What the hell is a flying green song-rabbit?!

Grongbit (GReen sONG rabBIT) is the result of our nicknames combined. "Our" meaning the three founding authors. The flying comes from our guest-turned-permanent blogger, Butterfly Coffin.

And yes, rabbits can too fly, sing and be green.

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About Green: Midori

Profile Page

One day she would like to travel across Europe and run through lavender fields. For now she is an infrequent recreational cyclist, bag and shoes obsessed, glasses wearing, loud B. Science (Nutrition) student at USyd.

Fleeting happiness is achieved from: stalking other blogs, wearing pretty lingerie, opening parcels, dressing up with pretty shoes, the occasional sweet treat and the smell of rain.

Would go further in life if she stopped making lists and acted on them instead, stopped stalking blogs, stopped going along with the flow of life and instead taking charge to make differences, made more connections (or according to my mother 'friends'), stopped being a dreamer and instead became a realist. This all seems to boil down to the laziness attribute which will be her demise.

Current goals include:
- reading some classic books (currently bought 3, read 1.2)
- not making as many typos
- taking studying more seriously to prepare for the competition that is honours!
- doing some work experience
- making new friends
- finding other goals in life besides things to do with my future career