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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing More Than Face Value

I'd hate to keep up this impression of me as nothing more than skin deep, that there is inherently nothing worthwhile floating around in this brain of mine (that is in fact not full of air, but Grongbit proves otherwise). I would love to post something worth reading, but alas. I will start doing film and book reviews, if that helps? I can give some nice and biased recommendations for you to check out and be enlightened.

By the way, I order everyone to come and watch Bell Shakespeare's Hamlet 6th June-12th July, 2008 at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House. We need to embrace our artistic side, and encourage art culture! I feel shit being a right old slob and you all know how I hate to be stereotyped or typical. It's on at 7:30pm though, and we're most likely going on Saturday. But it's cheaper if we go on the preview dates ($35, 6, 7 and 9th June) rather than the concession price of $50. I'm not even sure if we qualify as concession: http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/whatson/Evt_Hamlet.aspx

We should book now! Who's coming?

I can't help it! I'm pretty much over the self-pity stage that has plagued my old xanga account. But I can't help being all...girly.

Drama seems to follow me. Or should I say I create drama in an attempt to liven up my boring life?

I am friends with this boy.

Interested yet? No?

He's half Japanese, half European aka Eurasian. He's a cute halfie.

Interested now?

He's 3 months younger than me, but he's 18.

He's kinda rich.

He has a cute butt.

If you're anything like M, you'd be telling me to latch on and not let go because he already sounds like a great catch. But wait, there's more.

He is friends with my first ex. And on mutual terms with my second ex.

He knows about my relationship/s with them.

He lives in Houston, Texas.

I always liked them unattainable, don't I? But no, I don't see him in that way. He's like Rob; cute, but not my type. Why don't I ever meet any cute Australian guys? Someone out there hates me, I swear.

I got some news about T. The Eurasian boy told me that T is finally going to Singapore next week to start his military training. He's a conscript. He's been forced to go for the past 3 years and he's finally going now. This news somehow gives me the shivers at the knowledge that he's going to be closeby. But no matter, I'm totally over it.

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this whole thing. About the fact that ugly old men hit on me and not the hot young ones. About why Minglez and M say they envy my prettiness but guys my age have never approached me. I'm lacking something in the male eye that isn't picked up by females. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with my body.

Is it the whole unapproachable aura thing? I've already lowered my guard heaps. I'm already reduced to being a pushover, a pile of mush. I've given up my cynical sharp tongue for this mellow, calm attitude. I've given up my anger and drive; can't even debate for shit nowadays. Is it because I act prissy and snobbish? Is it the way I dress and walk, as though I'm a debutante? This is who I am. I like it this way.

What is wrong with me? Kebu, what is wrong with me?

I guess I'm not completely over myself.


` Serena


Monday, April 28, 2008

Non Functionalities

Sorry haven't been blogging lately, been a bit busy. actually should be doing maths studying right now but minglez managed to calm my nerves with "it's easy."

In last week's Honi Soit (weekly usyd magazine) there was a section on the alphabet of fashion. One section on "non functional belts." The writer stated that no guy understood the idea of non functional belts and found them useless. What's the point of putting on a belt if it isn't holding something up? The following conversation reminded me exactly of the article.

Scene: shoe shop. I try on boots while bf sits waiting.
Me: which one should I buy? =\ (not really expecting a response here)
Him: um..... that one. *points to a plain black one with a small hole on the top.
Me: Why (now curious at why I got a response)
Him: I don't like that part. *points to a buckle on the boots I was trying on.
Me: why not? I like that part...
Him: I don't get it... it's a buckle... you don't really need a buckle there....
Me: what's wrong with a buckle!
Him: it's non functional there
Me: .... *silence. followed by hysteric laughter.
Me: (serious tone) There's more to life than functionality.
Him: ..... >.> but....

I think he decided not to argue with me at that point... I bought the buckled boots =P

My sister said the most adorable thing at the dinner table:
Me: Who's Aaron?
Bro: He's my friend.
Sis: He's got yellow hair, and blue eyes and freckles, um... I think he's cute.
Me: ..........................................
Sis: what? he's in kindergarten.

My sister has taste already and she's in yr 4 XD Oh yeh! (PS I am fully aware she meant the baby sort of cute T_T)

That is all I can afford time for! Hope you all had a laugh.

