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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating Money

So the other night my great-aunt who is my grandma's godson's aunt brought back from Adelaide Japanese dried abalone, soaked in water for 2-3 days then brought to Sydney to be cooked in abalone sauce made by my great-uncle who is a chef/"food teacher" in China.


Last night I had salmon sashimi bought from Fish Markets.

Personally, I don't like stewed abalone. I prefer swallow's nest soup with rock sugar.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am Trying Not To Neglect This

Good evening ladies and ladies. I've been meaning to blog about this last week, but better late than never. Especially since I'm going to be posting about J's belated birthday 'party', the package that arrived at my door last week and a failed domestic goddess experience.

Clickety clicky.

SO anyway, after work I met up with Minglez and Midori while they were shopping around at Myer, debating over a jacket for Minglez they found in a random rack. Naturally they wanted my opinion as soon as I arrived. Though the jacket was to my taste, we concluded that it just wasn't 'her', and that the dorkier grey one was =p

She bought neither in the end, but she still needed a jacket. Come to think of it, I never asked to see what boots she got...

Anyway we went upstairs to look at more shoes and I had a shocking relevation that I have flat feet (compared to M) and can't wear heels comfortably, while she can! Fmylife! That is SO unfair! I am scarred for life, literally!*

We did not buy any more shoes either and besides, Joshu was already calling us up wondering when we were arriving. We slowly walked to get him cupcakes as his birthday cake, but ended up getting an 85C log cake, much to the chagrin of Minglez who does not like strawberries.

J and his cake. He was not happy that we did this for him despite the smile you see :( He is deceiving!


Not the surprise type. We even got him giant candles! Not impressed.


And then we embarassingly sang 'Happy Birthday' really loudly at the gym. It made it to the front desk and they decided to report it.

Alright, maybe that was reasonable.

Mm cake.


Perfect 5 pieces for 5 people.




And then we 'worked' all the kilojoules off at the gym *cough*. WHat's gym without some fatty food to counter it :)

One Wednesday I got a surprising but not unexpected ring at the door and I had just woken up. Feeling kinda yucky, I had to open the door anyway and voila, it was as I thought it was. After signing my name, I carried the box in with glee.


Oh yes, Freya is just as excited as I am. Boy do I love getting packages, but I really should start waking up earlier so I don't open the door with morning breath and wearing pjs.


She spent the next half hour or so sniffing everything -_-



Opening the box! So happy!!!




A brown dustbag, and I immediately know that this is my mother's bag.

Linea Pelle Dylan in Amethyst.

Oooh it was quite lovely to touch, very smooth. And heavy. All the brass hardware sure makes it heavy! Mother didn't like it very much though -_-



Told you.



Increasingly euphoria...



Sorry, she was being cute.





Linea Pelle Lola in Midnight

I took it out and I was slightly disappointed. But then I fluffed it up into the shape it was supposed to be and now, it is my favouritest bag that I love more than my LV!!! I've been using it for a week now and it still smells FANTASTIC like new, luxe leather. Mmmm...

I do not have a name for it yet! I need to come up with a name.

And it is quite roomy. And soft. And I stroke it everyday. And I loves it. It's a beautiful shade of dark midnight blue that looks black at first. I showed my friend Jasmin on Friday and on Monday she was like "Oh hey, it's blue!". Ahhh Jasmin, a lovely friend and occasional bitch (so she says, but I do not see it). She is nice to talk to and was my partner for advertising.

Anywho! I don't like the way I blog, I feel like I'm all over the place. Am I all over the place? Is it hard to read?

Yesterday I decided to make sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce. If anyone watches Masterchef Australia, yeah.


Chopped dates in boiling water and a speck of baking soda.


Eggs, sugar, butter, yeah basically the cake.


Mix it all up with dates and in the oven at 180C. Try not to use fan-force, I accidentally had it on high fan and it took 55mins instead of 40mins to cook. I tried to burn it, it didn't burn. Wow.



Making of the butterscotch sauce. It is really sweet and I put less sugar in it as well! Don't do what I did and substitute brown sugar with white: it does NOT taste the same. Get brown sugar.


