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And yes, rabbits can too fly, sing and be green.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy B'day to me~~

It's going to be my birthday in a few minutes, and I've been wanting and dreading it all month.

I'm scared and I'm excited and I'm looking forward to any birthday presents I might get.
I kept thinking about what I should ask for from my parents.

A laptop? A car? A cintiq?

There were so many awesome things I bet they'd buy for me if I just asked. I wonder how I could exploit this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

So I pondered casually as I worked, but then the answer hit me hard. So hard, that I couldn't hold back the wave of emotion that came with it the slightest bit.

What I wanted most from my parents, was to hear, just once, with complete sincerity, them tell me that they loved me.

With just that, I would be happy.

Completely happy.

And that was what made it so sad.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Kebu 之水桶 ... LIST! :D

STOLEN FROM SERENA! I can't really think of many things I want to do in my life. I guess I'm more content with fewer desires. (:

第一: 到中国大陆去旅游。
第二: 到臺灣去旅遊(然後去唱KTV!YEAH!:D)
3. Go to Japan and visit some temples and participate in some 節/matsuri~ (but not in fundoshi).
4. Stalk idols in Korea with Anna? XD
5. 賢賢易色,與朋友交,言而有信。
6.See the EAST Coast of the States, not just the West Coast. <_<
7. Visit Canada.
8. Visit Canada and be old enough to remember visiting Canada.
10. See the rest of the world. XD
11. Be fluent in 6+ languages (alive or dead).
12. Give and receive a nice big hug.
13. To love and be loved.
14. RFTG(wttlw) XD
15. Settle down comfortably. (:

What would you like to do in this life? (:


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serena's Life/Bucket List

Constructing a life list, because I need a space to record this stuff.

1) Visit Paris (Eiffel Tower, Arc de'Triomphe, Pierre Hermes).
2) Eat red velvet cake from Waldorf-Astoria.
3) Bathe in an open outdoor, womens-only hot spring in Japan.
4) Visit Hawaii.
5) Learn salsa dancing.
6) Finish 8th grade piano.
7) Decorate my own house/apartment/flat.
8) Own my own house/apartment/flat.
9) Get full license.
10) Make a scrapbook.
11) Learn some kind of self defense.
12) Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef before it all dies.
13) Become a wine connoisseur.
14) Go on holiday cruise.
15) Donate blood.
16) Grow a plant from seed to maturity.
17) Swim with dolphins.
18) Drink German beer in Germany (Oktoberfest).
19) Watch the sunrise.
20) Watch the sunset.
21) Sing in the rain.
22) Fold 1000 cranes.
23) Compose a song.
24) Visit the Caribbean.
25) Solve a Rubik's cube.
26) Post a video on YouTube.
27) Watch the opera.
28) Watch a musical.
29) Watch a ballet.
30) Watch a concert.
31) Win a competition.
32) Go snowboarding.
33) Have an organic vegetable/herb garden.
34) Eat cheese in Switzerland.
35) Mock an English soldier.
36) Eat foie gras.
37) Lick a snowflake.
38) Get a job, a real job.
39) Successfully bake a macaron.
40) Own a pair of Manolo Blahnik's.
41) Cut my hair short.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Bored out of my Mind

So holidays have started a week ago for me and I've been up to nothing in particular....

The first week, hung out with bf as much as possible as he went overseas on Sunday for an unknown period of time. Went and satisfied various cravings for mochi, takoyaki, egg tarts (tried), soft shell crab etc that I had during exams.

Been job searching with not much luck and don't really want to work at the Cafe as morning starts are too early and I'm too lazy to wake up; but the correct response would actually be dad doesn't really need me there and I would be wasting his money and I don't want to depend on him.

Caught up with Josh yesterday and had (finally) my long awaited egg tarts that were the LAST ones there. Then cuz the yum cha place basically wanted to kick us out (it was almost 4 lol), we went to Gloria Jeans for further catching up. Saw a lady pour >10 satchels of sugar into a large coffee....

I'm also having a massive clean up of junk at home. Book shelves, cabinets, drawers, wardrobe etc. I'll like to think it's like a soul searching/clensing experience but it's really the result of unemployment and something to do with my hands as I watch non stop movies and Chinese dramas.

I am a massive hoarder so I couldn't bear to part with most of my 1-3rd year Uni crap. I managed to throw out lecture notes but have saved reports, typed notes, assignments and lab manuals still on my bookcase. I finally stored away my HSC notes into a box into the garage because I still can't bear to throw them away.

Inside my drawers I still found pretty diaries, stickers and notepads as well as many jewellery boxes with random broken and old jewellery. I threw away or gave to my sister most of them as I was finally able to let stuff go. (Apparently it takes me approx 9years to let things go.) I also cleaned out my computer stuff drawer and chucked out some old installation CDs and crap I no longer needed.

It'll be nice to say all this felt good but I have a headache now.... What was amusing was finding little memories among all the crap. I had saved the SMH annoucement of marks and degree admissions and found the Prefect polls from high school. I found warm greeting cards from people at Christmas and Birthday and Formal party invitations. Also found a Naruto/Sasuke yaoi fanfic Reila and I wrote in class sometime ago; hilarious!

I don't know how I am suppose to unclutter my life at the rate I'm keeping things....

Also been watching too much tv/dramas/movies. Today I watched Bounty Hunter (shit but my god Jennifer Aniston has a hot bod) and Time Travellers Wife (Alright). Also planning to download another 10G worth of movies tonight to keep me occupied.

Tomorrow I should exercise a bit too and maybe do some grocery shopping for food... Going to sleep early tonight for a (hopefully) early morning to try and lead an exhilarating life....