of the above is $40 -___-)
However, once in a while, I like to visit a special shop, for a few special items that are sold at a greater price.
But why oh why do I splurge there, despite finding perfectly cute items in other stores? Because of the sheer variety of course! I can find exactly what I'm looking for. And that's exactly what I found.
First things first, let us attempt the whole "suspense thing" the other two have been practising.

Da-da-da-dum! Yes, I just had to get Ichigo's bunny in there. Cute felt bag isn't it? My my Shibuya, you get fancier and fancier every time I visit you.
Let's tell a story about my Shibuya bags. I have at least 6 sitting in the corner of my room, six thick and sturdy black paper bags with the Shibuya logo clearly on the front. That, by no means, means I've only visited the store 6 times. You see, mum likes to take these paper bags, and I never see them again.
Now that they've changed their bags to become even more useful, I joked to the store assistant that maybe my mum would take this bag out to shopping, where I'll never see it again...again.
The shop assistant laughed, and pointed to a set of similar looking bags at a larger size. Apparently they sell for $3 each, cute.
Later, I saw two males, dressed in regular Honky clothing...each with a large Shibuya bag they flaunted proudly.
What's with people these days anyway? So there's this horrible overrated and overpriced store in the city called Harajuku. They have regular looking bags with the words "Harajuku Sydney" on it, and suddenly everyone is running around with those bags. People who obviously can't afford to shop at Harjuku Sydney.
Why are we so obsessed with expensive brand names, even if they're tiny and unknown to most? Must we really pretend to be loaded with cash? Who are we kidding? Ourselves or those around us? I seriously can't care less who knows what brands I buy. These are things I'll never understand...

Enough depressing talk! You're probably nigh distracted by now already =) Goodie.

Ta da! What were you expecting? A lolita dress? Something special? Oh no no, I've been looking for a simple and sweet long sleeve lolita blouse for a long long time. But it's Shibuya, it's got to have dear little details.

Like the lace piano-key jabot, my my, I need to iron my things before I show them to public.
Oh and the fancy lace sleeve, I haven't seen something so cute for ages!

But wait! There's something even more special about this blouse that makes it expensive (not like it wasn't already) What is it?
Ah ha!

I'm not telling.

If you want to find out...go to SMASH next week!
See you there =)

Now...time to display someone even more expensive (but not by much) than my dear blouse.

Aww awww, isn't he precious? I bought a little phone strap for him for $4, what a rip-off, but it suited him too well to pass up.
Ah yes, did I mention? This is Virgil. Yes~~ I named the DS you guys gave me.

Oh and I made this for Virgil myself...with blood sweat and tears!

An R4DS skin! I sliced up an old picture (literally) and pulled this together. See how the top and bottom screens match? Yeah well that took around 10 tries to perfect! I was honestly going to give it up -o-; But for Virgil, I didn't ^^
The cute character in the skin is not Virgil. Virgil is red, and he's not 'normal looking' like that guy. (Don't get me wrong, that guy's cute too =D)

Guess who, eh?

Yup yup, Virgil has already been graced with his own persona~ Personality has still yet to show through properly, but it will eventually, as with all electronics =) Currently he's looking rather...ninjah!
The Hello Kitty phone strap really adds to his manliness...uh huh...

UPDATE: Virgil's back...nevermind the transparent shirt/coat thing kay? That's just there to show a few details...

Oh yeah, one futuristic fighter pilot coming right up!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Catchup: Part 1

HULLO AGAIN! Yes, I know that it's been a while, and that most of you have not read any of my posts, but I am back at last.

Miss X: Oh Kebu! 'Tis a great pleasure to have you grace us with your pleasure.

Kebu: Not at all, not at all.


Ah, fun fun.

Now, we must all make up for lost time, so I'll make it short.

Topic Number 1: Pilgrims
DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THEM?! The ones I've seen have been pretty damn well hot. There's something about young, virile, six foot tall, blond haired, blue eyed pilgrims with perfect white teeth. So what if I only noticed about five or six of them? They were a pretty hot half dozen guys. Too bad they weren't too bright.

A group of Norwegian pilgrims came into our store because it was before the official celebrations, so they weren't allowed to leave the suburb they were stationed in. One of the guys came up to me at the counter.

