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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A conversation today.

I saw a red scab thing on crush's forearm and thought it was from when he injured himself on Saturday during his rugby match.

Me: Is that from Saturday?
Him: Nah it's from Friday.
Me: Huh? What were you doing on Friday? Wasn't I with you on Friday?
Him: You know how I was deep frying Calamari rings for us for lunch....
Me: omg is that from OIL??
Him: I was trying to taste one and it was hot to hold and dropped back into the oil and some oil splashed out.
Me: What you got an oil burn? Why didn't you tell me and you let me sit there chatting to Serena waiting to be fed??
Him: Cuz then you'll nag me!!
Me (sarcastically): Did you run it under water? Did you put some burn cream on? Why didn't you put some burn cream on! Does it still hurt? Why don't you be more careful next time! Don't use your fingers on something so hot!! That's so careless!! You mean that kind of nagging? :P
Him: Yes! I just didn't want you to worry about me.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life in Motion

For those of you who don't know yet or haven't spoken to me in awhile, I recently started to polish off my CV because next semester I am doing an internship course that requires me to find my own host organisation to work at.

I emailed the coordinators to get all the info, chatted to uni friends and basically mused about it for awhile until I got the green light. I then sent my resume off as soon as I was allowed to and hoped for the best.

There were many confusing things about the internship program, mostly because it wasn't very clear. A friend of mine who already had done 2 internships agreed that at first she was very confused.

But I finally got that sorted (with a lot of help) and did some research on agencies in Sydney. Mostly I was trolling job websites like seek.com and careerone.com. I also checked out my uni's job site but that was mostly pointless and didn't have what I wanted. In the end I decided to approach these companies myself to see if they have any space for me.

So last Wednesday I spent all afternoon typing up a convincing cover letter/email and sent my resume to one of the best, award winning advertising media agencies in Australia. Too late! Already clicked send! I just had to hope that all my research and stalking paid off. The name of this agency had popped up a fair amount of times in my lectures, just in the background.

The following morning for that lecture we watched a video for an award ceremony in France where a few representatives from the best ad agencies attended. Lo and behold, one of the gold winners were from Australia, from the very company I applied for!

A part of me thought that I would be rejected, or that it would be awhile before they contacted me to tell me that I was rejected. I was resigned to that possibility already, but hey it doesn't hurt to try right? After all, I put Fort Street as my first or second choice for selective believing that I most likely wouldn't get in and I almost did.

After the lecture while doing homework in the library I got a call; they wanted to meet me for a position in their subsidiary, newly launched just last year. Wow, I was stoked. I was so excited I was jumping up and down in the library ignoring stares people were giving me. Granted, it was the exact job I wanted but it's within the same company! A GOOD company, an AWARD WINNING company.

Had my interview on Friday and they wanted me to start as soon as possible. It is going to be a long internship, but I already feel successful and I keep dreaming about what my life is going to be like now.

I feel like my life is moving forward instead of falling stagnant.

I also feel terrified; my marks for advertising haven't been extremely good. It's like Advanced English, as much as I love it I was never really good at it. It's strange for me. I'm scared because the ad subject I'm doing this semester isn't going so well, mark-wise. I'm really pissed that my group is dodgy because I thought the hot guy who works at a well-known agency was good at his job, but apparently he's not the most brilliant. Oh he works hard alright, there's just no point to all that research he's done in relation to the brief.

Perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps I shouldn't do advertising and should do PR instead (got 2 distinctions in it). Perhaps it's a sign that for all my core advertising subjects I'm stuck with mediocre people; first year, my partner left the class so the major assignment was done alone, second year my whole group wasn't advertising majors and didn't understand some things I was talking about and now third year, ARGH WHY DIDN'T HE LISTEN TO ME AND USE MY POINTS FOR THE WORK.

On another note, I recently finished reading Animal Farm that Midori lent to me.

This is the exact same copy she had.

Lets just say that I should've read this ages ago. It is good. I've started on 1984 but only a few pages, not as interesting as Animal Farm.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess what I got...

Please allow me to indulge and be spoilt for this post!

So yesterday I had a lesson off at Uni in the afternoon and decided I wanted to go see the Artexpress with my crush. We went by a watch store on the way and as I'd been on the lookout for a new watch since Christmas time went inside for a quick look not expecting to find anything.

Daddy had promised to get me a new watch as I have spent somewhere in the vicinity of $80-$90 trying to repair my ancient at least 10year old automatic Sieko watch. Being very upset at the fact that it seemed irrepairable, my parents decided my dad will buy me a nice new watch. Not the markets $10 type watch a real nice one.

