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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry I'll um post tomorrow eek!

Been looking for jobs + going out =(


Monday, June 29, 2009

JAS-ed Party!

Today was the celebration of Johnson, Anna and Sherin's birthday.




I slept in and arrived late.

All the food was gone.


However we sitll managed to play some games, laugh, get burnt by the warm sun...

Before the BBQ though, I made macaroni and cheese for breakfast (good thing I did, I got hungry) and right as I was leaving the house I checked my mail to find this!!!!:

EEEKK!! My ebay item and my first* designer item of clothing!!!

Alannah Hill "Too Tired to Fake It Story", Size 10

100% silk with very delicate sequins. It's so pretty (to me anyway).

I immediatedly opened it and tried it on, but to my utter dismay found it to be too small!! I couldn't button it up properly mainly because I didn't want to stretch such a delicate top. It may be silk but it still feels fragile.

It actually didn't look so bad when I got home and tried it on with a camisole.

Picture makes me look fatter and uglier than it really is I swear T_T And it's still a bit too small. I suppose I will still wear it, but it won't look as nice as a size 12 or even 14.

Arriving extremely late to the party (I didn't realise they had pushed back the time for the party. You guys really made it last minute because I was on Facebook until like, 1-2am and still didn't see it T_T), I met JY and her friend on the bus. Sydney Buses made everyone get prepaid tickets which started last week so no more buying tickets from the bus driver during weekdays, but the people selling them at Belmore Park were so nice! I told them where I was going and they asked me if I was going to "the party" and I said yes and gave them my sweetest smile! They knew exactly what was going on :O They even told me which bus to take, and when it came they shouted for me to hurry and run to catch it! So nice! I ran for it and waved back at them.

Why can't all bus drivers/security/people in this field be like this mah T_T

Well, after squelching through grass and mud at Centennial Park I arrived and made Maria wave frantically and look like an idiot =p

And then there was Twister. And with it, a multitude of giggles.

Lucky Vivian there had another shirt underneath.

Then things got a bit more complicated.

And more complicated LOL. Wow that is an awesome leg twist.

They always look adorable.

Whereas Maria hates taking photos and would rather CLAW YOUR FACE RAAAWWRRR!!


Awkward posing because he doesn't know what else to do but wave.

I called out to Lily and she looked up, gave me a sheepish smile. Her expression clearly says "uh...are you taking a photo of ME?".

Maria soaks up some much needed sun. And felt like being a starfish.

Then we played pass-the-parcel, dare style. The had an ipod hooked up to a speaker and practically 3 parcels filled with dares that people had to do. Most of them involving wasabi.

This is one of the birthday girls being terrified of her own game. Lol poor Sherin.

And then it stopped at Denise but she threw it quickly at Soondoos so they decided to share it.

They had to eat marshmallows off "the tree". Easy. Denise cheated and used her hand.

Way to go Soondoos!

Ok everyone, meet this guy:

The first brave, brave soldier who did his extreme dare faithfully unlike SOME people. Eating wasabi from bread is not that brave.

Eating a whole, raw onion, is something.

Mystery guy whose name I don't know, I applaud you for sticking to the rules.

Viet-in-a-tree. He had to hug it, but instead he climbed it too o_O

Guy number 2. His dare: hump the person to your right = Sherin HAHAHAHA. He refused to do it.

In the end, someone hailed him to his feet and dragged and dumped him on top of Sherin. She looked quite uncomfortable after =/

Then after presents and the pinata, I went home with B and Maria :D

Oh, one more thing.



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steak Night

Omg Yay my exams are OVER!!!

The past few days (during exams) I've had about 3hrs sleep every night...

Monday: slept for 3hrs
Tuesday: nap for 30min and sleep for 3hrs
Wednesday: Nap for 1hr and sleep for 3hrs
Thursday: nap for 2hours and sleep for 2.5hrs.

But luckily after exams I didn't feel so dead and went to Cabramatta to get my hair cut! Nothing much changed just my hair is more layered and the dead/split ends are cut off. I'm too terrified for change now.... Was at the hair dressers until 7pm although my exam finished at 12! There was a huge line and understaffed. (I shopped around for a bit and then waited ages, Luckily I saw Fiona and we chatted for ages the line was huge, she was getting her hair straightened.)

First day of holidays! Slept last night at 2am (dunno how I was able to after only 3hrs of sleep every night -.-) as I was watching Boys Over Flower on my laptop in bed.

