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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update Before Ski Trip

End of exams!

Few pointers about exams:
1. I had a really bad stomach ache during Maths 1002 exam. Could not continue exam for the last half hour.. clutched stomach in pain.. FAIL.
2. Chem exam looked hard but I surprisingly started to remember more stuff after I started pretty sure I passed/got credit.
3. Psych exam = hard. I never want to do multiple choice again. 100 of them is a killer..
4. Biology exam = wtf??? There was one whole 4-5mark question i think 70% of all students had no idea about...
5. Maths1001 exam killed me bad... the questions weren't really hard if I had went to all lectures.. cramming did NOT work. I felt so shit during that exam I wanted to cry at my stupidness.. to prevent that I left the exam 10minutes before finish time -.-

Saturday After exams
Got hair cut. But wasn't exactly what I wanted... i wanted a shorter fringe cuz this one is more side swept. But me being the passive customer and the store being busy I didn't say a word -.- now I think I'll cut it myself T_T. I got to walk around Cabra again for the first time in a long time. I sorta miss it =\ The good dim sims and buns and dumplings Alb and I used to eat... eating Pho with you guys Tuesday afternoons ... ahh the good times of HS... is it just me or does anyone else STILL miss high school?? T_T I felt so lonesome, waiting at the station by myself... minglez was gone with steven... uni friend was going out with her old high school friends...

So there I was standing at the station.. when I spot Wang standing there.. 2 metres away from me... I thought hey wouldn't it be fun to talk to him again? Bad idea. Trying to talk again to an ex when he obviously does not want to talk... here is the convo as foll0ws...

Me: Hi!
Him: ..... hi......
*long pause..
Him: this is awkward
Me thinks* no shit it is, you just made it more awkward T_T luckily phone rings and I spend the next 10minutes on the phone with minglez in a desperate attempt to do something...

*train arrives and I get in first and sit at the entrance seats.. wang looks around.. at the seats upstairs/downstairs then at me. a little confused as to what to do.. then after 2 minutes decides to sit next to me..

me: So............... how was exams
him: ok

me: what are you doing?

him: medicine
me: pffft typical Asian James Ruse person. What'd you get like 99UAI?

him: 99.95
me: O_O ok...
him: *laughs uncomfortably.. yeh...... I need a good mark for exams to keep my scholarship
me: oh yeh.. this totally fits together.. Asian, James Ruse, 99.95UAI, scholarship, medicine, HDs....

him: haha.......

*and the conversation continued and paused like this until finally we were at Ashfield in which he said he was getting off there... hmm last time I remembered he did not live in Ashfield... was he avoiding my awkward conversation and could not sit another 30minutes.. didn't know whether to be thankful, since I ran out of conversation topics, or annoyed....

Sunday: Shopping mostly with Josh. Vvn was clubbing till late and couldn't get there on time.. Steven was working till late and couldn't wake up. Ended up walking to upstairs gym while eating and got a tour of place... Buying presents was hard cuz before vvn came it was just me trying to pick.. after vvn came it was just me and vvn going about it -.- Steven .. sorta helped... we'll we picked he agreed or disagreed.. Had sushi dinner at the new sushi bar at parra. Josh had mainly fried things ... me and vvn made him eat a TINY bit of non fried foods ....

Oh! We also watched Narnia Prince Caspian. Lol vvn and me kept discussing his looks XD There were somethings in that movie that made no sense to me... SPOILER ALERT( highlight for spoiler) WTF why did Aslan NOT come back and save Narnia all those hundreds of years? He had to wait until Lucy went and asked him? WHY?? Josh says it's cuz he's stuck up and needed to be asked to help. Also really REALLY annoyed at how they just chucked in a love story for the sake of it.... did NOT make sense how she kisses him in the end...

Monday: First day back at work and Minglez Birthday party!! Totally underestimated time and arrived late to party really sorry guys -.-.