Looks quite pretty.


Or not.

The top part where it went all crispy was lovely, but as I started eating the bottom I think I added too much water in the dates and it was kinda squishy. Yuck. I threw the rest away. Sad moment.

I had another one today and completely ate all of it. Go figure, maybe I wasn't that hungry last night.

And that is my picture post of the week. That took awhile, but I'm bored right now. I'm going to read Twilight now (blah, but entertaining nonetheless).

*Scars are from the permanent marks blisters have made at the back of my feet.


Monday, May 25, 2009

I Think My Brain Went POPS

I have read so many excerpts/articles from several textbooks that my beain no longer cares if public opinion exists or not. Quite frankly, it doesn't bloody matter when majorities don't give a damn about politics. I can't wait to finish this major essay and be done with Public Opinion and the Public Sphere.

On an even harsher note, I feel like a complete failure in life because I am never good enough to scrape a Distinction and am firmly placed in the high Credit area. Fmylife.

I am sick of reading about idealistic societies. Can you tell I'm a Communist/Marxist hater?

My brain wants to go die in a vat of boiling lard. With a breadcrumb crust.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

B hates groupwork

There is a terrible rant unbecoming of a young lady like B under the cut.

Click at thy own risk.



I'm speechless. I can't even gather my damned thoughts.

Okay, first. I'm a girl who's lived almost 20 years. You have only occupied a few short and unimportant months of it.
Why the hell do you think you're important to me in any way?
You weren't the ones who raised me, fed me, clothed me, or gave me a home. You weren't there to give me warmth when it was cold, nor were you taking care of me when I was sick. You didn't pay for my education, you didn't accompany me on vacations, you didn't teach me any life lessons.

No, my family did.

Therefore, my family are more important than you.

Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>> You

It is that simple.

So why am I letting you guys defile our sacred space called 'home'?

I have no fucking clue.

Yes, B loves her family. You guys (yes, you grongbit readers, you know who you are <3) might not be under that impression, but she does. Of course she would never confess that to their faces, but...

In my group, there are four members. Let's name them.

There's B, that's me. You all know me.

Then there's A, S, and K.
(It angers me that Life+Death's main code is AKSK)

A - A fobby, patriotic (I think this applies to them all though) Taiwanese (yes, all Taiwanese people) girl. A major otaku who doesn't mind being teased by others. To be honest, I think her supposed permanently cheery disposition is just an act.

S - A down-to-earth girl who hates anime and Japanese culture - except Pokemon. She's intelligent and hard-working, but is slow with ideas, and indecisive. She's also picky and defiant.

K - A useless male fob. I don't even know him.

Idea stage:

This is where we plan everything. Usually, a group would get together and discuss what they want, and what they don't want, and we eventually come towards a clear idea. This part went OK. We eventually decided on a story idea and its details. We went off topic a few times, but generally it was OK.

Then we needed to do the details. Like filming location, props, and actors. I already confirmed that I couldn't get hold of children, but I was bugged about it anyway.
Then I did the stupidest thing ever. I offered my home to be a filming location.

So they decided to scout my home as a filming location. Usually friends coming over is fun right?

Day 1:

I got up early and did some preparing. At 9:40am, I made to head out of the house to pick them up from Yagoona station, but I found it was raining. Mum suggested that I get driven instead. So F (My sister~) drove me to the station, whilst I decided to bitch happily to her about the horrible group I was stuck with.
We reached the station, and I left F to take care of the car.
I waited at the station for a few minutes, perfectly on time (10am), expecting them to be on the next train. The next trains arrive at least 15 minutes later, and I was slightly ticked that they were late. Not too much though, after all, it was only 15 minutes.
At around 10:10, I got a phone call. I picked it up immediately, looking around for a train.
"Hi, we'll be there in 15 minutes, be there at Yagoona station."
The meeting time was 10. Not 10:30.
"I'm already there."
"Oh, well, stay there."
I paced the station for 5 minutes, and then I went back to the car, where F was getting pissed and ready to leave. I informed her about the call, and she complained about wasting precious time she could be spending on some very busy university work. Yeah, I could've been working as well.
They finally arrived, and I attempted to greet them cheerfully and lead them to the car.
Instead, I lectured them about wasting my entire family's time. I spoke the truth for my family's sake.
They showed zero remorse.

