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Friday, August 28, 2009

Online gift-shopping

So Father's Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get my daddy.


No, not that one. I mean the one who impregnated my mum somehow when she was still on the pill. o__O


Should I trust Deals Direct and buy a GPS thingo from them? I'm so not bothered to go shopping... T_T

I was never good at writing anything long. If you've read my EE2 major work, you'd understand what I mean. I mean, WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Everything was so choppity choppity CHOP CHOP CHOP!

This Christmas, I'm asking Santa for a sandbox so I can draw circles and build castles in it and such.

I also want a Ceiling Cat to watch me fap.

Well not really, because that'd be kinda creepy and oh so wrong.

Not that there's anything wrong in consensual exhibitionism, but that's not really my cup o' tea. What's wrong about Ceiling Cat is that it is non-human. Did you know that the local elders of a village in southern Sudan ordered a man to marry his goat because he was caught having adult relations with it? Soon afterwards, the goat had a kid. No, not a sad
abominable human-goat shadow of a Minotaur, but a goat kid. The goat died several months later from choking. No, not choking on her husband, but on a plastic bag. True story.

Oh, and if you were wondering how I knew about that, I'm not some sick fuck who searches the net for animal porn.

I should really get back to studying.

I hate uni.

So, back to the original topic, GPS from Deals Direct. Yay or nay?

THIS WEEK'S PONDERMENT: Can exhibitionism ever be consensual? If so, provide examples.


Escape. And Such.

I want to run away...

... and find myself in some secluded beach house where I can escape responsibility.

My Plan for LIFE:

Travel the world winning various major lotteries.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Multiple Choice

So I'm back.

Hmm here's a few things I haven't posted.

Went to opera house a week or so ago for my sister's choir performance as part of Pulse (western Sydney something or another).

Rushed to Opera house after uni. Photo taken during the interval for the back view but it didn't show up with flash -.- and my mum cut off my shoes T_T.

I wanted to wear a pretty dress but couldn't find anything... so instead wore this full floral skirt... my mum accuses me of trying to wear really bright colours now cuz I know I can't wear them when I'm old....

Opera house so pretty inside!! My sister's one of those purple dots in the back.

She's super tired afterwards.

Wednesday after I finished my group assignment or rather decided to abandon it for "important reasons" went to meet up with Jie and minglez for some lindt cafe lunch. They went to Little Snail for lunch and had like snails, veal, dessert.... 3 course meals... I didn't go cuz well nothing there for me to eat cuz I've turned vegetarian and am detoxing >.>

Dark iced chocolate.

My lava cake. This is prob the most expensive cake I've ever had considering it's portions.... $15 for a small scoop of icecream... miniscle strawberry and 2 sticks of chocolate and a lava cake with hot chocolate sauce on it that isn't that much bigger than the scoop of ice cream (looks bigger here due to perspective). But let me tell you this is divine. You can still see the ground up vanilla beans in the icecream and the cake was total melt in the mouth... YUM.

With the dark iced chocolate it was too sweet to have altogether but the drinks were heaps better than Guylian!

Thursday went with minglez to Myer and shopped for my mum's birthday present. Minglez had the brilliant idea of hand cream so we ended up buying this:

It feels really nice on! It's not too oily or sticky like the other creams we tried.

We went to typical asian restaurant again for dinner with family: Prince in parra.

Peking Duck. I wanted duck, dad ordered peking.. It was alright, we had half a duck and all they could cut off was 6 pieces of chicken/skin.....

2nd half of peking duck dish. Since duck was already cooked having it cooked again in stir fry made the meat a bit tough.

Small abalones each. I'm not a fan of these. They taste good but I reckon abalone soup brings out the taste of abalone the best.

Stir fry sea cucumber with seafood bit. This was really nice. The bit attached to the sea cucumber was this prawn and fish ball I think. Those seafood thingo. It was just the right chilliness with really crisp snow peas.

