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Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Episode with Mr Stranger

*Damn left this entry for a week without finishing it cuz I've been busy. SOOOOOO old news now but waste of writing if I delete it.

Since I am bored out of my mind and tired but feel I should not be sleeping this early I shall talk about something that happened so long ago it's old news. But Serena told me to blog about it like 2 weeks ago and nothign else is worth mentioning in my life right now (that's pretty sad actually)

Anyway Mr Stranger is someone I met at a party who added me later on msn through facebook. He started saying things like "I had a good time cuz I met you at the party and I think you're interesting and entertaining."

And then later on after he went out and got a bit drunk:

A few more flirtatious lines like the following popped up with the typos and all (I'm not one to talk about typos though....):

"u looked so cute last night"
"i'm so shy wen i'm sobber.. i wanted to talk to u wen we were at pontoon or sumfin.. but didnt have da gutz"
"i'm gonna miss u n ur pretty face"

The days that followed ensued lots of the following:
:i was gonna say maybe sumfin like go for a movie n lunch or dinner or sumfin n make u so happy till u can hear ur heart pumpin agen :P"
"my heartz bn achin waitin for u =["
"yeah.. haha.. i guess i'm only shy towards girls i like"
"i like u ><.. n i may or may not be jokin dependin on ur reaction"

Anyway eventually he asked me out to a movie. But I had a heap of assignments and Stuvac was coming up so I asked him to wait 2 weeks.Then wavered from my decision from time to time.
me: haha so are you asking me out on a date =P?
him: ahhhhhh.... y did u have to put it like dat
me: cuz i don't date strangers =P
him: do u consider me a stranger?
me: well I don't know you =P?
him: da whole point of da date would be to get to noe eachoda better wouldnt it?
me: haha I do go out with friends though =P
him: well.. i already asked u out on a date apparently.. so i guess u'll juz have to answer either yes or no
me: mmmm....
him: dw i get it.. i shouldnt have asked... feel so stupid
me: no no, how about we go see a movie or something as friends.
him: r u sure? i feel so stupid today. jus feels like u feel sorry for me.
me: no no I do want to. you're interesting I want to get to know you

And that is how is Mr Stranger name stuck. Now that I look back at it he sounded dodgy already. He had a thing with everytime I tried to say no he pushed his own self esteem down so I'll say yes. Anyone else see that?

Anyway at one time we were having "you ask a question I ask a question" time and he confessed he'd dated 4 people before and then proceeded to try and explain himself although I never asked for one. Then kept asking if I thought of him badly which of course I had to say no to which he accused me of thinking differently and continued to justify himself by saying it was in the past he was wrong etc. Oh so manipulative.

Then one day while we were talking and he was trying to put words into my mouth about how I do actually really like him but just won't admit it:
him: juz heart breaking liking sum1 alot n she dun feel nothing for u.
me: i didn't say i felt nothing. All I can say is i enjoy talking to you and when I'm not talking to you I sometimes think about when you'll come online. Is that satisfactory?
him: i guess... but for sum reason... i dunno y i got watery eyez
me: ood tears or bad tears?
him: bad....

* Obviously i had to continue inquiring about it and he tried to say it's nothing I am busy I should go do my homework or something. And that if he told me he'll scare me away. Obviously I had to encourage him to tell me (cuz I'm curious like that >.>) Eventually he said: i'm juz a failure at everything i do.. all i've ever bn kinda good at is dancing.. but even den i really doubt i'm any good.. n gonna be devastated wen i find out dat i'm really not good, n i really like u, n itz so frustratin not bein able to do anything at all for wat i want, n wenever i try, i juz fail.

