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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Girl About Town

Edit: Photos updated 5/10/08.

My computer is dead again, this time with a nv4_disp Blue Screen of Death error. I HATE BSOD!!!

So still no photos, but I'll update on my day out with la grandmother. I should spend more time with her. These past few years she's slowly deteriorating (talk about a bad word to use) into a stereotypical little old woman and it scares me sometimes at how feeble and delicate she's become. She used to be such a strong woman who went tai chi every morning at the park. She was in the local newspaper for it :D

And now she's growing old, getting thinner and going vegetarian and it's like wtf T_T

Enough about old age. I started the day waking up an hour late...

I had to help out with chores so we could leave. All the while she was yelling at me at how slow I was in hanging up the clothes T_T

I wanted to dres up and look nice to take lots of photos, but I think I ended up pairing some badly choiced shirts and ended up looking pregnant and fat. Yay.

So for the past few days I've been wanting to go back to the world famous dumpling place, and I finally got the chance to sit down and have a meal. We arrived at Din Tai Fung and got a table really fast! I was so shocked! I hear stories about how people have lined up for an hour to get a table and I didn't even finish deciding on what to eat and got a table! But we had to share it with other people, which was fine by us.

Din Tai Fung is one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, originating from Taiwan (with rumoured queues for up to 2 hours) and recently opening a branch in Sydney around May-June, I think.

Asian place deserves an Asian pose.

We sat down and the waiter (called Ming) quickly brought us some menus and what looked like dirty clothes basket.

"For your bags."

Ooohhhhhh. Okay it didn't register to me until awhile later that, gosh, this is good service! They even have baskets so you don't have to put your bag on the floor! This was a good thing too, since I brought Lilas out to town. Wouldn't want to keep her on the floor, would I?

Can you see her? :D

Can I just say how good the service was.

There are like a gazillion waiters and waitresses walking around, each assigned to their designated section so there's no running all over the restaurant. I know this because I peeked at the staff register xD

Oh and the reviews on SMH.com were right. Those skirts they are wearing are frightfully short. Josh would like that. All the girls wore miniskirts and waistcoats teehee.

Table 55, 1 of 2 o_O

There isn't a huge amount of things to eat, but a rather good variety. We opt for their famous xiao long bao, prawn and pork siu mai, a vegetable bun for the grandmother and vegetable and pork dumplings in tangy sauce.

My review?

Check out the steam!

Omg can that xiao long bao get any smaller?! But beside the disappointing size of them all (and at $8.80 for 6 to boot), they taste quite marvelous. The outside layer is smooth and soft, and the inside pork is finely minced. The soup is very aromatic, but also clear; neither too salty or not enough, but a good amount of taste. If you're rich, get a whole bunch because they go fast. So yummy ^o^

Anatomy of a xiao long bao. The meat minced finely and covered in hot soup.

As for the siu mai, I thought the prawn on top was a bit too dry. Normal siu mai's come with a nice amount of juice, but this didn't.

They are also very puny.

The dumplings were also surprising because I was expecting a light, lemony or so tang but instead got something chili. Since when did tangy = chili hot? It was alright, but I couldn't handle that amount of chili oil and left most of it. That's right folks, if even I can't handle it, it must really be hot. I don't recommend it with the sauce, but without would be nice.

Too hot to bear so I ordered a cold soy milk.

The vegetable bun.

Next time I'll try the Braised Beef in Noodle Soup. I heard it was really good. Altogether we ate $32 worth of dim sims - a pretty hefty price since we only had 4 dishes. Go for the experience, and the xiao long baos. And if nothing else, the service. As we were leaving all the waiters bowed and thanked us for coming, including the hostesses who turned around upon hearing their coworkers' farewell.

I am freely advertising the restaurant with you people because I believe we should know what places are fairly good and should try out at least once. Sharing is caring! We should come visit it sometime together.

You can see the people in the kitchen perfectly moulding, spreading, shaping and creating the dumplings! Each chef is wearing pure white clothes and aprons, and everyone has a face mask on. You can even see the little holes with strong steam streaming out and cooking the dumplings! Last time I came I saw them roll out the dough and cut them into perfectly sized bits, weighing some that didn't feel right to make sure the dumplings were all uniform! And one woman was sorting the prawns over and over again to match up the sizes!

