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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tasmania Day 1

Over the Christmas holidays I went on a family holiday to Tasmania on an Asian Tour with Apollo Travel. We travelled quite thoroughly around the whole of Tasmania and here's day ONE!

Here's a map of Tasmania and the route I think we took.

We took a maxicab to the domestic Airport and took the Virginblue plane. Here's my bro posing with the airplane lol.

Landing in Hobart airport. The view out the window is basically Tasmania in a snapshot. A LOT of Tasmania looked like this....

After we gotout the airport we took quite a long drive to Hobart city. Along the way we saw barely a soul on the street.... The place was absolutely deserted for Christmas day.

The Tasman Bridge. This is the main way to Hobart CBD from the eastern shore. It's a really massively long bridge across the Derwent River. At some point in history a boat struck the bridge and the bridge had to be repaired. The remains of the boat are still under the water since the river was too deep!

We were suppose to go to Port Arhur that day but because it was Christmas Day many attractions were not open so we went to Mount Wellington instead that provided a good lookout of Hobart.

Hobart City! And you can see the Tasman bridge from here.

After the short stop we got back on the tour bus to travel to Mount Fields National Park.

Much of the trip looked like this.

Lots of poppies! Look at all the possible opiates it produces! Tasmania has the largest legal poppy plantation in Australia (My Tasmania facts are not cross checked.... some/all of them may be incorrect lol).

A hops field. Hops is used in the production of beer. It was a previously flowering industry but now it's slowed down, we saw many abandoned hops fields.

Intermission! Lookie my cute bro with his chubby baby cheeks lying on his best friend/brother's shoulder.

Mt Field's National Park Walkway!

Masively massive trees. The forest apparently houses some of the tallest flowering trees in the world....

There was a lot of moss growing on all the trees and a lot of fallen trees. It was like circle of life happening in there; Large trees growing then falling and being covered in moss and new plants, housing a whole new ecosystem.

My mum demonstrating the monstrosity of this fallen hollow tree.

Russell Falls. This waterfall was really beautiful!

Me + said waterfall.

There was a lot of different mushrooms growing in the national park. Here's a cluster of orange ones.

After the short and easy walk to the waterfall we embarked (minus my grandmother) on a harder walk to the next waterfall. This is the top of Russell Falls!

Lone red mushroom!

Next waterfall. This picture looks like a good background/screensaver. Seriously the water was so clean.

Feel the sisterly love!!

I'm tipping a rock of of my shoe here... These shoes took me EVERYWHERE in Tasmania. I only brought a pair of flats and these boots with me but as you'll see, we did a lot of trekking so I only ended up wearing the flats once to dinner. These boots are probably the most expensive but best shoe purchase ever... It's gone more kms with me than most of my other shoes and lasted through a lot of different weather and terrain.

But yeh I think mum took this photo and I kept it cuz my hair looked nice XDD

More strange mushrooms growing on trees.

That's all the photos I have from Day 1. After trekking for a bit we lost sight of my brother and dad as they walked ahead. We stopped for a while waiting for them and they didn't come back for ages and ages and we were almost late for the bus! Mum got pretty pissed since for the entire trip they kept walking off ahead. We don't have many family photos because everyone was so separated all the time -.-.

After Mount Fields we went to stay in a 3 star hotel called Junction Hotel at New Norfolk and had instant noodles for dinner (No where to eat during Christmas). New Norfolk is a tiny town where the Princess Mary of Denmark grew up. I don't have any photos of the hotel but it was average motel like. Clean and comfortable enough but not luxurious. Luckily they had electrical blankets and I was kept warm! Although not the best hotel we stayed at it was my favourite because it had the best breakfast food ever. More on that later.

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