I continued to try and bring his spirits up to no avail. And he kept saying "this is the real me, the rest is all an act. I was talking to Serena then and she told me to get out of the whole emotional mess so the following conversation occurred:

me: listening to you has made me realise I'm not really ready to be any kind of emotional support for anyone. I don't know how to help you.
him: dun think abt it like dat i juz freaked out cz of da auditions but started dancin abit juz den n realised dat i shouldnt be thinking like dat i love dancing gotta take any chance i have to make it come
him: juz gimme a chance to show u dat derez 1 more thing i'm good at

Anyway after that I had hoped he wouldn't talk to me again but the next day he asked again about the date.

me: I told you already, just hang out not a date
him: dats wat u say now ^^
me: I'm being serious
him: is it bcz of yesterday? =\
me: partly. I just don't feel like I can be involved with someone who feels insecure. I'm not a very good person to depend on.
him: well.. dw abt it.. i juz had a breakdown.. i hadnt had one of dem in yrz.. it wasnt me.. i'm not like dat.. lolz.. i'm usually da happy go lucky kinda person dat smilez all da time.. specially in tough timez
me: i also need someone who can be honest to me about their feelings too, not just bottle them up for convenience
him: n dont i do dat? dun i tell u wen i'm sad or happy? just dont think of me from wat u witnessed yesterday =\
me: you said you like to bottle up your feelings even to yoru friends. i'm not gonna be any different
him: wat i told u yesterday i dun talk abt to any1. and i'm learning to open up to my friendz. dis time last yr i wouldnt have even told any1 if i was feelin sad at all
me: I'm sorry but you just gotta accept that yesterday IS a part of who you are
him: and itz bcz i was bottling it all up inside. if i promise not to bottle anything up. would u give me a chance?
me: i realised I'm not ready. to be there for someone else. if you don't bottle it up you release it. and right now i cant empathise
him: ur thinking too much.. it'll be fine
me: I will always think too much
him: and how does it work out for u? not too well does it? juz trust me.. wat happened yesterday.. wont happen agen... ever
me: but that's not the point. I don't want you bottling it up forever and never letting it out
him: wat happened was bcz i bottled thingz up for years.. but it wont happen agen.. i wont bottle thingz up anymore.. if i feel happy or sad.. i'll let it out =] look.. i really like u.. n i really think we could have something beautifull.. so plz.. just let it happen
me: I just...... don't think I'm ready for a relationship
him: well.. if it happenz it happens.. if it doesnt den itz fine.. but dont stop wat could happen bcz of yesterday
me: my answer is still no. You're not respecting my decision.

Weird thing is his friend (who I can tell from fb has a gf talked to me a few days later, lets call him stranger 2 lol.)

*the following is about the night of the party
him: I was going to ask you if you wanted a drink but i was too shy. so i went to look for my friend down george street. and came back. and grew some confidence to buy you a drink but you were goneskies!.
me: I was pushing my curfew already
him: naughtyyyyyyyy. didnt even say bye:P.
me: lol you left and didn't say bye too!
him: my friend (mr stranger) liked your friend :P (insert name here)

*how weird so Mr stranger also likes this other chick who was also at the party. They seemed to have conversations on fb as well. Pfft so much for liking me.

Eventually he left me alone and my life has been almost free of manipulating guys like him. Thank god.

Shit this entry is so super long.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of Exam Dinner with Minglez + Steven

YES My exams are finished!!!

No more staying up till 2-3am and waking up at ungodly hours!

*See I was already feeling good about the exam lol. This was taken pre- exam cuz I'll rather play with my camera then study... >.> I also ended up watching 20mins of Big Bang Theory instead of studying right before leaving home for the train... oops.

I slept till like 12pm today! Actually woke up at various point in time from text messages but it felt so good to be sleeping and sleeping...

After exams yesterday (which went rather well; for once), I met up with minglez and Steven and we went to look for birthday presents but we got slightly distracted...

We first went to QVB cuz minglez wanted this Oroton bag. We saw the Christmas decorations up already and Steven helped us take a photo. The Christmas tree was rather pretty but I think last year's tree was prettier! Oh I also couldn't resist and went into Salvatore Ferragamo to try on those Varina shoes I really wanted. Turns out my feet disagree with most flats including these Varinas. They cut off the toes too early and with my wide fat as feet they're quite unflattering. The sales lady was very friendly and pretty though but she could barely speak English and I felt so sad that the shoes were not that pretty on my less than dainty feet that I didn't bother asking for a pair in my size =(.

The we got more distracted and ended up here:

Minglez and Steven playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine train set.

