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Monday, November 29, 2010

It was recently the bf and I's anniversary so if you're in the mood for a lot of mushy lovey dovey cheesiness with photos and all read on!

I had planned a lovely getaway at Sheraton On the Park Hotel which is located right opposite Hyde Park in the city.

Bf said dinner reservations were at 5:45pm and I told him we should meet up at 4 which he got all curious about. The night before I had to tell him to pack his bags which ruined my suprise a bit but he still wasn't sure where we were staying at until I led him there!

I really wanted to go earlier and go to the pool there (the sole reason I picked Sheraton is for their amazing pool!!!) but I already promised mum I would pick out a pair of sunnies with her and she wasn't available till 2.

Anyway once I got to the city I went to check in and my debit card got declined... Fail.. I then realised the cheque I deposited hadn't gone through yet so I had to stand there awkwardly on my iPhone and transfer money through to my account. Seriously this has happened too many times...

The reception area was pretty classy. These massive pillars were very nice and there was christmas decorations that really gave it a festive cheer. My phone photo was blurry so this will have to do... Also my camera broke so all photos are from my phone.

Picked up bf and led him to the hotel and up to level 5 where our room was! Upon entry the room was kinda disappointing. Upon openning the door you're greeted with a white wall and a closet and you gotta sorta walk inside, get past the bathroom to the actual room. When we entered, the room was dark as there was timber shutters that were all closed so it didn't feel very welcoming.

We had the City view room which I wouldn't exactly say had a view... Our windows directly faced an office buiding that obstructed almost the whole view so there wasn't much to see and we left the blinds mostly closed with the lights on. Anyway the interior looked like this but with shutter blinds so not as brightly lit as this and this is the park view rooms.

After I showed him my suprise he came to me with a little golden box that contained my suprise:

WOOOT Diamonds! Girl's best friend! Although I did tell him I didn't want any diamonds unless he was getting down on one knee wtf.

He had planned to get me diamonds ages ago, and had messaged a mutual friend that he was settling for the T & Co bracelet for my birthday and saving the diamonds for the anniversary. I sneakily saw the message and knew about it.... I told him I didn't want diamonds!! But the sweetie bought them for me anyway. They're from Angus and Cootes and I think they're about 1/4 carat but he says he forgot wtf.

After exploring the place and playing guess the price on the food in the fridge, we headed to his "surprise dinner place." he remarked at how funny it washe booked a dinner place near where we're staying and the only place I could think of was the restaurant at the top of central Tower and that was exactly where he brought me!

360 Bar and Dining

Sitting on top of Sydney tower the restaurant offered a revolving restaurant that did a full turn every hour, offering the best views of the city.

Look! Okay Sydney skyline isn't that pretty to be honest... We don't have many sky scrapers and they're all ugly and bland looking. We had a bit of fun playing "I Spy" before the food arrived.

We ordered the 3 course meal at $95 pp.

Bread came out first and it was so disappointing!!! They gave us 4 slices with each slice different eg. multigrain, sourdough etc but they were cold and not soft at all! The butter didn't really help either. It was really quite awful. I still hadn't finished my 2nd piece of bread by the time the entree arrived.

The dishes had just simple names of the meat and then the escription under it. This is just going off the menu oon the website.

Pork Belly: 12hr confit pork belly, pickled beetroot, apple puree, water cress salad (come to looking at it.. I think the menu changed.. those 2 little blobs do not look at watercress salad)

I think i liked this the best. Not so much the beetroot but the pork and the sauce went so well together. Also the pork somehow didn't look all glistening and fatty which was kinda odd.

Bf's entree. Not on website but it was soem duck thing with some sort of salad looked like sprouts. It was kinda odd cuz it tasted a lot like duck but looked nothing like it and the texture wasn't duck...

Mains: Beef. Beef fillet with fois gras, portobello mushrooms and some potato like thing in sheets. Pretty delicious!! The yellow thing on top had a really strong strange flavour... I'm guessing fois gras...