Norwegian guy: -points to Oakley cabinet- So you only have that snow goggle left?
Kebu: Yeah, that's the last one; we've sold the other ones.
Norwegian guy: People buy snow goggles here?
Kebu: Well it is winter...
Norwegian guy: So you only ski in winter here?
Kebu: Yes...
Norwegian guy: -holds up WYD ID tag ranging from his red lanyard- We're from Norway. In Norway, everybody has these goggles.
Kebu: -thinks- "Okay, you may be boring, but at least you're cute."

I wonder about those pilgrims... Are they really as innocent and immaculate as they claim to be? Is there some sort of secret, sinful pleasures they indulge in? Gawd, like gluttony... Buffets are awesome... -drools on keyboard-

AND SEXPO! Why do THEY get half price entry?! I probably need more help in that area... Dx

I'm afraid I must leave it like that because I'm finally beginning to feel the effects of last nights drinks.




Friday, July 25, 2008

Tough Times

Listening to: Stratosphere - t.Komine and Orange feat. Miku
Reading: Emma - Jane Austen
Current obsession: Bags.

I've been up 26hrs. Or something. I can't count right now. I just have a few things to say before I head off to bed.

Was walking behind this office lady wearing really high heels at Wynyard station. She was wearing a knee length pencil skirt, but the slit at the back was practically all the way up to her privates, on the verge of displaying them to the whole world. Imagine, I was walking behind her on the stairs. I was scoffing at the absurdity of such clothing when some man comes up from behind and puts his arm around the lady and hits on her.

I can't hear what he says, but then she turns around and unabashedly says "I'm sorry I already have a boyfriend, but thankyou so much for the offer." in which the man then replies "No worries, blah blah insert farewell here." and walks off.


And I think to myself:

"Where can I get one of them skirts?"


Sorry, couldn't resist.

I'm tired, but on a different but not so different note, he is leaving on the 4th for good. I'm shocked, because I never expected it to be so soon. I thought it would be at least a few months; relocating is not a light issue at all. But lo and behold, he's going in just over a week and I still haven't said anything.

I'm so chicken shit.

I'm the only other person besides his family (who obviously have to be told) and his roommates (who also have to be told) who knows he is leaving. I feel rather honoured.

Then again, he's a dumbass and totally not worth my time.

I don't know how I should feel. I feel sad, but not sad enough. I'm going to miss him.


I don't know.

I said three words.
You said you know.
But I don't think you really do.

Tough times. Back to uni next week, and begin life as an adult. Jin has already made the plunge, and I should too.

Next to blog about when I'm bothered, proof that I am just as insane as B and a big (hopefully) surprise for everyone.

I can't believe my god-uncle's sister's English name is Alison!

And I can't believe I only got credits for first semester! SO disappointed.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hoe of the Camera a.k.a. Camera Whore

Listening to: Ai Qing Xuan Ya/Love's Cliff - Jay Chou
Reading: Emma - Jane Austen
Current obsession: Kitty cuddles.

I'm sitting in my room, freezing my arse off in this unholy weather whilst wearing thin jammies. Smart. Anyway, I finally remembered a faster way to get photos from my trusty black Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX33 to the computer (which by the way, is still dead and I don't know why I am still using it); shove it in the tower jack.

Yeah Emille's tower has a port for SD cards of all sizes. Pretty nifty.


Snow in my hair at Thredbo.

Vvn likes to waste food. Tsk tsk. We all went to Star City buffet for Butterfly's 19th, after many indecisive and full sushi bars, and a bloody long walk in my Kasui shoes. I'm going to bring my flats with me everywhere from now on. I've had to deal with too many blisters and painful memories!! *cries*

Other than the wardrobe malfunction, the buffet was delightful. I think I was persuaded over with the presence of curry, which I had been craving for a few weeks now. It's a shame M may have gotten food poisoning and we were forced to skip The Red Tree concert. Don't berate yourself over it dear, how can we let you go when you fainted and fell on us?

Alright, here's the watermelon the three girls on our table each took a bite out of. Not to mention to black forest that Vvn chopped into inedible and rather gross pieces.

One thing to say: -__________________________-

Evidence of a camwhore. This just happened to be the only decent picture on buffet night that I passed.

This was just too funny to pass up! xD I'm envious of Vvn's large eyes.