"Waaahh such concentration. Look at them!"

Grandmother was impressed too.

Din Tai Fung
644 George St, World Square
Sydney, 2000

Opened for lunch 11am - 2:30pm.

Go in through the "Jin puked on World Square" entrance, through the walkway and up the stairs to your left when you reach the clearing. Alternatively you can walk pass Napoleon Perdis on George St and enter World Square there.

The day didn't end here however, because I had to pay a visit to Shu Shin Bou for mochi. It didn't take too long to find this time, since I knew approximately where it was, and when I found Regent's place Shopping Centre I was like "this is it?!?".

It was so inconspicuous!

Many people were like "something exists between Greater Union and KFC?" T_T. Well apparently, yes. That mass of construction walls have opened up. They are still in construction, but some stores have opened up.

After walking around a bit and getting mildly lost, we found the store *eyes gleam*.

It was cute.

There was mochi in all shapes and sizes, in huge varieties. It was so hard to decide and I kept walking around in circles oohing and aahing at everything with the salesgirl throwing me weird looks. I'm impressed okay T_T In the end I really couldn't decide so bought 9 truffle mochi, 4 persimmon mochi, 2 daifuku and 12 flavoured mochi.

Here is the list:

Green tea truffle green tea mochi
Chocolate truffle chocolate mochi
Mango daifuku
Green tea daifuku
Gift From God
Brown sugar mochi (assorted)
Green tea mochi (assorted)
Fruit and yoghurt mochi (assorted)

Inside the rather large bag...

Lies many boxes...

It came to a total of $63. For mochi. >_>;; Hmm, I believe I went a bit overboard.

I wanted to go to Cupcakes on Pitt as well, but since now I know they may be opening a branch at Parramatta, NAH. Granny and I went home afterward, but not before browsing the Asian supermarket next to Shu Shin Bou and getting this...

I bought Sparkling Elderflower Water. Like, wow. It tasted nice, and strange, but in a nice way. I had some interesting food today.

You'll find them all here:

Shu Shin Bou (and Maxim Supermarket)
501 George St, Regent's Place
Sydney, 2000

Next to Greater Union and KFC :) Go down the escalators before you and voila! I'll do further reviews once I finish off each and every one of the mochi, so you guys will know which to buy and which to steer clear of.

One thing though; self-made mame daifuku would probably taste better. It's not bad (my favourite is chocolate truffle mochi and Gift From God aka persimmon mochi) but I just think a lot of the yoghurt and cream in the daifuku and mochi was...overwhelmingy sickening =/

And I love cream... >_>

Oh dear, it sounds as though I'm a really picky person but I'm not really! I just love great food! The mochi is amazingly soft, squishy and to die for - just not the filling inside.

Either way, it was a fun day spending time with the grandmother, trying new foods.

.~ ***** ~.

Mr. N said he'll take me to Tetsuya's on my 21st, his treat!


And to make sure I take him because he has no idea how to find it.

Mind you, this was posted several days after all this happened last Thursday.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

BridgeRun + Spendings

So last week Sunday I went to run across the bridge! Went with Josh running 9km across the Harbour Bridge!!

Here are my results:
Place: 9270th
Gender Place: 5192th
Age Group Place (F16-19): 113th

Finished in: 1hr 17min 4 sec

Well okay so they don't sound so good! BUT there were 12397 people running and if you think that I beat 3000+ people XD

Josh arrived REALLY late. We started running 10min after everyone else but luckily they start counting time after we cross the start and finish so didn't matter what time we started. BUT the point being he left me there all alone for an hour waiting.... and waiting... made up for it with a sausage roll later though XD

There were these three Japanese girls wearing kimonos running! That's right Serena it can be done! They had on colourful sneakers under the kimono and had tiny obis so they could run.. sorta... 2 of the three girls had one sleeve off. One had her bra exposed for all to see and the other had a bikini on and they were running.. I beat them though XD !

