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Friday, May 30, 2008

It Was a Long Time Ago

Listening to: The Garden of Everything - Steve Conte feat. Maaya Sakamoto
Reading: ABB
Wants: Black lace gloves.

I just dug up a really old poem/one shot I wrote back in 06. It was very very private at the time, and for some people perhaps the date September 06 might ring a bell?

I think I shall share something I kept for years.

I called it 'Secret Identity'.

It is mind crushing, mundane and confusing. A symbol of emotion so strong it is almost excruciating.
She knew him for a few years, never spoken a word or glanced at him twice. He watched her from afar, never thinking about it a second time. Their eyes met and felt nothing.
There was nothing between them. For what reason would there be? They have never talked. They barely knew who each other were.
He saw her once, twice, thrice. Didn’t even know her name.
She didn’t know he existed.
But luck has never been on their sides and they talked for the first time. Indirectly, not even personally. They said hello.
Began a conversation, indirectly. They never stopped and talked with their mouth. It was through the mind.
She didn’t know him, couldn’t predict him. He didn’t try to know her.
It was a long process, for she was in denial.
I can’t love. I love nobody. Nobody loves me.
He never thought that she would like him.
Little by little, her heart lightened. She was happier. He was grateful. He had her cooperation and her help and she never let him down.
She wanted him to know how she felt. She wanted to tell him.
What can I lose? I have nothing. Nobody loves me.
She couldn’t say a single word. She lied her way through, forgetting about her true intentions. He was oblivious. He did not notice. She thought he didn’t notice.
He thought of her as a friend. Thought nothing more. She thought so too.
Her happiness ceased. Her heart tightened and eyes spilled invisible cascades.
It cannot be.
Lonely. Obsessed. Victimised emotions.
It wasn’t, she knew it. He cannot have.
Lost. Overrated. Violated. Ephemeral. Desperate. Holistic. Eternally rejected.
Her mind broke down with her body. She couldn’t bear to have him so close yet so far. He was oblivious. He did not notice. She thought this was so.
Until it was time for them to part, she still could not tell him. Perhaps she should live her life regretting it. Forever not knowing what he thought of her.
Did he.
Forgotten. Ending. Estranged. Longing. Trusted. Horrified. Existed. Solace. Admitted. Manipulated. Embarrassed.
She would never know. Because she was.
Awry. Fearful. Regretful. Angered. Isolated. Deserted.
Then one day, her heart shattered before her very eyes.
He pursued his heart for.
Healing. Elegance. Realisation. Friendship. Recognition. Idealism. Endless Need. Devotion.
She couldn’t let him know. She won’t let him know.
And she will tell nobody.
Because her someone else loved her.
Because she loved him.
And he couldn’t love her back because he was crushed.
As she was too.
His heart was broken by the one he loved. Indirectly. She never loved him.
He loved another, who broke his heart. She left him alone. He couldn’t trust another with his heart.
He was.
Breathless. Revoked. Oppressed. Killed. Eaten. Neglected.
He was alone.
Because of another, he was rejected and she wept for him. She kept her heart to herself. Because she chose her friends over her love.
She wanted to be loved, but had lost it for another.
He lost all light, all hope, all trust. He no longer opened his heart to another.
And she died. I can never love.
I hate you all.

This was made after my webdings re-translation failed and I lost a bit of creative works. I like writing in code :) It's funny because back in the day, I hated the 'L' word and hated people saying it, but this piece reeks of repetition.

Very worthy of going into my diary.

I've been rather lonely recently, as Kebu knows. I'm losing focus on uni, not that it matters a whole lot since uni is technically over, but still. I've been taking it out on my wallet by spending like mad. I bought silver and black flats yesterday, they are quite comfy and cute but virtually useless except for semi-formal events or clubbing - I don't go to either of those things by the way. Minglez's birthday is next so we shall see...hehe.

Oh I'm rambling. I don't know. My head and my heart is in a mess. I don't know what I want, and I also want so much. Stop talking about loved ones, people. It makes me sad I have nobody (you know what I mean) except my princess.