Everyone one's dream Christmas Present:

Camwhore outside QVB cuz just as Steven was going to take our photo he got a call so we tried to do self shots.

Whoa I look pretty tanned next to Minglez...

I have such awful posture.

The lovely couple =)

Steven finally reminded us that our goal was to go Myer and look for birthday presents so off we went to Myer! The store closed in an hour so we looked around and got a feel of what they had to offer. And OMG I never noticed the City Myer had such pretty designer clothes from like Victor and Rolf, Moschino Cheap and Chic (Which was not cheap but very chic) and some others I was so excited about but quickly walked past cuz I'm too poor. =(

Anyway after a while we gave up and I spotted these babies:

It's by Wayne Cooper. It was $179 ish and on sale 25% off! So less $140!! It was one of the craziest height shoes we could find so I sheepishly asked a Sale's assistant to get me its other half although I knew I wasn't going to buy it. It was a MASSIVE pain to put on cuz the straps were so thin and hard to put it through the buckle but once I got it on I was literally a whole HEAD taller than minglez. There was a full length mirror available and I REALLY wanted to take a photo of me in these babies but the sale's assistant was waiting and staring.... Sigh so I took them off after a mere 20steps or so (can't tell how comfy they are cuz they felt alright and I was amazed by my ability to even stand up let alone walk and I stood in perpetual fear that I'll fall, the heel would snap in two while the sale's assistant watched and I had to pay for gorgeous broken heels).

Anyway the two were able to tear me away from these shoes just as I got a photo.

Minglez felt like spaghetti bolognaise so we walked around a bit and discovered all these little side streets off of George but she was set on Spaghetti so we wandered into Mamma's Kitchen.

Happy couple again!

I think Steven was testing the lighting cuz I said my camera sucks when it comes to dark settings.

My Chicken and Pesto Linguine. This looked very good and it was the right portion size (perfect to feel full but with room for dessert). They were generous with the chicken breast as well. BUT. It was so BLAND. Now I don't think I've EVER had to add salt to a dish at a restaurant as my taste has always been on the bland side so I find most restaurant food quite salty but this was bland. It was creamy but the pesto flavour did not taste very strong and it was seriously like they completely forgot the salt. I added quite a bit of salt (which was stock to the salt shaker so very hard to get out!), some pepper and Parmesan. I got used to the blandness after a while and I was quite hungry so finished all of it. At $13.95 I guess it was decent.

Minglez's spaghetti bolognaise. The sauce was basically tomato and some bef with not much else. The spaghetti was overcooked in my opinion as well. But at I think only $7.50? It was a stomach filler.

Steven's Spaghetti and meatballs. Forgot to ask him how this was but same price as mine.

Minglez really wanted dessert (and pizza, they looked better than the pastas) but we figured we'll be quite full so we only ordered two desserts to share.

Chocolate mud cake. This was alright, not as moist as Lindt Cafe but nice and warm. The white thing looked like cream but it tasted like milk that was thick. It wasn't sweet or anything.. we so didn't put any on the other piece.

Chocolate mousse. This was quite yummy. It was the right sweetness and it had yummy chocolate bits in it!

By this time it was 9pm and we went on the train home.

I had such a good time. And I want to do a special shout out to Steven for telling me some sleazy guy looked like he was taking an up skirt shot of me. Luckily I had my safety shorts on cuz I knew this skirt was poofy and could blow up. He said at the lights when we were waiting a guy walked past and he had his phone out and while he walked pst we he dropped down a bit and then walked on. EWWW. I have an ignorant mind that tells me these sort of stuff only happens in like Asia. >.>.

Besides that unfortunate encounter I had great fun =).


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Sweetest Things

Just then my dad told me something my sister told him last night before she went to bed. It goes as follows:

Sister: Dad can I talk to you for a moment?
Dad: Yes?
Sister: Dad I know you're very tired at night from work but could you please not keep complaining the food mum cooks is too salty at dinner time. I know you work very hard but mum works very hard as well.


My dad has recently been complaining my mum's food is too salty and he's lost his appetite and how can he eat food like that etc. My mum has been very careful to cook more bland, even asking me, when I pass the kitchen, to try out the food and whether it needs more salt or is it flavoursome enough already.