I hve no idea why this picture is upside down.... But it's some lamb shanks with peas and asparagus and some sort of green puree.

Hehe intermission showing off my pretty earrings. I was all ready for dessert and got so excited when they were taking away the my polished off main until bf told me dessert is usually served a little bit later to allow the main to sit.... Then i decided we'll wait a while so the sun will set and we can watch the sunset!!

Said bf who ordered wine and I told the waiter I was fine with water. He gave me a funny look... I should get used to drinking wine so I look classy!

Weeee dessert time. I kept smiling while eating yummy dessert and bf was like "wtf??" and I had to tell him I was "happy to be eating at a beautiful place with him" which is true but really it was about the dessert =P

Vanilla bean creme brulee with poached strawberries. The portion was massive much to my delight! The creme brulee was fantastic but got a bit sickening at the end. The pistacio biscuits were just alright, weren't crunchy enough and the strawberries were disappointing. I would have preferred fresh stawberries cuz the poached ones tasted canned.

Bf's dessert looked really yummy it was some mango salad with coconut sorbet I think. The icecream/sorbet thing was really yummy but the mango salad not so much.

The sink in the bathroom was entirely glass which was pretty cool. My frilly lacey dress! I was super unsure about buying this dress since it was a lot more frills and lace than I ever dare to wear but it was on sale at Forever New so I got it. Mum remarked how pretty I looked in the morning for the first time in a long time -.-. Sadly minutes before I met bf I saw a girl in the same dress!! I never want to wear it again!! *sniff sniff

After dinner we decided to go up the observation deck of the tower. The annoying part is going back down the escalators then going up again -.- Oh and secuirty is so tight! They have one of those airport doorway scanners!

We had an annual pass to the observatory and I used my card while Bf forgot his but they found him in the system.

Somehow between waiting for the escalator and getting up there the sun had set and the whole city had its lights on display. It was quite beautiful if it weren't for the annoying asian tourists. The place was so packed and it was 9pm.

We kept trying to take pictures with the background but failed =(


After getting back to the hotel the pool was closed so we didn't get to go to the pool!! We decided on the bath instead and had a nice bath until we were old and wrinkly. Pretty tired by then so turned on some tv before realising nothing was good and decided to go to sleep. Just before climbing to bed we shared a look that could only mean one thing... WE WERE HUNGRY!!! As bf looked across at me I knew he was thinking the exact same thing as me and we reached for the room service menu to find a bowl of pasta at $50... Instead we got dressed again and went down to maccas and brought some food back to the hotel to snack on.

Next morning bf couldn't get up T_T We kept switching off the alarm until it was quite late. Check out was at 11 and we got up at 9. We rushed to breakfast downstairs and was greeted with a magnificient buffet. There was everything imaginable!

2nd plate. First looked way nicer. Everything from traditional eggs, bacon, hash browns, to cereals, yoghurt, oats. Then there was the miso soup, fried rice, chicken wings. Honey in comb form, all kinds of juice and like 15 different types of fruit. Anything you ever wanted.... If it wasn't there you can tell the chef to cook it. We had a window seat next to hyde park as well. Breakfast was truly magnificient!

After breakfast it was about 10am so we really had no time and quickly packed and went up for a look at the pool. I couldn't possibly go for a dip as I would need to straighten my hair later and we barely had an hour!

Bf looks unhappy >.>

Look at the view of hyde park from the roof top pool area!! It was amazing! I wish we had gone the day before!

The pool with window side and ceiling panels. Wish I had a swim =(

With bf again hehe. I hope his face is cuz he's squinting and not frowning >.>

I had such a lovely weekend and can't imagine anyone else to spend it with. Although sometimes he has difficulty saying how he feels and a lot of the time he doesn't agree with me, I love how he makes me think he's the luckiest guy in the world to have me and yet he's the one making me feel like the only girl in the room he has eyes for.

To the bf who always knows when to spoil me and always treats me like a princess: thank you =)