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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have a dream that I will meet him at a crowded place. And he will see me and catch my eye and the moment he saw me I will take his breath away but he will not tell me so.

I have a dream that I will see him a second time and this time we will chat and have a good time and exchange phone numbers.

He will call me up a week later because it took him that long to master up the courage to talk in coherent sentences on the phone and ask me out on a date. I will remain calm but be jumping with joy on the inside as I reply "yes".

I will go out shopping for a new dress but end up compiling something from my wardrobe after hours of pulling clothes on and off. We will go to a nice place to eat where he will be an old fashioned gentleman and pull out my chair and pay the bill without me noticing. He will send me to my door because he will want to know I'm safely home and give me a kiss and our next date will be planned.

We will continue this for 4 months before he tells me he wants to share the beginning of a new day with me and takes me to see the sunrise. I will look across at him as the sun rises and realise this guy has made my heart beat faster, smile widen more, laugh louder and realise the value of life. I will sigh as I lean on his shoulder because life couldn't get any better.

Two years in we will be fighting every 3rd day, making up every 2nd and spending every day together. He will surprise me with flowers randomly and we will celebrate every month we've been together because he will seize every opportunity to make me feel special.

Three years in we will move in together and bicker over bad breath, dirty laundry, unwashed dishes and electricity bills clearly showing the impact of the long hot showers he takes, but every night we will fall asleep in each others arms and will wake up without troubles.

On the 1001day since we've been together we will be watching an old movie on the sofa couch drinking wine because by then I'd grown a liking to it, and he will go fetch nachos as I'd asked. he will put the nachos on the table and he will bend down on one knee and pull out a blue box. He will deliver a sentimental speech that he spent ages writing and rewriting to try and express his feelings. I will stare at him in awe with nachos still halfway to my mouth and he will see me cry tears of joy as I say "yes".

On our wedding day I will be nervous as hell and fuss over everything. I will walk down that aisle and see his face and know we'll live the rest of our lives as I'd dreamed.


But dreams are dreams and reality proves to be much different.



Comic Comic Comic

D'awww, isn't little Krystal adoramable? So innocent-looking as well.
Okay, ignore me.

I do remember this happening in class back when I was a wee lil kid. Except I wasn't actually the one who asked. But I was rather curious inside my head.

Yeeeeesssss, Sensei, how do you know when you're about to come? 8DD

What in the world is wrong with me?

Don't turn away now sensei~ You know you want it. =D

What in the world is wrong with me?


There's something very wrong with me nowadays~ Whee~~ 8D


Monday, April 27, 2009

Butterfly Dream

There were two worlds: Reality, and Imagination. Reality was where everyone resided - the world that we all knew.
Imagination was the parallel world behind Reality. A being inside Imagination couldn't be seen from Reality, but they could see everything inside Reality. Moreover, from within Imagination, you could see the life forces of beings inside Reality.

A sage taught me how to travel from Reality to Imagination and back again, and I became a correspondent.
It was then that I realised that all small animals had the ability to freely travel between Reality and Imagination, and many frequently went into Imagination in order to escape something from within Reality.

Playing around with my new powers, I turned into a kitten to play with other kittens, exploring the world around us. We were chased by something, so I led them under an overhanging rock, where I told them all to escape into Imagination on the count of three.
And old cat lying nearby looked at us sadly, and said: "Fools, there is no Imagination here, only a giant hole, and two Realities."
I would've denied it, but now that I was supposedly in Imagination, I found the two worlds exactly the same.
Slightly freaked, I ran to other 'rooms' where I tried to travel back into Imagination in each one. But each time, I couldn't see the life forces of the people, nor the other creatures within Imagination.
Eventually, I reached the far end of the place, and I couldn't get into Imagination there either. So I concluded that by trying to travel to Imagination where a hole in Imagination was, had robbed me of my power.

