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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear B's precious stalkers.

I has a twitter.

My regular everyday life events shall from now on be documented there.


Stalk me if you love me <3


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Escape-From-the-Womb Day

I am shocked at the number of people my age who don't know how to swim, ride a bike, rollerblade, climb trees, fly a kite, fish in a pond or pick wildflowers. What are kids doing these days?! THESE PEOPLE ARE DEPRIVED OF A CHILDHOOD. I thought everyone went through swimming lessons and bike riding, man was I wrong. I am stumped and slightly horrified.

And arrogant. Good swimmer and dangerous bike rider here :) Used to ride my bike over pebbles, rocks or cracked roads for thrills.

Kebu has titled this day and I am stealing it because it's so hilarious the things he come up with so as not to upset me by 'celebrating' and 'acknowledging' my birthday.

Porkie: Here. *hands me red envelope* *goes back to playing DS*

Me: *takes and opens, sees a GREEN NOTE, seals it back* I can't accept this. This is too much. Who's it from?

P: I wonder.

Me: Is it grandma?

P: No.

Me: Did Minglez give you this? (duh of course not)

P: No.

Me; Who's it from?

P: Iono.

*the clash of the prides goes on for a few minutes*

Me: *tears start welling up* *goes hug him*

P: Oh great, I knew this was coming. *hugs back*

Me: This is too much.

P: Just take it, it's thanks for everything.

Me: *chokes* I'm a horrible sister.

P: It's okay, dude.

Been holding back tears for a long while, and let them all out this week. Very refreshing.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Omg I'm Old

2008 Spring Session Teaching Calendar
Unit Id Unit Description Mark Grade
100212 Public Relations Theory and Practice 81 DISTINCTION (4 from High D!)
100556 Introduction to Journalism 60 PASS
100947 Design Thinking 70 CREDIT
101041 Communication Research 71 CREDIT

2008 Autumn Session Teaching Calendar
Unit Id Unit Description Mark Grade
100706 Advertising: An Introduction 71 CREDIT
101040 Approaches to Communication 71 CREDIT
101055 Screen Media 73 CREDIT (2 from D!!!!)
101057 Writing as Communication 72 CREDIT (3 from D RAWR!)

All in all, not too bad a first year of University.


And damn all the marks that almost made it to the next level.

Maybe I shouldn't have skipped so many tutorials.


Monday, December 15, 2008

I found my diary and myself, one year and 2 months of never touching it.

I feel relief.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marriage Marriage Marriage

So it seems everywhere I go in China everyone is getting married...

My grandma says it's the "marrying season" -.- wtf??

And what's more ridiculous?

Last night my grandmother referred to me as a child and I said "grandma I'm 20 over here not a child anymore!!"

My grandmother replied "you haven't 'cheng nian' yet!"

I asked my uncle what that meant and he goes it means I haven't married yet. So apparently I'm not even gonna be an adult until I've married -.- I inquired further and he said if I never marry I'm never an adult.. if I marry then divorce I am still an adult -.-

I realise the institution of marriage is so important here, my grandmother often gossip about it to her friends, they often talk about matchmaking and introducing who to who and grandma often seems to look down on those above 30 and unmarried.

And I often joke about how I'll be 30 and unmarried -.-

I don't think even if my grandmother got a life terminating illness, she would die until she sees me married and with child T_T and if she could she would live until my bro and sis does the same...

If anyone is getting married or has a boyfriend she goes "thank goodness" as if she's saying "phew, glad that one's become an adult."

Chinese people, especially my grandma is particularly concerned with what the parents of the person does, especially if it's a female looking for a male. I guess I don't care =/ It's how responsible and hardworking the guy actually is that matters to me. If the parents own multinational companies but the son spends carelessly, how long would he be able to keep the company alive? My grandma's weird though sometimes she agrees with me other times she doesn't on this matter -.-

Last night my aunties and her were talking about it again and my 2nd auntie said I should marry a Australian and have Eurasian babies (wtf same thinking as me!!), while my uncle said I should marry Chinese but if he introduce any it wouldn't be 'up to my standard'.

Which brought my grandmother to talk about this family friend of mine whose like 25. Apparently he wanted to marry some girl in China but his dad won't let so now he's just 'mingling around' in Australia. My grandma was saying his dad said he wouldn't mind me marrying him -.-. I am fully aware of this because he's asked me before to marry his son and he will give me a house and a car and anything I want (wtf so tempting ><)

Which brought my grandmother to another story! Apparently some family friend I haven't met before, his dad, after hearing I am my dad's daughter and doing nutrition at usyd (his son also does nutrition), said if i want I can marry his son. My grandma tells me he has 2million dollars I dunno his total wealth or how much he'll give me XD? And like some 1million dollar house! Why haven't I met this guy yet and his father already wants me to marry his son T_T I told grandma to tell my mum to bring me to meet this guy who does nutrition of which there are very few...