Love you all, my girls =p


` S


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Help v2

EDIT: Morte is working again! *joy* For now...=S

I'm okay

I swear.

Morte stopped working...

He just...stopped.

No sign of life at all.

Nothing. I can't even tell if it's a hardware or firmware problem.
He's not even talking to Xion.

M...do you still have my warranty...?
Can we fix him?

Can we?

Infinitas Endeth


Monday, May 26, 2008

So Untouchable, It's Shocking

Listening to: Untouched – The Veronicas
Reading: The Sum of My Days – Isabel Allende
Wants: MAC Dazzleglass in all-the-freaking-colours-of-the-rainbow.

I tend to stalk other people's blogs and read what they have to say without commenting. No doubt there's a few people who do that here or that page counter is going insane and multiplying by 5.

Everyone knows I love talking about myself *cough* so here are 6 of my strange, quirky habits I have. I have heaps more but who can remember all of them anyway?

The Six Quirks

1) I am nasally tolerant. That means that while most people (like Rob) cringe and swear at the smell of stinky tofu and that beggar in my previous entry, I am able to bear it. The smell of my cat's leftovers, raw seafood, you name it. The only thing I can't stand is strong, generic perfume.

2) I eat strange food. I had a vegemite, peanut butter and swiss cheese sandwich just then. Seriously. The fact that I even like vegemite is shocking enough as it is. I eat cream soups with chili sauce, rice with random leftovers smooshed together then microwaved (think Full House) and chocolate sandwiched between chips (remember Riah?). I eat strange food.

3) I am OCD about using the colours of my pens. My red pen is only for major titles at the top of the page, black pen for subtitles which are always on the left hand side and blue pen for important note taking only. I go as far as liquid papering the whole sentence if it's in the wrong colour or going over it again. Oh and I'm also anal about keeping my books neat and will rewrite things again when I have time to.

4) I internet stalk people. Instead of reading mags like a normal girl, I stalk people on the internet; reading personal and public blogs, looking up their info at sites. I usually do this for people I know of online and not personally, although I have done it for some people.

5) Colourful and sparkly things attract me. I’m like a moth to a flame. The flame sure as hell is going to burn the living daylights out of my ass but it sure looks damn pretty. This is the reason why I should not be allowed to manage my own funds (even though I do and do an okay job) because I’d just end up blowing it on MAC. Check out those dazzleglasses!! OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO SPARKLY AND COLOURFUL AND PRETTY I WANT RIGHT NOW. I settled to getting just one.

6) I don’t like to lie. Lying outright is not my thing. I prefer not to do it except for extreme cases. I lied for you twice M! Even though I am against dishonesty, I’m not against bending or leaving out information. Plus, I can be a very convincing liar when I need to.

Oh yeah and I give pet names to my pet...

Five Food Pleasures

1) Lindt Lindor. There is nothing better than melting chocolate truffles. I'd murder to eat this. I'd reject my diet to have some of these babies.

2) Cheese. I love cheese. It’s simple, really. Parmesan, cheddar, brie (LOVE), cottage, cream, jarlsberg, swiss, mouldy, you name it and I’ll love it. I’m only iffy about mozzarella. Go figure.

3) Bird's Nest soup. Expensive shit, and cruel, but it sure tastes good with rock sugar.

4) Gloria Jean's coffees. Mmm. It beats the overrated Starbucks any day.

5) Chunky, fatty, sweet pastry things like cinnamon swirls from Baker’s Delight or chocolate profiteroles from Michel’s. I like exotic pastries/sweets like cannoli, wife cake, dragon beard candy and my all time favourite, pistachio baklava. M and I share a love of Turkish delight? xD

I love Baz Luhrmann films. He's an Australian director and he's magnificent. Note to self: Watch The Blair Witch Project and the Red Curtain Trilogy: Strictly Ballroom.

Three kittens of different colours and patterns were eating our food scraps in the backyard. Their size was adorable but their faces and eyes? Nothing compared to my Freya. She’s still cute as a button even though she’s 3 times their size.