My sister is 10. I guess she notices these little things and is really growing up although she still looks very young. Recently she has also taken to giving me a hug every night and wishing me good night before she goes to sleep.

My current main squeeze also said something very sweet tonight.

In other news my cousin's boyfriend proposed to my cousin (or he asked my grandma's permission, I'm not sure of exact details.) I should call her and ask her about it.

That's all I just wanted to share what my sister said.


I See You

This song (Mika- I See you) has been playing constantly while I studied this end of year exam period. I really liked it after hearing it in GG and I totally was not expecting that threesome this week...

I'm also hoping Blair would stop being so pitiful all the time lately. And Chuck will always be my favourite especially how sweet he's been lately!

Anyway the point of this post was I wanted to say I just failed my exam.

No doubt about it. It was like the hardest exam EVER. 98 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer/long answer questions in 3 hours. 35 of the multiple choice questions involved calculations and they all involved a bunch of thinking.

Biochemistry. Hardest subject ever. I guess if I had more time it would've been better. I ran out of time, coloured in randomly for about 20 MC questions or I wouldn't have finished. To get an idea of what we learnt:

These are the basic metabolic pathways we learnt about. Having a brief look I think we covered most of these pathways. Then the enzymes involved, how they're activated, integrated etc.

This diagram is common place in all biological labs. Yes it is this scary.... scary thing is I think we learn about.... 1/3 of it already, okay maybe 1/4.

Infact the exam was designed to be so hard they gave us a stimulus sheet with situations or background information for some multiple choice questions where we can think about it beforehand. Also it was basically like an open book test because the blank spaces on the 2 sheets of stimulus paper we could fill up with whatever information we like. Most people obviously tried to fill the whole sheet up with the semeter's worth of lectures.... I tried, ran out of time to write everything on!

Sigh but I think even if I had studied a bit more I would've have gotten a lot better, the exam was crazy hard. I was so stressed infact that I was at the station bathrooms retching into the toilet only to realise I had nothing to retch up.

I've got one more exam left on Wednesday then I'm free!!! In the meantime I really want to dye my hair brown atm but I also want to go to the beach, and you know that always means I gotta go in for a permanent straightening job!

Btw I've been doing up my fringe cuz I like my face to be clear during exams. I've been plaiting it back and today I decided to pin it back and curl my hair slightly. I think this looks good for me! And the facemask worked last night my skin looks unlike the state of my eyes hiding behind my sunnies lol.

Btw today I wore suspenders. Lol. I really liked this and bought suspenders from online for like $5 with shipping or something on a whim. Did not touch them until today where people were like "wtf are you wearing suspenders? What are you clipping it onto??" >.> Lol I feel so daring. It looks a bit more draped than this cuz I'm sorta stretching in this picture but I wish the dress was more baggy like Phosphene's (btw she has amazing hair). I was almost gonna go with no skirt since it was originally a dress... then realised I can't be that slutty wtf >.>

Anyway the grey dress by itself was really boring and plain and my mum's that she gave me cuz she realised how boring and plain it is. So suspenders? yay or nay?

Does my arm normally look that skinny O_O? I think I lost a bit of weight from exams. Shall weigh tomorrow morning to be more precise.

Anyway enough procrastinating, gotta go sleep wake up start doing my notes for Wednesday exam (which I have not started at all)

Can't wait for the holidays! After I recover from lack of sleep and general blah by having self made facials, cut my hair, exercising to develop my 6 pack lol and all I hope to see you guys all very soon =)

Take Care,



Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm stressed.

Tomorrow is the last day of stuvac before it's exam, day study break, exam, day study break, exam, 4 days break, exam.

Finish: 18th Wednesday.

I have not started reading my textbook and making notes has been such a blur, I can't remember anything!

I also just realised there's past exam papers I can do for Biochemistry but I don't even have time to do them.

I am in serious need of some sleep but I've just been popping all forms of paracetamol, codeine and what not. They don't help the headache, infact they make it worse because I realise I don't remember their mechanism of action although I should for Pharmacology (my first exam). I tried identifying the brain region where my head is hurting then realised I should also know my brain regions and effects of addictive drugs on each region; but I can't recall...