But I didn't have time to contemplate that, as my party came over and told me that the battle was starting. I was afraid to tell them that I had lost my power, so I just went along.

When we were fighting, I found that something didn't feel right, and right after the first enemy fell, we realised why.
There was nothing within that armour. The creature we were fighting wasn't alive.
I realised, that this was the reason why I saw no life force throughout all the crowds I went through.

I hadn't lost my power. It was just that nothing was alive anymore...

I turned to my companions and told them that none of our enemies were worth fighting - as they were never alive to begin with.
Out leader then poked his head in the door to check if everything was alright, as we told him that there was nothing to kill in this room.
He replied with an "Oh," and then ordered us to go into the next rooms instead.
But I knew from the look on his face that he had already known.
I had also checked out every room before, by accident, but I had checked them nevertheless. And I knew, I knew that there was nothing for us here.

I waited for the leader to leave, and then made to tell my friends.
But I never got to.

Because then I woke up.

PS: Butterfly Dream


Friday, April 24, 2009

a very patient person.

I saw 3 girls and a guy on the train today, the guy dressed rather 90s, and had a pretty face. He also speaks like he's gay. I feel sad that I can't test the accuracy of my gaydar.

I usually sit on the right side of the train to avoid the sun, but I saw the back of an attractive young man sitting on the right somewhere up front, so I chose to sit on the left side of him to see his face.
I was right, he's cute.
Now I'm stuck in the sun.
Cutie listens to his iPod super loud.
Gay guy looks like a reverse trap.
Woman with total bowl cut sits in front of me.
Gay guy holds his bag like a handbag. Very cute.
Cutie's music is audible through Morte.
Loud teenie bunch just hopped on beside me. And I thought Gay guy's group was loud.
The group is huge. Looks and sounds like a Leb group. They take up 4 seats.
Half appear overweight.
Even Cutie was disturbed through his stupidly loud music.
Ugh. I can't draw. YOU shut up! B<
Geez, was gonna regret sitting in the sun and putting up with loud music. It could always be worse huh?
Ah Rene, you're cute.
Everyone except the Noisy bunch and Old timer behind me is listening to music.
Poor Old timer, he appears agitated.
I wonder if I'm doing the right thing by minding my own business. Or should I tell them to shut up? I like to tell myself I'm not scared, but 1 vs 8 is a rather unattractive prospect.
My dear Cutie, you'll kill your ears with that volume.
I'm running out of paper. And patience. And concetration. But that's a lie. I'm actually


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Black and Colours

Felt like whipping out some makeup and practise some looks. I'm not very good at smokey eyes, but this seemed pretty edgy and good for clubbing, provided it won't melt off my face afterwards or smudge all over, which it always does.


Fierce? Foxy? It makes me really see how cat-like I can be. Plus, in my attempt to look sexy I come off looking like I just woke up. Or I look like a paedophile, either way.


Random black eyeliner as a thick on top and lower lid, almost all around.
Normally I would use MAC Engraved but I don't want to use the good (read: expensive) stuff on experiments. Slightly winged at the corners to lengthen the eyes and make it cat-like.
MAC Black Tied e/s dabbed on top and smudged slightly.
Shiseido curler for lashes topped with Maybelline Lash Discovery mascara.
MAC MSF Soft and Gentle on cheeks and MAC 3N on lips.
Dusting of CS Silica Powder over everything.

A new combination: 3N and Jubilee on top = perfect lip colour!


Top to bottom, left to right:
Patina, Sea and Sky
Mink and Sable, Humid
Antiqued, random thing I forgot
Illegal Cargo
Parfait Amour

A lot of these were limited edition, but that's fine because I don't like many of them LOL. I can't wait to finish the blue e/s and the greyish-purple one because I won't ever use it. Out of all the colours I only like Mink and Sable, the golden olive one. I'll be sad when I finish it, but that won't be for another 2 years at least.