Oh the other day somehow my grandma brought up my friends and there seemed to be confusion amongst them so I took out a photo of snow trip (I printed off some photos to show relatives). She asked why ray had his arm around vvn in the photo and I told her, then she pointed to minglez bf and then her and then she goes oh so that one is with that one, that one is with that one etc along excluding me. She pointed to the top row of guys to match with the bottom row of girls -.- In other words.... B you're with Josh and S you're with Kebu XDDDD but I'm with my boy =).

And then my grandma said D looks the best out of the guys (S seriously is my grandma trying to match make >.>?)

I'm going in Beijing in 3 days!!

<3 Midori.

PS I still <3 my honey... I'll only marry those rich guys if the nutrition guy is good looking...

No I'm kidding if I'm older and desperate -.-

no seriously kidding I won't marry them ><... I think... >.>


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Invisible Eyeglasses

Mmkay~ So, today me, my sister, and my mummy went out to Bankstown for some quality family time together.

Or just plain "You need to get out more" time.

Anyhow, end of year, medicare period almost over, uh oh! Let's exploit it!
And so we did.
And after several years of nagging, I finally got permission to try wearing contacts! Yaaay~
Oh god, it's so weird, I keep having this instinctive reflex to push my glasses up. But said glasses do not exist.

Currently I have a 2 week pair that I'm gonna use to try out first. For 2 weeks. Then I'm gonna get a prescription, and then I'd be able to a) wear (non-prescription) sunglasses when I want b) wear goth-loli with elaborate eye-makeup c) wear (non-prescription) goggles d) be plain vain~


In other news I got a DN HD DN DN for last semester~

Also I keep killing people in my dreams. It's fun but after a while it gets old...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey There, Handsome

There is this Caucasian guy that comes to the shop almost everyday after lunch hour is over. He's pale, with dark hair and looks pretty cute for a 25 or so year old.

I should have known.

Today he asked me if we were Chinese, which I said yes, and where we were from, Hong Kong? In which I said no, Guangzhou.

Then he spoke to me in Cantonese and I laughed.

He's a halfie, mother is Shanghainese and grew up in Hong Kong.

I should have known.

EDIT: Oh my god. This was the most intense Gossip Girl episode ever. Chuck is more droolworthy than ever even with extra pale makeup and dark, menacing eyes. He looks exactly like the Edward Cullen I imagined, and even has a threatening note in his voice and crooked smile to prove it! Soooo hot...and I rarely ever get hyped over a guy!

Chuck: We talked about this. *angrily* You are not my girlfriend.

Blair: Because...I love you.

Chuck: Well that's too bad.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Celia: I want her to have that chance. Don't you?

Chuck: *in a letter* I'm sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don't come looking for me. Chuck.

And we finally know what the big secret was with Lily. (Which I also started hunching, guessing and got sort of right!)

I shed tears about 3-4 times during this 40min episode -_- I'm such an over-emotional person, boo.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Popping Cherries

As Kebu likes to put it, he was very happy popping things like Pringles tubes and popping cherries in his mouth.


I had everyone wake up at 7am to go cherry picking this Sunday. To my surprise, everyone arrived relatively early!! I was proud of our little group (Maria, Kebubu, Nam and Darwee).

So at 8am we had breakfast at Parra Hungry Jacks. Also tagging along were my parents and relatives and Uncle Jin (James). All the normal people had a proper breakfast while Maria had a Whopper and chips -_-

I'm not a fan of the Whopper without cheese.

The bus finally arrived at Parra and we embarked on our god-damned trip up to Orange and Bathurst.


The only patch of blue sky on an overcast day. It was very gloomy, but it made the countryside and Blue Mountains look breathtakingly melancholy.

Photo taken up near Leura or Hazelbrook or something.

I don't even know where that is (checked the CityRail map later and it's on the Blue Mountain line past Penrith o_o).

Along the way I was taking note of the funny suburb names like Faulconbridge *giggles*

It was a very long bus ride, so everyone was being bored.


Chichi versing Kebu on DS while Darren sleeps.

After a few hours and several toilet stops, we arrived at Bathurst. I got to the see Charles Sturt University that is so famously referred to in Public Relations at my Uni (I GOT A 38/40 HIGH DISTINCTION FOR MAJOR ASSIGNMENT!!!) and ooo...it's so historic and pretty. It looked like a small cathedral from far away, with thin towers in a pale terracotta brick. The bus was moving too fast for me to snap pictures, though.