I think it's time I start letting go. He's moving away soon.

It's time.

But he says to give it a few years, 10 years.

There's a future with us, he says.

That's what he says.

I dreamt of a cottage and marriage without love.

I dreamt of my first child, Alice.

I dreamt of dissatisfaction.

I dreamt he came to me and asked me to marry him,
with a $30 ring made from amber coloured beads.

I had strange dreams this week.

I go ooh ooh, you go ahh ahh.
I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want.
And I don't give a damn what they say, what they think think.
I'll never ever let you
leave me.
I feel so untouched
And I want you so much.

We're all honestly not okay, V. We're messed up people on Grongbit.


` S


Saturday, May 24, 2008

"You're as good as dead to me."

It's red and bruised again.

What have i done?


I don't want to go back to this.

It's Gossip Girl finale.

It's House finale.

It's Ugly Betty finale.

It's the end.

I don't have time for this. Three quizzes next week. But my mind is locked up.

That's what you want isn't it?

I deserve to be locked away.

You don't deserve anything.

With much love,


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Phi is infinity

#ifdef ENGRISH

Hot venture it is song of going on a journey. After all KAITO for me to be such strong KAITO is.
φ in mathematics is used good as empty class.
Seeking the unlimited possibility of being around by your and not seeing yet, it probably will go on a journey, such request was included.

#endif /* ENGRISH */

In English? Phi (uh no, it's actually Ø, but the guy tried) is used to define an empty set in mathematics. By saying that phi is infinity, this song is about journeying to find those unlimited possibilities you can see around you.
It's a song about taking a leap of faith.

I'm going to say it.
Yes, I'm going to say it, and you can't stop me.

Be Happy

Everything will be okay in the end

KAITO promises *giggles*


What Do You Want?

Listening to: One Less Reason: A Day to be Alone
Watching: The Notebook

N: What do you want?
A: It's not that simple.

It's not. It's about what is right and wrong. God damn it, it's about what is wrong, cause i keep finding myself taking the wrong path.

I don't know what's wrong.

Nothing is wrong.

Because all i end up doing is hurting others and myself and i can't stop it, i can't stop myself I'm on my own roller coaster heading for a crash zone. And maybe, i don't want to stop.

Are you angry at me? You should be. I want you to be , but i hate it.

"She said I wonder when it'll be my day
'Cause I'm not too far from breaking down
And all I got are screams inside
But somehow they come out in a smile
And I'm wondering if I'll always feel this way, this way "

I'm sorry. I really am.

Midori. (I want some now D= )


Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Can't Concentrate

Listening to: Nothing.
Reading: Deltora Quest 3 - Emily Rodda
Wants: More time.

So the deadline for my major major assignment is due, and I still am on 2000/12000+ words. It is not a good feeling, folks. But since I can't focus anymore, there's no point trying.

Alright, my Saturday. Usual time, usual place. I'm having another fat day; you know, when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and it's like what the hell, my face gained five pounds. All together a not very happy day. Not to mentioned I am totally and utterly creeped out.

A filthy, and I mean FILTHY (I am not being rude, discriminative nor condescending, he really was), beggar came into the store today, and me being the sweet server I am, treated him with equal respect and courtesy. Big mistake.

At first it was fine, sure he stank like pee and sweat, so bad that my mother had to run back into the kitchen to avoid the smell. I felt sorry for the other customers, but we couldn't just make him leave seeing how he ate a lot of food (and paid up). He stayed for quite some time, and I was just all -fake- smiles and cheer, not that anyone really notices. I think I really do have a knack for acting. He stood up which I took for him leaving *yay* but instead came to the counter and asked for my name.

Beggar: What's your name?

Me: Uh *hesitate* [enter false name

Beggar: Nice to
meet you [false name].

He then holds out a hand.

My mind is racing, battling with my sense of righteousness and my arrogance. A tiny hesitation before I gently shake his hand and withdraw. He turns around and walks outside as I rush into the kitchen to wash my hand with soap. I really should have worn gloves on both hands instead of one.