I need to dedicate myself to beauty more. Most of the time I'm too goddamn lazy to put makeup on other than blush, which I use almost everyday. The occasional lipstick or gloss, maybe.

The camera washes me out, as well as highlight the freckles on my nose that I NEVER knew existed until recently. Sad.

I don't think anyone knows what I'm talking about, but that's ok I'm ranting :D


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sukiyaki and why nobody is blogging anymore

I finally replaced my camera with another Panasonic Lumix, but with higher megapixels. But I still miss my old one.

The DMC-FS7 is lighter, but less sturdy and feels plastic. The casing isn't as nice as my old one, and the buttons aren't nice to click either - too clicky and again, plastic-feeling. I miss the wheel where you move to the different modes, but now they just have buttons. And don't get me started on the flash!

Sigh, oh well. In time I'll get used to it. Besides, it's 10.1mp compared to my old 8.1. I also have to get a memory card and a spare battery, for convenience. Unfortunately I can't use my old spare battery because it's a different model. What a waste...

I've realised everyone is too busy with assignments right now to blog so I took pictures of my sukiyaki lunch at home. We used leftover hotpot stuff for it, just swapped the soup.


It was just a lunch between Porkie and I because I've been craving sukiyaki for days now.


Homemade garlic bread roll :)


I've taken to dipping my hotpot/sukiyaki food into raw egg as a dip. Mother says it's so you don't burn your mouth when you eat and it she was right! But I just love the taste of raw egg is all.

I think it's because of me Twittering now that I just can't be bothered blogging. Blogs take so much work to write, upload pictures and edit whereas Twitter is efficient, at least for me. But I still hope to blog a bit more because of the space I'm given. Nothing in my life is interesting enough that requires unlimited space to rant though :(

I shall update people on mundane things then. Such as my decision to apply to transfer for UTS: still pending, mostly because I am uncertain about my current career path. I don't think advertising is the way to go and I might be better equipped to use my skills in public relations and/or management. I still haven't applied at UAC yet, and I think acceptance is opened now. Nevertheless, hesitation is never a good sign in any situation.

The boy and I are doing quite well. We had a rough patch a few days ago due to him being snippy with me about not being home and forgetting that I was going to Ray's birthday dinner at Wagaya (which by the way was fun but the food sucked - review coming soon while I download photos from Facebook). It did feel kinda awkward and cold there for a few days, but I was secretly delighted that he knew he was the one who was wrong and willing to admit it. I think this is a good thing in a relationship, when you can admit you're wrong. Him saying sorry a lot was starting to get annoying LOL. And he's supposed to be stubborn as heck.

I'm feeling nostalgic and depressed today though T_T M says it's PMS and she's right (AGAIN!). It is most likely a combination of the dreary weather we've been having lately and PMS screwing with my head. Sigh, just another week until it's over...

I can't end this post on a good note, I'm not happy enough.

So anyway I went to exchange the Line Filler and the girl wasn't very happy about it but screw her. I swapped it for Slimshine lipstick in Gaily, something that I've been meaning to get awhile back and oh my god I've been missing out all this time! It really is a very nice colour, and moisturising lipstick that feels almost like a gloss, but creamier! And leaves a nice shine, not too sparkly like the lipglasses. I'm sticking with this colour.

And serves me right for using products around my eyes.

So there's nothing much to blog, nor am I in the mood to be happy/preppy so maybe another day when I have my wits about me. I still owe many posts that I never got around to doing, as well as a few makeup related ones.

I have officially spent over $1000 since November 2007 on makeup, skincare and other beauty products (that I have bothered to record). That really says something about women.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I bought MAC Line Filler that was supposed to be a great wrinkle and fine line reduction cream and primer in one. It did what it was supposed to do, but I ended up with stinging and itchy eyes for the next 2 days. Needless to say, this is going back to Myer and I'll pick up a paintpot in exchange.