Work: Met new co workers. Apple is so funny, she's like 40 something but very lively and looks 30 something. She kept calling the gloves condoms T_T and asking everyone where we put our condoms.. -.-

Hot pot was awesome, I was on a table with: minglez, steven, Simon, Jie, Lily, Kevin, Albert and I think that's it... other table had most of the boys. Josh cut his mouth/lip by biting the glass cup -.- wtf?

Food was great and it felt so great to be with friends again. Then Max brenner, shared a good waffle with D/Albert. Opened presents. Seemed minglez didn't like any of the clothes we got her -.- and vn spent a lot of time thinking about it.... she was all like "this is too small" "what the... how do i wear this.. this is too short..... " and we got her like a plain white shirt and two hoodies T_T

Tuesday: wanted a day to sleep in so didn't go work went shopping! Then watched Sex and the City with boy. Lol remember Kebu when you said I was "turning people gay"? During the male shower scene D was using my hands to cover his eyes and shaking his head.. my response:
"LOOK look!! This is the good part! Am i turning you gay yet? am I??? " lol dunno why I said that -.-

Wed-Friday: Work work work!! David got fired sadly -.- now who am I suppose to bitch with? and who's gonna drive me home early!! *sigh work is not the same anymore....

Saturday: Went shopping with my boy!! Actually him shopping with me.. We went around trying to find the highest heels i can walk in XD Buys:

Needed a new facial cleanser can no longer afford old one -.- just tried it.. works to make skin smoother but dries it out too much.. need to put double applications of moisturiser afterwards -.-

Random red skirt/pinafore it was really cheap so I bought it on a random whim.... yes red.. it's really REALLY red

Black jacket, bought with vvn and Josh. Maybe bring skiing? it's about the 2nd warmest thing I've got -.-

Pretty convertible gloves! But everyone goes I'll wreck it from skiing so tempted to bring my not wamer ones -.-

Scarf bought cuz my others are woolly and thick -.- and was cold that night... It's got pom poms!

Look I got fluffy cloud PJs T_T

My newest bag!! It's so pretty

Plain shirts cuz I don't have really plain shirts but it's really low cut at front and back but you tie it at the back. Red shows back view, white shows front. It's got nice lace looking detail =) D said he actually liked the red one cuz it looked bright.. but I needed a white one so bought both.

My new hair straightener!!!! It's so nice

On left is necklace I bought for mum cuz she said she wanted a long necklace.. middle is new pair of really long earrings bought on whim... they were on sale!!! black necklace is 2nd necklace I bought cuz mum didn't like the first one -.- bet she doesn't like the black one either...

Tired now... Goodnight! Cya all at Ski Trip!! YAY!!



Monday, June 23, 2008

The Week Builds Up

So tired, I'm not listening to anything except C-Pop, not reading and I want sleep.

I haven't blogged due to fatigue. Last week, work was tiring. I had to be up and working at 4:25am for three days. It is hell. I meant to do an editorial *coughfeaturearticlecough* but I just felt uninspired after a few days so I dropped it. I have other chances to display my sound intelligence and striking wit ;)

Following the path of career, today was my first day working. I got offered a chance to gain work experience in the media field - how exciting and totally my thing. I thought I would spend my first day being an Office Lady, paperwork, cheap coffee and seating my ass at a computer all day typing.


How wrong, how wrong.

Instead, I was sent to the new shopping centre at Chinatown to help out at a major Chinese karaoke competition with the production staff as part of the show's public relations. If anyone has satellite, you might see me on TVBA. Seriously. I'm the girl handing the judges the folders.

I was given a 'uniform' and a badge thing - think Eminence, M. My name was on the staff list, as an administration assistant. I was on 'standby' most of the time though xD I never knew I'd be involved with something this significant.


I stayed in the Green Room as the guard during the competition. In the end, I was singing karaoke with co-workers and superiors. It was 8:30pm by then and I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to Minglez's birthday. I wasn't released until 9, and it would've been 10 by the time I arrived at Parra. I was the youngest there, felt so left out because of that and everyone spoke fluent Cantonese D: Everyone seemed to be from Hong Kong, including my new friend, a 23 year old college graduate called Nirvana. It was okay. They all knew how to speak decent, if not better English.