Sweet and sour pork for the kids. It was nicely cooked but I hate how meat like this you can bite into it and not realise a mouthful of fat came with it cuz you can't tell with all the sauce -.-

We didn't have that much to eat that night so we ended the night finishing almost all the dishes and had dessert.

Also had the obligatory red bean soup and oranges that I didn't take a photo of.

The waiter, who knows us and freaken tries to rip us of all the time and is just looking for big tips cuz my dad is loose with his money -.-, asked if I was my dad's niece. My mum said "doesn't she look like him?" and he said I was too pretty to be my dad's daughter. Awwwww how nice XD.

Then my mum said, the other day this family friend of ours saw my dad and me and didn't say hi until my dad approached her cuz she was "pretending not to see the lady my dad was being seen with." LOL. She thought I was a young mistress my dad was having an affair with XDDD WTFFFFF.

Went to auburn to buy this cake and saw Serena there =).

Chestnut cake and my mum turns 42 =(.

Happy birthday mummy! I'm sorry I pulled out 13 white hairs in one night and prob sent you crying at night about old age cuz my fears have got to be genetically related right?

I just realised we all were wearing stripes XD

Weee my legs look longer =)

So these few days I've been quite cheery despite what others may feel is sad news. I have come up with a list of possible reasons for this to either justify/explain my feelings and now present to everyone this multiple choice question which you all must answer!

Midori does not feel as sad as she should this week although D and I are no more because:
a) I knew it was gonna end sooner or later from the very beginning and so it wasn't that painful as I had not anticipated it would last this long in the first place.
b) I had a suspicion this would happen since a month or so ago and hence had built up some emotional protection for myself and went over in my head what it would feel like before.
c) I haven't seen him since and hence there is still every possibility I could break down then. I haven't been out really and walked along the same roads, places and had those emotional flashbacks. I haven't packed everything he's ever given me into a corner so did not need to go reliving each memory as they went into that corner. And hence having not rethought through the good times we've had i am not capable of feeling sadness.
d) The drifting happened slowly but surely so was not one massive blow hence not hit hard.
e) Actually super sad inside but unable/don't want to show it and hence have convinced myself I am not actually sad at all
f) Didn't like him as much as I suspected and hence not fazed by breakup.
g) Cried it all out in one go, no more tears to cry anyway so why bother.
h) I know why it happened, I got all the explanations I need and hence I am at peace as there is nothing I still have unanswered.
i) The shock was too much I don't know how to deal or how to feel and hence feel no sadness.
j) I am emotionless I feel no pain.

Hmm now to have at least 10 readers to poll on which they think is true cuz I can't figure it out!

So a-j which will it be?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainbow On the Street

Walking home from uni after only one tutorial, I meandered my way while re-reading Artemis Fowl 4 behind this limping old man. I briskly walked past him to get home, only to realise that the door has been locked from the inside. Sighing once again, I jump over my balcony and open the door to my room to be greeted by my curious cat waiting for an opportunity to poof outside and run off again to play in the sun.

A normal afternoon.

Oh and a peacock that escaped from the Japanese Gardens was walking down the footpath on the other side of my house before turning into my neighbours front lawn.

It was nestled on the grass with its tail feathers sprawled around it.

I followed it up the street.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

But I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Then why can't I



Because it's easy to be strong

in front of everyone

but myself.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Today's such a beautiful day.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food and Tourism in Sydney

When Mr. N was here, we spent most of our time doing touristy things but also eating all kinds of food and killing his tastebuds. This will be an extensive review on all the restaurants and cafes that we went to, at least, whatever I remember of it. It has been a month ago!

Oh did I say extensive? I meant, LONG TO READ.