Here's a normal looking picture of me running... i had some weird ones I'm not showing you >.>


While we wear heading home we saw a lady run with a twin pram and a little kid next to her. She was doing marathon (you can see from her bib) omg 42km!! WOW. I got beaten by a lot of little kids smaller than me in the run T_T and in the family run there were a lot of mums and dads pushing prams.

Just got home from shopping with mum. She wanted me to go shop with her to buy some shirts for my dad for his birthday. Went to David Jones and she bought a Ralph Lauren polo shirt $120 and then asked me to find another (what mum one expensive polo shirt isn't enough for dad? what about my birthday XD?) so I pointed her a cheaper RL polo at $70. And ka ching $190 gone.

Then she went Giordano and spent $70 buying workshirts for her and dad...

Then decided she'll be cheap on herself and dragged me to Valleygirl T_T

Later went shoe shopping and she bought herself a pair of really comfy but simple looking heels.

Actually most productive shopping day ever while shopping with mum -.-

I get home and dad's bought a new ping pong table....

WTF when'd my family become such sporadic big spenders??


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Upset T_T

Don't you just hate it when mangaka's die without finishing their manga, thereby influencing the ending decisions by animators and subsequent Asian dramas that ensue?

Sometimes it's a good thing.

Take It Started With a Kiss (Itazura na Kiss) for example.

I just finished it.

The tears I shed watching this damn good drama was comparible to 1 Litre of Tears.

For those of you who have watched the latter (Anna for example :)) will understand. I have a pile of tissues on my desk as I write.

We never really know what happens in the end, and I'm so not satisfied yet happy with the unfinished ending. The way they ended things with the wedding was excellent and had to be the best ending for any drama, ever. But God damn, while it was cute Season 2 was like...



I am sad. Hao ke lien ah! So not completely content with the whole last episode in general. Did the mangaka have to make it THIS dramatic?

I think M finished it, she knows what I'm so upset over. I cried and mourned so much, mainly due to the fantasy involved. No man, or woman, could be as loving and dear as Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu or Ah Jin.

I want to be an actress so I can immerse myself in make-believe stories for the rest of my life until I'm too ld and wrinkly to be attractive, so then I can have minor roles as the cute po po T_T

Oh dear, I seem to have picked up some Mandarin. (This is good, I need to learn Mandarin...).

Wah wah wah. Why can't love be great like that.

We never do know what happened to Ah Jin and Christine afterwards...

Or Pei Zi Yu...

I'm gonna go and giggle to myself like a stupified, drama-washed fangirl now. Oh Joe Cheng!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feet = Hurt

On Monday, Reila dragged me to the City at 10-bloody-thirty on 4 hours of sleep. Lovely. Nevertheless I agreed because it would do me good to get into the rhythm of waking up early and not succumb to 5pm mornings.

I woke up at 7 to feed Freya breakfast. Grandma is still in Brisbane and now it's up to moi to take care of the princess. She gets all whiney if she does not eat at 7. I tried to sleep again but ended up lying in bed waiting for Reila to call me at about 8.

I had an extra 30mins to waste because her ride to the station wasn't home and missed her train -_-

So we shopped around The Galleries Victoria looking for clubbing dresses and despite my efforts to reject my wallet, I ended up buying a $15 blue tartan skirt at Temt >_>

It was on sale!

The price was justified D:

I didn't buy anything else for the rest of the day okay. Reila however bought 2 pairs of flats, a dress and a display plushie. She didn't buy anything at TGV though, but only after we walked all the way to Market City to meet up with Bonnie.

I spent the day with Reila and Bonnie! They even skipped uni because they'd rather shop T_T

Bonnie was pleasantly civil (read: nice) to me and we shared a lunch of fried dumplings and Stir Fried Noodles in XO Sauce. We both craved Boost so walked BACK to TVG to get some. I loved her wedges, but forgot to tell her that!

Out of the three things I wanted to do that day, I only ended up exchanging the Pandora bracelet for a smaller size. I have a 15cm wrist >_> Jesus, any smaller and I'd be a child. Anyway, got the smallest size (17cm) in the same oxidised silver and it fits pretty well. But I didn't get any dumplings or siu long bao from the world famous Din Tai Fung restaurant at World Square. Neither did I get daifuku and mochi because I couldn't find the store.