I like this job!

The people are so friendly and lax. If I'm thirsty and want a drink, my superior will order one delivered to the Green Room for me. MUAHAHA. Did I mention food and drinks were free? If I was bored, I was allowed to take a mic and sing until the next time I'm needed. No wonder I'm not getting paid!

Other than the idle perks to this 'job', developing contacts is the most valuable thing an ambitious person can have. I consorted with television producers and advertising agents. I talked to Cameron, a graphics artist from TVBA who studied digital media at UNSW. Hint hint, B! I got an offer of a part time job with someone or another. I'm getting offered jobs that I don't even know the title to.

I go back on Thursday and Sunday for 2nd and 3rd rounds :)


Jin may be socially well connected, but I have industry!

*head inflates to match high and mighty ego*

I shouldn't be so proud of myself. Afterall, I placed career over social life. Is this a foreshadowing of years to come?

I couldn't leave early, so I stayed to be treated to dinner. The last time I ate was at 2-3pm.

The restaurant was called Port Orient, and it had succulent roast duck.
Let me begin the menu:

Fried rice with prawn, scallops, chives and crab roe. Not quite your typical fried rice.

Beef cubes in a sweet, dark sauce with wasabi mayonnaise dip. Best thing ever. The meat was tender, the sauce was sweet and savory at the same time. The dip was mayonnaise with a tiny hint of wasabi, but it wasn't hot at all. It was just right.

Honey and black pepper marinated pork chops with button mushrooms. Think of fried pork chops you get at Asian places, imagine it dripping with honey with a sliver of peppery-ness. Outside was crunchy, inside was soft and easy to bite. Yum. My second favourite dish.

Roast duck. Your normal roast duck, only the meat was so juicy. I may be exaggerating =p

Assorted mushrooms and green leafies in oyster sauce, I think. I love mushroom!

Tofu bag stuffed with vegetables. It was literally a tofu bag. A sack made of tofu skin, tied with something green. It looked so cool. Everyone thought it was abalone.

Normal stir fried beans and peas, the long round Asian ones and the flat, fat ones. Mixed with beef mince.

Do I hear sighs?

I forgot to mention the waterfront and Darling Harbour skyline night view from the window right in front of me.



I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

I forgot what I wanted to talk about now...

Oh well. So that was my day. I start at 10am tomorrow at the office, with proper paperwork this time. I got home at 11pm tonight.

I can take next week off to go on the ski trip.

I remember now. I got home and saw one of my massive envelopes with one of my assignments back.

What's the best way to end such an eventful day?

Coming home to a Distinction (80) in Writing as Communication.


` Serena


Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm not a prince. I'm not brave enough to be one. I can't cut down the thorns to get to you, and I don't know how to wake you up from eternal sleep. Don't sleep, I can't wake you if you sleep. I'm only a cute little creature locked in her cage. All I can do is wait for you to come back for me.
Wait, and wait forever.

But I want you to know, that if you do sleep, I will hold onto your memory.
I will remember, and I won't forget.
And we'll be real.
As real as these tears are real.
We will exist, for as long as I live.
This, I promise.

- Coronita


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Academic vs. Social Life

So, what do you think?

Which do you value more? Your marks or your friends? Would you rather rush to a lecture or sit outside it laughing with someone you knew for a few minutes first?
Would you rather stay at home for a whole day and study for your upcoming exam or go out for a cup of coffee for some bonding?