Er, yes. Belated photo of one of our Max Brenner Thursdays. If I remember correctly, it was the all chocolates night - dark, milk and white, but with Minglez instead of Kebu. DOes anyone feel like cheese fondue, because I do. Right about now.

Time for bed. I can't figure out what's wrong with the scripts and I can't even comprehend them. Le sigh. I think I shall take pictures of my outfits that I'm proud of, just to fill up blog space. But we all know how that plan will end up here and here.

I'm running out of things to say. I got fatter last week from overeating; 2 all-you-can-eat buffets and countless midnight "snacks"*, and we didn't even go to the gym all week! I was so proud of myself today for dragging my fat butt to Goodlife and working out a bit. Poor M, wish you could have joined us.

I just remembered that we're going to watch The Dark Knight, then pizza at Albert's today. Crap, pizza = carbs and fat and gross stuff.

I NEED TO GO ON A DIET! Gym doesn't solve ALL the problems!

* more like midnight MEALS -_-



It is now impossible to view Grongbit on IE. Someone *cough* needs to fiddle around and undo whatever problem it is. I believe it's something to do with scripting.



Friday, July 18, 2008

Worst Birthday Ever

There is something hideously wrong with spending the better half of your birthday on a hospital bed.

God hates me. So much.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Being A Blogger

Listening to: Nothing.
Watching: Avatar.

Current obsession: Nappa leather. Mmm Miu Miu... *drool*

Sick as vomit on new shoes lately. Last week I was coughing heaps, and I'd wake up with a raspy voice worse than Scarlett Johansson on a bad day and spewing out yellow-green phlegm. Descriptive, eh? I'm getting better now - light yellow. Eclipse has become my substitute cough lolly because, well, I'm too cheap to buy cough lollies.

Enough of that. Neither M or I have blogged about us joining Goodlife hours before the ski trip commenced. We, along with Josh have been going for over a week now and are thoroughly enjoying it. It's making a dent on my debit card; I'll let you judge how happy I am about that. Nevertheless, going to the gym is now fun when you're doing it with friends! I even convinced Porkie to join, which he did today! I can't wait to weigh and measure myself several months from now. Good thing I have them recorded on Grongbit. We are all on this for an entire year.

M and I read other people's blogs as a daily ritual. Of course, the most famous is The Blogging Queen but it's not like she updates every few hours a day. I have been doing this for months now, and realising that all of them opt to entertain and maintain their readership. They are ultimately writing to impress and waste the time of readers such as I who have nothing better to do. I've always wanted a broad readership :) However, I'm a rather private yet public person (wtf?) and I prefer to NOT have my life in full display to total strangers.

Actually that doesn't sound too bad!

As a result, I think I should blog more professionally (I mean, how professional can you get being a blogger?). With all due respect to Dawn Yang, writing style is more important than anything, and I can vouch for that as the main reason for Xx's fame.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm not even considering blogging as a career, why do I need to care?

I'm currently enthralled by designer bags. My dear LV has paved the way to future bankruptcy. Someone once said bags were a good investment... *shifty eyes*.

Things I currently want and crave for:

It is blasphemous for me to say it, but I DO NOT LIKE THE HERMES BIRKIN. I DO like the Hermes Kelly though, in black leather, preferably unpatented. I hate patent leather and vinyl, anything shiny and plastic-y.

Classic shape and colour. Love. But totally hate the price so I won't even bother considering it.

Miu Miu Nappa Soft tote and Nappa Frame Crossbody tote. Again, simple and classic colours but this time much more affordable and made for luxurious nappa leather. Apparently the leather is beautifully soft, supple and melts in your hands. Isn't that just gorgeous imagery already?! Revel in these babies!

I'll stop the overwhelming shallow obsessing for now. I'm content with my Lilas, but you can sure have too many handbags and my wardrobe right now is packing up fast! I need to dispose of some tacky old bags and update with the new.

I'm also broke, and in need of a thick, plush black coat/trench for Winter because I'm freezing here. Thank god it's been warmer these past few days. Remind me to shop at yesstyle.com later, too xD

It's almost 4am. I'm so screwed for tomorrow, I have so many chores to deal with. My kit has an overdue-by-3-months appointment with Ross, the vet. She's not even a kitten anymore, but I still treat her like a baby. Pity my future children, friends. This week is hectic with Reila's party, Coron's birthday, Red Tree concert (YAY) and paintball to organise. Ugh.