So I took them to Gregory and they decided NO Chanel, NO Omega, NO Longines.

Lol maybe I scared them a little with my definition of nice! XD

Anyway I went into the watch store and saw a beautiful watch... like omfg. I want! The watch face was a bit big for my liking but I decided to take a look anyway. I put it on and was hooked! The fact that it was discounted to about where my dad said was acceptable and the pretty elegant design got me hooked.

Sadly it was 1pm in the afternoon and I could not call my dad to confirm whether I could buy it or not as I could not really recall if it was within my dad's price range. So the sales assistant said he will reserve it for me for an hour and I can pick it up later if I was really set on it.

He put it in an envelope for me and we went off to AGNSW to see the Artexpress.

Artexpress had some interesting artworks but they mostly had similar themes. It seems always that at least one of the artworks has to be about aboriginal heritage, sexism, feminism, racism, teenage emoness, globalisation, poverty, cultural heritage, music, individuality etc. I swear every year, all the works embody at least one of those themes.

I'm not saying the artwork isn't all of excellent quality but it gets a bit repetitive.

We were hungry by then so we went down the escalators to the gallery restaurant to have a quick lunch. I felt so classy sitting outside looking at the view while eating expensive food at the art gallery. then again we were wearing thongs and backpacks and paint splattered shorts and singlets haha.

So at lunchtime I gave a call to my mum who told me to just get the damn watch. Mummy is so nice!

So we walked back to the watch store and the guy had left it reserved although he said he was only going to reserve it for one hour. One swipe of the card and some boxing later and the beauty is mine!

Watch in box.

Pretty watch!

It's so hard taking photos of it cuz my light was blanking out the screen. It's a Citizen Eco Drive watch, 100m water resistant. The back is mother of pearl and 24 diamonds pave the outer rim of the watch.

See so pretty yeh??

It's my pride and joy atm and with 5 years warranty I'll be wearing it for the longest time.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gold Coast: Surfer's Paradise Fun and Wet N Wild

Unfortunately I don't remember if we went to Wet N Wild first or hung out at Surfer's Paradise at Timezone first. I'm just going to start with Wet N Wild xD

It was SO fun! Only 8 of us went; Miiven, Simon, Midori and crush, Kebu, Bee and I. Exactly 4 each so we could all pair up for rides! We kept swapping with everyone so we had a turn with each other which was fun. Everyone else who didn't go really missed out man.

The day started out pretty hot and sunny, then started raining again, then back to being warm. Throughout the day it was pretty cloudy so it wasn't too hot and the sun didn't burn our exposed skin. It was probably a good time to go since the unpredictable weather meant less people were there.

The first ride we went on. To the left was the simulated wave pool and that was fun to relax and bob up and down. The other rise was 4 people on a big floaty and basically slide around and around. It was surprisingly fun for our first ride and the good part was the floaty was taken up for you! WARNING for people who are super lazy, you have to walk up many many many flights of stairs CARRYING a floaty and some of them big enough for 4 people! Have strong men like Stevewee and crushboy around ;D

Round and round and round and round.

End of the day when we were all tired and wet.

When we got back to the apartments we were ambushed by a rain of waterbombs.

The boys left behind decided to stage an ambush. They played military music on their iPod and started throwing waterbombs at us while we were walking back. Wendy and crush were first and missed it since they didn't want to give everyone at the back a warning, Miiven were when they first attacked. Bee and Kebu and I were deciding on going to the beach and when they saw what was happening decided to turn back and avoid the waterbombs xDDD

Me however, I wanted to brave the bombs and was teasing the boys to come get me. They threw several but missed; I was just out of reach. I did a little jig and dance, taunting them, but they couldn't do anything about it xD

Steven was really angry though because he was having a temper tantrum earlier on and the waterbombs tipped him over the edge. The boys started getting aggressive and Steven and Josh started fighting and we had to pull them away and separate them. Later when Steven calmed down he apologised, though I still think Josh should've done it first if for no other reason than to avoid the fight.


I personally found it hilarious that they waterbombs us, but I guess that was just me. I would've been pissed if it was any other day but since I was wet already it was good they decided today of all days (they did note this, which I thought was surprisingly considerate for these guys).

Everything was alright by the time it was dinner, which I had to get started on doing because Minglez was trying to calm Steven down and everyone else was hiding out at the other apartment so it was just me and a few people doing dinner -_-

On one of the free days we went out to Surfer's Paradise to look around, maybe shop a little. It was way too humid to do anything though and after browsing Valleygirl (for the girls) we ended up just walking around and settled on going to Timezone.