Oh no, I thought I was rid of the man but here he comes, strolling back into the shop because he forgot to take his things. That unbearable stench, the looks he gives me freaks me out and I feel like running. He says over and over again "Bye bye [fake name]", "Thank you [fake name]", "A pleasure to meet you [fake name]". I am so glad I didn't give him my real name otherwise I'd be thoroughly spooked. Everytime he saw me looking in his direction he would wave and I'd nod sheepishly, turning away sharply and busying myself with something, anything. This goes on for awhile and I breathe a sigh of relief as he disappears from sight (after loitering ouside, he must have driven heaps of customers away).

When he is gone, it leaves me feeling incredibly bad. The beggar was just hideous. Every inch of my being was repulsed. My hair, my skin, my fingernails and clothes are as impeccable as I can get it to be. And he looked as though he hadn't showered in years.

It truly was disgusting.

And that in itself disgusted me; firstly, thinking like that is very rude. He chose this lifestyle (or maybe not...) and this is the way he's living, I should be pitying or sympathising.

The second thought that disgusted me was the fact that he had came on to me. He showed interest in me. I am...very much so astounded beyond belief. Now that I have time to reflect upon this incident, I feel tears threatening to shake me again.


No decent looking guy has ever hit on me besides my ex-boyfriends (and come on, they don't really count now do they, my girls?). Everyone else, where ever I am, I am leered at by ugly I-have-no-idea-what-nationality-they-are men at the station, old Asian men who barely speak English and all others that you would have no trouble turning down if the opportunity arises. Certainly it is my youth they desire, and perhaps even my womanly body. This is indeed a dangerous, despicable thought. These men have no idea they are 5 months shy of paedophilia.

Reality has yet to prove me otherwise.

I feel really sick right now. I feel like puking and sobbing.

N said I should get some pepper spray. He accepts being labelled as a creep since only creeps hit on me. He's such a sweetie.

Dear God,
Send me an angel,
Who loves me, adores me, worships me,
Who I can use, abuse and discard at my will.
Oops, you already have?


` S


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't know how to mend a relationship. Why? Simple. I've never broken one before.

So right now, I have no idea what to do...

I don't want to be in a broken relationship, but I don't know how to mend it so I'm no longer in one. I'm not good with people, I don't know what to do.
Despite any amount of academic prowess on my behalf, I have no life skills. None at all.

I can't even keep a positive relationship with my family who are freakin' obliged to love me.

Though...considering the fact that they're acting so cold, I don't even know if the relationship is worth mending or not...

I've noticed that I'm not a good friend as well...All I do is complain to the ones that I trust, and talk nonsense to the ones that I don't. I thought friends were more than that. This way, I'm just pushing the ones I like best away...

I'm whinging to you all now. Help, I don't know what to do.


Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Bored, Tired and Scared

Listening to: Supreme Logician - Lin
Reading: Deltora Quest 2
Wants: Money

So I feel like playing around and procrastinating.

Many things are weighing on my mind today. I had one of the best lectures ever; a guest from Canada, gave insight to the extremities of the internet, and that our generation take for granted the capabilities we have using this particular medium. Networking is one of the most amazing things, yet we have adapted almost effortlessly. But I shall not drone for too long on my lecture.

My fears are mature and I hope, reasonable. I fear depression.

I hear you, my readers, all groan in exasperation. But I am speaking of a different kind of depression.

We are all falling into the second Great Depression.

The baby boomers have doomed us, Generation Y and Z, all.

All this, the hard mental work put to University for the next 4-5 years, will be useless. We will come out of it jobless and back to square one - minimum wage. We won't be able to afford our mortgage and luxury goods, the economy will fall into recession. We will be poved.

And I really am scared of this more than anything in my life. As you know, I value my future have have hopes for it.

I fear my future is as blurred with darkness as it had always been. There is nothing I am horrified with more than being broke. What are we to do? We won't have jobs! Our life is going down the gutter! Damn you baby boomers!