Woke up this morning by S at 11am from a message but stayed in bed until 1am! (I think I fell asleep though cuz I don't remember it being that long...) Watched some more drama on my laptop before finally getting up. Since I was early (before I was suppose to go out) I put make up on =) Weee I haven't felt decent in many many days with exams...

Last night I put a green face mask cream on and then a face mask tissue on and a shower cap and I didn't want to get the stuff on my hair that was just straightened! I looked scary XD Showed it to D and he said I still looked pretty XDDD This morning like 90% of my pimples disappeared including a big red one =) and my skin was so nice I was stroking my face while I was in bed... >.>

Went out by 3pm and waited at the bus stop for 20mins cuz I misread the timetable -.-

After I was there for a minute or two this girl comes along and sits down next to me. She was quite pretty like she had black hair like The Veronicas. Where there's more volume at the top and very long at the bottom but layered. She had a cake of make up on too. She played with her phone mostly but looked up at the street from time to time.

In the span of less than 20mins 8 cars beeped as they went past. I am guessing 99% of them were at her cuz I wasn't even looking up for the first 10mins XD. EIGHT cars.... 1 shouted out the window. After the first 8 cars I started to look up as well to see if I can tell who they're beeping at XDDD One guy smiled at me and another waved XD The beeps can't tell cuz they drive too fast to see -.- But pfft sif I could attract 8cars. Damn pretty people....

Anyway it wasn't that cold today (during exam times I wore like 4 layers cuz got up so early in the morning)

My cardigan shrank in the wash -.- I put it into spin cycle to dry it a bit before hanging out the wash and it shrank! It's my cousins =)

Do my eyes look bigger!!???

Finally got a chance to wear my ebay wedges out of the house today $11.04 including shipping! ($1.04 without!). They're 10cm high on the back and 2cm on the front. Quite comfy! Ignore my fat leg >.> I'm not a fan of the colour much but they're T bar (something I've been looking for) and wedges! Bu they're quite comfortable and deceivingly light =) More comfortable than heels half the size that aren't wedges.

I totally fell though at home when I was running way too fast down the stairs... I forgot it takes shorter distance to go down a step in higher heels than no heels.. and fell down 3 steps -.- It was okay after that fall though XD

Oh yeh I went to meet my bf since I haven't seen him in 3weeks cuz of exams =(. We went after his work and walked around Westfields for a while looking for his games and my sister's birthday present. After we went to Toscanis to eat dinner.

His Chicken risotto. I think S, Josh and I once had risotto too and the chicken one didnt look like this =\ But this was quite nice.

I was craving steak so I got this rump steak with mushroom sauce and veges for $19.95. I am not a fan of uncooked meat so I chose well done but the boy kept telling me off and saying I will get a hard chewy piece of crap steak T_T so I went and changed it and it was red inside T_T luckily the sauce and dim lights masked up the colour so I was less afraid of eating it XD It was so yummy though! Omg best value Toscanis thing ever!

Table 31!

The boy got a proper printed plastic badge today for work and he was so happy XD Not one of those print name on a sheet of paper and insert in. It was a proper badge with the letters printed onto a plastic and in colour as well!

Afterwards we went to Max Brenner (cuz I crave) for a drink.

Table 36!

We boht wanted the Peanut Butter Iced Chockie and it was so delish. A little lacking in peanut butter but it was pretty good =)

The peanut butter flavour may have been masked by this little chocolate lick I got cuz I craved Max Brenner chocolate XD. Yum yum!

Boy looks so happy here =)

I drew a smiley =)

I missed you baby =) (OMG WRINKLES ON MY HEAD!!??)

Afterwards we were pretty stuffed and a bit sick of choclate. We couldnt even finish the drink -.- It was a few minutes before 7 then and D had a bus at 7 or he could take the one in an hour at 8 and i had one at 7:30.

Guess whether he chose to have me wait 30mins or have him wait 30mins T_T?


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is totally studying....

So does anyone else have really really boring lecturers on really interesting subjects? I had 8am molecular biology and genetics lectures with a typical old professor lecturer dude. It was so early and his voice was so boring I ALWAYS fell asleep in his lectures. I don't even know why I bothered to wake up for them -.-.

Anyway I'm studying now and relistening to his audio cuz his subject is on stem cells and other stuff I wont bother explaining that are recent and aren't in textbooks.