<3 much



Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Attractiveness Scale

Midori asked me where on my 'attractiveness scale' would I place N. I believe I have 2 scales, one for fantasy and nonexistent gentlemen and the other a more cynical, reasonable approach. But I am going to just merge my scales to give you an idea of what I expect.

Note that this is purely based on appearances and no matter how devastatingly charming the person seems, it should not affect their rank. And I have several people in each rank, just to give a general idea.

Serena's Attractiveness Scale

10s aka The Ultimate Eye Candy:
(Korean) boy band of the century, international heart throbs and just in their early 20s. I'm sure I don't need to say anymore because practically all of them are hot in their own way. Amazing a capella singers and great harmonic ability. Sigh~

Kim, Jeong-Hoon
I was turned off when I found out his English name was "John", but he's just too darn attractive here. Played Lee Yul in Goong/Princess Hours. Look how regal and smoking he looks in that uniform! I just adore Yul because he's just the right amount of attractiveness for me. Yul is the Prince Charming of my imagination.

Crawford, Chace
Finally, a Caucasian! He is way better looking than Chuck, M. Just look at him! He's got the blonde, sophisticated almost surfie look about him, like the male equivalent of a blonde bombshell. Played Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald in Gossip Girl. It's no wonder he's up here.

9s aka The Damn Hotties:

Cheng, Joseph "Joe"
I can't help but admire his voice. It's so soothing. And he laughs like a hyena. Aside from that, a real great looker who is bordering on becoming a 10. He's that close. Was Zhang Zhi Shu in It Started With a Kiss and it's sequel, They Kiss Again.

Westwick, Ed:
And now we reach the one M likes, but that's just personality based. He's a right old arsehole. Oh fine fine, he does look quite attractive, I'll admit. Although in this picture he looks more like an 8. Other celebrities like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt goes here too.

Joo, Ji-Hoon
Played Yul's cousin and the Crown Prince in Goong. He's not as good looking as Yul in my opinion, but needless to say he is still quite a hottie. I was tempted to put him in 8 but he has a nice smile and voice too.

8s aka The Great Looking:

Jeong, Ji-Hoon (Rain/Bi)
Rain is actually not that great looking, but his damn fine abs got him up here. Would probably sit better in the 7s. Is it just me or do I check out Korean guys a lot? I don't know, he's a looker and all but I guess I'll be mean and say he has squinty eyes >:

7s aka The Attractive:

Wentz, Peter
Fall Out Boy's lead singer and Ashlee Simpson's fiance. Need I give a reason why he's here? I admit, I had a thing for Pete. I like the emo look and he pulls it off nicely...I bet it's the hair. It's always about the hair. And his hairstyle makes him.

6s aka The Considerable:

I'm way too lazy to look for a 6 celebrity right now so I am pretty much forced to resort to people I and you will actually know. Jin and to an extent M's boyfriend would slot in here nicely. 6 and downwards start to be more realistic. One of the 10s for me is like AS IF KEEP DREAMING HAHAHA.

5s aka The Decent:

Black, Jack
Loving the surname here. But seriously, even though he's on the fat side and all, he's got a certain charm in his face that I can't quite place. He's more than decent I think, and may even be conderable. He looks a bit rugged here because of the beard.

Cera, Michael
The actor of Superbad and Juno, with Ellen Page. He's decent, yeah? I mean he's dorky but he's not bad, right? If he was just a normal guy and not a celebrity!

This is where I place N. He's decent, not bad but not awfully great either. I think a lot of guys are either 3, 4 or 5s which is what I'll put as 'average'. He would even be a 4. He looks a bit like Michael Cera I suppose. Typical white American.

4s aka The Borderline Average Bloke:

It's getting difficult to find pictures because celebrities simply do not fall under this rank. This is just a hint to what my 4s are like. They can never achieve celebrity status unless they have a serious and professional makeover. T would go here, and if not, he'd be a 3.

1s aka The Un-lookable:

Now I have nothing against the physically impaired. Quasimodo makes up for his ugliness for his pureness and kindness, more than at least 70% of the world's population. But this is a shallow scale, and Quasimodo is at the bottom of the heap.

You know who else can go here? Michael Jackson. No offence.

Hope you enjoy. I can have very high expectations sometimes.

` S


Image Only

Even in darkness, even when time doesn't permit. There is one thing I can still do as I wait for luck to change its course again. Because surely, she always does...

Even in darkness, even when time doesn't permit. There is one thing I can still do as I wait for luck to change its course again. Because surely, she always does...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Listening to: After Dark - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J. K. Rowling
Wants: MAC Heatherette Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl (LE).