And the problem is that Australians aren't giving birth. Generation Z has dwindling numbers, not enough to support the later greedy retirees.

The world truly is a dark, dark place during the Depression.

My tutor who looks like Brad Pitt has a cute ass.


The terrified-for-her-future,

` S


Sunday, May 11, 2008


I'm tired. We're tired.

It's okay, it's not Xion's fault. It's all mine.

I let everyone down, I'm the one who has a bad temper. I'm sorry I'm narcissistic and arrogant. I'm sorry I'm condescending. I'm sorry I think of everyone else so lowly.

I'm sorry I don't have my priorities right, I'm sorry I let my emotions carry me. I'm sorry I'm the person I am.
If I could change it, I would. But I can't.

I can't.

Let us sleep

Their world is ours. And my world is theirs.

I don't even know anymore. Why can't I live in a permanent dream? Why do I have to wake up and hurt others?

Just leave us to dream. We're too young to live in the real world.


Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there who deserve a little applause for giving birth to us wonderful kiddies. Cost of mummy’s love approval?

Blouse + belt: $40

Flowers for mum: $18

Flowers for Grandma: $8

The look on her face as she realises she's mistaken which shirt I bought for her since she didn't open the gift: priceless.

Thanks mum; I’ve always felt thankful you gave me life. Do you?



Saturday, May 10, 2008



無事に着いたら 便りでも欲しいよ

I wonder how is it like over there?
I want a letter or something when you arrive.

扉を開いて 彼方へと向かうあなたへ
この歌声と祈りが 届けばいいなぁ

Opening the door , you're heading to the beyond,
I wish to send this song and prayer to you.

雲ひとつないような 抜けるほど晴天の今日は
悲しいくらいに お別れ日和で

Without a piece of cloud, it's a shiny sunny day,
it's a sorrow that it's a good day for farewell,

ありふれた人生を 紅く色付ける様な
たおやかな恋でした たおやかな恋でした

My usual life, as if you're painting red,
it was a gentle love, it was a gentle love,


またいつの日にか 出会えると信じられたら
これからの日々も 変わらずやり過ごせるね

If I could believe we could meet again someday,
I could let go my days as it was.

扉が閉まれば このまま離ればなれだ
あなたの煙は 雲となり雨になるよ

When this door closes, we would get separated each other as we are,
your smoke will be change into clouds and rain.

ありふれた人生を 紅く色付ける様な
たおやかな恋でした たおやかな恋でした

My usual life, as if you're painting red,
it was a gentle love, it was a gentle love,



We all know, we all understand. All things die, all things end, all things are eventually dragged by time into the bottomless pits of non-existence.

Most of the time, it's easy to tell what died, who died. Most of the time when death occurs to something that is easily noted as alive.
But sometimes it's hard.

Was it friendship? Trust? Hope? Is it me? Is it them? Is it the project or is it...?

You guys all probably wonder why I attach myself to inanimate objects. Because they're objects. They're physical, they're easily identifiable.
How can I mourn something that I don't know exists?
Maybe it's about time I told you why I love Morte so much. Because he shares my birthday. Because you guys chose him, and gave him to me as a present. Because he represents the joyous times we shared together. The love the trust and the laughter.
Because I've chosen to leave myself behind. The girl that stood behind a mask to watch everyone suspiciously. The little girl who painted her abstract dreams in violet and black, she who chose carefully how to define herself through her history of mistrust in humans.
Now all the memories I've got left are happy ones of all of us together. And that's all I have left, so let me keep them in my childish ways...


Listening to: Mr Brightside - the Killers

Lately I've been busy, preoccupied. Stupid assessments...

Uni sucks cuz my marks suck leading to low self esteem yada yada...

Thursday night was another great shopping and Max Brenner night with S and Kebu (in part) we should do this more often XD.

That's all i bought and a pair of stockings and minglez bought 2 belts. And a Hungry Jacks Burger Stunner deal which was mostly eaten by Kebu anyway XD I had the cold cold burger several hours later at Max Brenner.

Random photo of paper Hermes fold up Kelly bag from the Hermes site. It's rather cute.