Maria kept saying "Are we there yet?" at random intervals.

At Bathurst we went to the V8 racecourse for a 30min stop. All the oldies went inside to the museum, which we skipped because 1) It cost $7 and 2) We weren't interested. Instead we opt to play on the children's playground outside, playing on swings and rocking cars. The sun was just starting to come out, basking us in an unexpected warmth. It was all rather nostalgic.

I didn't have my camera since it was taken inside the museum.





Vintage racecars.

Wax figure and bust(?) of Peter Brock.

We bummed around outside eating the peanut butter choc chip cookies I baked the night before and Pringles.

(Rough re-enactment of the conversation)
Kevin: Once you pop, you can't stop!

Us: ...

Kevin: I like popping cherries!

Us: =_=

Then it was a lunch break at KFC, and the boys were all excited and ordered nine KFC Rollers in all the flavours (3 for each boy). Maria and I thought they were kidding.

Then we made our 1hr trip up to the town of Orange where the scenery was stunning.

The sky was very slowly clearing up, but still cloudy.


Click for clearer picture. I didn't realise until much afterwards that the purple stuff the fields were covered in was wild lavender. Lavender fields!!! You don't need to go the France to run through lavender fields, M!!!



Such a lovely, green background. The countryside here is so nice compared to the ones down South on the way to Canberra and Young. So much more green.

Moving through the town of Orange, this was Orange High School which looked too beautiful and lush to be a school!


I see light!

We then moved out of the town and further west.


It started to rain, but then stopped as we passed the cloud.

Our next stop, wine tasting!

The small vineyard.


Got to stretch our legs again.

Wild strawberries growing outside the shop! Kebu says they're sweeter.




I didn't expect everyone to buy at least one bottle, thought we might have to share one! But Nam, Maria and Darren each got the Cherry Liqueur and Kebu got THREE! 2008 Cherry Liqueur, 2008 Mountain Ice (dessert wine, a mix of Voignier and Chardonnay) and 2005(?) Voignier. Tsktsk, big spender!


But then my parents bought 6 bottles, 3 of each Cherry Liqueur and Mountain Ice because I liked it >_>

Then we finally reached the cherry picking farm at 3pm!

My box with the cherries I picked.


Kebu and D's box in comparison >_>


Everyone happily picking cherries. Maria was happy to finally arrive.




Maria kept going deeper and deeper until she got stuck in between the rows and struggled to get back out from the trees -_-

My pathetic amount of cherries that got laughed at. Everyone picked cherries by the load; Maria and Nam got a box each, Kevin got an icecream container worth and Darren got a bag for $2.

The lady weighed mine, shook her head and raised her eyebrows and said just give her 50c.


(Turned out my bag was worth much more, at least $1).

HAH. Who's laughing now?!?

I pick the best okay?!? It takes time!

(And because I was eating them as I plucked, and got pissed off at the flies buzzing around).

Each of my parents got a box themselves -_-. Relatives got 1 box between them. Mum bought 6kg worth of honey, Yellow Box and Stringy Bark (I liked the latter better). Always the biggest spenders, my folks. Six bottles of wine, 6kg of honey, two boxes of cherries.

Then it was time to go.


Made a 4hr journey back to Parramatta. I got off with a stiff neck, but perked up at having dinner at Pho Pasteur. MMMMM I was definitely in the mood for Pho!

We departed and got home slightly before 10pm.

Once again: sorry you missed out all the fun, Midori. You shouldn't go overseas for so long anymore :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm so disappointed in myself.

My results this semester have been a significant drop from last semester with no improvements on any subjects.

I feel like I've let myself down a big notch.

OMG no Sass and Bide jeans for me =(

The major air of disappointment has led to gloomy photos, a 15minute belief in buddhism to pray for my good results, wearing black all day and a lack of appetite and inability to smile naturally.

I am SAD =(

Argh there's always next year? Plus I satisifed the WAM to continue in nutrition next year so I guess everything's okay.

But disappointment's a shit feeling.


Friday, December 5, 2008

China Update

No one seems to be updating much so I will do a pictureless post!!

I'm in Xiamen atm, as you can see from the livefeed.

Will be going in Beijing in 1-2weeks!

Currently staying at my mum's eldest brother's place. The toilet here is broken!! We have to use a bucket of water to flush... damn sewerage system here is shit.. my other auntie's place recently installed a toilet that isn't stuck to the ground properly.. and leaks out stuff from the side...

Did a lot of touristy stuff today but seeing all the shops everywhere makes my eyes light up. Hopefully I have time to shop....

I'm too tired to blog wanna sleep... oh bed is also hard here.. and 1 blanket only.. a bit small too for 2 people..


