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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tasmania Day 2

Okay so where was I... (I will finish blogging about my 7 days!!!)

Yes breakfast was devine!!

There was the usual bacon, eggs, toast that basic places offer however this place also offered hashbrowns, they actually had a selection of teas of which green tea was one of them yay! They has had more than 1 choice of juice AND they had a selection of fruits. The one and ONLY place to have a selection of fruits. I absentmindedly picked up 2-3 strawberries cuz they looked quite nice and was suprised by the awesomeness that I experienced. My god I had NEVER tasted such delicious strawberries in my life. I read somewhere Tasmania produced some of the best strawberries in Australia and this is absolutely true. They were massive, super juicy and very sweet. I can't believe I nevertook a photo of them. After I ate those strawberries I bought a new punnet everytime we passed woolies. Although also nice it never beat those ones I tasted at the hotel again.

Okay enough about strawberries.

Back to sweeping landscapes from the bus window.

My brother's sleeping pictures! (I have more cuter ones!)

Our first stop was Mt St Clair- Cradle Mountain National Park. But on the 2nd day we were just visiting Lake St Clair instead. The tour guide said there are often travellers who go trekking around ther whole national park; taking days to complete the camp out since the route is very scenic and clean air. (Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world)

We had to make a brief stop at a hydrolyics place for a breath of air. Water from up the mountain is collected here and used to power electricity. The air felt super clean and crisp but the grass was littered with dog poo T_T and the toilet was really really disgusting. We only stopped for tea and biscuit breaks which I got really addicted to during the trip.

This is the only photo I have of Lake St Clair cuz it looked really boring... The weather was kinda gloomy so the whole place looked grey and boring. Also I got lost and almost missed the bus out of there...

Rain on the window!

We went past Queenstown, the copper mining city. As you can see especially on the left, the mountains were very bare due to the extensive deforestation and fumes created from mining. This place was such a small small town with a population of only 5000. We made a very brief stop there only for a toilet break and the town was a ghost... The winding mountains made everyone super sick though... both my grandmother and mother were vomitting and I was feeling quite ill in the stomach that I later bought some anti-nausea medication.

Our last stop was Strahan a very small fishing port city with a population of only 700. We went on a Heritage cruise along the Gordon river for 5 hours... Yeh... It was REALLY long but I was super looking forward to it because our guide said there was seafood buffet for lunch. The boat was really nice and steady, big with chairs and tables and everthing.

My sister at the cockpit where the captain of the boat was! That guy managed to convince me that fish can dehydrate in the water T_T

At first it was pretty exciting exploring the boat but soon it got really boring only listening to the captain point out touristy bits. It was really windy and cold outside so we mainly stayed inside. My brother discovered a little lane on the side of the boat that funnelled a lot of wind through and we had a lot of fun taking crazy hair photos.

This shot looks so model like hehe. The stipey thing wrapped around my neck isnt a scarf it was actually my dad's sweater; it was Sooooooo cold!!

My brother and I running against the wind!

Look at the view!! I'm not sure if you ntoice but the water is a very dark blue. Infact up close the water was very dark and infact tea coloured (I have a photo later). This is not because the river is polluted but because tannins from the trees that line the river leach into the water and turn it very dark in colour! Tannins are the stuff in our tea that turn the water brown.

Scarf in my face. It was REALLY windy! But it lead to a lot of photos of trying to get my scarf floating in a pretty way for photos. I think I tok like 30 photos of myself on that cruise... that's how bored we got.

My hair after being outside in the wind.

Scarf looks like a turban!!

See how the water is brown?? Tannins!

We made a stop along the way to Sarah Island. A convict island for hardened criminals who have reoffended. The place was completely isolated and empty except for a tour guide that stays there repeating the same thing again and again.

Pretty landscape! The tour was pretty interesting. The guide told it as a series of mysteries to eb solved along history and we find out what happens in the end!

We also stopped at antoher island later to look at a Huon pine area. Huon pine is one of the most prized and oldest living pine there is. It is extremely rare now due to it being extensively logged previously. It's prized because it has a special resin that prevents rotting so great for building boats!! Problem is though that it takes years to grow. Something like 50years (may be making this up) to grow to a decent size. However a tree can grow to be 2000+ years old.

This is the trunk/roots of a fallen Huon pine. It was left as it wasn't straight enough for logging and I think it's like 5000years old. After it's fallen it's supporting something like 200 different lifeforms through the little ecosystems that now exist on the fallen tree. The tree is currently protected and many Huon pine products are recycled. Luckily the piners (?) didn't venture too far into the island when logging so a few of the species still survive deeper in the forest.

Back on the boat. My brother and his friend having a staring competition hehe.

I'm sheltering myself from the heavy rain!

After the rain comes rainbows!! Weeee it was so pretty and I saw a full half arch! (contradictory?) Couldnt snap the whole thing though.

Another picture of me cuz there's nothing else >.>

That night we stayed at a really shitting motel with no heating, no electric blanket and smelly old rooms and crappy breakfasts!!


Serena said...

Divine! I notice you spell devine a lot...

Tannins are also in red wine :D I wonder if that water is still polluted with the tannins though, and what would the fish living in that water be like?

Midori said...

Omg I didn't even notice I spelt it that way! My fingers just type it like that!But now that I'm looking at it it looks so wrong!!

I doubt it's polluted, I mean those trees have been there for thousands of years!

Serena said...

Will the water taste like TEA?!??? xDDDD