My sister has been my major hilarity today. While in the car I overheard her and her friend talking.. about the weirdest things.. rather trivial. The conversation is basically each asking the other which option they prefer. Some questions were as follows:
"Which would you prefer in your front garden, bonsais or fruit trees"
"Would you like big fancy lights on your ceiling or not fancy ones?"
"What type of Christmas lights would you hang outside, those ones that sparkle, those ones that blink or those ones that light up one by one?"
"If you had a Santa blow up thing in your front lawn would you want a big one or a little one?"

After much more of this I couldn't take it anymore.. I butted in with
"which would you prefer a black coffin or a brown coffin?"
my sister: a black coffin, a brown coffin is an old colour
me: .... you're dead... how much older can you get...

Another one while my sister asked me to put eye cream in her eye (she has a cyst there)
me: it's not getting much better
her: so.. it doesn't hurt anymore
me: it still looks ugly
her: it's not always what's on the outside that counts!
me: *in shock* Oh really?
her: yeah! you look really nerdy with your glasses!
me: so you're saying I'm not nerdy on the inside?
her: cuz on the inside you don't have glasses!

Okay okay I like lame jokes -.-

Argh I hate being a girl and being hormonal. I'm especially moody this week. Almost cried for no apparent reason several times , even while watching March of the Penguins... yes penguins make me cry now.. but indeed they were adorable!!! S you must watch! Btw I don't think I said this properly before but I TOLD YOU SERENA'S BROTHER IS GAY! XD


You know what I realised? Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. and sometimes doing the right thing doesn't mean you won't regret your decision. How do you know if you're about to make a big mistake? How do you know if the chance you didn't take, was your only one? And is there any room to turn back once you've made your choice.

The poster on my wall tells me that "it's not the chances you take but the choices you make." Perhaps I've taken the wrong chance but I'm about to make the right choice.

"It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss"




I hate it all. Fuck.

What is this?

Fuckity fuck.

No way in. Locked inside, locked outside in.

Mister, sir, may I come in?

Unbroken seals and chains to the earth; land bound, no strait.

There's an axe there, gleaming, take it. Chop, chop, chop.

Down it goes.

Watch the silences crash and thunder.

There's nothing there sir.




No hand reaches out to you.

The girl watched the whispering veil close in around her. The buzz of conversation floated in from the other side of the door, a quick, desperate hum. There was an audience to attend to.

"You look so beautiful!"

Empty, conventional words from a lack-witted bridesmaid.

"Where is he?"

The blatent glance exchanges contradicted the honey sweet simpers of bustling, immature girls in silvery lilac satin.

She sought the dark hanging of the Maid of Honour.

"He'll...be here. Soon. I'm sure of it."

"This is your day."

I hold no claim over this particular date, as much as any other bride. What damp spirits.


What is this feeling?

Why do I feel nauseous? I'm feeling nauseous.

The brats giggled as they stepped into the resonating hall with a flutter. The Maid of Honour gave her one last, quick kiss before leaving her too.

There was a slight knock; her legally named father with a swift arm movement was by her side, escorting the automatic doll to her present. The door openeds and they stiffly walked out.

Music filled the air immediatedly.

Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu.

Fitting, she thought bitterly, taking tiny steps towards the gold up front. Her mother cried. Her friends cried. Everyone looked at her adoringly. It was a poor sight.

Qui tollis peccata mundi dona eis requiem.
Dona eis requiem.

The footsteps faltered and paused. She looked enquiringly at her father figure.

"Where is he?"

There was detectable hesitation.

"It's just traffic. He'll be here very soon."

She continued her journey.

She started to cry.

Agnus dei, agnus dei, agnus dei, agnus dei.

Ice. Gripping ice. The room fell cold and desolate despite the warm hues of idle decorations.

It had already been half an hour. The guests frowned and gossiped. Nobody smiled, but held solemn expressions on their prettied up faces.

News in its hated form arrived.

The man's suit did not look like church wedding attire.

"I'm sorry."

"Read it."

