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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where to Find Bargains...

I thought I covered this a bit in the previous post but continuing from that post is too long.. so I started a new post!

and S I thought I told you a few places already over MSN!

Anyway continuing on:

There is no passing up Diva for cheap accessories. The non sale items are a tad expensive at times but once sales are on it's hooray! Usually Diva sales are those "buy one get 2nd one half price" or "buy one get one free" or "$5/$3 and under." Wait for the $5/$3 and under sales. But you gotta be lucky to get to the sales during the first week it comes on sale or some stuff like rings run out of sizes/styles. Diva also recently opened an online store: Diva

I think I mentioned before that Supre had some nice belts. Other chain stores like ValleyGirl also are starting to stock up on some nice accessories/belts for cheap prices. Since they're mostly for clothes a lot of people don't seem to check out the accessories section and miss out.

I love Freelance which is on level 2 at Parramatta Westfields. I don't know if it's a chain store or not but they have a pretty nice selection of flats for about $40-$50. They also always have a Sales section where previous items (from about a month ago) end up usually at about 20% off. You can usually find some nice heels for about $45-$80 but I always have crappy luck with shoe sizing during sales.

I also quite like Wanted. They also always seem to have a constant sales rack but I hate the heels on sale. I've bought 2 pairs of flats from them though. Zu currently has sales on a lot of shoes. It stocks massive chunky heels which are my favourite!! Also I always check out places like Nine West, Wittner and Aldo waiting to fish a bargain. It's dangerous though sometimes to go into these stores as yesterday I fell in love with a $179.95 pair of heels at Wittner.

I hate Rubi shoes.

I try to shop around (westfields parramatta) when trying to find clothes and try not to stick to one place. I like Level 2 for their consistently cheap stuff. I forget what that stores called... It's on the path facing Dymocks bookstore. It's sort of opposite Platypus shoe store. Anyway it's run by Asians and has some forgettable shop name. It stocks a lot of 'trendy' items like ripped jeans, cropped tops, floral, studs, lace etc. Most dresses that are new stock are about $40 but sometimes they go on sale for $20 and that's when I buy them. It's opposite this other Asian store "Made in USA" which is shit.

When I'm not in a rushed mood I'll usually survey the whole 2nd floor but otherwise I visit stores where I'll frequently find something. Cotton On and I have a bored-interested relationship. Sometimes I buy a lot of stock, other times I go months without finding anything interesting. I like their T-shirts and their cardigans most as they're layerable and easy to throw on. They also have some nice skirts at times.

That new copycat store @Topshop has some really cheap stuff. I've bought 1 dress from there which was really versatile. I guess if you don't mind crappy quality and squishy people and racks too close together then it's alright.

I hate that cheap store, Tightrope at times. But I have bought my favourite floral skirt there at a crazy price of $35 when they sell stuff for $2. I absolutely hate the change room curtains though. I like to avoid stores with those high to the ceiling curtains that require much tugging and get me in a bad mood before changing.

I dunno why I don't like going into Jeans West or Just Jeans or Jay Jays much. SES I also hate. Especially the Parramatta store. I just feel angry everytime I step into that store. But the other day with Serena I bought a top there while in a good mood but not at the Parramatta store. Also Jay Jays although their jeans are cheap at $39 or was it $49. Waiting for sales for better labeled jeans is a lot better. I bought a pair of Jay Jays black skinny jeans the other day just because my Crush said I don't wear jeans so I had my eyes peeled for a pair of jeans. I should not have wasted that money because I ordered a Sydney based designer's jeans (Trash Tusa) online for $50 from over $150 RRP. Trash Tusa is stocked in Zero stores. It should arrive tomorrow in the mail hopefully or latest Monday (hope they fit!). So yeh if you aren't desperate for jeans troll places with a range of branded jeans for sales.

Places like Forever New, Portmans, Bardot and General Pants make me happy when I find a sale item I love. (Oh these places also stock some cool accessories. I love Portman's more stylish/sophisticated accessories. And Forever New has some really pretty clothes, lots of floral, cocktail dresses, lace, whites and creams and pinks. There's also always a sales rack which has some nice sale items. Sadly I rarely find anything I like from the sales rack as they mostly go through a "Last Chance" rack first and by the time it gets to the sales rack a lot of the stuff is damaged especially since a lot of their stuff has sequins and delicate parts that are easily damaged.

Bardot Sales are so awesome. When they're super super cheap like less than $20 all the girls go crazy. There is clothes EVERYWHERE on the floor... shoved in randomly. They also squish all the clothes hangers in until it's overstuffed so coat hangers stick out everywhere and urgh it's a mess. Almost makes me hate sales.

