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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Exquisite Masks

My infamous italics rule applies from here within and always.

A touch of expensive Clinique Precious Posy Blushing Blush.

A dabble of MAC Mineraliz(s)ed SatinFinish SPF 30.

Touches of Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal.

What does this all mean anyway?

I hide.

Away from the world.

Away from truth.

Why did I suddenly invest in expanses of makeup and beauty products right after HSC?

Why is the timing so precise yet I never truly picked up on it? And neither have they?

People ask why I bother. They don't understand beauty. They don't understand fear.

It starts off as a little fun, a small way to dispose of our undervalued, hard-earned cash into something deemed productive simply because it requires patience and practise. You find yourself obsessing over something than just mere colours, textures and plain vanity.

The beach dried my hair. The salt and sun definitely made it seem as though I was wearing hair gel, but it looked as though my curls stayed fairly put. I'm going to Bondi yet I brought hair conditioner, not to mention hair ties, brush, eye drops, mints, perfume balm and lip moisturiser. It makes me feel so shallow sometimes, but it's just so...necessary. It's important to make yourself feel comfortable, which is hardly derived from a beach outing. To my dismay, I found new freckles. It's adding to my collection. It's worse than getting a pimple!

Don't digress on this tangent.

There is longing here while I am watching the span of waves. There is longing as the sound of wind and sand trail past from thunking footsteps. I see them, always together, always protected. Their sphere marks them special, depriving this outsider. I turn to the comfort of artificial glamour.

Turn to the exquisite mask of arrogant perfection. Don't you just love my smooth skin and full hourglass figure?

There is nothing to stop the cold tingling.

There is nothing to stop the void.

It will not crush me yet.

And it's over in a flashing of kinetics as I am submerged, struggling to breathe, grasping to reach and break the surface. Concentrate. There's another one coming.

Yet it feels good being carried by the current.

A lifeless body to go with my blood.

It comes again under a distant thunder; a second frightening relevation.

What the hell are you talking about?

It's funny how I was never match made.

"That's because nobody confessed they liked you."

It hurts just a bit.

It is murder.

T and N seem worthless to mention.

I forget, and prepare for the next masquerade behind grey eyes.


` Serena

PS: Reila is not the only fiction lover.

"And that's where you're wrong...It would have changed everything.

Regret never quite reaching her eyes, she stopped to look at him. Then, tossing a ten on the table, she walked away."

- Kendal, Catharsis


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Love Green Concealer

I <3 green concealer. It is awesome .

I'm a good girl =)

oooo (no kisses)



Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Truth about Realities

Today I went out to see for the first time of my life, big dinosaur bones, yes first time ever. Previously, I had NEVER actually gone to a museum and seen dinosaur bones....

Why the hell did I go all the way to Museum on a cold rainy day to mingle with the little kiddies fascinated by big dinosaurs, creepy crawlies and bones bones + more bones?

Seeing as we've run out of good movies to watch and places to go, and because I saw the ad for the exhibit in the paper the previous week and knowing my boy loves dinosaurs I decided to surprise him. And BTW S I didn't "not want to go" I "couldn't go"!

Here's a collection of random photos mostly of green objects but I took some photos of red objects for marweechi XD.

Creepy casts of real RED slugs.. red triangle slugs and red crickets...

Gorilla head Vs. Ancient human skull


Now to the purpose of my entry which is to answer you Serena. The thing about reality is it's real. It's the present. As easy as it is for me to say NOT to look back on the past and label things as regrets , it is hard to do. I am deeply apologetic that blonde, blue eyed surfie reminded you of, NOT what you gave up, NOT what you had but just what was in the past. Time has passed, and it's easy to remember what one has lost by moving on because you forget the good things in life like what you gained and what you have now. In times of adversities, such is the situation of your uni hell, it's easy to think the past was much more fun. You need to remember WHY you decided on making the choice you made, which I believe was the correct choice. Don't look back and regret because it isn't going to change things. Desperate times shouldn't lead to desperate measures. Pride is the only thing in your way isn't it? And to me that should be reason enough for you to not go back. What did he answer, is my only question.

Lol PS don't kill me but I'm such a big hypocrite. I had a dream where I felt "regret" about what's in the past and even attempted to make sense of it, confirm it wasn't a regret. Going back when I really shouldn't. And perhaps everyday I think how would it be different if I hadn't done this or that. And yet I always say "I don't have any regrets." Sometimes you just have to bite your lip and say "I have no regrets". It's like smiling, if you smile it tricks your brain into thinking you're actually happy.