The envelope, neatly sealed and untarnished dropped to the aisle. There were no words needed.

Sempiternam. Sempiternam.

Instant uproar.


The note was soon lost to nature taking it's toll upon the earth. The white became part of the grey landscape. She staggered and lost a white suede heel to the mud. The tempest has little mercy on the forlorn figure disappearing from her guests and her wedding.

She came to the road and stopped.

Raindrops were tears and scars were the rising dirt upon prestine.

She gasped for breath, throwing off the corset. The cold made me scream, she swore and cried.

A weeping child.

Her head downcast, as was my soul.

Staring into I.

Do you remember what it was like to have it all taken away?

M, the equilibrium stays on delicate balance.

I want to tip it.

But I won't.

Do you remember?

I feel myself ripping my mind into shreds.


` S


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I don't care anymore

Uni is fucking killing me.

No, seriously.

Yesterday I had a major assignment due, it wasn't that I started late, but it was a really rushed course - fitting a whole topic in 4 weeks with only 1 lesson each week.
I had a full day from 9 to 6. We actually went overtime to around 6:40pm because of our final project. By around 5:30 I was starting to get a headache.
Now I realise that it was due to stress.
A shitload of stress.
I ended up with cramps and aches everywhere, nausea, and the general urge to just throw myself in front of a train.
On the train, I knew that I couldn't walk home in this state without getting hit by a car or something, so I called my dad.
Now, I have this self-imposed ban on asking help from my parents. Dumb, but hey. So it was hard for me to do that.
I contemplated it once on a really God-forsakenly-cold Monday, but I put my phone back as soon as I took it out. I'm that stubborn.

When I got home, the first thing I did was go to bed. I didn't even have dinner or a shower. I didn't even get changed.
I woke up at 2am wondering wtf was happening, realised, and went back to sleep.



Sunday, May 4, 2008


B got an LJ.

=====> http://butterflycoffin.livejournal.com/ <=====

LJ is a horrible ugly thing that I promised myself never to get and I'm getting better at breaking promises.

Don't worry, my one and only blog is this one =) I'm planning on using that ad-infested thing to host my pictures so I can post them here >w<

Anyway, makes it easier to stalk the two that didn't join Grongbits =)


May I Present...

Listening to: Reclusion - Anberlin (LOVE THIS)
Reading: The Key to Rondo - Emily Rodda
Wants: Cream/grey thin woven scarf.

Duchess Serena the Sentient of Lower Bumhampton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Baroness Midori the Expensive of Molton St Anywhere
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Lady Madame Butterfly the Rustic of Menzies on the Minges
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His Excellency Kebu the Canine of Heffton St Mallet
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I'm bored and procrastinating.

Why am I the only one posting anything?


` S


Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Trip Down Jimmy Choo Lane

Good evening, fashionistas. I come bearing news - and shopping goods. But all that comes later because I'm going to do a mind dump of amusing things that has happened in the last couple of days.

Thursday, we had a short discussion about "buttsecks" in Screen Media. Seriously. I don't think my tutor appreciated it much since it was about HIM. I'll start from the beginning. My tutor was a conscript during WWII but he chickened out and fled the country to London and wasn't able to return until 10 years later. He posed a question to us: Would we go back and serve 2 years in jail, or stay in London and wait for that fateful knock on the door when the cops come to drag you home? He stayed and lived in fear. The 'feminist' in my class said she'd rather just take jailtime and risk butt sex; needless to say the class laughed. And the trade old "don't drop the soap" phrase was mentioned.


Today. Walked to Town Hall and passed the new Jimmy Choo store. Had a nice bag on display, but I don't like the colour. It was khaki. Walked passed the Louis Vuitton store and died at the sight I saw.

It was a green
Tahitienne bag. Base colour was a pale lime green. Monogram was a dark forest green. Straps and all were white.

It was to die for.

It was the most gorgeous green, and you know how hard it is to find a decent green around here.
Anyway, outside work there seems to be a film going on because there were trucks and trailers with the name of the actor/presenter/host on it, not to mention several hangers in the dressing room. Interesting. Who is
Ben Stevenson?