Oh I also like Forcast. They have some pretty blouses. Last time I bought 2 for $50. I think they always have a small sales rack. The stores next to it (forget their names also has some good stuff).

I like General Pants. They have a wide selection of small Australian designers. I don't know if it's just lately but it seems they've had sales for a really long time.... so maybe they always have a permanent display sales rack. They have a really relaxed feel to their clothes (eg. all that slouchy gear I bought before).

Oh I also like that really slutty store I think it's on level 3 or 4 in Westfields Parramatta. It's next to a formal store I think near the lifts. It has a rack outside it's door. All the mannequins wear really slutty dresses with cut outs and low backs and low fronts and too many sequins and too tight and too short. Yes I know such words exist in my dictionary haha. I never venture past the first rack at the very front. The first rack stocks some cheap $20ish items from Mink Pink. I love Mink Pink, if only I can hoard more.

Um... what other stores do I love. I'm really bad with store names so yeh... other stuff I buy I buy randomly from random stores around the city and such and I don't recall where it is I bought it or it's from a chain store readily found in Parramatta Westfields. If I set out to shop and want to achieve this then I always go Parramatta Westfields because I like shopping in shopping centres, I can turn around and buy it stuff later on if I change my mind!

My Crush has said he doesn't like shorts or skirts high waisted, he doesn't see why I put so much emphasis on high heels and he prefers tight clothing (Pfft typical guy). But then when I look at him with something in my hands or tell him I'm going to wear so and so that he doesn't like he just gives me a sigh and says I can wear whatever I like. HAHAHAHA.

The other day I said I wanted to buy a tutu to wear around normally. At first he was like "wtf?? Even to Uni??" In the end he said he'll have to buy me some ballet flats to suit then. I think I'm awfully kind too that I let him wear his singlets and shorts and almost cargo style shorts. See very tolerant too!

Btw yesterday I fell in love with these shoes. Has anyone ever seen something at the shops and it's just taken your breath away and you don't quite understand why? Well I was browsing Wittner for fun at Bondi Junction. I surveyed the whole store and then I saw it... the prettiest pair of shoes attracting me... Now usually I'm not a suede girl since I think it dirties easily.. but when I saw these... I wanted them so much!! They were $179.95 which is WAAAAY too much considering i recently spent $300+. It was a love that happened under the worst of circumstances...

They are so comfortable as well. After I got home I couldn't stop thinking about them... and today at work I kept thinking about them..(dare say more than my Crush wtf). After work i devised a clever plan for my dad to take me to Westfields so I could buy some Aloe Vera Gel for my sunburn. He said there was a Woolworths near work not at Westfields but I persisted and said I wasn't going Woolworths to find it... When I got to Westfields I bought the gel from Woolworths in their new self serve counter. Then ran (literally) to the Wittner store 2 floors down. There I grabbed the pair I've been thinking about for a day and asked the lady for my size. The shoe is so new in fact the one in my size had never been tried on and was wrapped up very very nicely... I slipped them on my feet and stood up in them. They were very comfortable. Sadly I placed them back and sneaked 2 photos on my phone for myself to daydream about...

Maybe I do have a shopping problem. Should I buy them?


Monday, January 25, 2010

My Summer Essentials

I wanted to do this post like.. over a month ago cuz I was so excited about Summer and all these summery clothes! Now I'm bored and looking forward to Autumn my favourite season! But I'm in a particular shopping mood after spending about $300 in the past 2 days..... So I thought I'll do a shopping post/how to be a bargain hunter/what I liked to wear this summer post.

My outfit while shopping and getting a good bargain. I find being in something comfortable and easy to take on and off is so helpful when shopping XD And if I like what I wear then I feel in a better shopping mood. I wear literally no jewellery when shopping incase I lose it while changing.
Too many photos after the jump:

Oh I DIY these pants. Spent MANY hours painstakingly ripping them with a blade (I feel I overdid it a little though) but the pants were old ones that had a bit of bleach on the butt. I am thinking of studding the back pocket but the thought of using another blade scares my fingers.

I was almost starting to get sick of wearing this T-shirt 5/7 days a week but I added my zipper bow and viola I now wear it all week long.

I went to General Pants Co the other day as I knew they were having a sale (from briefly browsing but not trying anything on on Thursday). I got in and went crazy trying on half a dozen items. These ones I bought:

Stussy sheer shirt. I like this I wanted a sheer shirt like this for ages! It'll go good with bikini at the GC when it gets cold =). $40.