I think this marks the end of experimental beauty products around my eye area. I have concluded that I'll never find an eye cream that doesn't break out in eczema and sensitivity, and I'll never find a concealer that won't settle in fine lines or cover up my dark circles at least 80%.

Next on the list to cover: Coastal Scents Silica Powder (MUFE HD dupe) v Maybelline Dream Matt powder? Experiments with using MAC SatinFinish as a concealer (the only thing that doesn't irritate, but doesn't cover undereyes properly) and moving into colourful eyeliner!

.~ ***** ~.

N has become increasingly clingy and obsessive these past few weeks as a result of discovering that he dearly loves me. I don't know what to think about this sudden OOC, or if it is a good thing compared to the first time we split.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Random: Home files.

So I was adding a short to my yaoi collection, when I decided to look through it a bit again.


How old was I when I read that kind of stuff? >////< My mind was dirtiest back when I was still a minor T___T
I blame you guys for being a bad influence =(


Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Life in Motion

I guess the reason why I haven't posted anything in ages is cuz my life has been really boring.

No parties, no clubs barely meeting anyone. I guess it's a sense of the life to come, no one has any real time for anyone else work seems to cloud everyone's weeks. There'll always be something more important than meeting an old friend. So my days are filled with going to uni, studying in the library while waiting for my bf, going home or going out with bf and then go home, study, surf the net, watch scrubs/chuck/house/gossipgirl/heroes/whatever I can get my hands on. Cuz the boy is the only one who has time for me now -.-

So here's a little update

I've been craving this damn chicken and ginseng soup hotpot for months now and I finally got it at this Korean place.. Don't remember what it's called.. Fullhouse or something?

Boyfriend's egg roll thingy. It wasn't very nice.. too tomatoey and it's chilli.

Yum yum... watching it boil away...

Fat baby chicken stuffed with sticky rice and chestnuts

Went Pepper Lunch and after i saw these pretty deserts at 85 degrees. They were actually quite nice. I think they're new ones.

last last week or something went to eat Japanese pizza. Here's all those people making takoyaki. They're so efficient! We waited.. many many hours to get the Japanese pizza cuz the street stall wasn't set up yet. I don't feel it was worth it but I promised him he'll have his Japanese pizza if I got my chicken.

Had some fried squid while waiting. They're so much yummier than restaurant stuff -.-

I love being a science student. This is a small part of a guinea pig intestine (ileum) that's kept alive in that organ bath then we injected it with drugs to stimulate the muscle and then inject more drugs to unstimulate it.

Doesn't it look cool!?

made pasta in nutrition class! From scratch! That's our fettucinni drying up nicely...

Cooked end result! It's a lot yummier than the store bought ones. The texture is a lot better but damn it is hard work kneading dough.. a LOT of hard work...

Then we made muffins to compare the effect of using sugar and the effect of using Equal (artificial Sweetener) sugar. We picked to make sugar muffins!

Oh we also cooked diff types of rice. We picked sticky rice and we measured water content, tested texture, taste etc.

Mufins cooking... left ones are equal sugar. right ones are normal sugar.

It was this chick's birthday and we were signing happy birthday until we got to the name part and half of us didn't know her name lol! Her friends stuck some candles on muffins but they were the Equal sugar ones.

Equal Sugar muffins

Normal sugar muffins.

Besides the obvious texture change the equal muffins were absolutely disgusting believe it or not... It was not sweet at all. The sweetener is broken down by the heat so there's no flavour. So kiddies do not use equal sugar to bake if you wanna lose weight.

Btw remember that convo where butterfly leaked our link. My bf says he won't look at it because he respects my privacy. I don't believe him because if I was given a link I am not meant to see I would open it and pretend I didn't cuz I have no self control T_T He goes he won't look at it cuz he knows it means a lot to me. Who thinks he will peek??

That's all.



Monday, April 6, 2009


Ahahahaha how random.

My dear B, life is not a love song/drama/anime.