Day 1 consisted of wandering around Royal Botanical Gardens while we wait for our room to be ready and cleaned. This took ages, plus N's luggage got lost in transit and was currently sitting on the other side of the world in either Los Angeles or San Francisco *fail*

We were both not hungry until dinner in which I thought it would be a good idea to play it safe and go to Pepper Lunch. Boy, did I underestimate his deprivation. He wasn't too fond of Pepper Lunch even though he said it was "okay", I take that as a not okay T_T

He prefers Indian curries. I have to agree with him, although Thai ones are pretty good too.

For some reason I didn't take a photo of breakfast but oh well. It might have been at Pancakes on the Rocks. Personally, I am not fond of POTR. I never finish my pancakes because it's just so overwhelming, even the smallest plate. That morning I had a savoury breakfast pancake meal and I must say, I don't like my eggs benedict. I thought I did - poached egg smothered in Hollandaise sauce and bacon served with a hashbrown and pancake, yum! - but I tried it and it was just horrid. Maybe they just make a bad eggs benedict, but I am not going there again unless it's for pizza or sharing a sweet pancake. They make nice crispy pizzas just the way I like them.

So the first photo of food I have (other than Pepper Lunch, which is boring you all have been there) was at the Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour. The little teahouse they have there is called The Teahouse.

Scones with whipped cream and jam, jasmine tea pot (at the back) and...and...oh dear, I forgot what tea I had. Pu-er! A "black tea with an earthy flavour". Either way, it was a good way to introduce hot, Asian teas to the boy (who only ever drinks iced tea unsweetened) which he liked! I are happeh! He got used to it by the end of the trip :)

The scones were still quite warm but it was a freezing cold day so they got cold fast. However I managed to load on the cream and jam and savour the fluffiness of the scone. Mmmm, seriously is heavenly and oh so good! I must search for a cafe that sells cheap but perfectly fluffy and hot scones with plenty of jam and cream!

A little birdy flew by our table and started pecking at the crumbs so N threw our leftover scones and it came closer and closer! It was sweet.

He also threw some into the pond and a ton of koi were jumping over each other and going crazy for them. Then a really territorial duck came and stole all the crumbs and when another duck came it chased it away! What a story!

All true by the way.

Look at the sh*tload of koi.

Then look at the sh*tload of clothes the boy brought over. WTF! He has more tops than I do WTFWTF!

Presents! I got a box of Twinkies ohoho and Porkie got Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories which is not available in Australia and I had to ask for a big favour for N to get it. Don't ask why Porkie got a better present than me, life is unfair sometimes.

So the next day I felt pretty sick and needed some Asian comfort food so it was off to the nearest Chinese restaurant for congee! N took one look at the century egg and went no effing way not eating that T_T I kept jeering him over it, how it tastes soooo good despite how it looks and he was a chicken for not trying it. He didn't even give it a chance! Judging based on looks!

Then a couple of nights later Poh used century egg on Masterchef and said "I can't believe my ancestors ate this stuff" and N looked at me pointedly T_T

Life hates me grr.

Yes I did go to the Sydney Aquarium to see the dugong!

For dinner that night, right before Masterchef came on we went to Hurricane's Grill since the last time I went for Minglez' birthday it was quite good.

Scallops in peri-peri sauce and cauliflower puree, the same as last time and oh, just as good as I remembered! N, who avidly avoids all things seafood promised to try things and he ate it. As for liking, well, I think he was surprised but it's still tastebud overload. Poor thing. There was also herb bread (which is very good, hot and crispy), a lavender martini and beer. N wanted to try some Australian beers.

My fullrack half-and-half pork and lamb ribs. I wasn't sure which I wanted so N ordered for me and got the full rack! So much meat...I ended up taking it home with me.

Next day we walked down to Delafrance on George St for breakfast. Or brunch I should say.

Custom made roll and a hot chocolate (wuss) for Mr. N and a spinach and ricotta pastry with a chai latte for moi.

This chai latte is freaking awesome!!! A tad on the sweet side, but very frothy and creamy made at just the right drinking temperature too. A good amount of cinnamon on top to give it a lovely nutty kick.