I like my belt so super cheap $7.50. It's a bit emo/punk to incorporate into what I normally wear since most of my stuff is already a bit grungy but cheap. I got it at Supre which has amazingly cheap belts usually ranging from $10- $22 but when they're on sale they're only about $7.50-$12. They also have sizing for their belts so they actually fit me properly!! At @Topshop today I also saw some nice waist belts. Also I bought a belt from Ice before too for cheap although that store has the sluttiest clothing ever. Don't get me wrong I also hate Supre but I like their belts.

Shorts are from Forever New. I love that store. It has a lot of girly pretty stuff but not cheap enough for my bargain hunting self so I usually shop in the sale's section. Forever New recently had a massive massive sale where everything was like $20 but the store was a mess and massive queue outside the change rooms plus my mum was waiting so I didn't buy or try on anything but they had a nice watercoloured tulip skirt that I wanted! These shorts surprisingly weren't in the Sales section but they were relatively cheap at about $30 I think.

Brown/Grey Insight Blazer. It's a size 12 I think. The shoulders fit me alright though and it's light and just right for autumn/spring. Since i got such a large size for me it fits loosely like boyfriend blazer! $40.

Grey slouchy Stussy Cardigan. I really liked this the moment I saw it. It's thin enough to add a coat over for winter but comfy and warm enough to lounge around at home, put over a dress when it gets chilly at night etc. $50.

I like how it's super slouchy/long at the back

Infact so slouchy and the buttons are a bit weird I can wear it upside down for batwing sleeves!

Grey oversized Agent Ninetynine T-shirt. The moment I showed this to anyone their jaws dropped open with a "WTF??" expression on their face. My brother models the extreme rectangular-ness of this dress/shirt... (he only let me take a photo after I said I'll put a face mask on him). Even my dad was curious enough to put it on for a few seconds. My sister spent minutes prancing around in it.

However I saw the enormous potential of it being a dress!!

It could be off shoulder, low back or low front dress! I could even wrap it around as a scarf or shawl.

What really attracted me though were these scale like details on the sleeves. So much layering potential in this dress (I fail at layering though -.-) $30.

So all those 3 were from General Pants. BUT!! There was a "Buy one get one free on sale items" promotion on so I got all 4 of those items for only $90!! So super happy.

Since I was putting on clothes I ended up dressing up in various outfits in my room. Please excuse the shoddy camera quality. Dim yellow lighting in my room and dirty mirror....

Summer is not complete without pretty summer dresses! (I have such wide manly shoulders). I wore this dress out to Taronga Zoo on a date with my crush =). I got this dress at a random Asian store in westfields. The Fedora was from Portmans. I like buying cheap dresses because you can only wear a dress so many ways and somewhere along the line I get sick of it so I ALWAYS end up buying dresses when they're on sale. I was looking for a nice fedora for ages. I figured Straw fedoras were useless in winter so looked for a plain black one. Fedoras are priced almost always the same at about $10-$25. So I thought I'll splurge a little and buy this nice one from Portmans. It's soft enough to find into my bag and pops back into shape :D

I love pretty white dresses in summer but there's one major problem of them being too sheer since they're white. The lace dress on the left comes with a white slip but even the slip is too thin and it's still too sheer! Hence I have not found an occasion to wear it yet. (Maybe tomorrow at the beach over my bikini!). I Think it's the prettiest thing I own with it's pretty lacy/crochet detail. The other two are just another white dress and a white sheer blouse. I love sheer blouses but I have no guts to just wear it over a bra with nothing else. Actually I think that's all the plain white stuff I own...

I love T shirts in summer. I have 4 almost identical T-shirts all from Cotton On.. and one very ripped one. Slouchy T-shits are so comfy and airy and light to wear during summer and designed for people with no boobs like me! XD I like Cotton On T-shirts cuz they're quite cheap since they're so thin but they stretch in the wash so better quality ones are probably better.....

See my vests! I love vests... I want MOAR! From left to right: Valleygirl, China, Sass and Bide, Cotton On, China. I really like the denim Sass and Bide one since i wear Black too much so it brightens up what I wear a bit yay!

Shorts... I am starting to get sick of wearing skirts/dresses since they blow up in the wind so recently I've been wearing a lot of shorts. These ones vary from being bought in China, Bardot, Cotton On, Forever New and second hand from my cousin. Man I remember when my wardrobe was dominated by stuff from Valleygirl since there was a warehouse like store in my suburb. Now I try to vary where I buy my stuff from and not dress head to toe in something all from one store...