Fuck them.

At my house, my family tried to be hospitable, but they just ran around trying to do 'work', and ignoring my parents. We served drinks, and ordered pizza. I really wanted to act like a nice friend, but I couldn't.
We kept fucking arguing about useless shit. Pointless, off-topic, meaningless, time-wasting discussions.
And STFU didn't work either.
Stop ignoring me bitches, I'm the fucking host.

I just couldn't help acting about as frustrated and angry as I felt. I yelled at them, F even perked up and asked if I was losing my temper. Yes, I am losing my temper dammit.

After they left, mum asked me if I hated my 'friends'.
F: Lol~ Wasn't it like, completely obvious? xD Like duuuuh.

I really don't want to come off as this kind of person in front of my family. But yeah, I stayed silent, and answered a few of mum's questions grudgingly.
They were my group members, I had to work with them.

Day 2:

I woke up early, after having desecrated my room for filming the previous night. Now I had to find and buy the stupid diary for the film.
I asked if my parents could drive me to a newsagency in order to buy it, and I was obviously lectured on how unprepared I was. Well, yes, that's a good question. Why didn't we discuss who was getting which props instead of arguing over possible camera angles?
But whatever, I stomached it and tried my best to search for the goddammed diary. Well, I hope they realised that an 80s diary would be sorta hard to find in the 21st Century.
I could only find a notebook that looked relatively fancy, but obviously modern. And it was too big to fit in the treasure chest, of course, since everything has to go wrong.
For once, the group arrived on time, but of course in my rush to head out of the house, I had left my phone. Mum said I had 6 missed calls.
Oh well, they could wait a minute.
I found them, crossed the road, talked, said hi.
I kept my regular cheery disposition and we got to work. In order to film, I had to kick my family out of the house, and though I felt guilty in the back of my mind, I couldn't do anything.
The filming process was stupid. Since they wanted me to find an actor, I found a young child - my younger cousin. I had warned them that she was horrible and uncontrollable, but since we're desperate, it's OK right?
Fine, but I warned you.
Kat (the cousin) arrived at 1pm, and was good for 2 hours or so.
Then it was hell.
"I'm bored! I don't want to do this anymore!"
Needless to say, the young demon was grating on everyone's patience and temper. Along with the rapidly fading sunlight that drained away with time that ticked by much too fast.
I knew Kat a bit, so I tried to coax her into acting, but I knew that I was running short on tricks quickly, and I informed them of this.
We also had to pick up S's brother from the train station.
Apparently K had a full license, so my parents had left the old car and its keys. I was dubious about letting a stranger drive our car, but I sat in the passenger seat and told him the way anyway.
Fucking shittiest driver I've ever seen.
I mean, I know I'm a horrible driver, but even I don't bump the back of our car when parking straight on. I can also do a 3 point turn using three moves, not four. And I don't turn the steering wheel whilst the car is stationary in order to keep the condition of the car tyres. And if I had to do that, I wouldn't make such crappy turns where the car swerves violently from side to side.
Scariest 5 minutes I've ever had in a car.
I tried to lighten the mood by jokingly telling him that he sucked at roundabouts, and his response was: "What? You're so good? You want to drive?"
To be honest, yes. I believe even I'm better at driving than you are. And if not, I defiantly would be safer by being more careful when driving.
But fuck, don't scratch my parents' car!

I'm not a good daughter, I know this. I'm sorry mum and dad, but this is who I am. I'm sorry for being cold, and for my aloofness. Maybe one day I would be able to find the courage to tell you things the way I really feel about them.
Sometimes I hurt you, but that's the selfish way I act.
At least you understand who I truly am, and not the restrictive mask I wear to uni.
And for me, this is my greatest display of respect.