Stop by at Delafrance for a chai latte, if you can stand the queues :)

The only thing I can complain about is the space. Very cramped little cafe and it's right on George so it's loud and crowded - not such great atmosphere. But do come for the food and drinks.

Oh random foods we had in our room. N loves his Mexican and was determined to make some 'authentic' guacamole the way he has it at home. He really wanted tortilla chips but we couldn't find any and had to settle for taco shells and Doritos.

Drinks and lots of them. And TimTams!

We were down at The Rocks Markets and brought these chocolate covered strawberries back, as well as cookies and cream icecream and macarons aka Delice from Lindt Cafe.

Dark, milk and white chocolate covered strawberries, icecream, vanilla and coconut macarons.

A little pricey for the strawberries but they are an indulgence! As for the icecream, extremely expensive and you can't really go wrong with cookies and cream. Lindt one had huge chunks of cookies embedded in it, yummers.

Will continue this next time, phew! One week down!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"And there were so many things
I never got to tell you about myself,
things which might have swayed you.
And the photo I never sent, taken
the night I looked almost splendid.
I wanted you to fall in love. But the arrow
kept hitting the mirror and coming back.
And the letters kept dividing themselves
with neither half totally true."

louise gluck

Something revolutionary happened today. I felt like we were taking our first steps.

But I don't believe what you say.

Because it feels more like you're trying to prevent the inevitable without thinking about the consequences.

And we'll end up worse off than when we started.

I think I'll be okay with that.


A Microsoft Word Blog?

Just wondering what would happen if I type this sentence on MSWord. Would it upload? Would it be saved in drafts or published for the world to see?

Only one way to find out!

EDIT: Oh sweet, every time I upload this same page it takes over the other one without me having to delete it. I like.


Testing with COLOURS!


And SIZES!!!

And fonts?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emo emo rant. I know you miss them from me.

Hey, I'm not staining the front page, you can only read it if you wanna read it~


A while ago, I was wondering why I haven't been sick all winter. I usually do get sick at least once a year, and I was surrounded by sick people time and again.

Shouldn't've questioned it and just let my good fortune do whatever it wanted. Looks like everything I was exposed to decided to all hit at once.

I was feeling like absolute crap on Saturday. Well, I hoped that it was a 'today' thing, and that tomorrow I would wake up and everything would be fixed. I really shouldn't have tried hoping.

Sunday morning, I rolled around, wondering if it was even possible to get out of bed. Well, it wasn't a hard decision, my head and my throat was killing me badly enough that I couldn't fall asleep anyway.

Crawled up, took Panadol, sulked for a bit, and decided that living was too hard so I went back to bed. Slept for most of the day. I believe Mary told my parents that I was in a crappier mood than usual because the viruses had gotten me.

Monday morning I felt better, but I decided to not go to uni just to recuperate. Spent Monday doing some 3D homework (using much needed time) and telling people that I was sick (perhaps with swine flu 8) and that I was gonna go infect them.


...Okay, okay, for this part, I brought it onto myself. I met a new interesting guy early Tuesday (read: at 12am) and I stayed up till 4:30am. - Okay okay, I also admit that I couldn't resist playing Kaito on maplestory prior to that.

Usually, my Tuesdays are off, but today I had a meeting with some 3D groupworkmates (Yes, more groupwork, yay) so I knew that I had to get up early/go to uni today.

Still, I obviously wasn't making an informed decision when I decided to not go to bed.

I woke up at 8am, yes, that's 3 and a half hours of sleep. Somehow knowing that I wasn't gonna get much further by trying to sleep again, I got up and went about with Video homework.

The time came, and I went off to uni to meet with people I didn't feel like meeting. During the walk to the train station, I noticed that I couldn't walk too fast or else my chest would start aching. Still, I walked relatively rapidly so that I wouldn't miss the train. (Which I didn't, go me)

Such and such, got to CoFA, waited for 15 minutes, found those guys, sat down, talked, clashed opinions, etc. I noticed that as time went by, the clutching in my chest grew larger and moved down to my stomach. I hoped that it was my usual hunger stomach aches and chose to forget about it.