Summer will not be complete without a floppy straw hat!! and big sunnies! And slinky singlets!! I got this singlet at Bardot during one of Bardot's big sales. I brought like 4 items to the change rooms, waited 20mins to get into a change room only to find nothing looked that great... undeterred I bought this singlet anyway although it was 2 sizes too big. I now really love the studded heart design! Yay for me, I think it was $20 or less forgot.

I bought this super cute lace babydoll dress yesterday on my way back from the bank. From that Asian store next to Commbank? Forgot what it's called. I saw this in the window and had to have it! I think this is the first full priced item I've bought in a while.. but it was really cheap $25 so i bought it anyway. It's a bit too short though which I realised when I got home but it flares a bit so it doesn't look slutty XDDD

Muahaha now for my rings collection.

I think all of these are from Diva except the ring finger one which was $4 from ebay with free shipping.

The three wing shaped ones were from ebay. I think they were only $6 for all 3 rings including shipping with some free gift earrings and wire bracelets. The 'Nemo Nisi Mors' ring is Marc Jacobs from ebay as well for $20 something. Rest from Diva again. Besides the MBMJ ring I think all my rings are about $5 or less! I ONLY go into Diva when there's a sale on and only look in the sales section because I don't want to be temped by non sale items. If i do look in non sale items I look at them only after I've looked at sales stuff so I always feel $20 for any sort of accessories is a rip off wtf.

I have something like 20 rings...

I have about 22 bracelets/bangles. These are my more recent additions/current favourites. Yes I am still not over studs...

Sorry I got bored sitting at home on Australia Day and my camera just finished charging. Went out this morning for a "meeting" at the Granville RSL buffet for lunch. It was to elect a new leader for our small community of people from a certain province in China. I decided to put some make up on then felt it was such a waste if I didn't take some photos haha. I still really like my new fringe despite what some people have said! (my eyes look so big here yay for make up!)

Sometimes it's too hot so I tie up my hair and comb back the fringe. My hair's too long to do this now but you guys may remember a phase where I did this for perhaps a month when my fringe was in a inbetween phase. Now it's too short to puff up my hair at the front a bit.

The only reason why my eyebrows look so dark is cuz I had to draw them in. Yes HAD TO. I was trying to epilate my eyebrows because I thought I had mastered the art of using an epilator... I had not wtf and epilated off a corner of my right eyebrow. Not having learnt my lesson yet I continued to epilate and off came the inner corner of my left eyebrow..... Hence gotta fill it in now!!

I wanted to try a bun. Epic fail.

My other most favourite hairstyle right now to get hair out of my eyes is to braid it. After seeing too many fashion bloggers such as fashiontoast (I adore her) braiding their hair I set on the task of watching multiple youtube videos/How To tutorials to braid! I think I've finally mastered a presenable version. I feel so girly and childish in these braids but it keeps the hair from my face which is always a bonus.

Still there's bits sticking out since my fringe is too short but nothing a few bobby pins can't fix!

Yes finally my downloads are finished! No more procrastinating and camwhoring now haha.

Hope this was er.... insightful...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Involving New In-Laws

When N's parents came to visit him he was working. We only managed to have breakfast together at Weck's and I had a huuuuuuge omelette with egg whites (thank god, no cholesterol overkill) and the afternoon spent at the computer while everybody else including the roommate hung out by the TV watching football. Including N's mother.

I feel somewhat feminine and left out :(

Because he had to work the next day I went out with his family ALONE DUN DUN DUUUUNNN!!! I know, I felt pretty awkward but I couldn't say no when his mother offered to take me around.

So off we went. They picked me up and we drove downtown to look at some history in Old Town.

Around all the souvenir stores were giant chili peppers hanging outside that were left to dry out. Heaps and heaps of them, because people in New Mexico love their chilies. Everywhere we went around here you were bound to see these.

The architecture was very quaint. Old fashioned adobes and vines that would bloom in warmer weather and make this look picture perfect.

We walked around a bit, entering the shops and having a look around merchandise. We stopped at a cafe to have lunch shortly afterwards; it was lunchtime and neither of us had much breakfast really.

The only picture I had of the place. I don't even remember what I ordered...I think it was a sandwich...

Huge Christmas tree sitting in this courtyard. Massive, though not as big as the one at Parra Westfield's that goes up to 5th floor o_o

The main square or town center or whatever you call it.

So cute.

My memory is a little shoddy. We went home afternoon-ish and I didn't do much then. Did lots the next day with Mr. N though! Next post!


High Tea with Serena

High tea about a week ago to catch up with S after her very long trip to America. Some much needed girl time was in order!!

We made a reservation for: The Tea Room in the QVB.