Everything around me seems to have some connection to what I'm studying so it all just exacerbates the headache and the restlessness.

My only relief every night is a call from my current main squeeze but a night ago (or maybe 2? My days and nights are a blur), we chatted until he was $40 over his cap and I told him he shouldn't call anymore. Oops.

My mum said yesterday night that I appear older now than when I was doing HSC and stressing although I told her I was probably also studying this hard then. Thanks mum, just what I needed when I'm stressing and looking like shit from all the stress.

She almost made me tear up.

Lots of things seem to make me tear up these days.

Maybe it's because I'm getting old (lol early menopause much?).

I don't even feel coherent anymore.

Back to doing some Nutrition notes, hope you're all well.

My sister is so cute. Yes that is the hat from Animania from like half a decade ago. And those are the 3D glasses from the cinemas with the lens poked out lol.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If I had all the money in the world...

So right now I'm studying for exams. But what I really want to do is shop.

I hate how when exam time rolls around my mind starts to wander and so does my fingers onto websites I shouldn't be on...

This holiday, if I can find myself a decent job, I would like the following...


From top right and clockwise:

Alexander Wang Duffel Bag: This bag is.... too expensive for my student budget so I was just gonna go to Gmarket and source a similar shape then buy some studs and make my own lol. I do desperately need a new uni bag but i can stitch up my old one to be good as new again if I want to be cheap...

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedge Booties: at over $200 I can't afford these =(. However I saw very similar ones for $150 at Zu. For some reason I can't find it on the Zu website though. I can really contemplating buying the Zu ones... They're so comfortable and the soles are so soft and cushiony.... I can imagine them with my jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses....

I'd also like the Jeffrey Campbell Potion shoes but not sure if I can pull it off at all...Actually any of the Jeffrey Campbell shoes will do for me...

Dr Marten look a likes: I wish I can find a nice cheap alternative to Docs. I dont like the yellow stitching on Docs. It would be so good to wear in summer with floaty dresses with its low heel...Gmarket here I come to source them...

Sam Edelman Zoe Boots: At $350... this is merely shoe porn.

Acne Atacoma Booties: At about $600...I think the Zu wedges are a similar shape right...I've been trying to find shoes with a mirror heel for ages with no such luck =\. But these are out of the question.

Chanel Classic Flap: These were always on my wishlist just its priority shuffled back and forth. I WAS planning to get them this holiday but now that I think about it I want too many shoes...

Salvatore Ferragamo Flats: I love these. They're my perfect flat shoes I will wear ALL the time when I start working professionally. My favourite scientist/lecturer/inspiration wears these too (but I liked them before I saw her wear them). They're around $500 and my original plan was to splurge on these with the money I saved up from the two tutoring jobs I have.

Random fedora: Everytime I see a fedora, I try it on...Everytime I try it on I'm reminded of my flat head that is not suited for hats...I still want one...

On top of these is the fact that summer is coming and I desperately need a new swimsuit. I saw the prettiest one that fit me for like $70-80 and I really want to get it! (It's really rare to find some swimwear I like that doesn't make me depressed about my body shape -.-)

So I know this is such a materialistic post and I don't even think these shoes are to any of you guys liking...but how many of the above should I get...

PS please excuse how many links I put up cuz S just told me how to link stuff and I thought to better understand why I want half this stuff you can go look at the links with pretty pretty pictures in all its glory lol. And I don't know why they're all black stuff...

Oh and I'm also looking for a new camera. Mainly looking at another Sony camera with more megapixels (like 12?) instead of my crappy current 6.0. That'll probably set me back another $200-350. I find digital camera are very bad at taking dim light photos....Anyone know a camera that is compact but takes photos like SLR? (btw B, what makes an SLR an SLR?)

I hate exams. I cant go to the Sass and Bide Sale, I can't go Sculpture by the Sea, I can't go to and eat Adriano Zumbo's birthday celebration macarons...Grrr...