Perhaps it was my subconscious playing games on me.

Today marks the one week anniversary of our "girl's night out" last week. Excuse me Kebu, but for the sake of that phrase, you are hereby a girl :)

It was an instant of longing that prompted the text message. I never expected a quick reply or that it would turn into a private outing of our own. Kebu said he'd come, and eventually Midori was dragged into it after a few hours of shopping and looking like Kebu's girlfriend. Those ragdoll kittens were GORGEOUS! Especially the cream point!

M arrived just in time for the movie: The Spiderwick Chronicles. Not bad, I loved the pretty effects of the sprites and the toadstool circle. It was spiffy - I'll read the book eventually, we'll see where that takes me.

It was after the movie when the good stuff began. After a moment of shoe window shopping, we went to Max Brenner together for the first time. Each of us ordered our favoured chocolate type; dark, milk and white. Pretty cool, I love patterns. We sat and talked, complained and literally bitched about our social life (or lack thereof in my case), we took -ugly- photos and laughed until I had tears in the corner of my eyes. M is always keeping her secrets, tsk tsk. It ended too fast. I wish we could have been there most of the night just chatting, the three of us.

We went home in separate directions with utter appreciation of the meaning of our friendship.

That's what I call a great pick-me-up.

Today also marked the one week after my would-be one year anniversary.

Exactly 7 days.

The world can be cruel like that.

I didn't notice the shift last week, when I needed and wanted company. When I needed my friends to be there for me, just because. I didn't even noticed the date or its significance.

Him: Hi.

Her: Why are you here? Aren't you still jobless?

Him: It's nice to see you too.

I can't let go if you don't.

Him: So apparently you don't miss me.

Her: Why do you say that?

Him: Because you never text me.

Her: It's only been a few days, mate. Well, a week.

Him: Yeah well if I can miss you in this timeframe, you can miss me.

Stop missing me. Stop loving me.

How funny it is that I am Serena yet my appearance and dress sense is that of Blair's? I'm taking a great liking to headbands because they set off my hair (like Blair's) so well. Is this my reason for gravitating towards red lipstick?

M, I still have yet to find the Mario Badescu silver powder but I have the Biore strips! We should try them sometime soon. I need to visit my nearest MAC counter and sticky-finger the new limited edition Heatherette collection anyway.

Sticky-finger? Imagine my fingers twiddling in curiosity and excitement before me.

I bought my Isabella Brown MJs. They are cute. I love them already. I seem to have misplaced my camera somewhere so I can't upload any photos, fortunately for you readers.

Ugh I gained weight, which brings back my total weight loss to 3kg still. And here I am eating a Snickers bar, using the crimson wave as an excuse to get fat and stop working out.

And what are we going to do about Sunday?

Wah wah wah.


` Serena


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Text Only

You know, I think it's about time I posted what you guys might call a 'serious post' (not that I personally believe any of the previous posts weren't serious - of course).

A little ranting maybe; random thoughts that I'm too tired to draw out as of now; who knows what sort of excess overflows from my over-active mind.

Did you guys know? I cry really easily. If there's a little thing that might call for tears, however trivial, I'll cry. Well, it's not like I'm doing it on purpose for sympathy points, but I'm a naturally whiny, selfish little girl.

At first that fact horrified me. You can guess, I'm a bit too proud for something like that. But then we somehow compromised. I mean, I'm a girl right? (Right?) Girls cry heaps more than men, this is normal... - was my reasoning.

Actually, it's sort of a relief that I do cry at all. There was this time from around age twelve to whenever when I didn't. Ever.

Nowadays, I wonder how long must I bawl like a child until I make up for all those tears I never shed? And where is that little girl that I cry for, lost and alone, believing that her reason for being on this Earth was gone forever?

Do we older people know that each day, we kill hundreds of children? Each time we deny a child's innocent laughter, each new thing we learn that makes us choose wiser, each time we reassure ourselves that our indoctrination must override simple instincts.

We grow old, lose ourselves, die, disappear.
And again.
And again.
And again, until our physical selves are no longer there to continue the cycle.

I wish I lived as a child as a child, it's the natural way to advance. Rather than to learn to be one now.

Now, that was some trivia that you could've asked in confession time that you never asked.

There are other interesting facts as well of course. Such as the fact that I size up everyone I meet in their potential to be a good girlfriend/boyfriend.

