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Friday, December 18, 2009

Updated Shopping List

Updated shopping list thus far:

  • 6 nail polishes
  • 2 face masques
  • 4 skirts
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 7 tops
  • 4 shoes
  • 2 boots
  • 2 beauty/makeup products
  • 6 bras
  • 5 pairs of undies
  • 1 set of pjs
  • 1 jacket/coat
  • 2 pairs of earrings

I believe I can stop shopping now. Well, maybe just a little more ;D


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Casino Theme Party

EDIT: With photos from Serena's camera!

So about 2 weeks ago (wow has it been that long?), a party was hosted at S's place. Casino themed as a combination of VVn and Serena's birthday (although being quite far apart).

So naturally I went as some call girl. wtf.

No I actually wanted to be a James Bond Girl and made a garter gun holster and everything and I planned to make this paper gun from a tutorial I thought I found online. Turned out the tutorial was not a tutorial just a demonstration of how to use the gun. In my mad rush I asked my bro for a toy gun, he found a shot gun.. too big...

(Pictures after the jump as this post is quite picture heavy)

So hooker it was.

Oh pretty heels... the height depicted here is in no way representative of how absofucking high these shoes are. But I loooove them so much! They stay next to me at my table not stored in the shoe cupboard lol.

Got to party a bit late due to last minute gift exchanging stuff >.> and alcohol buying etc but eventually got there!

Kebu going as King of Spades.

Blur Marweechi.

We played Mao some communist card game where I didn't lose luckily thanks to minglez's help and the boys talking too much and gaining an awful amount of cards lol.

Minglez and Steven dressed formally ish. Steven should tuck his shirt in!!

I think this photo is pretty =). My mum when she saw this photo was like "You look good in photos, I think better than real life. You look sweet and girly in photos then when people meet you in real life they get scared away by how loud and crazy you are" (WTF thanks mum -.-)

Minglez tries to kill me with Marweechi's sword!

I put on Kebu's hat here and didn't know what to pose as lol.

Didn't have the cotton balls that he breathed all over so used hair. I think this is a good look for me haha.

Everyone attacks minglez.

Everyone dressed for Casino and all except Marweechi being a ninja XD And someone attacking her...

Bartender (?) and hooker haha.

Wee I also like this photo, my hair is flying!

Boys sitting there talking about something I think it was iPhones...

VVn converting lol.

To being blonde! Lol looks so tranny like when it was more messy! She also put on the top we got her =) (I'm sorry vvn I think it's too low cut!)

*yes I finally bought a fedora hat like the one I'm wearing at the party which belonged to vvn

Cute couple alert! BTW anyone notice vvn and Ray smile similarly here!!

Freya so cute!!

WTF the things my friends do...

Freya the pirate. Miss her S ;)?

I can not remember what we were drinking here... And the cup I was holding wasn't even mine, I picked it up to pose with it. MOLE! haha

VVn looking formidable.

Kebu's first drink to drunkenness: White Russian.

The assortment of alcohol available and some wet p*ssys.

Look at the pretty layer!

Whole row of shots.

More camwhore. Kebu is so cute at the back XDD

More people trying to join!



Taking the shot...

Vvn in her nice fascinator =)

Josh getting ready to leave with his bike helmet!

More drunken Kebu.

Josh leaving so soon but get to see his new bike!

Kebu drunk haha and lying on couch. My coworker thought you were my bf cuz we were in "such an intimate pose" wtf??

Minglez wearing my heels and begin a perfect height for Steven.

Camwhoring outfit. The dress was from eBay.

Two birthday girls and one giant cupcake!

The girls (- a few)

Vvn using the wrong knife.

Cake is so pretty!!

Eating frozen something...

Mushroom house! Who too the cake home btw? Is it even finished...?

Kebu dead..

Another pic of Corwee! (Hadn't seen you in ages I think she's wearing my heels in this pic hence the towering look!)

More group photos. I officially need new glasses next year... they fall down my nose and cut off half my eyes in ALL these photos argh!!

Marweechi allowing her personal bubble to be popped for Kebu. Marweechi actually looks quite red here too...

Final picture of everyone chilling.

That's all I'm tired work tomorrow. This week will be hectic busy so I am not going to make promises about posts!