Oh and my computer is dying. Bravo. The perfect cherry to top the sundae. Not to mention I can't use Grongbit on IE and is forced to browse via Firefox. I keep getting an abort message, so can B fix this somehow, like meddle with the layout a bit? I don't know why it keeps aborting.

Don't you love how my mind just wanders around and I just blab it all out here? There is absolutely no structure to my posts. How whimsical, arbitrary and capricious. How tangential, mercurial and transient? What am I, a thesaurus?

Poverty and I don't agree.

Oh and get used to this style of writing.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love =)

Saturday was a big day. I stayed up till 12:30 making cookies T_T Didn't even want to get up next morning.... but it was me and my bf's 6th month anniversary =)

Morning started off badly.. Couldn't get up when the alarm rang... mum made me eat breakfast thereby missing the train.. I was late by a whooping 20minutes... -.-

Him: Lets go paddington.

First thought: omg Brooch! (which btw i am semi over maybe cuz i didn't take a pretty picture to remind myself how beautiful it is XD)

So we went to the bus stop and waited for the bus which was when he took out a piece of paper. At first he wouldn't read it and I took a few minutes trying to get the paper off him but he read it to me in the end =) No you guys don't get to see it =P No it ain't mushy. No it wasn't "I love you blah blah blah" shit. Just personal. It all started when we were watching wedding crashers and that guy said the lines: love is your soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another.

The convo as follows:
Me: awwww
Him: you'll fall for that??

Me: why not?? what you never say anything like that for me!
Him: *says some romantic line
Me: How unoriginal

Him: WHAT???

Me: Come on I've heard that line before...

Him: I'm cut T_T

Me: Come up with something less cheesy and original.

Him: fine.. I'll come up with something

We went Oxford street and went to the old bar/vintage markets. and guess what??? THE LADY LIED!!! SHE WASN'T THERE!!! NO BROOCH =(

So D goes I can just find something I like and he'll buy it for me. But I feel uncomfortable doing that T_T So we walked outside and convo goes as follows....

Me: So what's next?
Him: well I kinda had planned the store to be there...
Me:....... yeh.... but it's not.... backup plan?
Him: um.. sorta.....
Me: okay.. so what are we doing after? You do have a plan right......
Him: yes.... we buy something else for you.....
Me: what if your plan didn't backfire and we found the brooch.. did you have anything planned after that.....
Him: no.... not really only planned up to that point....

OMG I can't believe he only planned up to that T_T I was in awe T_T

But later on he gave me this =) This was his backup plan XD

He made it all by himself! I pinned it on =) It was a bit floppy but I can't believe he made it XD

Anyway so we wandered around and walked up Oxford street to the markets to find something I like. But I didn't want him just buying whatever I picked. To me that's pretty... what's the word? Defies the purpose of gift buying... -.- So I told him to pick something for me and I wasn't going to give him any clues. First item he liked was this Mod jewellery.. it was okish. A pendant, green with design on it. Not something I would pick personally but still nice.

The second thing he picked was quite nice. A hair comb/hair decoration thing. It had this jewel encrusted flower and black thingy. It looked wonderful but a bit big and too old looking to put in my hair. But still I actually liked it quite a bit!

Third thing he picked up was this beautiful brooch with a green and a red gem. Lady said it was from the 1950s. Even had matching earrings! It was alright looking but then the lady showed us something even more beautiful.....

Feast your eyes on this little gem:

It's this glorious little brooch from the 1950s as well. I love the little leaves! It's so beautiful! And so sparkly! While sitting in the bus it reflects all these colours from the crystals/glass (seems a bit uncrystal like to me for some reason =\) Blues, purples, pinks, yellows. I pinned it next to/on top of the pink flower and it looked lovely =) I didn't say anything while he considered buying it... It was like $75 or was it $79 so i didn't think he would get it but while i was standing there he actually bargained it to $70 >.> (I'd admit a bit weird.. I mean buying a gift for me and you're bargaining it in front of me T_T what too expensive to give to me huh? my first gift was more expensive and I didn't hesitate to buy it T_T ok ok so he has no real form of income -.-)

Anyway more close ups of the exquisite gem

Are you jealous yet Serena?? =P Isn't it so sparkly and pretty.