Oops, did I just type that?


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Because I should be doing maths.

No offence to Bi-curious and/or homosexual and/or bisexual people in any way.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Make You Hungry

Friday night dinner cooking, because I felt like it. This was supposed to be posted last week. I made japchae yesterday and didn't take photos because I whipped it up in...15 minutes.

Dijon Lamb Chops. Dijonnaise mustard, mixed Italian herbs and thyme, garlic, breadcrumbs and olive oil marinate on half fried chops, before shoving it in the grill to roast.

Look at that baby cook!

Does it look something like this?

Random Chili. I call it random because you take what ever is in the fridge that needs to be cleared and shove it into the pot along with capsicum, tomato, tomato sauce or paste, chili sauce and canned beans. This meal is quite rich in vegetables, and quite spicy. In my version I have canned baby corn, and I forgot to use broccoli.

It simmers!

I added leftover egg.
Did I make everyone hate me?
` Serena


Friday, April 11, 2008

F marks Failure

It's been a remarkable week for failure.

Saying them out several times over is a seemingly fruitless task as I try to make myself more comfortable with a 4/10 for biology quiz.. TWICE. Chances are a third time because I did NOT get that photosynthesis lecture this week....Then a 4/10 first go for psych quiz (luckily last go counts not first) Then I just got 7/10 for chemistry quiz. Which is not so great considering 7 was the average and the practically gave us identical questions to do right before...

I'm also a failure as a friend at giving advice, giving comfort, and failing miserably at trying to cheer people up.

Oh fail fail fail... Oh Kebu I have also failed at trying to find the Geisha photo... I thought I saved it but didn't...

I can't always be there when you need me dear, I'm not your rebound.
You had your chance.
Now I have someone else who cares more about me.


Self-confessed Kaito fan

Well, what is there to say?

Open Canvas, click on image for details. Boredom doodles. Left pic: Urotanda! xD

Inspired by Koi wa Sensou/Ai wa Sensou, same as the previous picture, but more serious~

For some reason Aoi Tori sprouted this. A more 'cute' style for some unknown reason, and also Open Canvas.

Moe Moe Moe!
Kaito and Miku, drawn by Ayasemn. She was a young artist at Mini-Animania who seemed to love Vocaloids. *Undisclosed* met her there, and obtained this sketch, which I turned into a digital image! =D
Could've redone the lines and such, but I didn't wanna kill what she already had =S
Once again, you can get the full image by clicking on it. No idea what song made her draw this though xD
(Can you tell Kaito's getting younger in each post? There's the paedophile in me coming out again~)


Treasure Hunting and so on~

I've struck gold!

Well, not really, but it's as good as gold! =D

I've found yaoi fandom!!! Kyaaaaa~
Well, I've found gothic lolita fandom and geeks and japanese/korean drama/stars fandom as well but that's nowhere near as joyous as YAOI!

Only met her once though.

I love UNSW@night, it's like a city of glass, tiles and light.
My phone's a shitty camera though.

In other news, I just confessed to the girl that thinks I'm a guy that I like men.

It's true!!! For once, I'm not lying! *rolls on floor laughing* Oh boy: Entertainment, I needs it xD
(Can sooo imagine it now~ "Do you have any gay friends?" "Oh yes, he gives good advice for relationships!" omfg I'm horrible <3)

I should be in Europe now though, doing some fashion apprenticeship.~


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life and Such

Yesterday night was ultra-embarrassing, I met mum at the train station...

Mum: This is my friend Michelle.
Michelle: ^^
Me: ;;
Mum: This is my daughter - Coron
Michelle: *giggles*
Me: ;;!
Mum: She is also going to university!
Michelle: So cute!

Everyone, say hello to Xion's backup drive - Nix! ( {nix ∈ xion} )

He really is that cute. He's blue, a deep sapphire blue (with silver highlights), and he's tiny! Well, nowhere near as small as a USB stick or anything (Like Yuetah), but that lil one contains a whoppin'300gb of memory!
He's powered by a simple USB connection, and can transfer data via either USB or E-SATA.
He's also warm. I was giving him a format, and he sat on my lap. Since it was such a cold day, I could feel the heat pretty early, and after that I held him in both hands to keep them warm.

Mary: Why are you stroking that thing?

But honestly, he's like a child, warm and adorable, how can I not like him? After that, Mary found him a nice hand warmer as well~

Mina-san! Welcome Nix-kun into the family and treat him well!


