What the hell is a flying green song-rabbit?!

Grongbit (GReen sONG rabBIT) is the result of our nicknames combined. "Our" meaning the three founding authors. The flying comes from our guest-turned-permanent blogger, Butterfly Coffin.

And yes, rabbits can too fly, sing and be green.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Adventures

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now.

I had a sudden desire to visit my old Xanga blog, and boy is it the epitome of teenage angst. So much had happened in just a span of a few years during those times, hard times. I also haven't been writing in my diary since I haven't felt the urge to record anything significant down. I've gotten over the need to whine and bitch about life so I have no idea what to do with all these extra notebooks.

Now that holidays are back, perhaps I should start writing? As in, with pen and paper (and all these notebooks I have).

I haven't been feeling myself lately. Earlier this year I was ready to get up before 1pm and do something with my day. Now and ever since midsem break, I don't feel like waking up at all. I've been feeling quite down and somewhat lost at what to do with my time. This is just a consequence of my self-conscious issues and hopefully I'll be getting over it soon.


Monday, June 14, 2010

While I am procrastinating from my one and only exam, I was examining my life and what it holds.

A lot has happened this year that has propelled my life forward a lot more than I thought. Interning, experiencing my career in advertising, making plans for the boyfriend to change his path, reading blogs about people getting married and having kids (and I mean a LOT of them for some reason!). And to be completely honest, I thought I would miss my chance to be young and active but now all I can think about it settling down.

Not right now of course, at least in my mid 20s. But slowing down my life so that I don't have to think about deadlines, bringing work home, partying hard and working harder still.

Maybe I'm reading too many of those blogs. I'm only 20 years young, for god's sake!

While I don't melt at the sight of babies (nasty, messy little blighters they are), I dream about owning my own house or apartment in a nice suburban neighbourhood, maybe somewhere around Castle Hill or Brighton-le-Sands. I think of kitchens and cooking and waiting for the breadwinner to come home so I can feed them. I think of what colours I want to paint the walls and what vegetables I want to grow in my backyard (pumpkin!) and it makes me giddy thinking about it.

But then again, who cares about that stuff when I'm 20 years young and can dance into the night to ear-splitting music and psychedelic lights?


Friday, June 4, 2010

Omg Exams

This is going to just be a whole lot of ramblings about nothing in particular to destress me before studying/exams. Then again my week/weeks/month has been pretty good so nothing to stress about lol.

So about a week ago it was my bf and I's 6 month anniversary since we hooked up. He told me to leave the day free and to dress up real nice for something special. I was so excited! After class I rushed home, put on a nice dress, heels he bought me, make up and a bit of perfume and a coat and met him in the city. He wore a nice shirt and formal shoes and we both looked super classy =)

He led me down towards darling harbour way and led me to various restaurants before turning away and going to South Steyne. The floating boat restaurant in Darling Harbour near Harbourside. We were escorted to a window seat on the boat/restaurnt but had to wait as they needed to clear the table since apparently it was a busy night.

It was pretty nice in their but cuz we were sitting on the side the table and chair was slanted! And the food took a while to come. We had some spicy prawns for an entree and The Sundowner BBQ for mains to be shared. It was BBQed lamb, steak, kangaroo and chicken breast with mushroom and pepper sauce and topped with crispy chips and roasted potatoes.

Being super considerate bf said to cook the meat medium instead of his usual medium rare. The best meat out of all of them was probably the kangaroo steaks. It was cooked kinda rare but kangaroo meat tends to get too tough if it's cooked for too long so it was just right. The dim lighting also helped me not see the bloody meat >.>.

As we were waiting for dinner to arrive, bf couldnt wait anymore and passed me a little jewellery box and inside I found a silver name necklace. Just as I had guessed and he put it around my neck after dinner.

We wanted to go to Lindt Cafe to have dessert since nothing on the dessert menu was that appealing but on Tuesday nights it closed early so we walked to the Chocolate Room. It's kinda newly openned near Darling Harbour. We had a hot chocolate each and a cake from their cake selection. By the time we were feeling particularly fat my mum called and told me to go home so we walked to the station and went home.

It was such a good night and I wear my necklace all the time now. The guy at General Pants at MidTown now knows my name -.-.

Two weeks ago, after spending most parts of the day at bf's place where he made me delicious Pizza and I attempted to understand Rugby, we decided to go out for dinner at Cafe Ish. When we were heading out there was a very light drizzle and we didnt think to bring an umbrella... By the time we were walking to Surry Hills the dizzle became rain.... The street was super quiet and the rain was pouring and we couldn't find the place!! We google mapped it and realised it wasn't open for dinner, only breakfast and lunch =(. Beign quite upset I decided we could go to Bodega which should be on a street nearby. In our hurry to find some shelter, we walked in the wrong direction away from the restaurant!! When we finally reached the restaurant it was packed so we kept walking and almost ate some pub food. In the end we went to a place called CRU54 Kitchen and Bar since it looked warm.

We ordered this....: Jámon croquette with Romesco sauce (no idea what it was we were too hungry and curious for food) and some other thing we couldn't understand and Caramelised goat cheese with onion compote. For mains we ordered Octopus salad and Braised pork belly in apple sauce. We thought we ordered enough food until the food came....

The thing I had no idea about was just a deep fried log with some sort of creamy potato filing, no bigger than a short sausage. The goats cheese was 1 mouthfull. The other thing we had no idea about turned out to be cured salami. About 10 very thin slices. Some complimentary bread was provided but it tasted stale =(. By the time the mains came we realised we're not going to be full... The Pork belly were in 4 3cm cubes and were delicious! But so small.... My ocotopus salad had about 5 pieces of ocotopus and the salad was dry. By the end of it we just wanted to get out of there and eat something else. The meal cost me >$50 and we weren't full!!

We ran some more through the rain and took a train to Wynyard to warm up with some Max Brenner but when we saw the line that stretched out the door we decided we should get Maccas... We ran some more through the rain and went to Maccas for a meal. By this time it was like 11pm! My flats were soaked and I had to dry them in a handdryer in the bathroom and we were left hungry all day. The only thing that made it better was good company.

Okay I should get studying... But there's so many more great days to recount! (Fish Markets, da Vinci Exhibit, bowling etc) but I think you're all sick of my sappy recounts of days with my bf. I'm sorry I've become one of those girls where my life practically revolves around seeing him enough times a week and don't see anyone else. >.> Oh well time to start cramming now and isolate myself from the world for the next.... 3 weeks.