Day 3:

I got up and put on a stupidly happy attitude. Being angry doesn't help anyone, and especially not me.
I got a txt saying that they'd be at least 30 minutes late due to a missed train. This I was fine with, I didn't want to start filming this shit myself.
Half an hour later, I rolled around, rather bored, wondering if they got lost. I decided that they were probably just slow walkers, so I started setting up the things myself.

After I was done, I decided to phone them and check up on how lost they were. Apparently they were 'fine', and on their way.
Ah, good.
I decided that they'd probably arrive within 15 minutes.
I paced the house, wondering when they were going to arrive. Eventually I got tired of expecting them, and went about my own business.
An entire hour later, I was sure that they were lost.
So I went back to my phone and called them again.
"Are you sure you're not lost?"
"We're fine, we're just looking for your house now."

Okay, fine, be that way.
A short while later, I spied them through the front window, and opened the door for them. I greeted them nicely as they filed in dejectedly, glaring around like a bunch of prisoners.
I heard A mumble 'We were so lost...'. Well, yes, you were either lost or you had missed 3 trains instead of one.
This I informed them, and apparently no one appreciated my cutting sense of humour.

They started filming the 'outside scene' first, and I informed all that this was against the rough sequence I had personally planned, but they ignored me.
As I stood outside, I also chose to inform them of the more shit that I'd have to do if they were filming outside first.
This time, they stated that they didn't care.
Alright, fine.
Work me harder, I don't care either.
A takes care of camera work, S is the director, K takes care of lighting.

B takes care of sulking in the corner.

I'd help with camerawork, but I suck, we all know this. I know nothing about lighting, and if I try to interfere with ideas, I just make everyone angry.
Well, it'd be nice if someone listened to me once in a while.

I hate it when I'm right, but no one's listening.

I say that a lot to F. I never thought I'd ever say it to others.
Filming went on, I either watched, or went about my own business. The fail!guests didn't even greet my parents or acknowledge their existence except when they were in the way of filming.
I wanted to kick them out. Honestly.
They had no right to be here at my home, no right at all.
They were only allowed inside because my family respected me and the people I associated with. Without my permission, they would be nowhere.
Appreciate it, dammit!
I can kick you out any time. I don't have to do this. I love my parents more than my marks, OK?

People who know me know that I do think about things in a straightforward way. That I make logical conclusions that are well thought out, and generally successful. They listen to me, but they're also weary, because they know that I'm a klutz who tends to make silly mistakes.
People who know me know that I act cold most, if not all of the time, and my sense of humour is wry and insulting. But my intentions aren't bad at all.
People who know me know that I smile and laugh as much as everyone else when around friends I love.
I can be complicated and difficult, but it's not hard to rub me the right way.
You should know I love attention, that I'm arrogant and proud of it (?! wtf xD). That my affection is commonly shown in the form of insults.

I just can't mix with these people. Everything they do ticks me off. And worse of all, they're angering my family. I get the brunt of this at night after they leave.
Do they know this? Do they understand that I have to put up with crap after they've long left the issue behind them?
I do know that they don't realise one thing though.

They don't know that I don't mind taking crap from my family. But I do very much indeed mind taking their fucking shit.

Geez, I haven't honestly felt like breaking down and crying for someone else's sake like this for a long time.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Money Seems to Slip Through My Fingers

Emailed Linea Pelle this morning and completed the credit card verification process, so they are going to ship the bags tomorrow and will prompty arrive sometime next week.

Here's to hoping that it will come on Tuesday so I can sign my own name off. I have never signed off my own packages! I guess I'll have plenty of experience with that in due course...

Just one day after receiving my Rudd money (that's UWS slang for the 2009 stimulus plan for taxpayers) I decide to blow a portion of it by shopping today, despite painfully saving up every dollar for the past few weeks. I really am horrible at this.

Another thing I'm horrible with is blogging! So I have a few photos to make up for it and hopefully there are people who still read Grongbit =/

Start of some minor backlogging.

Here is Elena Snow, my precious new Nokia E71-3 who is awesome rolled into one hand sized machine.


She saved my ass on Sunday 2 weeks ago for the reason below.