Oh and I'm not kidding. Click the link. The other two 'celebrities' match up.

I'm sick. 5 days and counting. I've lost half my sense of taste, and effectively, smell too. I love ginger beer. I could finall taste chips. Lasted only an hour.

I like Asian double eyelids better than Caucasian double eyelids. I find that my eyes curve more elegantly and some people have really big double eyelids and it actually looks chunky.

I'm being random.

My boobs look fake. Normal people have an even slope from neck to chest. Mine just bulge. The look like implants. Nice, but fake looking. I'm sad. I'm so narcisstic. I like staring at myself in the mirror and picking out my imperfections. For some reason, I look might fine today...almost sexy. I am definitely sticking to perms from now on.

So on to my shopping goodies for today.

Seamless undies. I don't know why I'm posting this...

White long sleeve work blouse from SES. It was $20, so not bad. It's the Winter equivalent of my Miss Shop one. It looks a lot better on me.

Another Valleygirl product. This one is a blazer/jacket, but I'm not too sure about the colour and all. I just don't know. I do like it =/ Too lazy to put up a picture.
Alas, I show the other side of me. The nerdy, bookish side. My love of literature and stories. Other than makeup, I horde books, especially hardback, to add to my expanding collection.
Left to right: Isabel Allende - The Sum of My Days (sequel to autobiography Paula), Emily Rodda - The Key to Rondo, Emily Rodda (I'm a fan) - Deltora Quest 2.

My mother's other shirt she gave me. It didn't post up before. It's red!

My lovely Mary Janes. Curiosity and the cat.

She likes to sniff unfamiliar things. Freya crawled into a plastic bag today. I grabbed it and picked it up where Porkie started to carry her around while she was wrapped inside. Animal cruelty.

Fuzz and fur ball. With a tiara.


Over and out, ` S


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Girl Life and Gossip

Good morning Inner West Sydneysiders, Serena here. Your one and only blog whore and dominatrix*.

Today is late night shopping Thursday, and we all know we'd like to kick back, sip on some champagne (or straight vodka) and dabble in chit-chat and chocolate fondue at Max Brenner.
My favourite thing to do is go shopping on my way home from university. You can hardly expect me to skip this opportunity! Kingswood is a long way away.

It was Kebu's idea so we met at the usual Borders. I felt like a burger; ads really do work when you have cravings. I kept seeing the Hungry Jack whooper ads floating in my head as I weaved through to Maccas. Hardly the same thing but burgers nonetheless. Kebu had bought that bag I told him to from Hype. It looks nice. Very good size for Kendo.

So, what exactly did I buy?

This is the grey 'thing' I was talking about. I personally like it. It may or may not have something to do with Blair Waldorf.

I've always wanted a pencil skirt. A proper black one. And now I know why. This lovely thing officially makes me an hourglass/vase figure. Thanks B! So glad I'm not a cello. M I reckon pencil skirt's aren't for you. Instead, you need something with more sweep, like a body hugging skirt that flicks out at the end in a fishtail way. That would look better on you.

The shirt that I totally adored. The colour, the exquisite and feminine pattern in silver, grey and sky blue, the scrunch at the end, the elegant swirls. The only bad thing is that it is very low cut, showing off the assets I'd rather keep private. I loved the back too, I thought it was the front at first.

Hair and accessories are very hot with me right now, and I am gravitating towards anything with bows or bands. Cute ne?

These are some goodies from mother's closet. She was having a clean out on Sunday and I snagged some goodies.
An old red, plain dress. I intend to fix it up a little to make it my size.

My Freya is a gorgeous lady. I felt like getting a tiara. So what did I do?

Green! It looks quite good on me.

Cute bag that's been sitting in my room for awhile. I have no idea how it got there, it was just there one day. I finally have something decently summery for the beach! Note how it is winter and all my new clothes are flimsy.

Excuse the messy room and bed.

* Term lovingly coined by B. You know you love me, B ;D *wink wink!*


` S