I think I've worked out which one makes me happier. Since I fail at academics anyway, I might as well try to make friends in uni. Both a drive for knowledge, and a drive for love are very natural for humans. But if you have to learn something in a certain amount of time, with a certain amount of understanding for a certain examination, then things get pear-shaped. The pressure is on, and we no longer care about enjoying the learning process. Well, it's the same for subjects we don't actually want to know about as well, of course, but that's another story.
But to make friends is not compulsory, it's just something that's supposed to brighten your life at uni and help you along.
A human's natural state is not alone.
I look towards the future and I wonder what this exam will give me if I pass it.
Not much.
And I wonder about the value of a good friend.
In weeks 1-5 of this semester, I tried too hard to do both, and I failed miserably.
And I was unhappy.
I then shifted all of my attention towards the social aspect of university. That was when I started being late, skipping the first half of lectures, talk rather than listen, etc. I invited people into my lectures just to chat, I'd sit outside the lecture theatre for 15 minutes saying goodbye, miss my bus to CoFA, spend my lab time chatting and comparing wallpapers.
And I discovered that it made me happier than I ever was at uni.
So my commitments are a bit off, but if it makes me a happier person, is it wrong?
So I enjoy chatting and going off for noodles. Or abusing free wi-fi at the library sprawled between bookshelves.
Or going out for ice cream at 5pm for the sake of it. Race a unicycle? Brave a rainstorm together because you both forgot your umbrellas? Stay up till 4am chatting on msn because someone's still online?

I guess you're like that when you enjoy something huh?

It's fun it's fun.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Visual Update!

Yup! You know what time it is! It's B-presents-her-drawings time!
Yes, I know you're all very excited for this moment. In fact you're all so awed that you're practically speechless.

No but honestly, it reminds me of the days when I used to hand my folder over, and everyone would just browse through it. It's sort of a habit now...

Firstly, I finished the sketch you saw here:
Fly towards the future Kaito-nii!

Isn't he precious? I've got him as my wallpaper, and it makes me smile every time. Which is a bad thing because it ups the Kaito love.

Secondly, I want to show you this:
Free her...

This is my new avatar for this name: Butterfly-Coffin. (Yes, I have others)
Butterfly Coffin. A rather curious combination of words you say. Well, not really, not if you know a little history.
Back in Ancient Greece, the word "psyche" meant soul - and also butterfly. Hence the butterfly, having a readily recognisable physical form, was commonly used to represent the soul in artworks. (Because, as you may imagine, a soul is rather difficult to depict)
If you take a closer look at the butterfly, the top wings have an ankh on them. An ankh meaning eternal life in this case.
Then on the bottom wing, there is a skull. A skull meaning death.

There is only one difference between eternal life and death, and that is their connotations

The picture is called 'Release'. I can't tell you what it's really about, but butterfly-coffin, I can confirm for you, is not a negative view on death.


Monday, June 16, 2008

New Years Resolution Revisited

Listening to: Beautiful World - Hikaru Utada
Reading: SMH
Wants: Weight loss!

After visiting PaperShopGirl, and getting back in touch with my Asian side, I've decided to go back to dieting! I'm such a fashion freak, I'm obsessed with getting some of those adorably fobby clothes. Unfortunately, I don't have the physique to do so so what should I do?

Oh yes, I can hear your groans already, my readers.

Current measurements:

Weight: 61.5kg, 135lbs
Height: 159.5cm, 5'3"
Bust: 98cm, 38.5 inches
Waist: 80cm, 31.5 inches
Hips: 89cm, 35 inches
Upper arm: 28cm, 11 inches
Thigh: 55cm, 21.5 inches


Weight: 55kg, 121 or 120lbs
Height: 168cm, 5'6" <- yeah right! I've practically stopped growing vertically years ago.
Bust: 94cm, 37 inches
Waist: 72cm, 28 inches
Hips: Same, preferably.
Upper arm: 25cm, 10 inches
Thigh: 48cm, 19 inches

How the hell am I going to achieve this? What I want the most is to have thinner thighs, of course, so I can start wearing cute skirts and go to the beach without wearing shorts. I have until Summer for that...

Must lose weight before next trip back to China/HK...

Went clubbing at Star Bar and Space on Saturday. It was alright, but ended up badly due to curfew. I hate that. I only had 2hrs to drink and dance. It was good while it lasted, but I damn wish I had me a cosmopolitan rather than a Long Island iced tea (which by the way, contained too much alcohol and not enough iced tea in my opinion and hence, sucked). I wore a short black dress with jeans, and a huge tartan coat because it was freezing, B.