Now back to Biochemistry starvation notes.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today I've decided to strictly tighten my diet to control portions and also give me ideas on what I can cook. If you love food like me, sometimes you find that the house seems to have nothing to eat and you end up eating something indulgent or fatty. It's just today, you tell yourself. It's a one-off. Tomorrow I'll have food.

Also, I seem to have too much time on my hands.

I've currently lost 2kg since starting my diet but lately I haven't been exercising. Midori, the resident Nutritionist-in-training here at Grongbit has stated that diet contributes more to weight loss than exercise. However, that is not to say that you can rely solely on dieting.

Since I have stopped regular exercise I have not lost weight, but I have not gained weight either. It seems diet alone can stop weight gain and keep you steady, but that is it. The rest counts on regular exercise.

So while I compile my daily food intake, I shall be boosting Viletta with the bounciest tunes and rock on with some incumbent solo dancing and perhaps a bit of yoga on the good old WiiFit.

My diet has been taken out of magazines such as Cosmopolitan and New Idea as well as some tweaking to Asian-fy it and keep it within acceptable standards (Midori style).


Monday, November 2, 2009

"Healthy" Icecream and Cold Mori Soba

Just a couple of fast food I made recently. Last night just before bed I had a large bowl of vanilla and toffee icecream with berries which I happily ate in bed, all clean and nicely showered, while reading Harry Potter from the beginning.

2 scoops vanilla extra creamy icecream (I used Bulla Real Dairy Icecream)
1 scoop Bulla Creamy Classics Caramel Toffee Crunch
3 large strawberries
Small handful of fresh blueberries

1. Scoop the icecream into a big bowl and put back into freezer so it doesn't melt.

2. Rinse all the fruit. Slice strawberries and wipe off excess moisture from blueberries.

3. Have fun sprinkling over the icecream with a very satisfied and proud smile.

I really just felt like eating the berries but wasn't in the mood for cereal, so I went for icecream. I am still on my diet mind you, so those scoops of icecream were small. Next time, I shall stick with just plain vanilla icecream. The toffee, while delicious, overpowered the light taste of the blueberries and the intense sweetness made the strawberries more sour than they were.

For lunch the next day (today) - no actually, it was a very late lunch because by the time I was eating it, it was nearly 4pm. I made cold mori soba noodles inspired by The Little Teochew, but made lazy my way.

Half bunch of buckwheat noodles

For the dipping sauce/tsuyu:
80ml soy sauce
80ml mirin*
1 tsp dashi stock granules (optional, I had them on hand)
1 egg

1. Boil some water in a kettle and transfer to the stove. Bring back to boil and add the buckwheat noodles. Cook for 5 minutes.

2. Immediatedly wash noodles in cold water. Add some ice cubes and leave it to turn cold.

3. Mix soy sauce, mirin (substitute rice wine vinegar, water and fine sugar), dashi stock and 1 raw egg. Beat gently and you can serve it with noodles immediately.

*The soy sauce I used was extremely salty, so I balanced it out with more mirin.

Ideally, I would prefer a dash of sesame oil and some sesame seeds and chopped dried seaweed but I was really hungry and just wanted to eat. I love the taste of raw egg and soy sauce, but if that's not to your liking you don't have to use it.

The dashi stock really brings out the Japanese taste. Without it, it just tasted like sweet, watery soy sauce to me. The slight fishy (a.k.a. umami) taste of the dashi made it lovely, balanced with a tinge of raw egg, creaminess. Aha, I am so good with the descriptors. I believe a dab of wasabi would work just as well in giving the tsuyu more personality.

It was quite a hot day and this dish was just...just...so good. I am actually off to make more now so I can take photos!

With leftover tsuyu for the second round.

Look at this strange olive oil bottle I have. So small for $13!

P.S. I hope all those links were helpful, especially to someone who has no idea what I'm talking about *stares at B*. There, now you know!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Makeup Essentials and What is BB Cream?

I'm on a roll with the blogging! After uni ended and all that I find myself incredibly bored. I can't work because I have to wait until after I come back from my trip first so I am left with not much to do. I actually picked up Harry Potter after erm...several months or a year of not reading it; I have a habit of reading and re-reading my favourite books.