Also take HSC as an obstacle you have leaped over, and though still stumbling you will run again (see like hurdles no?). Does it help that I still believe you will become a multimillionaire? =D


<3 always,



Friday, March 21, 2008

Grasp of Reality

It's been a long and tiring day. My eyes burn, but I resist and must blog because it is my duty to record the mundane life.

I woke up at 8, surprisingly. I slept very late yet I still woke up so early. Why couldn't I have done that on Thursday? One of my tutes were cancelled (along with my debate :D!) and I was too lazy to get up so I jigged the other one. Don't worry, that tute wasn't important.

Late night I decided I wanted to get out for a bit and see the friends that I missed, and I truly do miss them. Uni is an interesting hell for me; great classes and topics but awful student society. I hate it very much so. I wanted to take up Kebu's offer to go clubbing, but it was pretty late and last minute by then. But I suppose there was no point anyway.

Today we got Kebu out of the house, to get away from everything. We ate Viet food at Cabra and I ordered something crap. I could've gotten the same thing from the street vendors. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good. Being on the same table as my closest and most valued friends let me forget about my troubles and thoughts on my university social life. It was good. I even got to wear my grey contacts for the first time! I've been itching for a reason to wear them, and now they are making jmy eyes itchy. I should go take them off after this.

Most of the afternoon after lunch was at Darren's, but Midori didn't want to go. I played Dirty Minds to pass the time; Super Smash Brawl wasn't interesting to me.

I left Gossip Girl at Darren's house! I'm sorry M!! xD

But I digress. I suppose the main reason I am writing this isn't because I want to show off my contacts, regardless of how fabulous and non-Asian they make me look.

The past few days, including the weeks previously that led to it, has made me wonder about the biggest regrets in my life. I am hardly lacking in any, but I am quite critical when it comes to labelling events that qualify as having an impact on -possibly- the rest of my existence.

It surfaces, both of them, more and more with the passing of the days on campus. It has made me remember things best left forgotten so that I can move on and aim for the future instead of dwelling on the past. But I am not allowed to heal. I am not allowed to be relinquished from the chains of the worst year ever. It haunts me.

It haunts you.

You can't hide.

You can't forget.

The reasons come back, and the desperate reasoning argues with voices in my head.



Why did you leave?

It's not your fault, M, that your blonde, blue-eyed surfer friend reminds me of what I gave up.

I messaged him. He answered.



Why didn't I get band 6 for HSC? I have doomed myself in this god forsaken hole in inner western Sydney.

And whose fault, pray, is that, my dear Serena?

Don't you dare forget that.


` Serena


Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Brother's Hilarities

My brother says the funniest things at times. Here's a collection from this weeks:

1. My mum tells me about why my brother says it's okay to share germs within the family. This is what happened:
Ray: Mum I don't want this (referring to food on plate), you have it
Mum: I don't want your germs
Ray: family can share germs
mum: and who told you that?
Ray: I asked god at Chinese school
mum: you asked who?
Ray: I asked god and god said family can share germs.

Needless to say I cracked up laughing at the dinner table and my brother looked at my innocently and said "yeh it's true! god told me!" XDDD

2. Parents return from shops and declared they bought a new fridge as our old one is really dying.. it was leaking water out to the dining room.
Ray: how much was it mum?
mum: $1700
Ray: *gasps Do we have to sell our TV to buy it???

3. Mum: our new fridge is grey, made of stainless steel
Ray: Oh, so when I go "BANG BANG BANG" with my gun, the bullets would *boiing bounce back !!

Today one of my dad's good friends came over with his wife. My parent were out buying fridge so they sat with my grandma chatting. I was inside doing my work when I got called out. He calls me "treasure/precious" or something, and my sister's name to him is "gold dust" XD. So I go out and the conversation goes something like this:
Him: so are you dating anyone atm? Boyfriend?
Me: ...... *shakes head
him: You like my son eh? Wanna go out with my son?
Me: O_O ...... *no idea what to do... so shakes head*
Him: why not? I'll be a great father in law.
Me: O_O
Him: I'll be so happy if you married my son
Me: .....
Him: I already told your dad, I'll give you a million bucks
Me: .....
Him: AND a house
Me: O_O...... *nervous laughter....
Him: come on what do you say? be my daughter in law?
Me: *more nervous laughter... then slowly shifting sideways.... runs back into room >.>

Few minutes later ...
Hear knocks on the door and he opens it
him: think about it yeh??
Me: ^^"

he closes door, smiling creepily...

few more minutes later....
he opens door again and all I can do is smile nervously..... >.>

Oh well he's always been a funny old fellow...