Next time I'm at Star Bar, get a lemon lime bitters with vodka or Midori with orange juice :)

I can't dance, I think. I don't believe I'm very good at it despite what my lovely friend Veronica said. I don't dare dirty dance with people I barely know from Uni. I'll get right down with you though, Reila *wink*

I'm loving this new layout, not so much the fact that everything is shifted to the left and not centred anymore though.

Post shall end abruptly here so I can catch some shut-eye before work tomorrow.


` S


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grongbits Update!

Mmkay guys! As you can probably see, Grongbits has just gotten a background change!
Yes, Butterfly is not studying as of now, and finding excuses not to.
She would've actually changed the rest of the layout to make it actually suit that background but she found the xml/html to be so confusing, that she couldn't.

For example, what in the world is this:
Doing in our code?! How did it get there? Why is it still there? Where is it now?
Where do our ugly bright green title and link colours come from? What's with all the purple? Which fonts are actually being shown? (Why do we have such and ugly counter?!) @_@ Ahhhh, our code is so messed, I can't tell how it works!

So, I have this request: Can whoever made our blog layout the way it is now (save for the bg) give me the actual template that it was derived from? T__T


Friday, June 13, 2008

Quickie Update

So the so-called okay looking, wealthy family, hard working, fobby Uni student got his Australian citizenship. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that. He's been friendlier to me now.

I just watched a documentary on SBS about ancient beauty and links to thermal treatment. Water temperature is indeed facinating. But the whole documentary brought me back to Sefton where we learnt about Pompeii and ancient Roman civilisation in general. Remember, Reila, Kebu and Anna? They had a lot on the public baths but concerned with an emperor's daughter and her luxuries. She makes me jealous.

Can you picture it too? Ancient hot water, and all the rooms with different temperatures? The steam that heated it all? Olive oil scraped off the body to clean it?

I'm so jealous T_T

I want a freaking bath with rose hip oil right now.

Arrrrrghhhhh!!! I'm so frustrated that the ancient Romans had more beautiful skin and pleasures that we do now! And we thought evolution and technological determinism was supposed to make life better.

They, the women, had baby smooth skin...

And they died of lead poisoning or dementia.

But still, smoooottthhh skkkkiiinnnn. They also believed in pale skin, so hah, the Asians have got something right!

Do I speak of nothing but beauty? Why, beauty is so glorious and inspiring! Helen had city states at her feet.

Right now, I just want some rose hip oil. That's going to cost me $10 a bottle...


` S

EDIT: Oh yeah, I seem to be well connected with people in my industry. I got offered an internship at Hurstville (ugh) for a travel agency, but my connection said she'll try get me in media production at TVBJ or something o_O


That's extreme.

My cousin's cousin Lilian used to work at...was it Johnson and Johnson's? It's a well known advertising/marketing agency that was listed in one of my unit outlines. Maaaannn. And my aunt is a HK McDonalds advertiser >:



Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm feeling so motivated now! (after washing the dishes strangely enough >.>)

Don't know why suddenly feel so motivated to accomplish some things. Oh and I'm NOT talking about exam goals cuz well not so motivated about those. More about what happens after exams! YAY! Haven't you ever felt it? that rush of blood through the veins? The urge to just go do it but you gotta contain yourself until AFTER exams? So here are my list of things to accomplish during semester break. I know most of them sound so boring why do I feel so excited >.>

2. Register for Coffee School in Glebe (Access discount!!!)
3. Learn to make coffee at cafe while secretly looking for another job.
4. Organise my schedule to have no 8am lectures!!! Drop down one maths and hopefully have one day off uni to work =) Cuz you know I'm strapped for cash. Read what to do for next semester... this involves preparing myself for what assessments there is to come instead of freaking out like this semester -.- Hmm maybe buy textbooks early.. omfg $ for textbooks...
5. Borrow a book from uni library. Contemplating whether to borrow the Psych case studies one which was really interesting but I'd already skimmed the whole book, or borrow a nutrition related one cuz I'm such a nerd =P. Nah it's more because I'm still not quite sure what I want to do so just want to explore into my field.
6. Clean up my rooms + rearrange, redecorate, string up cranes!! + organise my comp files too
7. Lets go Clubbing! =D
8. Get a fringe cut! YAY!
9. Primary school reunion dinner =) I gotta dress up all pretty and show those fucktards from primary school who they're picking on >=) (lol I'm kidding just dress up pretty part and show those bitches....)