While listening I learnt this: Did you know to make transgenic animals they perform vasectomies on many male mice O_O. Poor poor things. Did you also know that every single time a female mice mates it thinks it's pregnant XD. So how does this all fit together. Well they get sterile male mice and make it "mate" with the female mice who starts making sure it's ovaries and such stuff in its uterus are ready for the baby it thinks it's having. Now scientists need those perfect conditions to implant eggs into the mice to make it produce more mice that express different genes yadayada etc. An the only way to do that is to have sterile male mice make the female mice "pseudo pregnant"

Haha I find it so funny a yet sad >.> I wonder who does these vasectomies...

"It's too big, it's too wide
It's too strong, it won't fit
It's too much, it's too tough
He talk like this 'cause he can back it up"





I Am Broke

I am cleaning out my closet (ok bad Eminem reference here) so I'm going to be giving away/selling some things and you guys are free to pick whatever you want if you want it xD

So first off are some accessories such as hats and jewellery that I no longer wear or never worn, etc. I'll provide a description of course.

First up is a fluffy black beret.

Never been worn, as new.
It is very fluffy and the nib at the top is there but covered by the fur.

Brown ripped cabbie.

Never been worn, as new.
Has random ruffled and ripped areas and has a pretty swirly design on it. It's actually a different colour that flash washed out, so the brown is richer with some splotches of lighter brown.

Beige cabbie.

Worn many times so it's second hand.
Creamy beige with black lines.

Black cabbie, large size.

Worn once, as new.
Black, velvety and soft material. It's really loose and big, slightly bigger than my head but it will sit on it.

Blue beaded and pearl necklace.

Worn once, as new.
Blue beads with fake pearls, quite cute.

Black bead and silver necklace.

Worn once, as new.
Large black beads with chain necklace and diamante leaf-shaped beads.

I wonder if anyone wants stuff like this >_> Would I even be able to sell it on ebay? Otherwise I'll just have to sell it for 99c and see. Shipping is gonna cost more than the item itself.

Give me a holler if anyone wants anything.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bye Bye Gym Bag

This is my first item I am selling on ebay. I need funds! How exciting, I hope it sells for higher xD



Monday, June 15, 2009


I blame Midori for my current obsession with eBay. I log on every day, along with getting on Facebook to play Restaurant City, to look at the items I am watching and find cheap thrills that I might want to buy.

Yet for some reason, I still feel too lazy to do anything about my wardrobe. When it's time to clear it out I used to be so enthusiastic but now, nothing. In fact, I kinda dread it. I look at eBay because it doesn't require physical work. I can browse with a click of a button rather than the clink of hangers. I wonder if this is how most women feel when they are married with kids and stop worrying about their appearance; obviously they have more important things to worry about.

I am neither married nor have kids!!!

So what is wrong with me?!?

Someone PLEASE invite me out for lunch or something and keep my mind on the more material things in life. I am too young to settle down! At the risk of spending money, I would rather be bankrupt and dip into my emergency funds than be matronly!

I am thoroughly abusing exclamation marks it seems.

BUT I AM STRESSED OKAY?! And it has nothing to do with exams.

Oh what has my life become :(


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Hate Things That Don't Autosave

Finished my last and ONLY exam for the semester! Now I have until the end of July to bum around and do nothing HAHAHAHAHA! I was forced to wake up at an UNGODLY HOUR of 5am so I can get to my exam which starts at 8:30am. When I left the house it was still bloody dark.

Sun-bloody-RISE at Westmead.

It's been a very very long time since I last saw the sunrise.

Me looking extremely tired and haggard at 7am.

Actually I spend the afternoon shopping then took a loooooong nap and made N impatient and log off MSN to go to sleep =/ He thinks I'm still mad at him from yesterday, but I'm not because everyone knows that I never hold a grudge and things solve themselves after I have my beauty sleep!

So I am now plucking my unruly eyebrows, which I haven't done in...such a very long time (I really stopped caring about my looks when I go to uni, seriously) and wow. Just. Holy crap. I need to expend more time to groom myself.

Drawing in my eyebrows so I know the general shape and where to pluck.

Ta-da! Looking groomed!

I really need to do something about my dark circles that make me look like I'm 25.

Tomorrow's agenda includes a foot soak with Dettol, because I have a hunch my feet are starting to smell wtf.

I'm also starting to come down with a cold despite all the vitamins and supplements I am taking. Winter is not my friend.