We ate before that. I really wanted to go to the Taiwanese cafe Hazel Tea Shop, they have some damn nice pearls! It is a shame that they only have stores in Brisbane and the rest are in Taiwan :( They could give Easyway a run for their money in Sydney.

Similar facial expressions.

Bubble tea and food. Braised beef in a soy sauce kinda sauce?

LOL what is crushboy doing?!?

Everyone is hungry.

When we were all fed and Bee had to leave because she wasn't feeling so good, we went to play at Timezone. An hour of playing the arcade games however many times we want (there's a limited on some games) and then we got to go on the dodgem cars once and laser tag! But we got split up!

Steven and crushboy got the highest scores I think...damn you people.

On the bus. W. T. F.

The prize we got from the tickets.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guess what I got...

...when I got home from a long day at uni with a whole lot of drama and crap like doing my homework and forgetting to bring it and a presentation with people asking obnoxious questions and having to dodge them and travelling across Sydney to go to different campuses and ending uni at 6pm after a super boring tutorial that's pretty much a waste of time?

Where was I?

I got a dozen long stem roses from the boyfriend!

A dozen red roses from Roses Only, just because!

And more chocolate to make me fat! -_-


Nothing in my house that can hold the huge box so it goes on the dining table.

Have to arrange them in the biggest vase I have.

They now sit in my room on my desk because we have nowhere else to put them >_> So it's constantly in my face and all pretty, though red is too serious for "just because".

Blurry pictures taken at night. Oh well.

We are happy little roses
As bright as bright can be.
We'll all enjoy our roses
For breakfast, lunch and tea.
Our love seems to be growing stronger
Every single week
Because we love our twelve roses,
We all adore our twelve roses
It is a rose in every cheek!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've been SUPER busy these past few weeks, I don't know what everyone else's excuse is but that's mine.

Finished one presentation and another due next week so won't be updating the blog until then. Basically marketing has been a real bitch since the first day. Don't worry, nobody died.

Except my brrraaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnzzzzzz.



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland + The Little Snail

So today (yes I am so fast at posting now muahaha), Serena and I went to watch Alice in Wonderland then we went to The Little Snail for lunch where we were joined by Marweechi and Minglez.

Sadly minglez and marweechi were not able to watch 3D due to headaches and inability to see 3D....

Anyway the movie was great and S and I dressed up for it yay! Except S didn't really dress up much she was normal!

I wore my tutu yay! But no one took a photo of me so I have no photo of my OTT outfit... =(

The movie was quite good. I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's one of Tim Burton's best film!

By the time the movie ended it was already quite late so we ended up showing up at The Little Snail at 2pm. The place was mostly empty except for maybe 1 occupied table and two girls were exiting as we were entering.

We all got the set lunch menu for $35 with extra drink and some bread.

The dozen snails entree. Don't they look pretty?? It was in some garlic sauce and we dipped the bread in that.

Serena got the Duck Liver Pate. There was a LOT of pate for the little bruschetta (sp?)

Minglez eating snails at ease.

Marweechi's Guide to eating a snail:

Use the tongs instrument to pick up snail then poke with the prong poke thing.

Laugh as the snail fails to come out of its shell.

Place snail on the plate and try again....

Success!! Lol marweechi seemed to have great difficulty in getting snails out all the time lol.

My pretty Copper Stopper Mocktail. It was an alright drink. Very pretty! The drink at the back is Marweechi's champagne cocktail.

Serena's mocktail.

Inside the smail.

Mains: Serena ordered a rack of lamb.

omg yummness.

My Medium Prime Australian Beef Steak in some sauce or another with a mushroom on top. It was prety yummy and despite how small it was, quite filling. The other two also had steak.

Marweechi demonstrating how to lift the steak off the mash to avoid squishing it.

Dessert! Minglez's chocolate mousse

Marweechi's creme caramel

My sticky date pudding

Serena's profiteroles

Afterwards we were stuffed and made our way to capitol to get some stuffed tofu! I fail at using those skill tester games. Minglez was able to win 3 items for S and me as well! I wasted $5 oh well I need to become more skilled in these games...

Look how cute the green tofu is!Sadly my hair still looks so black....


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Copying Midori

Alrighty, ten things:


2. I had mi goreng for breakfast and smith's chips and rice at 10pm to become closer to my inner student living in poverty.

3. Chips and rice aren't that bad together.

4. I don't understand why Sandra Bullock won best actress. I liked the movie, and her acting was alright, but seriously?

5. Did I mention Zadro is my tutor?!

6. I feel like a big fish in a small pond. I think I'm one of only a third of the class who's not having much trouble with classical Chinese.