Meeting ended and I happily made my way to the busstop to gtfo of here. On my way, I saw the bus right behind me, and so, against better judgement, I chose to make a(n impressive for a sick chick) dash for it.

On the bus I met Nao-chan, and we chatted since we hadn't chatted for so long. She's so cute. But the ache in my chest was getting worse and I was starting to have trouble breathing properly. Nao-tan looked worried, so maybe I looked like crap.

The train ride home consisted mostly of me hoping to not get some kind of asthma attack or seizure in public transport.

But I had time to reflect on this feeling, and I wasn't afraid.

The first time I felt like I couldn't breath was in China. In Beijing I had gotten seriously sick with like a million different viruses, and the first was one where I woke up and realised that every wheezing breath I took was painful. Back then I was afraid, seriously afraid, because it felt as though I was dying.

That was the time when I created Aymee, (who used to be) a young girl who died of a horrible pain in her chest.

I turned my head away from people, and stayed quiet.

During the walk home from theh train station, I walked slowly, deliberately, and carefully. I only jogged slightly as I braved my way across the Hume Highway without waiting for the slow-ass traffic lights.

When I got home, mum greeted me with a "Where the hell have you been?" And I told her to "Shut up, I've been to uni, what do you think?". She went "Huh?" a few too many irritating times, so I gave up and just asked her for the Ventoline.

After a few puffs, I could breath again, and I relaxed.

Later, I could sneeze and cough properly. I still had my usual stomach ache, but I've dealt with that one before, and I can continue to deal with the damned thing.

I'm just glad I can breathe again.

Experience grows you a bit. Without it, I'd've been so afraid today.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Since When Did Skinny Become Normal?

It has occured to me that I don't have any fashion blogs to read to fill up my not-so-spare free time after uni and this is mostly because of the abundance of blogs of the same body type people wearing similar if not identical styles.

I mean, sure, if you can pull off wearing a tea cosy why not flaunt it to the rest of us greasy-food eating, treadmill-avoiding girls?

Yes, these modelesques girls are very beautiful and sometimes even creative. But I can not relate. I see, I admire (and envy) and I move on without another thought and that just isn't stimulating enough to cure my boredom. That's not the only thing in this blogosphere, because I have tried looking for other blogs and they are either really skinny, or bigger and curvier than I am = also can not relate to.

AND ANOTHER THING. Why do heavier women have to always get the same advice for clothes? For example, fashion guides always say wrap dresses are the most flattering to a curvy figure but they don't consider that most women wearing wrap dresses tend to look older than they really are. Does that mean that you're either fat and young, or curvy and old? How is that fair!?

I need help fixing my wardrobe :(

EDIT: Midori gave me a site that works. Whoop! Boredom cured for now!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm sorry I can't be a saint
It's just that I hate most people
Enveloped daily by the lying media
This world is so boring...

I want...

Each time I touch a heart, I feel my own becoming fuller. Although it's just a lie I created to sound cool, I'm convincing myself that I do live through others.

My own dull life is perfect for leaving behind and diving into another's.

This is why I write.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Minglez' Birthday

We're at Hurrican's Grill in Darling Harbour. We ate scallops in califlower puree and periperi sauce and mussles in cream sauce and crunchy bread to dip. The cream sauce had some herbs and a bit of alcohol in it. B kept eating the remainder cream and I joined in. I ordered ribeye and baked potato with sour cream and chives with spicy Spanish sauce. For drinks, I got a tonic water, B got a 'Toblerone' which was alcoholic and Maria got San Pelligrino, blood orange flavour. Everyone else, mainly the guys were too cheap to get drinks. Oh man, the food was nice....

EDIT: I forgot I didn't end up publishing this post so it was left in the draft section. Hahaha...