And that's my Sunday for you, back to studying for bio quiz!




Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thoughts On the Road, and then Some

I lied.

Third time driving tonight, and that pretty much confirmed that I am a rampant road hazard and should be banned from driving on public streets where innocent bystanders will get head-butted by my car.

Has it ever occured to you, those who can drive, that it contains many simultaneous thought processes? In a split second, you have to have fast reflexes to switch from accelerator to brake, flick the indicators, watch behind you and to your right while turning the wheel slightly.


Driving does not come naturally to me like it does others. I may excel in other things, but when it comes to driving I'm chronically retarded (no offence). But it's nothing that can't be cured through vigorous slav-, I mean practise. It's inconvenient since my mother refuses to pay for a teacher at $50/hr but is too lazy and 'tired' to take a spin with me. I won't be able to learn either way, especially not with road safety looming over my shoulder. I can easily relax when turning corners, but turning back is another issue which I will not bore you by expanding on it. Basically speaking, I can't use the accelerator properly, I can't stay in the middle of the road, I can't brake in time, I can't park and I can't do simple turns let alone the three point turn.

Practise practise practise.

I've ordered my mother to take me driving every evening to improve my lack of skills. That would be interested. Feel free to place bets on how long I'll last before I hit something.

I went to the MAC Pro store in Paddington today. I caught the bus and got off when I thought it was close to the address I had written down. It was the right address.

It was just the wrong suburb.

Apparently the road starts again when it reaches the edge of the suburb, so I walked from Number 1 to Number 276. More accurately, I walked minus Number 10 to positive Number 276. And I had paid $1.50 for the 5 minute bus ride.

I prepared myself to be wowed and amazed when I reached the store; it was supposed to be heaven on Earth in the Sydney MAC industry. Surprisingly, it was quite small but the MUAs (make-up artists) were quite friendly. I especially like male MUAs because they just seem so...sassy. Yes, I am aware that it is an effeminate term. But they are! I looked around, staring at every single eyeshadow they had because they had placed them in alphabetical order on the shelves <3

Needless to say, I was to indecisive and poved to think of buying more things at the Pro store so I just got the exclusive palette. $10 for a palette...meh. I'll probably go back and get just one more. I went to Myer to get some stuff instead since I didn't have to pay for it =)

Come Winter in a few months, you'll probably see me around wearing a smashing hot, red lipstick. Hopefully I can turn it into something as gorgeous as Satine from Moulin Rouge or Blair from Gossip Girl. I hate how my skin is comparitively darker than theirs *pout*. This obsession with artificial beauty is poking holes in my wallet, my beloved cream Melanie French Oroton wallet. Ah, the consumerism in me strikes again. This blog is seriously tarnishing my image and turning me into a blonde Barbie with a dictionary.

Next thing you'll know, I'll be going to Harvard studying Law in my figure-hugging pink dress and toy dog called Princess or Snookums. Snort. I don't even like pink.

I still haven't worn any of my contacts I bought from Kebu's. I want to, but I haven't found an occasion deemed worthy of fishing out my expensive and limited grey lenses. I am deprived of social contact, people! I need to go out and sing some karaoke or something! Can you believe I haven't sung anything out loud since the holidays? I need to get away from my duties and work. I can't believe I blew you guys off twice for homework and assignments. I'm a freak!

And let's not forget, also a bad driver.

Everyone is going to play paintball during Easter and that is final. NO arguments. Thankyou. You all owe me around $8.

M, when you walked out that door and left, I lost a part of my heart from the pain. And what ever was said was incomparible to failing both filial and friendly duty.

` Serena


2nd LV Bag and Uni

I know 2LV bags in a row? But OMFG I WANT THIS BAG!!! How can I justify $1300US though?

2nd week of uni has become less sucky due to actual content. Believe it or not I've been thirsting for some sort of knowledge/information.

I've made a total of: 2 actual friends and amazingly both non Chinese! 1 non Asian and one half Thai.