Where the hell is 501 George St.?! 500 is TVG, across the street is Queen Victoria Building at 455, other way is Woolworths at 550 and opposite that is KFC!

Where the hell is Regent's Place?!?

I'll go find it next time I'm in the City.

I forgot to take pictures =/


Friday, September 19, 2008

I Don't Paint Anymore

I downloaded The Notebook to watch again.

I cried. Again.

It's so sad, I swear it's got to be one of the greatest love stories of all time. Too bad the novel by Nicholas Sparks isn't as good - it sounds so emo. This is one occasion where the film is better than the book.

.~ ***** ~.

I recently read a post on my irregular blogroll concerning jobs.

If there were no repercussions, security and finance didn't matter, what would you be? What would you do?

The blogger said she would be a journalist. She would expose The Truth about problems in the world such as third world struggles, child abuse, etc.

I scoffed.

Which was a natural reaction, coming from me, because I am so grounded into the demands of society that I can't help but always have a conscious finger on earthly (or shall I say societal and cultural?) boundaries.

I would be an artist.

I would both sing and paint, both meanings of the word "artist". I would be a creator of beautiful things.

The canvas I bought weeks ago is still blank. I promise I will paint during my mid-semester break. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my soul. I owe it to the person I was when I was 10, and all I wanted to do was create and revel in praise, admiration.

Yes, I would be a composer. I would sing neo-opera/symphonic at the top of my voice, just because I can and I love it.

It took me pretty long to realise my "true calling". Something that disregards rationalisation - and we all well know how rational and realistic I can be. I only discovered it moments ago; I was walking home with Viletta on and found myself singing on the street. I reached Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne (after a string of Lavigne songs) and found I could put my voice in the words.

I found myself on the verge of crying because of a song.

And I loved that feeling.

I will paint. I will sing.

But lets be reasonable here.

(For those who have never watched the movie, you probably don't understand the double meaning in the post title.)


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why? Why do you go to university?

Is it for your degree? For the prestige? For that certificate you'll finally receive that proves you can handle the job? To show your parents you can pass this milestone called 'university'?
Is it for the community? To meet people who have similar dreams as you, to make connections as soon as possible. To find famous lecturers and tutors to recommend you into the industry. Or are you trying to just find new people to befriend, to share with, to revel in that close-knit feeling you lost when high school ended? Or something as close as you can get now anyway...
Is it to excel? For popularity? Do you want to show the world how smart you are? That you could get into a university, that you could top your class, that you can write perfect essays, speak with eloquence, be unmatched in technical skill. Getting High Distinctions.
Is it for the skills you want to learn? Do you have an honest interest in the subjects you study? Does learning interest you? To gain knowledge in areas you enjoy, to continually improve yourself.
Who are you going to university for?
Your parents?
Or maybe you don't even know...