7. Practical ethics is mightily annoying because damn militant vegans don't get enough iron. They go all crazy and completely miss the point as they heckle a fellow classmate who hasn't even finished her point. I guess that biting people's heads off is the closest thing they get to meat.

8. I have a serious crepe issue. I think I might need some therapy to treat my addiction.


10. OMG! ZADRO!!!!!!!

Kebu. Out.


Yeh yeh I am aware that I stopped blogging about Gold Coast, all photos are found in webshots anyway so hope they just rejog memory...

Currently some stuff on my mind/that's been happening/has been driving me crazy/making me bored

1. I am documenting EVERY morsel of food I eat. This includes foods, snacks, oil used in cooking, salt, water i drink etc. Including cooking method, leftovers, brand of food etc. It is driving me up the wall and it's only the first day. I consumed today about 2kg of food! I'll update you guys on a further anaylsis of my diet later.

2. I have a tutu muahahaha. My obsession with tutus started with this beautiful blogger Song of Style. Her pretty pink tutu from a halloween shop made me want a tutu so much! I wish my mum sent me to ballet lessons when I was little. Anyway after that I saw tutus everywhere... At first on manniquins then on people more and more... So much so that I saw at least 1 tutu a day. My Crush realising how much I wanted one but was too afriad to buy one bought a black tutu for me. He went to search for one for me! Even coping some remarks such as "Do you need it for the mardi gras?" I have only worn it once so far but I shall wear it on Saturday girls!!

3. My nutrition subjects this semester are so boring!! We're looking at ways to design questionaires to sample people and ways to assess people's nutrition. YAWN.

4. I actively participated today in class discussion and I gave very good comments yay

5. I love this cool weather change I can wear my boots!

6. Anyone else hearing the roar of those Black Hawk army choppers flying super low in the sky? They're annoying the hell out of me.

7. I miss seeing marweechi =(

8. I want to eat something... but then I gotta weigh it....

9. My crush made me waffles from scratch and we ate it with lots of icecream and honey and chocolate topping in the middle of the afternoon. Yums. He makes me smile crazy by myself on the train. It's a bit ridiculous considering I have to pretend something funny was playing on my iPod.

10. I am going to get that thing to eat now.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food For Noobs and Poh's Kitchen

I just recently found out (and apparently I was the last to know this -_-) that Poh from Masterchef has her own cooking show!!!

Now, I've always loved Poh. I was cheering for her all the way and as the competition got tighter and closer to the end I ended up liking her more for her vision in cooking; how she's not afraid to try new things (squid ink rice noodle cubes wtf, makes me want to try squid ink spaghetti) and because she always questions techniques and is curious about why things are the way they are. This almost certainly leads back to tradition, but at least now you know to never over-knead your unset roti dough.

So far she's made chiffon cake (have been hankering for a good cheese custard lemon chiffon pie recipe), roti which I've always wanted to try. I love spring onion pancake which is kind of like roti but more flavourful.

Before I discovered her show, I was already thinking about "embracing my roots". Some time ago, the fragility of my aging grandmother has made me realise that inside that little body is a plethora of cooking expertise and wisdom (along with sewing and gardening). If you guys didn't know, my grandma is Teochew and my grandpa is Hakka Chinese but both grew up in Indonesia so she knows many different types and styles of cooking. They have also lived in Shantou and Guangzhou where she was exposed to Cantonese cuisine, the main cuisine of my mother's upbringing. I am mostly interested in what little she knows of Indonesian food as it is quite close to Malaysian food. Additionally, my dad is Hainanese and his step-family is Vietnamese. So you see, I grew up eating all these different kinds of foods and all along I thought it was all Cantonese -_-

Even today I have trouble figuring out which dish is from where! I don't even think my grandma herself knows, she just picked it up along the way. I'm going to record some of these recipes and trace them back to where they came from (thankyou Wiki).

So anyway, I've been keeping up with watching Poh's Kitchen and learning a bit of history behind Asian food and techniques although she always has a guest chef so I guess it's more fusion. And by keeping up I mean time-shifting (woohoo! Advertising discourse!) from Wednesday airings xD

I'm going to try fit in some cooking during the semester since I have 2 days free. Today and last night I made spaghetti carbonara using this recipe, which is officially the BEST spaghetti carbonara I've ever had. It helps to do it properly! Tomorrow I'll bake cookies or a cake for my friend Elia's birthday.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

There is a dull, aching feeling in my chest now that I have finished watching one of the most epic Taiwanese dramas I have ever seen. I was dreading the end of Autumn's Concerto which is why I was trying to delay watching it until today. The end of such a sweet, unconventional idol drama was enough to pull at the threads in my mind that long for such simple happiness.