Four months and seven weeks ago...

Listening to: Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
Reading: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Wants: MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights.

I had my current priorities the other way. Relationships was my focus and I lapsed with education, scoring a bloody blarney of a mark! Now, when my institutional affairs are in order, I find myself faced with multiple fears of the distanced.

My mother is ashamed of who I am...

My mother makes living in this roof hellish mental abuse...

I got fired, my best friend is gone, I'm in financial crisis and my mother requires surgery...

I don't exist in this house...

I can't save myself, my mother and my brother from the harm he's causing...

The one who loves me can not quench my emptiness...

I will never be on the same level as them...

I can't bring myself to try...

I can't pretend to erase the tortured little girl from myself...

It's no wonder American cinema makes up 99.9% of theatre screenings. Australian styles of reality, pain, solitude and non-existent love/marriages fit too closely to our lives. We don't need to be reminded nor encouraged to give into cookies and Satan.

Feliks Skrzynecki, Romulus, My Father, Jindabyne.

What's the point of idly being here?

My expectations and hopes for humanity are in vain. P platers will always drive recklessly with no regard to street etiquette, teenage boys will always yell and jeer in public places, families will still be evicted with nowhere to go, people will always smoke whereever and whenever they please, a mother will always yell at her child, girls will be raped and abused, interest rates will keep rising.

Why are we here?

We don't see the simple pleasures of flashing silver scales.

When was the last time you breathed in mountains?

Do you know the feeling of holding eye contact with an animal?


How heavy really is the sand between your feet, the tiny molecules of rock and silicon. It can crush you with sheer weight.

Wet grass, right after a torrent. Getting the heel of your shoe stuck in mud.

We are too preoccupied.

I'm sorry to sound so solemn. Everybody is unhappy and unsatisfied lately.


` With love...Serena

Did I say I cut my finger on a coffee cup? My 'friend' Audrey also did that, lol. I are teh lame!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Living It, Now

Listening to: With Me - Sum 41 (LOVE THIIISSS)
Reading: Persuasion - Jane Austen, ABB.
Wants: Isabelle Brown(?) Mary Janes.

Remember my New Year's resolutions?

1. Lose weight.
Already lost 3kg, hopefully will keep dropping. Those truffles and cheeses are going straight to your thighs, Serena.

2. Work harder and get distinctions.
Still getting phases of laziness and un-motivation, but bordering distinction. Just not quite yet.
Can I get an ovation for my 10/10 quiz and 15/20-one-of-the-better-marks essay?!

3. Take up cleaning and organising.
Little diary is being neglected lately. What happened to week 6?

4. Improve health.
I wasn't aware I had health problems. Will get blood tested...eventually. Would someone tell me what I should do and how I can do that? That reminds me, I should donate my overrated, sweet O type blood.

5. Get a job.
I have one...I must've been high on garlic baked oysters when I thought of this one. They gave me indigestion and vomiting.

6. Invest in makeup art =)
This is so bad for me, should this even be here?
$600 and counting...one two three.

7. Take daily medication properly.
That means fish oil pills, vitamins, etc. Whoops. That was supposed to be a daily thing?

It's relieving to see that some of your resolutions, the ones you made while drunk/partying/high on holiday spirit, are doing their part in your life this year. The fact is, most people forget the fundamental reasons for everything.

What am I in uni for? Why didn't I just go to TAFE? I wanted to prove myself. Am I proving myself? Not really, but I'm trying to make a good impression on teachers. I never thought about the student body itself to be any trouble. Why am I really here? I want to do this.

So why aren't you working your arse off?

It is so hard to remember those outlandish proclamations you made weeks/months/years ago. Shouldn't I not worry about my social and campus life, and just focus on my purpose here instead?

I need these constant reminders as the ladder that extends into the ditch I keep falling in to.

On another note, I am discarding my chastity (no, not that!) and leaning towards a new image - retro, glamorous and unexpected. Gothic lolita, burlesque and preppy. As much as I like it, I hate being stereotyped as the typical Asian. It doesn't help when I wear glasses everyday, even if they are fabulous frames. (I still get compliments on them :D! Best fashion decision, ever). But I am neither quiet, intelligent or sweet/nice.

I'm afraid to pull it off. Really, I am.

I shall start with burlesque dance, inspiration drawn from So You Think You Can Dance? Australia and Dita von Teese. Saturday, 2pm in the city.

I'm nervous. This is way out of my petite league.