Things i want to buy:
1. Hair straightener...
2. DS Hmm still contemplating this.. keeps getting pushed further back as Alb keeps delaying when I can buy it -.- before exams he said he can but I've waited so long I'm not as interested anymore T_T
3. I still haven't got a coat T_T I did see a nice coat at Myer the other day but upon closer inspection it looked a LOT like the one in SES but for twice the $$ and more =\
4. Birthday Presents for Minglez, find a tea pot for father's day? Corwee present =)
5. Stuff from Markets! Hui Wen's blog has inspired me >.> Lets go Glebe and Paddington!!
6. Hair clips... mine keep disappearing and after my new fringe I want a headband =D
7. Gladiator sandals/shoes or some nice heels =)
8. Electric Mixer

Hmm needs more MONEY! $_$ I wish money grew on trees. Maybe I should get myself a credit card? I think I should implore over new bank investments... my lack of funds is serious.. this ski trip just took a chunk out but needless to say I am glad it took out the chunk! SNOW! OMG I wanna make snow angels.. and snowman! and have snowball fights!

Must study hard to do above things! (feels like HSC all over again except my after HSC plans were all ruined by work before! =( )

Aja aja Fighting! (no idea how Full House just entered my vocabulary......)

Cya Guys in <2 weeks! I'm so excited!


PPS: Snow angels!!! 0=)

<3 1314

Midori =)


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being A Responsible Adult

Listening to: Prisoner of Love - Hikaru Utada (used in opening of Last Friends)
Reading: HP7, duh.
Wants: Cosmopolitan, shaken with ice.

I like being an adult (18+) for a few reasons. Firstly, ticketers no longer ask me for ID when I check into an R rated film. Who knew Sex and the City was so high rated? I thought it was M or something and totally did not expect the 4 sex scenes and 1 nude shower-complete-with-male-parts scene.

Did I just spoil the movie for anyone?

Don't worry, the hype was definitely overrated and the end made me gag from cliche overload. My bid? 3 stars, just because M saw Carrie with a Birkin.

Another reason is mail. I'm one of those weird-ass people who like getting mail, mostly because it's often good stuff such as freebies, mebership cards and on the odd occasion after the financial year, tax returns. [Insert maniacal laugh]. I feel so responsible despite the fact I never get bills since I don't pay them. Mother does. [Insert maniacal laugh again and bloated head].

Uh, Porkie is totally tackling Freya like a football right now...

Anyway, don't you just feel the freedom? It won't be too long until I take the fact that I can legally purchase alcohol for granted. On another note, I haven't been shopping since I'm working so late, but I need to purchase a strapless bra and a tartan trenchcoat. Oh M, there's a store at Wynyard station that sells a bright deep blue long coat. I'm checking it out later.

Ugh Fei-pooh is getting fur all over my bed...

B recommended the awesomest music composing program yesterday, complete with playback that I barely have to go to the piano (which can be seen as a bad thing too). It's so much fun wasting time composing!

I miss MapleStory. I want to play again but can't be bothered with a high level character. Ironic since the whole point of the game is to level.

This is turning out to be a very random post. Since we are on the point of randomness, a group of men and women wearing on swimmers/bikinis were barring the exit from Martin Place station and would essentially 'flash' at corporates who passed by and screaming "whoooo!". Yes. It was strange. It's funny how they have the strangest things going on in the most conservative of places in the City.

Reila dear, I haven't seen you online in awhile. You promised to go vintage shopping at Paddington with me!

Adious for now, avid readers. I'll have updates on my score.


You know you love me.
xoxo, S.