Upon entering, we were seated with the waiters pulling out chairs for us and laying the napkins and all, then presented with a huge selection of teas.

We both picked some form of oolong tea i think it was and ordered the Traditional Afternoon tea.

After a few moments we were presented with this:

Three tiers of goodness (this is 2 servings for the both of us).

Cute brown and white sugar cubes.

Jam and cream for the scones.

My tea in a nice cup (actually the cup was a little dirty and stained)

S sipping her tea like a lady.

Finger sandwiches: Some ham sandwiches and some tuna on wholegrain sandwiches. Both with saturated with mayonnaise to make it super nice tasting and topped with spouts which I actually like now. We were later presented with more sandwiches if we liked and we took another 2 tuna and 2 egg sandwiches (free of charge). I NEVER eat plain white boiled eggs but i made an exception that day and the mashed eggs proved to be very tasty (prob again due to mass amount of mayonnaise) That little pastry was filled with some green thing and feta cheese. I took a few nibbles but didn't like it so Serena ate it in the end.

2nd tier: some Friands, tarts and chocolate cakes and cream filled passionfruit pastry. These were all quite yummy but very tiny.

Scones! When we ate these they were already cold (I don't think they were hot to start with) but they weren't that light and fluffy, more dense.

The spinach and ricotta pastry was quite nice considering I wouldn't normally eat it.

Overall it was a pleasant experience although if it weren't for the extra sandwiches probably not filling enough. The tea wasn't as nice as I expected considering the descriptive nature of the menu that made it seem so good. The water they used was luke warm rather than hot which is the way I like my tea.

S eating the strawberry tart and showing off her ring and blue nails.

Interior of Tea Room.

Table clattered with pretty cups and saucers.

another photo of pretty cup.


camwhore 2. Yes I cut my hair....

Later we went shopping yay! We were at Diva (or was it equip?) for ages since they had sale on! Bought a lot of accessories again.

I think this photo was in equip, I decided to wear an outrageously large bow and take a photo. Serena wore this pretty white headband but we didn't buy either in the end.

We also went into Missha to look at some beauty products but my skin is too dark (FML) for any of their BB creams. Instead walked away with a Vegetable peel off face mask (doesn't feel that much different but very amusing to use)

Also went into Oroton which had a massive sale! Almost ended up buying stuff we don't necessarily need lol.

We annoyed some ladies at SES while trying on and pulling back the curtains to reveal our outfits. Haha good girly times.

My girly High Tea outfit. Serena said my legs/thighs look skinner. Yay! I was bored sitting infront of the massive wall of full length mirrors while Serena was changing.

We got hungry by then and went to Wagamama.

I had the Yaki-Soba (I think) with whole wheat noodles. It was average nothing memorable about it.

Forgot what S had and too hungry by then to take photos.

Fried Sweet poato chips with wasabi/mayo sauce. We ordered this as a side and it never came so later on we asked about it and they quickly put an order through and gave it to us complimentary. yay for free food! This justified our next food purchase.....

Passionfruit sorbet served with lychees and a sake shot. At first we tried out a little drop of sake with the icecream, deemed it too mild to make a real diference and thought it was just a marketing gimmick so we poured all the sake onto the icecream. Oops. It was quite strong and we left some nicecream soaked in Soba in the end.

Since we got the complimentary chips we thought it justified to pick another dessert.

White chocolate and ginger cheesecake. This was quite yummy I liked it!

Food was alright, a little overpriced for average tasting food though I would like to come back to try some ramen or something else.

The other day I recieved a coupon for 35% off one book at Borders. I went crazy and printed 3 copies of the coupon and made my mum, my brother and me go up separately to the counter to redeem it. I bought the following books and the 2nd book in the Harry Potter series for my brother.

I've already finished reading Animal Farm (which was quite good) and about 1/3 of the way thorugh 1984. I am such a bore reading classics but I have this thing where I want to read the top 100 books. I've read about 10 of them.... 90 to go!

I read Animal Farm while I was monitoring a Trial Test class yesterday during my tutoring job. After the trial test finished I had to go through and review the questions the students got wrong. Anyone who questioned my authority or wasn't listening/paying attention to me I was not very kind to. The book made me rule the classroom totalitarian style. I was even scared of myself!

That's all for tonight, I have a lot more photos still of when I went on holidays to the Entrance! and then Gold Coast photos will be coming soon too and I'm so excited about my recent shopping buys I want to post photos so much! (I think I become more outrageous everytime, I bought a rectangular box dress and my dad was so amused/curious/in a "wtf??" mood that he even tried it on. Dw it's not as bad as it sounds....)