I recently conversed with some other students who did the same double degree that I started off with. I was mildly amused to find out everyone seemed to have failed at least one of their subjects due to the difficulty of balancing two different degrees at the same time.
Well, everyone except me apparently.
I'm not bragging, I'm deadly serious.
One kid managed to fail both his CompSci subjects, but he's still soldiering on in the double degree. Around 70% of us double-degree folks dropped out of comp sci.
Heh, I was one of them.
And I passed.
Don't get me wrong, I loved Computer Science. Doing it, I felt my calling as a programmer.
Code, I thought it'd be so hard to write...but it wasn't. It was almost like a game, each week we were set certain tasks. A deadline, scores for completion. It was like a puzzle. We were given a few tools, and told to make something happen with them.
The more tools we were given, the more powerful we became, but the harder the missions became.
It was fun.
As a programmer, I held full control of the computer. I could make things happen, I could create things. I could solve problems I never dreamed of solving by myself. My only limits were the kinds of syntax I could use, and the processing power of the computer I was on.
It was fascinating...could maths really hold all the answers to everything? A computer, something I've been using for over 12 years, yet still, this machine is so amazing.
But...to me, I failed as a programmer.
I couldn't pass the last gate of the first chapter.
I'm not worthy to be initiated into the programming world.
I couldn't work as a member of a team.
I can believe all that I want, but it wasn't them that failed me with their lack of programming skill. It was me who failed them with my arrogance and mistrust.
I couldn't let them do all the work, I didn't believe anyone was capable of completing any part of the task. They didn't have any good ideas, they were inferior.
In the end, it wasn't me who gave up on my friends (who, conveniently, aren't my friends any more - but why? Who couldn't forgive who for this little slip-up?), they gave up on looking up to me as a leader.
Well, in the end, they managed anyway right? They got the code done, it was messy, and ugly, and stupid and clumsy, but at least they did something right? That was more than what I could say.
I did nothing.
Sure, it didn't work, but at least they tried.
I just walked away.
I have a "Credit" next to my name for Computer Science that I don't deserve.
But...it wasn't all for nothing.
I guess to many, it feels like a wasted semester, wasted time. But I can still talk to computers, and I plan on continuing to do so. I will write graceful and elegant code, I'll use what I've learnt to do the best that I can. And if it's not enough...I'll just learn more.
I can use actionscript in my flash, javascript and php in my html, maybe even dare to meddle in C++ a bit to make graphic programs.
Because I loved programming, and that hasn't changed. When you find yourself typing up file names in camel-case, you know the programmer within you is just dying to bloom.
Ah no, no I don't care if 99% of the programming population is male, I don't care if my way of thinking isn't cut out for this. I've heard the call, I can still follow.


School Days

I absolutely hate Communication Research 101041.

It is the worst subject, ever.

So bad in fact, that I'm even on grongbit doing a post about how crap it is because the tutor doesn't care (much) that people are surfing the net on Facebook and YouTube or whatnot.


It's just another wasted 2hrs. I should've skipped it like I planned. The things I do! Rant rant rant.

On the upside, I love Public Relations :D

My tutor is very thorough and we even end up finishing class early. That's only 45mins of class a week! Not to mention everytime I walk in I always check her out; NO I AM NOT A PERVE. I just admire her fashion sense, is all .o.

She always has nice accessories. Today she was very OL with a grey dress and white oxford blouse beneath.

Enough about today's lessons. I'm going to go home and finish this post later. Once Emille stops being a retard and let me in without displaying screen errors.

Okay so Emille decides to play hardball and lets me in one day after.

24 hours since this post was...posted.

And now I no longer have time to do a full post on the virtues of father-daughter relationships. I read the Essential yesterday - hold on, don't you read The Australian, Serena? The very same broadsheet you like to rub into the face of "non-elite" readers? The Essential comes in the Sydney Morning Herald!

I deserve those shifty eyes.

You see, I kinda...stole the Essential from SMH and slipped it into my The Australian when I went to pay. Whoops!

Okay okay I understand those filthy looks thrown at me. It's not like all the papers will be sold! I always see leftovers and it makes me sad :(

So look forward to a serious debate post on that.

God, I love my keyboard. *hugs*

On Sunday mother and I went to Louis Vuitton. I saw a pair of shoes like my white De Lourve ones.

I likey, but not at $700.



Sunday, September 14, 2008


I now have a deep purple iPod Nano 3rd generation and a Pandora bracelet.

Will upload photos later :)


Edited with le photography.

My new real Pandora bracelet.

Oxidised silver, silver star sign charm, gold and silver safety chain, some spiffy overpriced blue glass bead and snowflake charm with I think cubic zirconia. Click for a close up.

It's different, considering how most people have the white silver bracelet instead.

The blue bead was picked out by me, but asked for by mother who wanted something more colourful. It represents her as well, as her favourite colour is lavender (blue is close to lavender kay!) and the swirly design looks like DNA.

When I thought of the snowflake my first thought was the ski trip. So I guess, whatever the previous meaning was for it, it would always remind me of our ski trip with all of our friends. It also means cold and unique, attributes that others may see in me.

Okay fine, I reckon I'm cold and unique T_T

The chain has a row of hearts. Similar to the heart shaped lock and key, it also shows how I am bound romantically. Unlike the lock though, is that these chains are changeable and removable, and serves as extra precaution against outside influences; the chain will keep my bracelet on even if I remove the clasp/I am closed and cool around people to protect myself, but can open up when I want to.