God I miss Gossip Girl :(

EDIT: It seems like N and I are no longer on frequent speaking terms. Is this the gradual fall that occured with T too? Is this the moment I've been waiting for, the excuse that presents itself for me to let go?


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cute Much?

While studying for the exams... I decided I need a new haircut/fringe cut...

So, fishing out an old website of korean/jap hair styles someone gave me before, I started browsing for fringes that'll suit me. When I noticed a trend....
Exhibit A

What do all these women have in common?

They're trying to look cute that's what!!

Now browsing through I noticed the qualities to produce these "cute" looks.


The How to look cute guide:
1. Look UP at the camera. Tilt the camera so that it is looking down at you.
2. Open your eyes REALLY wide. Following on from step 1 this should add extra dimension to your eyes.
3. Possibly tilting your head to one side
4. Have a massive fringe just above your eyes. If they are over your eyes that is also fine, creates a submissive shy look like your hiding behind your own hair.
5. Put on a small shy smile

So what's my point?

Actually I have no point, just procrastinating from studying. But don't you feel society hasn't really advanced from it's 'bound feet' days or submissive women stage? Don't all of these qualities that these photos share suggest a : I'm just a pretty, helpless, Bambi, I mean woman, and I look up to you oh great towering man, but I am also shy from all the attention! Oh please rescue me from distress... T_T

Hmm so why exactly is big headedness so attractively cute? Looks like a caricature to me. Hmm maybe that's it.. when women are made a joke of they look better =\

Lol feminist.

I present you:
Exhibit B

So what do these two say?
1. I am dominating FEAR me!
2. Just not interested in yooh
3. I am powerful!

Cute? I think not.

So there you have it step by step guide to looking cute on camera... Go ahead try it out, I'm sure you'll get oogles of attention, even if it's just from the camera.

Oh but don't over do the tilting head thing or else you'll end up with something like this:

<3 M

Disclaimer: I do not claim, to not have, somewhere down the line, done a cute shot (can't think of any atm though but just in case someone fires me with photos) and neither am I trying to mock anyone who does (in case some friend sees this and feel deeply hurt that I may regard them this way >.>) I'm merely poking fun at jap/korean models who take it a bit far. No seriously this website is FULL of them... didn't even have to go several pages before I found all these photos.

Lol I really should stop procrastinating... argh Chem is driving me crazy. Thought I'll do a light fun post to keep my mind off it ><


Friday, June 6, 2008

Tired Time and Again

Yes yes, I know I know, I shouldn't whinge; I'm not the only one.

But honestly, I don't want to get out of bed anymore~ Anyway, visual update on last time that I never posted because I was panicking somewhat:

Ichigo and Morte

And of course:

Morte's baaaack

And Xion seems to be playing "Kiseki no Umi" (Sea of Miracles) and "Phi wa Infinity" (you guys know it) a lot lately. Is he trying to say something? >___> 'cause no I am not depressed -o-;


Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Week of Succumbing to Shopaholism

Listening to: Nothing in particular today.
Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J. K. Rowling (still, not like I can finish it in a day or anything)
Wants: To win Powerball (well, for mother to win Powerball) :3

Approximately a week or more worth of stuff I bought, including some bargain buys since it's the mid year sales already. Woot woot!

Oh and a pic of that high waisted skirt from VG before when I went shopping with M. This was like, weeks ago.

Because like, you know, I looked hot and I wanted to show off my hourglass curves x3

Oh, and I didn't end up buying it anyway.

So anyway, MAC had 2 new collections out; Naughty Nauticals and Dazzleglass. I bought a few stuff such as 2 lipglasses and an eyeshadow. The other lipglass isn't shown, but it's a golden peach colour.

MAC Dazzleglass in Money, Honey. Beautiful medium pink with fuschia glitter that makes your lips look like sparkling water in sunlight. The glitter/shine is amazing and to die for. So tempted to get more...but with that $35 price tag...

Naughty Nauticals eyeshadow in Illegal Cargo, lovely grey-purple or powder purple with fine, white shimmers. I luuurrrvvee. It's actually lighter than in the photo, and more pastel purple.

