What the hell is a flying green song-rabbit?!

Grongbit (GReen sONG rabBIT) is the result of our nicknames combined. "Our" meaning the three founding authors. The flying comes from our guest-turned-permanent blogger, Butterfly Coffin.

And yes, rabbits can too fly, sing and be green.

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About Song: Serena

She is la songbird Serena.

Serena is not her real name.

Goes to University of Western Sydney.
B Communication (Advertising) but dabbles in Public Relations and Marketing.
IAA Diploma in Marketing Communication.

Sefton graduating class '007.

Her loves include old library books, shiny things, cheese, Lindt Lindor, bows, sleeping in, getting mail, pretty shoes, rain, lace, moon dancing, pillow talk and MONEY.

She enjoys gossiping, watching dramas, Googling, painting nails, experimental cooking and watching cooking shows on YouTube, reading the Sydney Morning Herald Business section, list making, online shopping and general epicness.

Is an Australian Born Chinese.

A blog-stalking extraordinaire!

Grubby, money-hungry bwitch.

Lives with internet by choice. Will die without MSN.

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