What I wore on Monday for my marketing presentation. It is very painful to attempt a presentation when your internet isn't working and it's a group project. Ruffled white blouse, navy Zara blazer, black pencil skirt, black stockings and my favourite black and silver ballet flats.

A few days after I cut my fringe since it was starting to get annoyingly long. I've cut my own fringe before so it was no big deal, I ended up with something quite good considering. When I have time (and when I stop thinking it's a ripoff), I'll get it properly done by a professional.


Not bad? Yeah yeah?

I also look younger. At this point in time it is a GOOD thing that can combat my wrinkles and dark circles.

I also purposely made it look like my hair is shoulder length, but I just brushed the longer lengths to the back. I think it adds to my youth to have shorter hair. I am debating whether or not I should cut it before July.

And here are the things I bought today after uni. I jigged my lecture for this under pretense that I needed to get home early to order dinner and I usually get home at 6:30pm, which was way too late if I stayed. Since I jigged, I ended up with too much time on hand so I went shopping.

Don't you love my logic? T_T

Was browsing the bottom level and went to Bloch because there was a sale sign on. Rule of thumb: Don't buy things that aren't on sale. Skimmed through the sale section and came across a plaid skirt. It was the last one standing and looking at the tag, it was a Medium. Without even trying it on, I bought it despite it being $30 (original price was $50 or something, which is so expensive for something made of thin plaid fabric!).


I think I have like, 3 versions of this style skirt. Plain, flared with a bow that you can tie and use to tighten. Sigh. The most flattering skirts I have.

This shirt was only $5! The downside is, I look ugly in t-shirts. But it had a nice design D: I'm a sucker for butterflies, florals and metallic finishes.


A waisted, studded belt. I saw it and did a flip, because belts that I like and look decent (read: not tacky or obviously fake like vinyl or some shiny surface) are usually expensive since they are designer or made with real leather. When I saw this at Valleygirl I immediately set to finding my size and buying it. $19.95.


Can't really see this properly, but it's a forest, dark mint green cardigan that is a really beautiful shade. I am wearing it right now as I type this and it is decently warm and looks good. Score buy! $10 down from $13.


All the fashion items were cheap in comparison to my next purchase at Borders. This morning I was sent a subscription with a coupon for a Nigella Lawson boxset.


Normally this box set is $99.95, which was already down considering each book was $50-60 each.

The coupon had it at $59.95.


So I saved around 50% on cookbooks. I wanted How to Eat, and How to Be a Domestic Goddess was an oldie that I wanted but changed my mind about, but hey I get both for the retail price of one.


So even though I was bad and spent some of my savings, I was still being frugal about it. I like that.

Ciao, bellas :)


Thursday, May 14, 2009


We haven't been blogging, so here is a collection of some of my favourite lolcats.









I enjoyed that :)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wagaya Blah

I was supposed to post up some photos of our dinner at Wagaya on Rayray's, but I decided against it.

Basically all you need to know is that the food is mediocre, oily and quite expensive. The only upside is truly the technology of touchscreen ordering, but personally I see this as a downside because it's so hard to wave down waiters when you spill something (which happened at our table, experience yo).

I probably won't be going back there, unless my parents are paying. I simply refuse to afford it. Although do check out the Sushi Roulette because that still is masses of FUN.

Toodle loo.

.~ ***** ~.

I has just bought a $700 bag from Linea Pelle, wheeee!


Monday, May 4, 2009

When Your World Falls Apart

I'm unable to understand why it is that I would hesitate so resolutely over something I have always wanted to achieve. It is one of many life ambitions, yet I am inhibited by insecurity.

I can think of many reasons why July is not a good time; it's too soon, there isn't enough time to plan, I haven't saved up enough yet, I haven't been going to the gym.

Excuses, Serena. A constant barage of them. Be it pride, guilt, equality, humility, it is all part of the greater web you weave out of fear.

Just go with it. Go with it.

Let it be, let it occur.

You want this.

You have advocated for this.

This is what should be and what is.

Don't let go of my hand.

Mr. N is coming.