On a superficial note, I keep an Excel record of all the beauty products I buy and rate them. It keeps me in check so I know how much I am spending and on what you see. Right now I am just focusing on the absolute basics. I don't think anyone will be interested, least of all Kebu and Butterfly but I'm going to blog about it anyway whether you like it or not!!

In the past 2 years I have spent $1200 on makeup and skin products. Aish. It seems like a lot doesn't it? It actually isn't considering makeup in Australia is bloody expensive so each product averages about $30. Blush and foundation go up to $50. I have also included a perfume purchase, which was $80 (on sale too).

So it's not too bad...right?! It's been 2 years! It was started around the time of my first foundation (MAC) for Year 12 Formal.

*attempts to justify herself*

I currently own 8 lipsticks, 1 of which I transferred to a pot. I actually only ever use about 3 of them though. These would be MAC Viva Glam 5, a pinkish brown with shimmer, MAC Jubilee, brown with hints of apricot and MAC Slimshine in Gaily which is a light red. Other ones seem too formal to wear daily and I can't wait to bust out my beautiful coral-pink lipstick, MAC Crosswires!

I am trial-and-erroring all my products to find the perfect pink, neutral and red shade. Once I've found it I won't ever need that many lipstick again. If anyone would like to experiment with some of my colours feel free to ask me >_>

I think everyone should have at least 1 lipstick or lipgloss for everyday wear. I would go so far as say 2 lipsticks and 2 lipglosses, day and night wear.

Side note, I need a sensible clubbing partner! Sensible because I abhor the behaviour of drunken ladettes and idiotic men. I wish for more excuses to dress up (read: overdress!).

My lipgloss collection includes 6, 5 from MAC and the single one from Dior. Everyday use includes the Dior (Addict, 227) and MAC Love Nectar which is the most gorgeous pale pink with gold shimmer. I only use it on special days :)

I won't share my lipgloss however, purely because I cannot clean the wand and I wouldn't want to contaminate anyone.

So far, I think you can find some decent lipsticks for less than what MAC charges ($35 each). However in terms of the range of options you get, you can't beat MAC.

In comparing Dior Addict and MAC Lustreglasses, Dior beats it because of texture. It is not sticky whereas MAC is. But once again, you can't beat MAC for colour range.

I recently acquired a limited edition MAC Eversun, which is a brown-peach blush/bronzer. This has been used much more than my Clinique blush, a pretty pink that even my mother approved of. I try to alternate, warm in colder weather and cool on sunny days.

Now, for foundation I have MAC SatinFinish, a mineral liquid foundation which is the same one I used for my Formal. Little did I know that the colour match was off - too dark. I looked so horrible in the Formal pictures. Instead I use BB cream.

The one I am using was given to me by a family friend who brought it back from Korea. It is a bit paler for me, but it works out because I can use up my MAC by mixing it together to form the perfect shade. By the way, I rarely ever use it because of all the work involved -_- If anyone is wondering, the BB cream I use is Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm, gold bottle.

What is BB cream?

I do realise that the BB cream craze started last year. As I have told Reila when she asked me for a foundation recommendation, it is face primer, foundation and concealer in one - so it claims. It was developed in Korea from a prescription product that was meant to heal the skin of surgical patients. It was then reformed into a cosmetic product for public use that has healing properties as well as minimising the use of multiple products and letting the skin breathe while still looking pretty. Or you can look up BB cream on wiki :D

It was just budding in the makeup blogosphere where I was given this bottle. I've used it many times now and I much prefer it over foundation because of coverage as well as the way it makes my skin feel. Firstly, it doesn't feel like I have makeup on. Secondly, you can barely feel it with your fingers. This is important to me because foundation always seems to feel sticky, even when I've setted it with silica powder.

This product works really well, for now. I do wish that they had more shades rather than one-fits-all.

BB cream is only available at Missha in Australia. For people who are interested in other brands for really good prices, please check out eBay and Google reviews.