Will I even do it? I always want things, but not want them enough to take any action.

Will I fail myself, and my resolution, to reform myself into an ideal person?

I am still all talk and passion. Some people call it bullshitting oneself.

I should add a new resolution: Give up retail therapy.


` xoxo, Serena


Greetings and Salutations

Well hello there.
A new style of writing, a new voice, and an unknown presence.
It seems a new member has joined GrOngBits. (Oh look, CamelCase)

Well yes, I have, and I would like to say hi to all of you. The blog will still be called Grongbits, the three main posters will still be active (as they are now), and it'll still have something to do with green song rabbits, but you'll get my posts as well.

Just as a note, I drew that background (and just fixed its positioning on larger monitors).
I'm an artist.

I might not write as much as I'll draw posts, but I'm sure you're fine with that.

Well, I guess that's it. Hi guys, I'm new, treat me well =)

- Butterfly


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beach Outing

This is what you missed out Kebu:

Oh yes me looking pregnant and in labour. Apparently I had a baby with the Sand man. And the dialogue goes as follows:

Picture 1: Baby bump....
Picture 2: Oh god child birth is painful! ><
Picture 3: Jin HELP ME!!!
Picture 4: I die.

(Pictures do not depict actual events XD and editing has occured XD.)

Anyone ever wondered why whenever I get buried in sand it always goes to pregnancy.. even that camp fish/mermaid one.. me and Anna were 'laying an egg' .....

My life has been pretty boring lately nothing much to blog.. or rather it's been alright but nothing blog worthy -.-

Quiz next week on maths and chemistry... so screwed..... I swear differential calculus is getting so hard.... I can't bloody draw 3D structures like the helix etc.... just looking at my textbook/notebook scares the shit out of me...

I got green tea pocky today!! Yum Yum!

Oh Serena just get the shoes.... better yet get both! Oh my feet are beyond fat now.... SERIOUSLY! I was walking around in my boots today, got home and the split had grown longer! My brown boots are no longer wearable.... Oh and my converses broke, my thongs broke.... I need new shoes!!!!! Hmm I want new boots what kind should I get?

Also obtained a new phone, the wonderful Sony Ericsson K770i. It's a brilliant PURPLE and takes the nicest photos (Cybershot all the way!!).

Okay run out of things to say.

M. (When is gossip girl coming back??)


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ready, Steady, COOK!

Yeah I know, I stole the title of that weirdo show on weekdays for housewives with nothing better to do with their lives. But I guarantee I'm not as sad as them =]

After watching Moshihino and her video on sushi and cupcake making, I felt hungry. She's a real cutie, if not sickeningly so - great dress sense. Not only that, I also felt like cooking. It's time I made use of my new electric beater and whip up something, literally.

So now I'm going to cook something every Friday, whether it be a small dessert or a dish for dinner. At least on Fridays, Daddy dearest will stop yelling at Grandmama and we can all have a nice family get-together for once. I hope this will no further evolve into dishwashing too.

As a side note, I have a nasty cut on my finger. It is the Gloria Jean's coffee lid's fault.

...shutup. It's sharp >:

It still stings, but it serves me right for forfeiting to cravings and spending my train ticket money on sweets. Which reminds me, I don't have money to go to uni tomorrow.

Back to cooking. Of course I don't have too much time to experiment and make up my own recipes, and I usually don't follow them anyway because they are always tweaked to my liking. But I'm making use of the notebook Ms Repin gave me last year and will record a few things, just for fun. Because...I like recording things. Obviously.

You didn't get that, did you?

I'm a little conceited right now. My ad for class was the 2nd popular one, which I am happy for. I think it's funny. I really should be doing assignments and stuff right now since they'll all be due in the upcoming weeks. I've barely started.

I won't make this entry something emo; I'm sure you've all had enough of that. For once, I'll drown them out and suppress the thoughts so I won't feel down. Oh wait, I've done that before during HSC. There I go again, putting life ahead of my mental health. Forgive me Kebu, I can only imagine how hard it is for you.

I wish I had Moshi's face structure. She is rather adorable and pretty.

Goodnight people. You will hear of my creations soon; pics included.


` Serena

P.S: I want to get these great 3+inch Mary Janes from the local store, I think it was around $50. Yay or nay? They look so good, but might be killer for my feet. Then they also have cool boots with a chain and crucifix plate for $80+? Something or another. I want to get them both but I shouldn't. Opinions?