Quick run of the week:
- Maths is so boring I never understand anything till the weekends where I look at the material and do most of my tutorial sheet before tutorial so I seem smart and finish the sheet before everyone else >.> hmm wonder how long I can keep up this smart image...

- Chem tutorial I was able to do a question no one else on my table could! Too bad I couldn't do it in the required time frame so it didn't count anyway -.- Oh and there was a girl who kept saying "I like you" because I remembered her name from the previous lesson..... >.>

- biology lectures are still boring.. at least we get pretty colourful diagrams to look at...

- psychology lectures, hmm what did we learn..? haha psych lectures are always a blast, this week in stats we watched an old guy get his life punched out of him.

- bio prac I poured agar plates!

- psych tutorial was pretty boring, just introductions and those name games where you go around remembering everyone's name's with adjectives in front. I must say 80% of the guy population in my psych tutorial is not bad looking =D . Especially the halfie looking guy sitting next to me. He looked like that glasses wearing , halfie looking guy in Prince of Tennis!

- we had a bio lecturer that was so into his own research it was... inspirational. It's so... I can't even think of a word to describe it, but seeing his eyes light up, seeing how enthusiastic he is about his own work makes one smile on the inside. He talked about the wisdom of the plant. "Stand there and fight, because you're rooted to the ground and there's no where else to run. You can't run because of change but have to tough it out." And somehow he was able to make us laugh, make us appreciative, and make us envious of his 'glow' though i was completely clueless about what his research consisted of.

- next week I'm an experiment for psych! I don't even remember what I signed up for...

S i understand why you did what you did, and I'm sorry i didn't explain anything. But that night, when you let me walk out the door, I'd never felt so alone before, because when even you won't let me stay, i really didn't know where else to go.

I miss you too.



Friday, March 14, 2008

Simplicity of the Film Industry (summary)

Watching Amelie has made me wonder if you can be happy with the simple life.

This idea that skipping pebbles on the river and leading an introverted existence can bring such contentment, and sometimes bliss, is terrifying. In this consumeristic world, we can not bear the thought of living without our computers. The computer and the internet is our life; we depend on it with almost every fibre of our being.

What a sad existence indeed.

But Amelie was quite happy being sheltered, for she have not the experience of constant social contact, friends, partying.

In the end, what we all want is love.

It's undeniable.

I have to agree that Moulin Rouge is one of the greatest films out there for both it's cinematics and the plot. I feel compelled to watch it again, despite the fact that there is great emphasis on "love conquers all" (which made me cringe everytime it was spoken). It's the only reason why I have never disliked Nicole Kidman like my fellow peers. She has lovely, translucent skin.

Again, this film focuses on idealism and idealistic tragedy. Losing the love of your life to sickness is far too romantic to be taken seriously, especially if said loved one dies in your arms. I loved the music, in both Amelie and Moulin Rouge. It was so different. So striking.

"The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return."

"How wonderful life is when you're in the world."

I might as well pack my bags and move to Hollywood; if it's impossible to have a perfect real life, film is the next best substitute.

Like the quote in Day For Night: I'd drop a guy for a film, but never drop a film for a guy.

Soon, I'll be lost in the myriad of theatre and film, just like the rest of us.

But at least I'll be happy.

` Serena


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't Drive When You Can't

Good evening, avid readers. Serena here, bringing you the latest and greatest news that is sure to put a smile on your face and point and laugh at me.

As usual on a Saturday morning, I woke up at 4:20am and went to work. Good thing we sold about 36 rolls, it was pretty decent considering it's a weekend. I spent heaps of credit on smsing Reila and trying to figure out the fastest way to get a hold of this movie I needed desperately. She sounded annoyed at me. I wasted the whole day, haven't started on my essay which I was supposed to start 2 days ago. BAH.

After stressing for the whole day about getting Rabbit Proof Fence for my assignment, I finally went to Blockbuster to grab more than a few goodies. I can finally watch Amelie!

They didn't have Rabbit Proof Fence. It was checked out yesterday evening.

I bet they went to my uni T_T

During the ride home, mother decided to make me drive despite my reluctance. After all, we were pretty close to home and I really should start learning to drive and get my P's. Chucked the L plates on the car and off I went. I have shit foot co-ordination.

I turn the corner of the traffic light, scared that the car beside me was going to hit me because they wanted to zoom ahead. Hello, that's my lane, jackass. I swerve to the side when mum notices flashing lights.