To break it down for everyone roughly (I mix and match all the time):

MAC Viva Glam V
MAC Eversun blush
Curl lashes with Shiseido eyelash curler

When I have time in the morning
Maybelline Full N' Soft
Shiseido eyelash curler
Clinique Precious Posey blush
MAC Jubilee

Going out
Skin 79 + MAC SF NC35
MAC Engraved eyeliner
Curl + mascara
MAC Soft and Gentle to highlight cheekbones
MAC Cork eyeshadow used as contour
MAC Love Nectar

Is this really much? I don't find it too materialistic, especially not considering how rarely I go all out. 80% of days at uni I wear nothing, not even on my lips except Vaseline or papaw ointment.

If nobody minds too much I will start using the blog to demonstrate my journalistic skills in a superficial way. Think Carrie Bradshaw. I perfectly know what you mean by "Carrie Bradshaw is a poor reflection of journalism". Still, hopefully you will find some insightful musings on this blog courtesy of Serena.


The Month of Seven (Part 5)

This post will be the last of the tourism series. There will be no more now and I can finally be up to date with my posts!

Almost D:

So this post will detail the Saturday and Sunday right before N left. Saturday (25th) was actually our 7th month anniversary, the official one. Our yearly anniversary is on Christmas Day.

I let slip that we should go to the Harbour Bridge and watch the sunrise or sunset, as the view would be quite beautiful and N insisted on dragging me half-asleep at 6am to see the sunrise on our anniversary. Goddamnit!

Me and my big mouth.

I admit that it is very romantic and all this shiz, but still! Anyone who knows me knows I sleep like Maria. 2pm is my holiday morning.

On the morning on Saturday I was tossing and turning and couldn't sleep very well. Then I get woken up by N and pretty much has to drag me off bed and force me to change so that we can go. I didn't even know how to walk to the Harbour Bridge from Town Hall, and my original plan to catch the train to Milson's Point was foiled because CityRail was acting up with the whole trackwork nonsense. Stupid CityRail! Damn you!

Was going to catch the bus instead, except we didn't know when the buses were leaving and sunrise was going to be very soon so we walked it.

And promptly got a little lost.

By the time we found our way to the entrance (via The Rocks, guys!) there was already a bit of light:

But we managed to get there with minutes to spare, and slowly watched light fill the harbour with every passing second.

We figured the best spot was probably right in the middle. Oh and it was SO COLD MAN. Freezing! There was actually a guard patroling the bridge and quite a few morning joggers who were crazy enough to be jogging at this hour with so little on in this temperature.

That was where the sun would come up. In the end instead of it being romantic it was an eyesore HAHAHA.

As soon as it was over we made our way (much quickly this time) back where I took a nap after that stressful morning wtf.

I think this was lunch. We went back to that Korean place Han Cook and lo and behold, ginseng chicken soup! Excellent!

For our anniversary dinner I agreed to let N pay for it. All the food was paid by me you see. I really wanted to go to this Italian restaurant called The Pendolino where I first heard about it from Not Quite Nigella.

Little did I know that this restaurant was a very elegant, expensive and formal restaurant O_O

I felt supremely underdressed in my knee-high boots and long sleeve tee.

Very fancy, and little did I know they charged an arm and a leg for still water. I kept drinking it because I was really sick; N dragged me up the stairs while I had a cold and that made it worse, although we got a table because we were ahead of other people who took the lift. Still, $5 for a glass of San Pelligrino distilled water indeed!

Expensive setting. Feeeel the ambience!

This was a salad made from cannelini beans. Oh my god this is so amazingly good ($19 I think, yeah I know). So juicy and tender and just yum, but very basic. I think I can reproduce something similar at home.

Oh and we shared everything because I was sick and didn't have much of an appetite. $20-30 for that dish alone by the way, plus a side of creamy mash potatoes ($8?). Alright...the food was amazing. And the mash potatoes, I believe, we so good I could see N rolling his eyes in disbelief.

If you want to go somewhere very fancy (read: expensive) and are in the mood to indulge, drop by the Pendolino, Strand Arcade at Town Hall. It's next to Myer.

For dessert we went to Max Brenner. Ah yes, Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce, strawberries and bananas.

Sunday morning at the airport, watching the love (of my life? maybe...) leave T_T

How sad, boohoo T_T

But, I have one month left before my trip to America! Ahh shopping galore!




And turned him into a bag for Bally.

You Bastards!