I don't know why nobody else is posting anything to keep Midori up to date. Is life really monotonous on your side there, B? Kebu and I have work almost every day, so there's nothing much to report on except the random asshole customer. What is everyone up to? Are the holidays so bad we'd rather go back to Uni where it's all action (except for me)?

Spiffed up grongbit's layout. Like?

AM reading Twilight again :) Can't get enough of it, it's my daily dose of romance and fantasy in my otherwise lacking existence.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Vivi's 19th Beach Party

On the 24th of November, V was born.

Nineteen years and 6 days later, Reila got sunburnt and Serena gained 5kg from hotpot.

It was a day like any other day in Sydney, with crazy ass weather and predicted cloudy days that turned out hot.

I as rudely awoken by Vvn SMSing. Haha, kidding, I was already awake believe it or not. I was actually early, so I decided to pop by her house but Ray was late so we had to go pick him up. His taxi didn't arrive and he waited for 30mins! We missed the train by 1 minute and met Phyllis on the later train.

Then we all waited at Bondi Junction to catch the bus to Bondi Beach! So delighted to see B and Anna!! Major tourist attraction unfortunately, and as someone put it "only the fobs/Asian tourists wear clothes at the beach". The Aussies here sunbathe topless, and I was flashed sets of breasts at least 3 times that day.

Arrived late, set up our spot on the sand and waited for latecomers.

Those are all V's friends from Uni and Ray.

We ate from a Subway platter that V got for us, drank from free cans of Mountain Dew that as being given away and applied liberal amounts of SPF 30+. While waiting, B went about digging another hole to China and Anna and I camwhored.


When we came back later, the hole ended up being so deep she couldn't make it any deeper.


Do you miss the sun and the sand back home, M?

Baka Anna's signature tako :)


B being the vampire she is.


Anna dyed her hair a hot auburn! It's so pretty, I like red hair.

Really windy, hair flying in my face.

V went swimming while I played in the sand. I went to frolick with Anna in the freezing cold water, made my feet shiver from the cold. It was seriously freezing.

Josh FINALLY arrived.


Say hello to the boypren who misses his girl.

Then when everyone was fattened up and happy, we went swimming!

As soon as Anna and I got close to the guys, they smacked us with COLD COLD water making us scream. Anna wasn't swimming so she got her clothes wet, while V dragged me into the water to play in the waves. The waves were pretty violent today, lifeguards had to warn and whistle every so often to keep us safe. I got knocked over several times, which kinda got Andrew (Le) worried so he grabbed hold onto me but I shrugged him off saying "I've had worse".

In the end I got too tired (omg so unhealthy) and went back to shore. The guys came up shortly after. D then said Andrew bit him in the stomach and showed me the faint scar. I said I wouldn't tell M he'd been fooling around with other guys and getting lovebites behind her back *whistles*.

Ching and Nick aka "Bob" (V's Uni friends), Ray, Darren and Andrew Le decided to dig a giant hole and was later challenged by more guy friends and Anna. It was becoming very trench-like and deep, so Andrew jumped in to help dig. Everyone above exchanged looks and attacked instantly.

Andrew was pinned down by the guys who dragged him by his foot into the hole. Holding him down while he thrashed and screamed like a girl (seriously), everyone proceeded to dump sand on top of him :)










Poor Andrew.

We have no idea what the hell this thing we turned him into is.

Ching decided to bury himself in the cold, wet sand. This looks so wrong.

And proclaimed himself a merman.

Friend: Dude, you're a mermaid!

Ching: MerMAN, you don't even know what it is, you've never seen one!


We had to say our goodbyes to the beach though for hotpot dinner at V's house.



V's place was really crowded, at least 20 people came. It got a bit rowdy and I didn't feel like doing much, so I helped her and Ray set up the food and everything. Anna and I are good friends yeah yeah? :D

First I went home to put my stuff down and wash my feet. First thing Mother says to me as I walked through the door:

Mother: That dress makes you look fat, you have no waist.

Me: ...

So I put a belt to cinch my waist, HAPPY? D:

Some of V's girl friends liked my dress and belt afterwards >.>

We were saving all the good stuff for the pro table (people who know how toe at real hotpot) but the outside noob table made so much stuff and got a better pot! They were cooking things really fast and were all full before we were satisfied!! They also wasted a lot of dumplings -_- So we hijacked their abandoned pot and took it for our own teehee!

Singstar was finally introduced, but then it was all over and I only sang one song *sad*. The people left wanted to watch gore (Hostel) so I thought it was time to leave since it was almost 11pm so I ditched Andrew who was too chicken to watch it too, like me.

And for the final time, YES I had fun V -_-

Sorry M had to miss out :(