When sitting down to put on the brooch i gave him my cookies (which i still stand tastes AWFUL!!!) He tried one right away and liked it =) though I reckon it was out of politeness. Maybe everyone's deluded by my bad cooking that if they wished it did taste good hard enough the mind creates a better taste in the mouth....

So after he had no plan and said I had to come up with something T_T luckily I had half planned something in case he didn't have anything. But D suggested Capitol photos after so we went back to Central. I was pretty hungry and desperate for good food so before he could suggest anything I didn't like (eg fast food/food court food T_T) i saw On Ramen! New restaurant opposite Capitol.

I ate Unagi + rice. It was so yummy!! and the serving was quite generous. Bf had pork rice also nice but a bit too hard from overcooking maybe. Service was also quite good. I paid for lunch to make up for the crappy cookies =)

Then off to Capitol. Took some IMO really crappy photos cuz we're so NOOB. I can't customise photos nicely either T_T

Then it was back to my ideas since he had paddington market idea and capitol idea and i only had food idea.... so i suggested Biennale and off we went bussing it to circular quay. Went MCA. There were some really interesting art but we ran out of time place started to close after about half an hour -.- So we rushed through the rest. There was a room where there was hammocks lying around so we each got into one. Swaying back and forth while holding hands is so nice and romantic =)

But then the guys kicked us out cuz the museum was closing T_T.

We walked outside and it was already darkish (missed sunset T_T). And he said he'd told his mum he was going home for dinner. There I thought we'll stay out for dinner -.- Oh well.....

Sat outside the museum for a bit talking and stuff. It was quite cold but still nice. Yes S dearest i did answer his question =)

Overall a wonderful day, though I was disappointed at some moments, I was happy and enjoyed myself.

It feels so good to be falling in love <3 style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">



Saturday, July 12, 2008

Primary School Reunion

Primary reunion was.. fun? Well not really...

I was a bit late, saw people at the train station.. knew almost no one there since some left PS in earlier years before I arrived...

Went Kasumi Restaurant in Darling Harbour.

Food Pictures

Edamame. Didn't know how to eat these.... Then watched others eat it XD You suck out the peas inside. It's quite nice despite the appearance =\

Rare Beef.. that was eaten before I could take a picture -.- I was reluctant to try it but friends kept pushing me to try it... I tried it.. it was SOOOOO good!!!!!!! YUM YUM would definitely eat this again.

Salad... was really nice too surprisingly.. I ate the tomato and lettuce leaves and the seaweed was really nice. As you can see I didn't take photos till after....

Tofu. Really nice too! Photo doesn't do it justice... I ate a bit before I took it >.>

Here comes the raw stuff..... That's tuna in the corner.. friend said it was really good, sweet. I made myself try a bit of everything because I didn't want to be eating those little cucumber sushi for the rest of the night... First tried the tuna.. tasted.. slippery.. dunno about sweetness.. did not like it >< hey I was being totally open minded too since the rare beef was really good I was having high hopes!!

Next comes the salmon. I'd admit this tasted slightly better than the tuna though no one else agrees with me -.- prob cuz the taste of salmon was more familiar to me though I've never eaten raw ones.. still don't like it/appreciate it ....

This plate looked beautifully stunning.... I even started to like the fresh pink flesh... For this plate I was to try the other type of tuna. See the one with the silvery skin? Yep. Friend, Helen recorded the whole event of me eating it cuz she said my reaction was so funny T_T She better not post it on Facebook..... Anyway maybe cuz this was the third one or something I could not take it.. it was so gross.... I almost puked T_T That's right good food goes to waste on me. I ate a cucumber sushi after that....

I sat on a nigelated table (will see pics later) where there was only 3 people. -.- So we actually didn't get some dishes and had to tell them. Saw this on other table, after the people on that table left. As you can see they didn't eat much (bunch of non Asians on that table I'm guessing they didn't enjoy themselves that much, esp. raw fish like that....) We didn't feel like any more raw food so didn't ask them to get this for us. Apparently it's tuna.