"Is that a police car?"

I didn't have my licence.

We swapped, in almost plain view of the cops (because they were gonna pull us over anyway since I'm an L plater) and they wave us in. They do the unnecessary but mandatory breath test on mum, checked her licence, then caught me out for not having a licence while driving. I have to get out of the car trying to prove my identity without any identification on me. Tough luck.

They can't find my name in the RTA. This system has a problem, because I am a fully and legally registered learner! Mum has to go home and get my licence (which is ironically only 4 blocks down, figures) and I'm stuck with two cops in the cold while I'm going "shitshitshitshit". Fun.

Ever heard of "good cop, bad cop"? Well, Constable Jones is good cop. He's shocked to learn that this was my second time driving, ever. And it was real bad luck that I forgot my purse (which I take everywhere). He laughs when I tell him I'm scared *coughterrifiedcough* of driving. I would most likely get fined $80, which is horrible. I can buy so much with $80.

Talking with police isn't so bad when they are friendly. They make me feel better about my shitcake UAI, and that I actually got into a university. They were just going to pack up and leave - yes, bad luck for me indeed that I showed up and became their last pullover. It's funny how they do the talking by asking you questions, to know a lot about you in so little time yet you know nothing about them except perhaps their name. I just found that interesting.

Bad cop kept going "How do I know you have a licence? How can we prove your identity?". HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW?! WHY DON'T YOU FOLLOW ME HOME AND I'LL SHOW YOU?!!?

So mum comes back, they find out that I'm a real person and I await the $80 fine they'll give me. Instead, I get let off with a strict warning.



I feel bad though. It would be right to take my card AND fine me, but they did neither and my record lays untarnished. Sort of.

Just as I'm leaving, Constable Jones yells at me.



He's doing that on purpose.

Let's just say I won't be driving for awhile.

` Serena


Friday, March 7, 2008

First Week of Uni

Kebu here.

I originally wanted to be Cornflakes, but the other two decided to resurrect a past incarnation of me: that of a snake cunningly disguised as a rabbit. RWAR! Not that either snakes or rabbits actually roar... ._.;;

What's that? They DO roar?!


SO! Back to stuff about uni life so far. All I can say now is that I'm bloody tired of getting up early in the morning because I'm used to getting up at 8. In fact, it's probably past my bedtime D:

BAH! My new bag is too small for most days. Actually, it's too small for almost all days, but almost all is still most, right? Right! : D

You can probably tell that I'm new to blogging already. X3

What else is there?

Ah, yes, how could I have ever forgotten?


[Wednesday, 5th March, 2008, 3:15PM, Level 6, Brennan McCallum Building.]

Kebu, bored with three hours to kill before the inaugural Annual Arty Smarty Trivia Night hosted by Adam Spencer, accompanies "a friend, a female friend" to the office of Derek Herforth, a white man who teaches classical Chinese and speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese, so that she may consult him on whether she can transfer to a different unit of study, as she found her (then) current class too "slow". (Although I do not really remember for sure whether she used those words, as I was at Manning later that day getting completely hammered. Just kidding, I'm innocent... I SWEAR! Dx) While there, Kebu meets two edumacatees (students, in your common tongue, or -scoff- "plain English" as you like to call it), who he will refer to as Girl R and Girl S. The following dialogue begins mid-way through the conversation.

Girl R: So do you have a girlfriend?

Kebu: No... I'm gay.

Girl R and Girl S in unison: REALLY?!

Kebu: Er... Yeah...

Girl R and Girl S: THAT'S SO COOL! we've always wanted a gay friend.

Girl R: High five!

[Kebu inches away.]

Girl S: You're scaring him!


[Wednesday, 5th March, 2008, 7:25PM, Victoria Park.]

Kebu, being the considerate man-boy he is, walks Girl A to Central Station so she does not becoming the victim of physical assault by imagined assailants in Redfern.

Girl A: So do you have a girlfriend?

Kebu: No...

Girl A: Are you looking for one?

Kebu: No... I'm gay...


Kebu: Really, it's not that great... It's not a good thing.

Girl A: It's not that bad!

Kebu: Well my choices in life are limited. I mean, what if I wanted kids?

Girl A: Oh yeah... I have a gay friend. Want me to introduce him to you? Like... y'know?

Kebu: What? No! If anything goes wrong, we'll end up blaming you and then you screw up two friendships!