So symbolic :O

Who would know I made all that up just then xD

Next I present to thee a new favourite of mine.

Meet Apple iPod Nano 3rd generation, Viletta.

Isn't she beautiful? She's the perfect deep, cool purple and has a bigger screen than the original vertical Nano.

Her name was partially why I considered a purple one. Viletta = violet? Geddit?

Butterfly is not the only insane one around here >:

Notice how Lilas and now Viletta is purple >_> Hurm.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keep Dreaming

UPDATED 19/9/08

A physical checklist of things to buy when I'm no longer penniless.

The Buylist (not wishlist):

Red iPod Nano 8GB with engraving ----- $199 Bought PURPLE, mother paid!
Bulgari or Chanel sunglasses ----- $470
Build-A-Bear Read Bear and hanbok ----- $35 + $30
Pandora bracelet ----- $81 $213 mother paid too
Hardback copies of Twilight ----- $15 each + shipping
Tales of Beedle the Bard ----- $100
Plane ticket to Melbourne ----- $200
Shopping money for Melbourne ----- $300
Shopping money for Korea and Japan ----- $500
Rebond hair at a professional salon ----- $150

Yeah no wonder I'm poor.

If I save up my full $50 a week and do housework for $50, that would mean $100 weekly.

By the time I reach my trip to Korea and Japan, I will be out of shopping money.

And this would only work if I do housework and pinch every penny for the next 16 weeks.


Porkie owes me $90.

Why oh why am I so materialistic.

I will update this post constantly as I tick off and add things.


Clubbing Pictures 2

Thanks Vvn for the link!

Now everyone can see the guy (far right) I got down on the dancefloor with.

I joined Facebok *gag* just to get photos. Ugh, the sheep in me.

That's all I found so far. I think this will have repercussions.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Anniversaries and Food Pictures

* Slightly updated cuz bits were deleted off when I was editing pictures and it all screwed up on me >=( Finally realised so readded it. Don't have to reread the whole thing just for my own memory XD

Okay a LONG picture heavy post on some backlogged photos and my day today with Mr D on our 8th month anniversary =) Yes see Serena I had a very GOOD reason for ditching gym T_T.

Click for pictures.

Okay so our 8th month anniversary =) I wasn't expecting much since usually we just pick a nice place to eat or hang out on the grass at the park at usyd but this month he really surprised me! I told him how ray went and fetched vvn from home just for MB and we got talking and I started to claim that D never remembers anything he promises to do T_T Eg. taking me to Nandos, making me a sandwich, kissing me passionately in the rain >.>

To which he says "nooo you wrecked my plan! I was gonna surprise you by taking you to Nandos this friday but now that you've mentioned it I can't cuz you'll say it's because you mentioned it already
and I didn't think of it myself!!" lol so he had to come up with a new plan on where to take me.

What I wore today. I wore this black top since he likes it cuz it's so smooth (obviously never felt silky stuff before...) I wore a skirt cuz I have a habit of wearing a skirt or dress on Fridays and thereby prompting minglez to say, everytime I see her Friday mornings, "what ARE you wearing??" while looking me up and down T_T she never likes what I wear XD is it that bad T_T?? Every other day I usually have to wear enclosed shoes due to labs -.- didn't really wanna wear the blue skirt but my other choice was a gloomy black one and I dont wanna be clothed in black all over again -.- Brown belt that I bought my mum that she never uses so I stole it >.>

We went on the bus from usyd in the city direction and somehow it hit me! I remember all the places I whine about going to XD (and there's a lot T_T) I remembered it was prob that Japanese restaurant I wanted to go to because they had that tofu thing outside that I had at primary school reunion that I really wanted to try again. and when D said "hmmm where do we stop if we wanna go market city" I knew I was right =)

Funny thing was we got to market city he half covered my eyes and presented me with some restaurant I didn't know T_T

Me: er.....
Him: have I got the right shop??
Me: well this is a surprise my guess wasn't this place..
Him: *walks all the way around shop and inspects it....*
Me: I think you meant the place with the tofu....
Him: yeah!! omg you did guess correctly why!!?? How come I can never surprise you!

and so I lead him to the place he wanted to "surprise me with"

The place was Ajisen Ramen opposite market city. Quite a small place but very friendly and efficient waiters and clean.