I think I should also invest in a straightener so I can curl or straighten my hair on bad hair days. Midori, I need IN WRITING what brand yours is and how much because if you tell me again I'll just forget it, again. Butbut, that means I'll need to work very very hard in order to afford one. N coming to Sydney is really making my wallet cry -_-

Ahh my $900 Rudd money...all gone...

PS. Will edit this post with pictures when I upload them.

EDIT: Backlogging!

EDIT: Back to finishing this post.

Last week we went to Lindt Cafe after my work and had yummy macarons (steer away from the chocolate flavoured onces unless you feel like eating crunchy brownies, I recommend rose and champagne and Midori recommends passionfruit). Then we walked through Pitt St Mall to Town Hall station where I bought a ring from Diva because M convinced me to and it was $3. Sales are the best.

Lookit it's a birdy! My new signature!

On Saturday, I went to the city again with mother and her friend Amy since I didn't have work due to the long weekend, not that there's any business anyway. I needed food and wanted to go to On Ramen but mother thought I was tlaking about the sushi place at the Arcade along the tram tracks passed Belmore Park. We ate good sushi which I forgot the name of the shop, it's opposite Capitol in case you need further directions.

I must say, whoever said that place was expensive was either a liar or a cheapskate.

It was around the same price as all other sushi trains, only the quality was heaps better. The seafood was definitely fresh and delicious and the presentation was lovely. This place is actually run by Japanese patrons unlike most sushi places owned by Koreans o_O

Oh and the giant fish tank in the middle of the restaurant is cool.

After lunch (also known as Serena's breakfast) Amy wanted to go Market City to look at some Asian clothes and of course I dragged them to De Lourve and of course I bought a pair of shoes that Midori thought was a ripoff. Lol. I must agree with her since they were around $70 and it was 20% off T_T That's the only thing I hate about De Lourve.

There was a red tartan with black wedge one and a red, green and black tartan with black wedge but the women thought they looked too schoolgirl-y (I WANT to look younger damnit) and they persuaded me to get the white ones since it looks like Spring/Summer and would go better on me. I shouldn't have listened, they don't suit anything in my wardrobe whereas the black wedges would be much more versatile! Grr.

We ended up walking around and bought a shirt from yd. for Porkie. I had to call him to ask what size he was at yd. xD

Then we ended up shopping at Supre which is Amy's favourite store, but I personally find it really expensive. Although I did manage to get a 3/4 sleeve basic black shirt $12 which is ultra flattering on me (unlike my grey one, now I have to use it as pjs) and a dress made entirely of lace $30, great for layering with a belt. I paid for these myself though *wallet cries*.

Because Freya is actually a monkey called Curious George and can not help herself in the presence of things with holes.

After walking around in Market City trying on more shoes we ended up walking to QVB. We went into Coach and there were a few bags that looked alright, but overall I don't really like Coach. Then we went into Oroton and mother wanted the umbrella and it was on sale for $35!! That is SUCH an expensive umbrella =/

Eventually we made our way to Louis Vuitton and we couldnt see anything we liked, the leather bag I wanted that's like $4000 wasn't on display anymore so we left and went into Gucci.

The sales. Oh god, the sales drive Asians manic.

This is the second time in 2 years that I've seen people queuing to get into Gucci. And frankly, I hate Gucci. I really really hate Gucci. There was only one bag I liked back then and it was sold out when I went back to buy it. After that, I just hated Gucci. The styles are ugly, the leather is inferior to my Linea Pelle and overpriced, plus there are thousands of Asian women who tote around a Gucci monogram bag that it's become worse than LV. At least LV would never cheapen their reputation by putting on a sale.

*sticks snobby nose in the air*


On Monday during shopping after my exam, I bought some aloe vera gel which is a popular American brand but so expensive!!! And some expensive shampoo too boohoo.

I think the aloe vera is working. My skin does feel a bit smoother and not as dry, but it could also be the fact that I've been staying at home everyday. As for the shampoo, this brand makes the BESTBESTBEST conditioner that smells abso-fucking-amazing. Scuse my swearing today, I don't know what's up with me.

Everyone, go look for the Redken conditioner in the gold bottle called All Soft.

It is the best conditioner in the world (it better be, at $26!!). It has flecks of gold glitter in it too o.O

I also managed to cook a few nights ago, Sunday I think. I made salmon and cream pasta which was a failure. Don't try to substitute cream with LOW FAT MILK. However, red wine makes everything taste fabulous and sweet.

Yeah. I'm gonna end this post here. Time to soak my feet in Dettol wtf.