Girl A: Ooh! I don't want that! Hey, you know... I'm a lesbian!

Kebu: Er... Really?

Girl A: Yeah, I know, right? I mean I'm really girly and all..

Kebu: Uhuh...

Girl A: I'm just kidding...

Kebu thinks: ... WTF?

What else was there? Ah, yes. Why do my textbooks cost a total of $574.05? I didn't even have to buy anything for philosophy! Dx

Bah, Kebu needs sleep.


Kebu. Out.


2nd Post!

Good evening upper eastsiders,

M here with the latest, not necessarily the greatest, on Uni life.

Trailing behind in understanding in chemistry and mathematics is not the ideal beginning to the first week but I seem to have accomplished just that.

My favourite subject has become a total bore and my worst subject stays at just that; my worst subject. And suddenly I find Psychology to be the only lecture where I don't fall asleep. But boy am I afraid of that end of year exam already... 100 multiple choice questions on .. anything a psychology lecturer can throw at us...

Oh did I mention i got 4/8 for my biology quiz?? 4/8!! Argh (yes I am still not over it.)

I said I wouldn't spend money, but I went out and bought Vogue.

Picture time: Hot or Not?

Louis Vuitton Joke Bag, Vogue had a much better bag structure than this bulky looking baggage like one. I quite like the colours of blue and purple which doesn't actually show up well in this picture. There are sexist jokes on it some of which include:

"I've been married for thirty years and I'm still in love with the same woman, if my wife ever finds out, she'll kill me"

"My wife went to the beauty shop and gets a mud pack. For two days she looked beautiful. Then the mud fell off."

"Every time I meet a woman who can cook like my mother.... she looks like my father."

Gotta try and figure out my chem and maths now.


M. (yes Gossip Girl references was so necessary at least for my first post) =P


Shameless Plugging

Welcome to the debut of Grongbit, the blog with everything impersonal and personal.

Today's post will kick-start our sanctuary with shameless promotion of something I found sitting on the couch when I got home...

What's this sitting here? A package?! For me?!??

Can you see the bubble wrap? I know you're jealous.

And the surprise...

It's my bath bombs. My FREE bath bombs. As soon as you tear apart the box with scissors you get an immediate whiff of soap and fruit. In no time, the smell as spread so that the dining room itself smells of bath bombs. I got these from www.premiumbathworks.com.

A bit of background info. Premium Bath Works is an online establishment (and I use that term loosely) run by a male who goes by the elusive name Phil. He makes all the products himself and as a hobby that is expanding into a business.

The bombs (which are huge; they are almost the size of my palm) come in a large variety of “flavours”. Personally, I would really like to try Orange Champagne, Green Tea, Tea Tree and White Tea. Can you tell I like tea related things? So far, I am liking the scent of the Peach one. Apple smells like apple cinnamon muffin and musk to me. They smell edible if you disregard the hint of soap smell; Phil has made it his mission to make sure people do NOT eat it by adding a warning. Customers have been known to ignore this warning and lick it anyway.

Packaging is cute. Even the delivery box is a delight, because I simply adore packages addressed to me. It’s like Christmas. The bombs themselves are bound with ribbon and wrapped in colourful tissue paper - gorgeous. The pamphlet sheet isn’t tacky either as it’s printed on glossy paper in full colour. How great is that?

I will be using them tonight. But a few girls who already received their bombs have said that it makes the water soft so you're slipping into volumes of luxury. Easy enough to use; pop it into a tub of warm/hot water and watch it's effervescent properties take effect. Not to mention you'll have fun watching the bomb fizzle around in your tub, releasing bursts of scent and bubbles. Personally I haven't tried it yet, so later on I'll be putting up my verdict on them.

But yeah. Buy it, Midori, BUY ITTT.

EDIT: So I tried Apple and I have to say the green colour of my bathwater is suss as well as cool. It's not as hyped as it seemed when reading the reviews of it from my fellow blog friends. Yes, the water is silky and your skin is such. It does smell very nice, but too spicy (perfume term) as I prefer fresher scents (Lavender would go well to add to the aromatherapeutic essence). It's also not as pungent once it dissolves thoroughly, but you can definitely smell the difference once you get out of the bathroom then come back in.

Overall, I'd give this product a 7/10. One, the price is hefty in my opinion and two, I was expecting a bit more xD Not bad, I would buy this again if I feel like splurging but not Apple. I want Green Tea...