We didn't wait too long for our food and here it is!!

My hand keeps shaking now when I take phone camera photos cuz it takes a while to save =\ This is unagi rice. We asked to share it and they gave us these cute bowls with little fox and rabbit to transfer some rice into it.

The tofu thing I wanted! It's okay here but no where near as nice as the other place I went to for reunion =\

Soft shelled crabs!! Been wanting these since forever! People keep talking about how good they are so I saw them in the menu and had to try them out for myself! They were quite nice but these were really small didn't really taste the flavour of the crabs =\ just the fried stuff...

Also had a Melon frappe which was really nice too!

But damn that unagi rice was good.

Mr D paid for our meal =) It wasn't bad at about $38 yum yum!

Just as we were finishing our meal a girl comes in asking for 12 seats. and next minute I know I see Richard! Yes Serena's brother Richard! Lol then I see Richard's friend, this Eurasian kid! He recognised me but I didn't recognise him at first since he had big sunnies on. D knew some people there too.

Next we went Market City to I dunno what T_T he said he'll accompany me to shop or look around. I bought a new belt since I keep scabbing my mum's and we were gonna go shop for a bikini for me but didn't find any. Suddenly he said we should watch a movie but not at reading cinema cuz he had pre- bought vouchers. Wtf he had a plan all along and we still went around Market city wandering for nothing? We saw Lily and Lucy at market city.

So we walked to George street, had a look at the times and then decided to watch Tropic Thunder. Still we had 20minutes so decided to go starbucks. On the way out of the cinema we saw Jie (uni friend/minglez friend) with her boyfriend, Nick, and they were watching the same movie!! They went to buy ticket while we went starbucks and I treated him to a Cookies and Cream shake =)

At the cinema Jie and Nick were siting on the seats next to us. XD Tropic Thunder was quite funny at the beginning they showed lots of ads as part of the film and Jie and I at first thought it was still ads instead of the actual film XD.

After cinema we didn't know what to do (D only planned up to there XD hey a better result than one step plan last time!) I wanted to have ice cream but he was pretty sick of sweet stuff after all that cookie drink... we both wanted KFC but knew it was bad for us esp. him since he's all sick and has a coldsore. But we couldn't resist. I was SOOOO excited when I saw the FAVOURITES BOWL and had to have it so bought one for the two of us to share!

omg.. if people don't know what it is it's basically layers of your favourite stuff from kfc... top layer of shredded cheese, next layer of sweet corn, next layer of popcorn chicken and the last layer of potato and gravy. and OMG was this good >< At KFC after we finished our meal D presented me with a Yeos Wintermelon drink. I was quite surprised! I can't believe he remembered! We were standing next to a Yeos vending machine at uni once and I commented that I'd never tried the wintermelon one and he remembered and got it for me! (wtf I keep checking my post and this section keeps getting deleted and I dunno why... so I'll only write the part that matters T_T) Mr. D was so sweet and charming and surprising today!

Hearts you lots =)

Even if you're so sick, and sniveling with a runny red nose and an ugly cold sore scab on your lip so that I can't even kiss you =(

BTW for those of you who think I prob made no effort, it should be evenly cut etc etc. I went and bought Forrest Gump the movie (he'd never watched it) and wrote a little post it note "My favourite movie that I wanna share with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! "Life is like a box of chocolates I never knew I'll get you"

Some Random Photos!

What's in the box....

It's: Strawberry mousse cake and at the back green tea custard thing! Wasn't that nice though >.>

One of the back of our uni toilet walls. I found this rather amusing and started taking snaps of it so much so that minglez wondered if I'd fallen down the toilet T_T

It was a whole discussion on whether love exists. You can see the "Love Exists" thing near the bottom. Someone else decided to continue that and wrote "In your dreams" Some one else put an arrow to it and said "I'm happy without a man!" and the people put arrows everywhere replying to the discussions XD

Oh near the top part it says "drunken words are sober thoughts"

Serena's spinach noodles!