Noodles. Looks a bit plain but was quite nice funny thing is they put one bowl for us.. 3 people... O_O

There was green tea ice cream for dessert. We didn't get it either.. asked later on but I didn't eat much cuz I had to go bar with others.. took 2 small bites/licks and didn't get time to take photo. It was just a scoop anyway.

People on my table. Rosa and Helen. Saw them when I came in. Used to hang out with them more in PS, realised it was a bad idea after -.-. I didn't know some people on the other tables too well wanted to cling to Nelson since he was the only one I knew T_T but it'll seem weird being on a guys table... with no one else. Other girls table was a bit full but should have squished in... cuz I realised how fob these girls had become.. They sat there reading magazines in Chinese and watching DBSK concerts on their phones and practically ignored me T_T well I had more manners than that and didn't wanna be rude and move -.- But later on it got slightly better. We started talking more and I escaped for a bit to talk to some other people. But yeh people thought we weren't part of reunion cuz there was only 3 of us... >.>

Oh btw we were talking about reunion and Helen said the only person she really actually wanted to see at the reunion was me XD! I feel so honoured!

With Jennifer, she goes usyd. Saw her at usyd before and she didn't recognise me -.- saw her at reunion she recognised me XD

Nathan. He refused to take a photo with me before. He looks exactly the same as primary.. still acts the same too.

Me: you haven't changed
him: what still just as hot huh?
Me: sure...... >.>

Marilyn. she's so pretty now >< I used to be friends with this girl she was friends with. There was this massive falling out/fight too -.- in the end I think I just left the more popular group and hung out more with other girls (the ones on my table) She's doing management, party management or something now? =\

With Nelson. He was so stressed on the night.. cuz no separate billing so he was collecting debts and apparently lost $40 ish. And wandered around tables so much making sure everyone was happy.

We walked along Darling Harbour all the way until the end to some bar... there was one girl who was underaged but it was dark and all Asians look alike so she got in XD Except when we got in we couldn't find a table to accommodate 20+ people.... So we went out.. the girl who got in with someone else's ID was like "BUT!! this is the first bar I've been to! I even got in with my fake ID! I must get a drink!!"

Sadly we didn't and we'd booked Greenbox for 11 and it was only 9:30ish at that time. We called up but the place was full and couldn't accommodate all of us -.-

And there continues the aimless wandering around city looking for a karaoke/bar place... as we went on we lost more and more people so that by the time it was almost 11 there was about 12 people left... Rang mum and for some reason she was really nice O_O She said since I hadn't gone karaoke.... or bar I could go if I wanted but it was late, by the time I'm done there might not be any more trains left etc etc. I was dying anyway having walked around city for an hour + and getting frustrated.. plus feeling left out just a bit >.> Since the 2 girls on my table didn't go. And I was feeling sick... so i went home.

No bar, no karaoke, barely any food...

BUT Good thing is practically no one recognised me =\ I think some forgot my existence >.> but yeh a lot of people didn't recognise me. They said they don't know how but prob the STRAIGHT hair.



Enough With the Emo Shizzle

Listening to: MSN tones.
Reading: Nothing, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Current obsession: Antique brooches and tartan skirts.

I'm over the sadness, for now. This is a blog to release deep dark secrets, and also a semi-public domain to entertain. I have avid readers that I must cater to. Remember, this place is all things superficial and all things emotional and dramatic. I'm seriously tarnishing my online image through my dumb arse posts, but I'd rather not talk about mundane things or philosophy. I've had enough of that in my pre-pubescent years.

I'm rather happy to the point of being drugged. Ok I phrased that weird. I'm so happy, my consciousness doesn't believe it's true and is in current denial.

Yes, that sounds good.

Just to tease everyone a little bit, here is a small preview of my day and the reason for my elatedness:

More on this mysterious clue later.

After work, I had some mother to daughter time. I took Mother to Paddington markets to browse and show her the $75 rip off red tartan skirt I've been lemming for a whole week. In the end, even though M and Reila both agreed it wasn't worth it, my mother's word broke the evil clutches of the Tennant skirt. But I brought the cream shoes at Kasui that M nodded at!

See how nice it is? Indeed, I am aware that I currently have 3 similar styled shoes, all in different colours. For reference, they are pink with bronze veining and bow, brown suede and leathery material, and now cream with gold veining and buckle.