I really love their house in the country! It's so clean, crisp, light and opens up to a small garden. It's very dreamy. Especially when they sit together as a (finally) complete family and Xiao Le is giggling so much and playing pranks on his parents.

I do feel a loss. This drama was cast very well even though Van Ness' mandarin was supposedly dodgey. I think it was the combination of the well made soundtrack, the chemistry between characters and the fact that it's Next Stop, Happiness.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Coast: Dreamworld and Seaworld

Midori has updated!!

This is a super image-intensive post right now as it covers 2 days worth of photos which is a lot!

Day 2 of our GC trip we went to Dreamworld and everyone went, including Shu.

Midori and Bee. I'm gonna start calling you Bee now.

We actually left the apartment pretty late because it took us a really long time to decide on buying tickets (for once we all woke up pretty early -_-). We decided on Dreamworld though it was raining really hard when we got up to the mountains by bus and thought rides would be cancelled!

But when we arrived the rain stopped and the sun was starting to come out so all was good!

Walking to the first ride, the rapids one.

Got so wet after -_-

The first thing you see when you drive up to Dreamworld, the Giant Drop... super scary, don't dare go on it...

This is it... Midori and I were too chicken to go on it. This side was the other ride, forgot the name. On the other side is the Giant Drop.

Motocoaster ride which broke down halfway and had to wait for maintenance to finish. It took AGES LIKE ONE HOUR lining for this ride but it was pretty fun - too short lived, not worth the wait.

Tiger for people to pat.

Even a white tiger!!

On this kiddie ride near the Wiggle World section, this was a noob rollercoaster but not too bad. Quacho had his foot skim a tree during the ride WTF TOO TALL!

The rapids ride again.

Weird faces wtf.

More weird faces double WTF. Is it just me or do I remind myself of Ms. K...?

Food rest where there were chips, churros and snow cones aplenty.

We (Miiven, Kebu, Midori + crush and I) actually went on the rapids ride like 5 times in a row, I think we made that guy manning the ride's day! We rode on it until they actually closed the ride lol!!

Everyone else went to ride the Cyclone and other extreme rides without the rest of us sissy's.

Day 3 was a rest day for most people. Only Miiven, Wendy and her crush went to Seaworld while me, B, Josh and Quacho went to Pacific Fair and shopped O_O

Seaworld people went here, commentary is going to be done by Midori now since I didn't go:

Day 3 was Seaworld day!! When we got there a storm cloud was hanging right above us so all the rides were closed due to possibility of lightning. Instead we went to the sting ray feeding area.

Pat pat string rays! They had a massive pool only about 1m high where you could lean in and touch the sides of the sting rays and feed them!

Kebu bought a small container of small fish + prawns to feed to the sting ray. When the food was presented just above the water the sting ray would glide across the side of the pool and bite the food from your hands. It felt so weird! Like baby with no teeth biting....

Super creepy sea cucumbers

Pretty blue stingray

I try to0 take a photo of the sesame street sign and two people block my view to get into the photo...

Polar bear!

The polar bear was super cute. Like sooooooo cute!! It kept playing with this floating barrel, trying to wrestle it to the water floor and biting into it to release a stream of air bubbles. We only saw one bear though for some reason. The polar bears were so cute everyone bought a soft toy... except me

Pretty starfish...

Big aquarium

Penguins. Very tiny fairy penguins... seriously VERY tiny.

There wasn't much else to do so we went on the monorail that circled the resort while Minglez wanted to go on the log ride agai so Miiven went and did that. The view was so pretty =)

Therewas a pretty good Pirate show on that displayed acrobatic skill. The most impressive thing was probably when one of the guys lept into the water from the very top of that ship's mast. No safety equipment or anything!

There wasn't much else to do. Basically only 3 rides at Seaworld. There's a Bermuda Triangle ride that took you round a path before sliding down a big water slide. A log ride with a steeper slide but just went around in a semi square and a Jet Ski rollar coaster much like the motocoaster ride but heaps faster and they sprayed water in your face which was nice considering how sticky the weather was all day.


The other four people who went shopping at Pacific Fair:

Bus ride.

Bus and carpark entrance. Missed the huge sign though.

Outside section of Pacific Fair, all the shops were out in the open here.

Inside the shopping centre with AIRCON! Gold Coast is so humid, hate humidity.

End shopping result minus the board shorts Quach bought and the shirts Josh bought.

Bee listening to (a tiny) Morte hooked up to a (huge ass) headset.