My green tea noodles!

This pretty Violin antique I saw at an antique shop. It's made of silver wires shaped to the violin. The photo does it no justice. and everyone thinks this is massive. it'd actually 1/3 of the size of my palm.

That's all folks =) Hope you enjoyed reading about my wonderful day XD Jealous anyone ;)?

PS: Albert's birthday post has been updated with pictures
PPS: I PASSED MY BIOLOGY MID SEM EXAM! It was super hard and with negative marking for an incorrect answer -.- I got 60% =) Beat my competitive uni friend who failed. AS much as i feel bad for her I studied my ass off for it 4 days in a row until 11am each night T_T I wish I got a higher mark than 60%....

Cant use heart symbol anymore =(

So :

xoxo Midori.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madness With the Bald Man

It has been awhile since I last saw a hot, blue-eyed, rugged construction worker visit the shop. Hehehe!

I am going to post up belated pictures of M ditching us for the doctors - we paid her back by having dinner and Max Brenner WITHOUT her.

Always not including people, I am.

It's always about me me me. Don't you just love it? :)

We went to that Thai place again and I didn't take pictures of our food. I had the Panang curry with saffron rice. It tasted pretty good but I hate how the servings are all quite small for the price.

Damn Asians ripping Aussies off.

It's nice, but I'm not sure I really want to go back to Bamboodle again.

Jump for the photos.

Ala Bamboodle.

Some really ugly photos outside Bamboodle.

Must get rid of that ugly ugly bow...

SEE MY BARE, UN-MADEUP FACE?!? I didn't even groom my eyebrows or put any product on my lips -______________________-

The line at MB was horrendous. I've never been in the line for that long before. M must be a lucky charm or something. Not to mention we found a table with no chairs.

Ray and J were kind enough to steal them from outside for us >D

Oh and I can't believe Vvn made Ray drive her from home just for MB! Whipped much?! His food went cold at Bamboodle and had to be reheated!

Aw Ray was being shy.

Doesn't that look cool? We were table 36. Somehow that sounds familiar.

Despite being at MB so many times I have never noticed they made Bana Praline Crepes. Wtf. Since when?

Josh: Since like, ever!



V and Ray got that. It looks kinda funny to me and for $13 that's pretty puny.

And Vvn was going on about not wanting to eat too much because she'll get fat.


Porkie was all pissy on me so I bought him Tutti Fruitti Waffles.

And I got the Toffee Milk Chocolate Frappe. Big mistake. I was so stuffed after the waffle and it was so sweet I couldn't take it anymore and left with HALF the drink left!

*is emo*

Wasted $3.50 man.


Josh got the childish one and proceeded to act his age much to my great embarassment and Ray's joy..

The first magnum he got was a bit...retarded.

Oh the imagery.

So he went to change it just because of that bit sticking out.

This is the second one he got.

You can't see it properly, but the whole magnum was bent. So he went back and had a stern word with the waiter and got ANOTHER one.


Why didn't he just eat it?!

I was so embarassed. If MB hates us and starts spitting in our drinks, it's all your fault J.

Thank god the third one was fine.

See his psychotic grin?

Through the meal, Josh kept showing us how 'cool' his icecream was, and how the chocolate hardened with all the toppings stuck to it. Vvn was the only one impressed though LOL.

And while doing that, he'd giggle like a schoolgirl and shove the magnum in the plates, spilling everything onto the table and made faces at us.


Good lord, I thought.

He would grin madly and savour the icecream in that same exaggerated manner.

And when the whole section came off:

He started to cry.

He also flicked hundreds and thousands at us and threw bits of food everywhere. The table was covered in rainbow dots.

I wanted to crawl into a hole.


I guess it was pretty funny in a mortifying way.

Ew the waffles look kinda gross.

As compared to the crepe people.

Last snapshot of Ray drinking his Milk Chocolate Frappe.

I have to say I was glad to leave. Josh and Porkie were starting to play with their food (i.e. pour water all over everything and mixing it up).

So mature eh?

I will stop procrastinating now and go back to doing homework for PR.