The shoes I were talking about, M. They are flats and look adorable.
Was $50ish, now $30. Saved $20.

Jay Jay's jeans, blue with a bit of khaki in it. I bought this with Kebu and Josh tonight at Parra. Really nice colour and nothing like what I have since they are mostly blue, but this is more dirty blue. Was $39 (like when I bought my black ones, which were size 8 and are now LOOSE ON ME), now $29. Saved $10.

The 'sexy' top. For clubbing, even though I've never been before. Haha... I wanted this shirt for awhile but since it was part of a buy 2 for cheap deal and I didn't have another shirt I liked plus they didn't have my size before, I only bought it now. (Damn that sentence was a mouthful).

Casual, low cut top that Minglez thought looked 'old'...fsck =/ Well, whatever, I'll wear cute accessories with it. Was $24.99, now 2 for $40. Saved $10.

Pleasure State bra and panties >_> I only buy from Pleasure State now because...they have nice patterns and I'm a brand whore. I stick to one brand for most things, sometimes even clothes (VG, Jay Jay's, Jeanswest, Myer...). They are both white with silver stitching and designs - rather delicate looking. I love lacey things. I can't believe I'm really a D cup, I've had two size shocks today. The other shock being the jeans size. Freaking size 7...

Bra was $69.95, now $48. Saved $21.95.
Panties were $34.95, now $24. Saved $10.95.

Scarf was actually not bought today, but on Saturday along with the eyeshadow. From Jeanswest. Colour is darker and more purply than with flash, lighter and less purply on the without flash photo -_- Has gold stitching, pretty and shiny.

Was $19.99, now $9.99 because of $10 voucher I printed online. AHAHAHA.

Welps, that covers most things so far. Total savings due to sales?




` Love, Serena


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Uni is Over (And So is Me Life)

Listening to: Rolling Star - Yui (rocking voice she's got)
Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (again, 4th time round I think)
Wants: Thinner thighs and no muffin top >:

Classes were officially over a week ago, and technically work finished 2 days ago, so this is a belated post. I've just been too too tired lately to do anything but eat and act like a slob when I get home. Work work is physically straining whereas school work I could do without being sleepy afterwards. At least I'll have money!

I really don't know what to write today; there's not much going on you see. Well, besides Josh buying clothes to impress a certain gi-nothing :) Forget I said anything!

So so tired...

On another note, I'm sad Gossip Girl and House is over. Now I have nothing to waste time over except The Sims 2, which I am kinda bored of. EA Games and I have an on/off relationship. So now I'm bored, and too tired to do anything about being bored. Great isn't it? I can't post pictures of my new shoes and my weekly purchases either because I'm capped for another few days. Arrrrgggghhhhh.

Kebu tried to talk me into being happy with who I am, but I'm sorry, I can't. Accepting the body I have now was hard enough as it is. I am susceptible to media influences and ever since I started hearing about celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt (who I think is gorgeous) and Mischa Barton (who used to be anorexic) gaining lots and lots of weight, I pretty much realised I don't need to be thin like M - no offence M <3>

Besides, I don't really like skinny jeans. Bootleg all the way, baby; they make you look taller whereas skinny jeans make you shorter.

I still need to find a nice red woolen vest...

I'm rambling about random things. Like the fact I've been drinking Diet Coke with Lime for the past few days. I am now a fan of Diet Coke with Lime.

Oh and I'm still spazzing over the biggest Naruto spoiler eveerrrr. It's killing me. It's so bloody awesome and expected but also unexpected! I have a ridiculous obsession with heritage. Everyone's heritage.

I don't know much about my paternal side other than my grandfather being a black market agent before Communism and grandmother died when dad was 8. I have 2 known first cousins, only, Tony and Raymond.

My maternal side, oh man, huge ass family. I'll never be an orphan, not unless half the world is blown up. I won't even bother mentioning much except on both sides, I have money losing and lazy genes and have toed the line of illegitimacy, almost criminal activity ;)

I seem to be quite proud of that. Brings me one step closer to Artemis Fowl the Second.


xoxo, S