Mother and I had a nice chat on the bus back to St. James to go to David Jones. I wanted to show her Chloe and the Juicy Couture bag I thought was nice. She thought it was drab; too many charm things. There was only 2! $495 or some other obscure price. Ended up getting O.P.I nail polish in Yoga-ta Get This Blue <- get it?! I just love the names of the colours - they can be really funny. I am definitely going to get more OPI stuff, probably OPI Ink (purple in some lighting, blue in others) and The "It" Color (bright, vivid canary yellow). It took awhile to decide, but I settled after some decisions made my Mother dearest. $19 for nail polish, poo.

Walked past Aesop and I opened my big mouth and told Mother that Freya's first shampoo with the breeder was by that brand. For those of you who don't know, Aesop sells expensive body and hair care products. They are predominantly for human use, but made an Aesop Animal for people (like us) who splurge on their mini-babies. My Mother spoils my cat more than I do. She wanted to buy the $32 shampoo, and SHE was the one who was looking for cat clothing at the markets (they only sell dog unfortunately).

After that we browsed DJ basement where they sold food. Caviar, $650 for a 50ml tin.

Holy. Fuck.

Was going to get the $40 salmon caviar, but nah, next time. I couldn't find black truffles or black truffle pasta so I didn't get that. Mother wanted to buy wagyu beef steaks. Back on xanga, B had a post on wagyu and how luxurious it was, and I had told my parents to get some but noooo they won't listen to me. They only listen to the recommendations of family friends, and not family member's friends. (Confused?) The steaks there were $120/kg, and it was definitely not fresh - ugly brownish colour. We passed. Sorely tempting.

Next stop: I shall unveil my grand finale here.

I can't believe I had dandruff in my hair as I walked into that store.

It was...an anxiety-ridden experience. I was so self-conscious. I didn't belong in here! There were so many Asians around, and there were 3 sales assistants who spoke Cantonese to customers.

Is anyone interested, or are you guys all bored with my dragging out of this event as long and suspenseful as possible? Look at this bag:

What's inside said brown unnecessarily huge bag? Lol at my pikachu in the background.

For some reason, I'm actually not really as excited as I thought I would be. I don't know, but after looking at it, it just looks like an ordinary thing. Either the novelty already ran cold, or it still hasn't sunk in yet. But oh my, such nice packaging. The bag was massive, the box, LOOK AT THE BOX!

Isn't this thing just, over exaggerated, just a teeny bit?

Lets open it.

Tada! Nothing to show yet.

I didn't realise there was so much to this packaging. Am I actually paying for this? I ripped that little tag in the middle of the paper, right there. I know, I'm so bad.

Voila! Plush bag cover case, and cat shot, because she's so special she has to witness the opening of...

The Louis Vuitton Tahitienne PM (small) in Lilas.

Yes, I realised that on my wishlist I've been craving the green one. I thought about it, and purple just seems a bit more versatile. Plus, I was wearing a lot of green clothes; I might have been seen as a freak to my SA Danny. He's a sweet guy. Soft spoken, cute, probably gay. LOL.

More pics of Lilas. Yes, it has a name now. How original.

It was all flat when I opened it. Had to poof it up to look like the shape it's supposed to be.

The white straps looked tacky, according to my mother, but Danny assured us it was leather. That inside pocket white part is also leather. I'm glad the bag - I mean, Lilas, has a phone compartment.

It isn't very fabulous, but it's lovely for my first brand purchase. I definitely do NOT want the abused monogram one. I'm just really attracted by the Tahitiennes. I don't know why! I know M doesn't think big of them, but I don't think big of the Hermes Birkin or the Chloe Paddington, so fair dinkum. I like it very much. It feels expensive x3

If anyone was wondering, Mother paid, but she's taking my tax returns so technically I paid for this. However, Father said he wasn't going to give me my tax returns anyway, so essentially it would have ended back in my parent's hands, so they actually paid for this. CONFUSED MUCH?! BECAUSE I SURE AM.

I don't even know who actually owns this bag, me or my parents!

Daddy doesn't know I got this, or how much it costs if he finds out :) Mother spoils me, truly. She said if I bought a bag today, she won't take me to Japan and Korea in December. I'm still going. 11 days.

Spoilt brat much? I still looked like shit today though.


Love, S.