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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tasmania Day 3

Okay entry 3!!

Okay so woke up that morning being super cold since sister and I had to share a blanket.

Finally got a look at a view of that "Chalet" we were staying at with the lake.

Breakfast was super bland and plain =(

As I was outside snapping pictures of the lake my brother and dad walked past me in the exact same walk and posture.... I told them to freeze and took a photo. How cute are they!!

As we were leaving everyone got super excited at seeing little peaks of snow caps on the mountain!!

Our hopes were dashed though as we drove up the mountain as there was no snow in sight... Then suddenly out of no where we saw little bits of melting snow on the side of the road.... then some snow coloured shrubs... and around another corner these sites greeted us!!

Look at all these snow covered land!! We were still driving and our driver told us not to get our hopes up as our final stop was over the mountain so it might not be snowing there!

Seeing us all sad he decided we should make a stop at one of the hills.

The car stopped and we got out here. The sun was shining so there really was no hope in us seeing faling snow but many people were seeing snow for the first time! Including my whole family!!

First step into the soft snow!! It marks my 3rd time seeing snow! 1st at the snow trip, 2nd in Tian Jin China.

Many family photos ensue. My mum is super excited Asian style!


It was super bright the snow made us all squinty.

My brother wanted to see what snow tasted like! (A lot of other people were also stopped here to experience the snow so there's heaps of photos with background people sadly)

My mum restraining my bro for a photo lol

My brother with snow on hiis head...

I made a heart shaped snow ball!

More family photos. I realise I do not have a single family photo where someone hasn't blinked squinted or looked away T_T

I was desperately trying to make it snow so I was throwing snow up into the air....

My family friend, with all the excitement of the snow decided to take a snowball onto the coach and keep it...

When we reached Cradle Mountain it was snowing. No wait not just snowing... it was a blizzard!!! Crazy cold and windy and snow slapping our faces so everyone bundled into the giftshop/clothes shop and rugged up.

My mum's answer to defeating the wind! She goes the wind won't penetrate into her if she's got a plastic raincoat on T_T

A bus picked us up from there to go to the walking trails. On the way up there was a mixture of rain and snow and we weren't sure what we'll be getting!

We got to the pit stop and there was snow all around us!

The view from the pit stop. My grandma didn't go on the walk with us as it was freezing and her old bones won't let her lol.

We signed our names for the shortest walk and started walking! The mountains had snow everywhere but it wasn't snowing so it was perfect! The thing that looks kinda like a cradle is cradle mountain!

More glorious mountain + lake

I took my hand out of my pocket to scoop some of this water to drink. It was freezing but very very clean!

My family friend and I standing on a rock comparing heights!

My brother posing lol

Halfway along our track it started to snow really hard!! My sister here is trying to hide her face!

You can't really see the snow here except for that white streak across my jeans! But it was snowing a lot!! I'm wearing sunnies because of the glare from the white snow and to shield my eyes from the wind!

You can see the snow a lot better here.

We got to the top of a small peak to take a closer picture of cradle mountain but the weather unexpectedly took a worse turn and the clouds covered everything! My mum and dad got super cold and had to wear extra rain jackets.

My sister and I braved the cold trying to take photos where you can see the falling snow!

My super chirpy mum.

Look at all the snow on my back!!

We quickly went back to the cabin at the pit stop as it was freezing!!! As soon as we got back the sun came out again... Seriously Tasmanian weather is super unpredictable...

My brother and family friend decided to add to their snow man.


I took out an instant hot chocolate to drink! At a convenience store on the first stay I bought a self heating hot chocolate in a can and Cradle Mountain was the perfect place to open it up! It wasn't hot T_T just warm...

Afterwards we had lunch at the cafe near the base of the mountain where we waiting ages for food and had some very rude cafeteria people....

Our next stop was honey farm!

Honey farm!!

There was heaps and heaps of honey to taste test! creamed honey, honey infused with certain flavours, flowers etc.

Dad decided to buy tubs full of honey -.-

I decided yo have some ice cream!

I was the greadiest one in the shop as I asked for 3 scoops and 3 scoops weren't even on the menu XD

Our hotel room for the night! This is a massive upgrade from our previous one!!

After dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat dinner.

Restaurant interior: definately a chinese restaurant designed for westerners. The food was alright and everyone was starving so we gobbled it all up but it was really salty so we had heaps of water after.

Sister and I playing slaps!

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